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                                C o n S U m E r S                  H E L p          S E L E C T

                                   THE pErFECT
                                 A LOOk AT THE NEW LOOk
                                   fOR JACk DANiEL’S

                                + New Belgium Brewing
                                   A NEW HiGH-SPEED fiLLiNG LiNE HAS NEARLY DOUBLED THE SiZE Of THE BREWERY

                                + Going Green
                                   GLASS PROViDES A PURE CHOiCE iN THE RiSE Of ORGANiC BEVERAGES

                                + GLASS Renaissance
                                   A REBiRTH iN GLASS PACkAGiNG iNNOVATiON

                                + LifECycle
                                   ENDLESSLY RECYCLABLE, GLASS iS ALWAYS “GREEN”

                                                                                                   Summer 2007
                                                                                                   Volume 1
                                                                                                   issue 1

        WiLL ADD VALUE iN NEW AND DiffERENT WAYS                                               LookingGlass   1
                   Drawing on years of leadership in the glass
                   container industry, o-I creates products that
                   add value for consumers.

2   LookingGlass
LookingGlass                         Summer 2007 | Volume 1, issue 1

                                     08 Gentleman Jack
                                           Brown Forman, one of America’s premier spirit and wine companies,
                                           and O-I have teamed up to develop an exciting new package for its
                                           Gentleman Jack super-premium whiskey.

                                     10 Diageo
                                           Diageo selected O-I to design a bottle to extend its Captain Morgan
                                           Parrot Bay sub-brand and for its new Smirnoff Raw Tea line, in order to
                                           grow its flavored malt beverage line.

                                     11 pernod ricard
                                           In order to distinguish and strengthen its brand, Pernod Ricard
                                           worked with O-I on new glass packaging designs that required
                                           cross-functional coordination.

                                      02   letter from kevin                         Industry
                                                                                     12 Going Green
                                      corporate                                          The growth of organic or “green”
                                                                                         products was one of the most
                                      03 new Belgium Brewing                             significant developments in the
                                           Beer bottle production for the eco-
If you would like a PDF version                                                          beverage industry in 2006.
                                           friendly craft brewer New Belgium
of LookingGlass, please contact
                                           Brewing began at O-I’s Windsor,
Kristie Martin at 567-336-2991
                                           Colo., manufacturing facility in          techtalk
                                           July 2006.                                14 Glass renaissance
Comments or Questions                                                                    More and more brands are choosing
What topics would you like to see
                                      04 Globally speaking
                                           We’re off to a great start in 2007, and       glass to help them look new and fresh
featured in the next issue? Share                                                        by reinventing this venerable material
                                           our organization can only be made
your thoughts and ideas with us at                                                       in new and creative ways.
                                           better as we begin to implement Lean
                                           Six Sigma (LSS).
O-I                                   06 peru recycling                              recycling
One Michael Owens Way
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551-2999
                                           In Peru, recycling glass containers       16 Glass lifecycle                                does more than protect the                    One of the biggest advantages of
                                           environment; it benefits special              glass is that it can be endlessly
                                           needs children as well.                       recycled, creating packaging options
                                                                                         for years to come.

