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					                           The Golden Gate Bridge

When we toured the San Francisco Last time, I was impressed by the grandness
of the Golden Gate Bridge as soon as I caught sight of it from far away. Since
then I wished to visit it closely. Lixia’s suggestion let my wish come true and we
planed to tour the Golden Gate Bridge at the weekend. God was very helpful. It
turned sunny on Jan 15, Sunday after several rainy days and we got off with
good mood in that morning.
After we got off the car, a huge red bridge appeared into our sight. That is the
Golden Gate Bridge. In the middle of bridge is motorway on which many cars
shuttled with loud noise and beside the motorway is the pedestrian way on which
are lots of tourists, runners and bicycles. When we joined in the crowded
population and walked on it, I can felt the bridge swayed in the wind. From the
bridge, we could see the whole scenery of San Francisco. The clear sky and
waving sea surface composed a very beautiful blue landscape picture, which is
my favorite scenery. After a while, a lot of colorful sailing boats coming from
varied direction on the sea add much colors and pretty to the landscape picture.
I was very confused when I saw the iron-net rails of more than 2 meters high on
the both side of bridge; after all, they affect the harmony of view. Lixia told us the
reason. Because of its famousness and beautiful view, the Golden Gate Bridge
because an ideal place to suicide and many peoples had suicide here each year.
So the government set up these rails to prevent from suicide. It is a so funny
reason, isn’t it?
After we get off from the bridge, we learn more about it from a brief introduction.
The Golden Gate Bridge that was begun to build up in January, 1933 and was
completed in May, 1937 is the first Cable-Stayed-Suspension Bridge in the world.
It is made up of at least 100 thousand tons of rolled steel and has 227 meters
high and 2737 meters long.
I will remember you, the Golden Gate Bridge. You are not only a landmark
building of US but also a great architecture in human history.

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