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					Thank you for Hosting a Lia Sophia Catalog Show! My goal is for you to earn lots
of FREE and discounted jewelry. This is the perfect way for you to build a beautiful
SPARKLING jewelry wardrobe that others will envy!


Your Catalog Show is scheduled to be open from now __________________until:

        Day: __________________       Date: ____________________________

Things For You to Do

I have enclosed our catalog with this Hostess Packet and outside-order Customer
Selection Tickets. Share the catalog with friends and family. With over 500 pieces of
jewelry to choose from, there is something in our catalog for every style preference.
Also, with 44% of the pieces under $30 and 77% under $50 we are perfect for all

I encourage you to take as many orders as you can up to the Show end date. This will
increase your Catalog Show sales total…and that means more Hostess Benefits for you!

Taking Orders

Payment is required at the time of ordering. I have enclosed an envelope to hold your
orders. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MC and Discover).
Please have checks made out to me ~ Secret Hollowell.

    Please be sure to include the item numbers on the Customer Selection Tickets and
       keep the Hostess Copy.
    Please ask each person if they would like to join my e-mail list for sales, specials,
       etc. This list is completely private and will only be used by me for Lia Sophia
    Total Purchases is the sum of (Items at regular price + Items at ½-price)
    Shipping & Handling is a flat rate of $3.80
    Tax is based on the sum of (Total Purchases + S&H). The tax rate for Virginia
       orders is 5.00%

Your Benefits

    20% of your Show total in FREE jewelry if there are fewer than (10) orders and
     no bookings.
    40% of your Show total in FREE jewelry if there are (10) orders and (2)
     bookings for only $15.
    (4) items at the Hostess Bonus Price of $15 (unless otherwise noted).
    (2) items at ½-price
    Your choice of a Hostess-only item at a special Hostess-only price, as shown in
     the monthly Gems sale flier.
    Any (1) item in the catalog priced under $100 for only $15.
    And additional specials ask me for more details.
    Hostess (3) Shows in 12-months and receive 10% of your Shows’ totals in FREE

Secret’s Customer Specials

       Secret’s Customer Save Plan: For every (2) items purchased at regular price,
       select a 3rd item for ½-price. Turn the HIGHEST price items into the ½-price limits!
       Refer to the monthly Gems sale flier for any additional customer specials.

Closing Your Catalog Show

At the end of your Catalog Show we will meet so that you can give me the orders you
have gathered. I will process the orders. If the Catalog Show order is shipped to me,
then I will separate the products for each customer and make arrangements to meet with
you so you can distribute them. If the Catalog Show orders will be shipped to you, then
you will use the Hostess Copy of each order to separate the products for each customer.

I am really excited about your Catalog Show! We will keep in touch and don’t hesitate to
let me know if you have any questions along the way.

Secret Sparkle Hollowell
Lia Sophia Advisor
View my clickable catalog online anytime at:

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