                                                                                                                     LookingGlass   1
    LETTER                          from kevin

                                       I am delighted to introduce you to O-I’s        been proven safe generation after generation.
                                 new publication, LookingGlass. This magazine          When it comes to the health impacts on
        from purchasing          offers insight into O-I glass packaging
                                 capabilities and pure packaging solutions,
                                                                                       consumers, the indirect impacts on consumers,
                                                                                       and the indirect impacts on our natural
        managers to quality      as well as delivers the latest in trends
                                 and innovations in glass packaging. From
                                                                                       resources and environment, the risk/reward
                                                                                       trade-off clearly favors glass over all other
        engineers, from          purchasing manager to quality engineer, from
                                 designer to brand manager, LookingGlass
                                                                                       packaging (see our article “The Life Cycle of
                                                                                       a Glass Container” on page 16).
        designers to brand       has something to offer everyone involved in
                                 packaging. Our goal is to bring you closer to
                                                                                             O-I continues to build on the important
                                                                                       elements of renewal that we have begun over
        managers, LookingGlass   the industry and closer to O-I in an effort to help
                                 you make educated packaging decisions.
                                                                                       the last several years. We have reorganized
                                                                                       our global glass business to improve focus and
        has something to offer         2007 has brought with it many challenges
                                 and opportunities I would like to share with you.
                                                                                       speed of execution. Under the new leadership
                                                                                       of Rich Crawford and CEO Al Stroucken, we
        everyone involved        It’s no secret that our industry faces capacity
                                 challenges. Finding available glass production
                                                                                       continue to implement processes and principles
                                                                                       to further shorten lead time, improve capacity,
        in developing high       lines and meeting customer inventory
                                 requirements has never been more difficult.
                                                                                       reduce our manufacturing costs, and improve
                                                                                       the quality of our product and service (see
        performance packaging.   Contrary to some belief, glass packaging is
                                 on the verge of a renaissance. Studies prove
                                                                                       our article “Glass Renaissance” on page 14).
                                                                                       Through the dedication of our people, expertise
                                 that glass packaging is the overwhelming first        and knowledge, O-I will persistently embark on
                                 choice of consumers for preserving the quality,       opportunities and overcome difficult challenges.
                                 purity, and taste of food and beverages.                    By learning more about our industry focus,
                                       With more and more reports continuing           commitment to pure packaging, we hope our
                                 to surface regarding health concerns with             readers will have gained an awareness of
                                 alternative packaging and the ongoing                 the true benefits of glass. We hope you enjoy
                                 growing concerns around sustainability and            LookingGlass, and we encourage you to share
                                 the environment, glass packaging, proven              this magazine with others and give us your
                                 over 3,000 years, holds up better than any            feedback for future issues. I also invite you to
                                 other alternative because only glass is 100%          visit our revised Web site at to
                                 recyclable, only glass is cradle-to-cradle, never     learn more about O-I and our global capabilities.
                                 “downcycled,” and only glass is pure. The
                                 demand for pure packaging is on the rise,             Sincerely,
                                 and O-I has made glass production capacity
                                 a critical priority.
                                       Two emerging trends that bode well
                                 for glass are sustainable packaging and the           Kevin Joseph Stevens
                                 demand for organic products (see our article          Vice President Sales and Marketing
                                 “More Organic Beverages Flow onto Store               O-I North America Glass Containers
                                 Shelves” on page 12). Glass packaging is
                                 positioned at the forefront of these trends by
                                 providing the most sustainable packaging that

     check out the new
                                 has been trusted for thousands of years. It has


                                      o-I recently completed the launch of its new global web site. the new web site
                                 offers a variety of information, including market category information for each of our
                                 regions, and is available in four languages: english, spanish, french and Italian.
                                      You can view o-I’s web site by visiting enjoy browsing the new site,
                                 and please send any feedback to

2   LookingGlass
plant spotlight

              o-I’s windsor plant helps new
              Belgium Brewing increase production
                                   Beer bottle production for the eco-friendly
                             craft brewer New Belgium Brewing began at
                             O-I’s Windsor, Colo., manufacturing facility in
                             July 2006.
                                   Located only 35 miles from one another, a
                             strong relationship quickly formed between the
                             brewer and O-I. The close proximity increased
                             transportation efficiencies and allowed O-I
                             to manage supply issues in a timely manner.
                             The Windsor plant is currently assisting New
                             Belgium Brewing with its conversion from
                             carton packing to bulk palletizing.
                                   New Belgium Brewing is the third largest
                             craft brewer in the U.S., growing nearly 20
                             percent in 2006. The increased popularity of its
                             products required the recent addition of a new
                             high-speed filling line, nearly doubling the size
                             of the brewery.
                                   In addition to its high quality products,
                             New Belgium Brewing is also well known for
                             its environmental innovation, energy efficiency,
                             conservation, and dedication to recycling.
                             That made glass the natural choice when the
                             company selected its packaging material. Glass
                             preserves and protects taste and provides
                             important environmental benefits. O-I’s Windsor
                             facility will supply nearly 95 percent of the
                             brewer’s business in 2007.
                                   New Belgium beer is sold through Pacific
                             Coast Containers (PCC) Saxco.

