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Introduction Center for Palliative Studies San Diego Hospice by alicejenny



Center for Palliative Studies
San Diego Hospice &
Palliative Care
A Teaching and Research Affiliate of the
University of California, San Diego
                  Visitor Programs
The Center for Palliative Studies (CPS) invites clinicians, administrators, volunteers and
other interested individuals * to visit San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care (SDHPC) to
learn more about hospice and palliative care. CPS has 4 different visitor programs to
cater to varying educational needs and duration of visits:

           Program                            Educational Objectives               Typical Duration
           1. Brief Visits                    Orientation tour only                1 – 2 hours
           2. Visitors                        Specific, short term                 1 – 3 days
           3. Visiting Scholars               More detailed                        1 – 3 weeks
           4. Scholars in Residence Most complex / extensive 1 – 3 months
                                                             (or more)

1. Brief Visits cater to visitors who want an orientation tour of SDHPC that lasts 1 – 2
hours and do not have any other educational objectives. For further information, or to
arrange for a Brief Visit, please contact:
    Brief Visit Coordinator
    Phone:        +1.619.278.6379
    Fax:          +1.619.688.0609
2. The Visitors Program caters to visitors with specific, short-term educational
objectives that can typically be met within 1 to 3 days.
3. The Visiting Scholars Program caters to visitors with more detailed educational
objectives who typically spend 1 to 3 weeks at SDHPC.
4. The Scholars in Residence Program caters to individuals who want to pursue an
extended period of study with more complex educational objectives that typically lasts
from 1 to 3 months, though longer visits can be arranged.

  Non-Discrimination: It is the policy of the Center for Palliative Studies and San Diego Hospice &
Palliative Care not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national
origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, handicap or veteran status in matters of admissions,
employment, or services in the educational programs or activities that it operates, in accordance with civil
rights legislation and agency commitment.

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                                                                                                 October 2004
During A Visit to SDHPC
A visit to SDHPC usually starts with an orientation session and a tour of the facilities.
Then, based on each individual’s educational needs, visitors have the opportunity to:
    1. participate in the day-to-day clinical activities and team conferences with our
       medical, nursing, social work, chaplain, pharmacy, bereavement staff and/or
       volunteers in one or more clinical settings, including:
                 inpatient care in our:
                      -    24-bed Inpatient Care Center
                      -    8-bed inpatient unit at St. Paul’s McColl Health Center
                      -    12-bed inpatient unit at GlenBrook Skilled Nursing
                 home visits with staff from one or more of our:
                      -    5 Hospice Care at Home teams
                      -    Palliative Home Healthcare team
                      -    AIDS Case Management team
                 skilled nursing facility visits with staff from one of our 2 Skilled Nursing
                  Facility Hospice teams
                 home or hospital visits with our:
                      -    Children’s team (providing hospice and palliative home healthcare)
                      -    Admissions team
                 attend counseling sessions facilitate by our bereavement staff
    2. attend any of our educational activities for professional trainees and staff,
       including our Tuesday and Thursday noon conferences (a current schedule of
       staff educational offerings is available at
    3. arrange individual sessions with leaders from medicine, nursing, social work,
       chaplaincy, bereavement counseling, pharmacy, volunteers, etc. Current
       biosketches for our faculty and staff are available at:
In general, visits to SDHPC extend from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.
Visitors for extended periods can also arrange to participate in our evening and
weekend activities and / or our on-call schedule with our Extended Care Services triage

At the End of a Visit
Before leaving SDHPC, you will be asked to complete a written evaluation of your

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                                                                                       October 2004
Continuing Education Credit
Nurses and social workers visiting SDHPC can receive continuing education credit from
The Center for Palliative Studies for the time they spend at SDHPC.
In partnership with the Office of Continuing Medical Education, University of California
San Diego, the Center for Palliative Studies grants AMA Category I Continuing Medical
Education credits for some of our educational activities. As examples, physicians
visiting SDHPC can obtain CME credits for the noon conferences and EPEC-based
educational sessions they attend.

Before Visiting SDHPC
CPS staff would like to provide you with the best experience during your visit to SDHPC.
As we have a limit to the number of visitors that can be accommodated effectively at
any one time, please submit a Visitor Program Application 3 – 6 months in advance of
your intended visit. CPS staff will try to accommodate all visit requests.

Application Procedure
To help us create the most effective schedule for you, we need to know who you are,
why you want to visit SDHPC, and what you hope to achieve during your visit.
We ask each visitor to complete an application form that includes:
        Your educational objectives
        A personal statement explaining why you want to visit SDHPC
        A copy of your curriculum vitae
        Preferred and alternate dates for your visit to SDHPC
        Evidence of licensure and insurance
        The applicable tuition fees
Application forms can be downloaded from or obtained from The
Education Coordinator (contact information follows at the end of this document).

