How to Record a Podcast Using Audacity

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					How to Record a Podcast Using Audacity

   1. Open Audacity
   2. Import Audio
           a. Click Project > Import Audio > select music file > click Open
           b. You will see the track after it loads
   3. Record Voice
           a. At the top of the screen click the small microphone
           b. Click Red record button
           c. Talk into a microphone to record > click stop button when finished talking
           d. Click play button to listen
   4. Edit Music track
           a. Click the point in the track where you want to split it (a vertical line will appear)
           b. Edit > Select > Cursor to End
           c. Edit > Split
   5. Move tracks
           a. Click time shift tool (double arrow in upper left) or hit F5 on keyboard
           b. Click and drag tracks to overlap or not
   6. Effects
           a. Select track to edit – it needs to be highlighted
           b. Click Effect > Fade Out (or others as needed)
   7. Listen
           a. Press play button
   8. Save
           a. File > Save Project
   9. Make a WAV file
           a. File > Export as WAV

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