                                                                                 LookingGlass   3
    SpEAKinG                                              Overall, it’s a higher
                                                          level of teamwork and
                                                          record performances
                         In October, a new global organization for
                   O-I glass operations was announced. This was a
                                                                            While inventing the automatic bottle-making
                                                                       machine, Michael J. Owens said, “It can be
                   great opportunity to lead and develop the future    done.” And in the spirit of Owens, who has been
                   of our company. While solid progress has been       inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame,
                   made towards creating “One O-I,” the next stage     we know that success can be achieved if we
                   of transformation has been in place for several     continue to work together as a team and stay
                   months now, which has allowed us to accelerate      focused on adding value in new and different
                   a more integrated approach with particular focus    ways using LSS and a leadership mentality to
                   on Global Glass Operations (GGO).                   deliver you positive results.
                         Our focus is on improving margins,                 The future doesn’t just happen, it gets
                   reducing operating expenses, generating             created. Let’s start creating!
                   cash, and improving the performance of our
                   manufacturing facilities. We are working with
                   a greater emphasis on teams to assure our
                   local, regional and global alignment in order       Rich Crawford
                   to ensure a reliable future for our stakeholders.   President, Global Glass Operations
                   Our overall goal of Pure Performance,
                   “performance in operations, performance
                   in the marketplace, and performance on the
                   bottom line,” can be achieved.
                         We are already off to a great start in 2007
                   and are improving our operations around the
                   globe. The market conditions are good for
                   glass, our commercial efforts are delivering, our
                   engineering alignment and planning is in place,
                   and we’re having record performances. Overall,
                   I see a higher level of teamwork.
                         All of these early signs of improvements in
                   our organization can only be made better as we
                   begin to implement Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in the
                   coming months. Lean Six Sigma will help deliver
                   value promised to our stakeholders. But more
                   importantly, this process will drive us to a more
                   fact-based and process-oriented organization,
                   leading to a more effective understanding of
                   the value of the products and services that we
                   provide to you – our customers.

4   LookingGlass
                                                                                                          An inventor who

                                                                                                          made an impact:

                                                                                                          oWEnS HiTS
                                                                                                          THE HALL
                                                                          Every day, great inventions and the geniuses behind them go
      Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is the combination of two business       unrecognized. Then, there are some inventions making such an
methodologies: Lean, which focuses on the elimination of waste      impact on our daily lives that they must be recognized and honored.
in all areas of the company, and Six Sigma, which provides tools    Michael J. Owens finally receives that honor.
to improve business processes.                                            The National Inventors Hall of Fame announced that 41
                                                                    inventors will be inducted into the 2007 hall of fame. Among those
     O-I’s Key Points of Focus:
  • Delight the customer by delivering
                                            LEAn                    are Owens and his revolutionary invention – the automatic glass
                                                                    bottle-making machine.

     higher quality in less time                                          Michael J. Owens, a glassmaker since the age of 10, moved
  • Eliminate waste and increase speed                              to Ohio to join a start-up glass company founded by Edward Libbey
  • Improve processes by moving the                                 in 1888 and began America’s first industry – glassmaking. Libbey
     performance curves                                             financed Owens’ dream of creating a glassblowing machine, the
  • Develop teamwork and consistent                                 most significant development in glassmaking since the invention of
     ways of doing things                                           the blowpipe more than 3,000 years ago.