Licensure and Insurance
To be able to participate in direct patient care in a role other than as an observer,
visitors must demonstrate that they have an unrestricted license to practice in the State
of California or other appropriate licensure before visiting SDHPC.
All visitors must also provide evidence of personal liability and malpractice insurance.
Physicians may pay $2.50 per day to participate in the SDHPC physicians’ malpractice
insurance for the duration of the visit.

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                                                                                       October 2004
To verify this information, will need a copy or evidence of your:
        License
        Malpractice insurance certificate
        Liability insurance
        Workman’s Compensation insurance
People in accredited training programs can be accommodated provided that we have a
contract with the sponsoring institution. Our standard contract confirms that the
sponsoring institution is responsible for liability, malpractice and Workman’s
Compensation insurance in the event of injury.

Tuition Fees
The Center for Palliative Studies is supported by tuition fees, grant revenue and
donations. It does not rely on patient-related income to support any of its activities or
administrative staff.
The following are the tuition fees in US dollars for CPS Visitor Programs:

Tuition Fee in              Duration             Physicians,                Social      Chaplains,
US Dollars                   of Visit           Administrators             Workers       Others
                            Part Day                   $200                    $100       $100
                              1 Day                    $300                    $150       $100
                           2 – 3 Days                  $400                    $200       $150
                             1 Week                    $800                    $400       $300
Scholar                     2 Weeks                   $1,200                   $600       $500
                            3 Weeks                   $1,600                   $800       $700
                             1 Month                  $2,000                  $1,000      $900
Scholar in
                            2 Months                  $3,500                  $1,750     $1,600
Program                 Each Additional               + $500                   +250      + $200

Fees for longer periods will be negotiated individually.
Payment: Please make checks or money orders payable to:
         CPS San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care.
Payments will be deposited on receipt. If we are not able to negotiate acceptable dates
for your visit, we will refund your tuition fees in full.

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                                                                                           October 2004
Cancellation: If you need to cancel your visit, we will refund your tuition fees less an
administrative charge of:

Administrative                             Canceled > 14 days                      Canceled 0 – 14 days
Charge                                   Before First Day of Visit                Before First Day of Visit
Visitors                                               $100                                 $100
Visiting Scholars,
                                                       $100                                 $200
Scholars in Residence

Waiver: If you are not able to afford these tuition fees, please send a written request for
an adjustment or waiver of these tuition fees along with your completed application.
Please state clearly why you are not able to afford these tuition fees.

Notification of Acceptance
Upon receipt of your completed application, CPS staff will review your request to
determine whether we can accommodate all of your objectives. Please ensure that all
supporting documents are included with your application. Missing information will only
delay the review process and risk delaying your visit.
You will be notified within 4 weeks to affirm program availability and negotiate
acceptable dates for your visit.
Once you have confirmed that you will visit:
    1. CPS staff will make every effort to customize a program to meet your educational
       objectives. Before you depart for SDHPC, CPS staff will provide you with a
       personalized schedule of your activities during your visit and information about
       SDHPC that will make your visit more meaningful
    2. You should make any reservations for accommodation, travel and/or restaurants.
       While CPS staff will be able to make recommendations, they cannot make any
       reservations for you. You will be responsible for all expenses related to your
       travel, accommodation, meals and transportation in San Diego.

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                                                                                                   October 2004
Traveling to San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care
San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care (SDHPC) is located north of Balboa Park in the
Hillcrest area of the City of San Diego on the south rim of Mission Valley. The Inpatient
Care Center overlooks Mission Bay with the Pacific Ocean in the distance.
You can locate SDHPC on a map at

Travel to San Diego
All of the major US airlines have flights from many US cities into San Diego Airport
(located just 10 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from San Diego Hospice &
Palliative Care).
International direct flights are also available from Mexico.
Amtrak’s “Pacific Surfliner” is available from Los Angeles with both Coach and
Reserved Business Class services. Information about these trains and reservations are
available at

Ground Transportation in San Diego
Shuttle, taxi and limousine services are readily available from San Diego Airport.
Taxis are readily available in San Diego and should be requested by phone 15-30
minutes before they are needed, as they cannot be easily flagged down on the street.
If you plan to tour San Diego City and/or County consider renting a car. The distances
between attractions is significant, and our terrain has many hills and canyons.

Numerous hotels are conveniently located in downtown San Diego or around Hotel
Circle in Mission Valley. Detailed information about accommodations in San Diego is
available at

There is a cafeteria on-site at SDHPC that serves a continental breakfast from 8:00 –
10:30 AM and a full lunch from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM to staff and visitors, Monday
through Friday. Lunch is also available on the weekends.

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                                                                                       October 2004
Additional Information
Additional information about any of the Visitor Programs and application forms may be
obtained from:
Education Coordinator                                          Phone:        +1.619.278.6369
Center for Palliative Studies                                  Fax:          +1.619.298.7027
San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care                            E-mail:
4311 Third Avenue
San Diego, California, 92103-1407

Updated information and application forms can also be found at

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                                                                                              October 2004

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