  • Base all decisions on facts and data                                  Owens’ success came in 1903. That’s when he made the first
  • Engage people and reinvigorate the                              automatic glass bottle-making machine that could create bottles so
     work environment                                               quickly and cheaply it facilitated the growth of numerous industries
                                                                    that bottled everything from food and beverages to household
How does Lean Six Sigma                                             chemicals. He went on to help develop mass-production techniques
benefit the customer?                                               for window glass and helped guide the company into research that
                                                                    eventually led to the production of fiberglass.
    A standardization of our processes will lead to a consistent          This invention made glass a commodity instead of a luxury. It
method of problem solving, generating quicker response times        also helped to eliminate child labor, which was rampant in the early
and solutions to customer problems. The increased focus             glassblowing days. His work also made it possible for thousands of
on our process systems will allow for improved service and          jobs to be created – jobs that are sill in existence today.
development of long-term customer satisfaction.                           “We’re honored to recognize Michael Owens’ achievements
                                                                    by inducting him into the National Inventors Hall of Fame this year.
     “Lean Six Sigma will give us needed discipline in data-        What he did gave rise to a whole industry and gave us a world of
based decision making, process implementation, and timely           technology we have the luxury of taking for granted nowadays. He
completion of critical tasks by eliminating waste and reducing      deserves to be better known as an inventor who played an important
variability. I believe that in business, discipline equals speed,   role in the history of our economy and our society,” said Fred Allen,
and we need to be better built for speed.”                          Vice President for Selection, National Inventors Hall of Fame.
                                 – Al Stroucken, Chairman and CEO

                                                                                                                              LookingGlass   5
    CORPORATE                                                    international

              improvinG THE
                   LifE         In Peru, recycling glass containers does
                                more than protect the environment; it
                                benefits special needs children as well.
                                      In 2003, O-I’s glass operation in Peru             For every ton of glass recycled, $15 is
                                began an effort to increase awareness of the        donated to Fundades, a non-profit organization
        O-i Peru Recycling      benefits of recycling glass while making a social
                                difference in the community. Three years later,
                                                                                    dedicated to improving life quality for
                                                                                    special needs children. To date, the program
        Program named Most      the program has been named the most Socially
                                Responsible Environmental Program by the
                                                                                    has funded two hydrotherapy pools, a
                                                                                    psychotherapy unit, and a teaching auditorium
        Socially Responsible    Environmental National Agency (CONAM). This
                                honor goes to companies making exceptional
                                                                                    that has helped more than 10,000 children.
                                                                                         “This achievement recognizes our
        Environmental Program   contributions to responsible management of
                                solid wastes.
                                                                                    dedication to our recycling program and to our
                                                                                    efforts to position glass as the most earth-and-
        in 2006                       The “Recycle Glass, Help a Child” program
                                increases awareness of glass packaging
                                                                                    people-friendly packaging material,” said Sergio
                                                                                    Galindo, general manager, Peru. “This is the
                                and positions glass as a material that can be       result of a great effort and focus from the
                                recycled to its original form. The goal is to       Peru team.”
                                reinforce recycling habits among consumers,              Since 2003, more than 16 million glass
                                protect the environment and improve the quality     bottles have been recycled.
                                of life for handicapped children.

6   LookingGlass
     Improve the power of Your Glass packaGInG
      Learn how the benefits of glass can build your brand and increase
      your profitability through the informative three-day program.

      Topics Include:
      	  •		Consumer	Preference
      	  •		Creative	Design	and	Decoration
      	  •		Furnace	Operations
      	  •		Sustainability
      	  •		Forming	Process
      	  •		Surface	Treatment
      	  •		Glass	Strength
      	  •		Automatic	Inspection
      	  •		Glass	Handling

      Who	Should	Attend:
      	  •		Marketing	Professionals
      	  •		Purchasers
      	  •		R&D	Personnel
      	  •		Design	Engineers
      	  •		Packaging	Designers
      	  •		Sales	Managers
      	  •		Manufacturing	Personnel
      	  •		Financial	Personnel

      The	2007	Glass	University	has	limited	availability,	so	be	sure	to	book	
      yours as soon as possible.
      Sessions	are:	
      	    •		Sept.	17-19
      	    •		Nov.	5-7

      Please	contact	Karen	Harwood	at	567-336-1883 or for registration information or
      if you have questions.

                               One	Michael	Owens	Way
                               Perrysburg,	Ohio	43551	USA


      Attendees	are	responsible	for	hotel	accommodations	and	air	transportation	costs.	O-I	will	
      provide	all	meals,	classroom	materials,	safety	apparel,	and	transportation	to	and	from	the	
      airport,	the	hotel,	the	classroom	facility	and	the	glass	plant.

      Glass	University	is	held	at	O-I	Headquarters	in	Levis	Park	Campus	in	Perrysburg,	Ohio,	and	at	
      the	Charlotte	Glass	Plant	in	Charlotte,	Mich.

                                                                                      LookingGlass   7
    product news

                   new packaging and a consumer-selected
                   bottle design reflect its quality and sophistication.


              JACkBrown Forman, one of America’s
             premier spirit and wine companies, and
             O-I have teamed up to develop an exciting
             new package for its Gentleman Jack
             super-premium whiskey. The project took
             advantage of O-I’s global manufacturing
             resources to produce multiple sizes of the
                                                          perfectly communicated what a
                                                          super-premium offering from Jack
                                                          Daniel’s should look like,” said Mark
                                                          Grindstaff, national brand manager for
                                                          Gentleman Jack.
                                                               According to the company, the new
                                                          bottle design needed to incorporate
                                                                                                     designed label highlighting Gentleman
                                                                                                     Jack’s singularity, being the only double
                                                                                                     charcoal-mellowed whiskey in the world.
                                                                                                          “All in all, it was a team effort, with
                                                                                                     everyone involved along the way,” said
                                                                                                     Grindstaff. “However, in the end, it is the
                                                                                                     consumer who has the last say on what
             Gentleman Jack bottle.                       several specific design elements. It       the package should look like.”
                                                          wanted the package to emphasize
             Branding and design                          the brand name as well as reflect the      Global manufacturing
                  Brown Forman conducted                  special characteristics of the product.          To meet Brown Forman’s quality
             considerable consumer research to            The selected design achieved both.         expectations at a global level, O-I
             select a bottle design that represents       The embossed Jack Daniel’s signature       created a global mold engineering
             the brand’s image. After multiple            reminds consumers of the strength of       team to coordinate efforts between its
             design options were tested, a bottle         the company’s heritage, while the sloped   European and North American production
             design featuring a curved shoulder and       shoulder bottle design communicates the    facilities. The O-I team created capacity
             embossed decoration was chosen.              smoothness of the whiskey and helps in     and drawing dimensions that met the
                  “It was the most popular design         production efficiency. The bottle design   requirements for small-volume production
             among our target consumers. We felt it       also provides a showcase for a newly-

8   LookingGlass
2007 GPI
Clear Choice

                          runs in its Holzminden, Germany, plant and
           BROWN FORMAN   for large-scale production at its Zanesville,
                          Ohio, facility.
                                “A global project significantly
                          increases the challenges and complexities,”
                          said Ed Mayrose, Brown Forman senior
                          packaging engineer. “As a result, a
                          tremendous amount of work has been
                          put into this project by O-I and Brown
                          Forman team members. From container
                          development to mold engineering,
                          production planning, manufacturing,
                          quality and logistics, each facet required
                          extra attention, focus and time to
                          ensure success.”
                                Completion of the Gentleman Jack
                          redesign has been a great achievement
                          for both O-I and Brown Forman. The
                          new package reflects the quality and
                          sophistication of the whiskey and helps
                          bring increased awareness to the brand.
                          This exciting combination of a super-
                          premium whiskey and a consumer-selected
                          bottle design can be expected to repeat the
                          success Brown Forman has experienced
                          with its industry icon, Jack Daniel’s.

                                                                 LookingGlass   9
     product news

                                                                                    2007 GPI Clear
                                                                                    Choice Award

                    RAW TEA                                                         flavored

                    CAPTAiN MORGAN

                    PARROT BAY

                         Diageo selected O-I to design a bottle to extend its
                    Captain Morgan Parrot Bay sub-brand and for its new
                    Smirnoff Raw Tea in order to grow its flavored malt
                    beverages line. The company planned to bring both
                    beverages to market in the first half of 2006. Diageo,
                    the world leader in premium spirits, beer and wine, also
                    manufactures Johnnie Walker and Guinness.

                    O-I’s Program Objective:
                      • Develop Parrot Bay glass packaging that
                          communicates to consumers that the beverage
                          contains real tropical fruit juice.
                      • Distinguish Raw Tea from other teas in its category.

                         To accelerate package design, O-I and Diageo
                    held a joint design summit with representatives from
                    cross-functional teams. O-I then worked from project
                    briefs provided by Diageo to create original designs
                    for both products in just a matter of weeks. Production
                    launched in January 2006 at O-I’s Lapel, Ind., and
                    Streator, Ill., plants.
                       • The Parrot Bay bottle was designed to resemble the
                         rectangular shoulder appearance of Parrot Bay Rum
                         bottles. It also serves as a “billboard” for the vibrant
                         colors of tropical juice.
                       • Raw Tea has a design unlike any other product in
                          its category. Its flint bottle has a unique short neck,
                          sloping shoulders and contemporary pressure-
                          sensitive labels.

                      • Parrot Bay comes in exotic flavors, such as Wave
                        Runner (passion fruit and mango), and was launched
                        in the U.S. in late 2006, after a successful launch in
                        the Southeast, Michigan and Ohio.
                      • Raw Tea, which combines the taste of natural
                        tea and the crisp, clean finish of Smirnoff, was
                        introduced in April 2006. It’s available in three
                        flavors: peach, lemon and raspberry.

10   LookingGlass
                                                        product news

                     WiLD TURkEY

project RICARD
                     AMERiCAN HONEY
                          In order to distinguish and strengthen its brand,
                     Pernod Ricard worked with O-I on new glass packaging
                     designs that required cross-functional coordination.
                     Instead of obtaining these packages through a distributor,
                     the Paris-based company was able to eliminate the
                     middleman by working directly with an O-I new product
                     development team from North America. They worked on
                     Russell’s Reserve small-batch bourbon and Wild Turkey
                     American Honey to provide packaging for its 750-milliliter
                     and 375-milliliter bottles.

                     O-I’s Program Objective:
                       • Eliminate third-party involvement by providing glass
                           packaging and decoration coordination.

                          O-I’s global footprint served as a platform to initiate
                     innovation. This allowed Pernod Ricard to experience
                     the rare packaging options O-I provides globally, at a
                     local level. The bottles are manufactured at O-I’s plant in
                     Holzminden, Germany, which is equipped to modify molds
                     and can accommodate short runs.
                        • Wild Turkey American Honey is packaged in a
                           square-shaped bottle featuring beveled edges and
                           contemporary labeling.
                        • Russell’s Reserve small-batch bourbon is packaged
                           with a thick base to provide a distinguished and
                           premium image.

                       • Wild Turkey American Honey was launched in
                         September 2006.
                       • Successful integration of Russell’s Reserve small-
                         batch bourbon will market without a distributor.

                                                                        LookingGlass 11

                    More organic beverages flow
                    onto store shelves
                         The growth of organic or “green” products           Organic beer is another significant
                    was one of the most significant developments      development in the beverage industry.
                    in the beverage industry in 2006. According to    Anheuser-Busch’s Wild Hop and Stone Mill Pale
                    the Organic Trade Association, the U.S. organic   Ale were introduced to the beer market in 2006.
                    food and beverage industry grew 16.2 percent      Both brands were packaged in glass bottles
                    in 2005 and accounted for $13.8 billion in        manufactured by O-I.
                    consumer sales. The Nutrition Business Journal           The close connection between organic
                    anticipates continued growth with projected       products and glass packaging is expected to
                    sales of $19.8 billion by 2008. And beverage      continue. A recent national consumer survey
                    manufacturers seeking environmentally-friendly    conducted by the Glass Packaging Institute
                    packaging for this rapidly expanding market       showed consumers prefer glass for its quality,
                    chose glass – the greenest, most sustainable      purity, taste, product protection and shelf life.
                    packaging of all.                                 Organic consumers rate glass six to eight points
                         Glass is made with natural materials,        higher in environmental safety, true flavor, shelf
                    sand, soda ash and limestone, and is the only     life, form, purity and quality.
                    packaging choice generally recognized as                 Glass gives organic beverage
                    safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.    manufacturers and their consumers a pure and
                    Because glass is chemically inert, its contents   healthy package choice that’s good for them
                    have a long shelf life without the risk of        and the environment. Glass helps manufacturers
                    cross-contamination.                              keep their products fresh and attractive in a
                         Honest Tea® is one example of a new          package their customers prefer.
                    organic beverage packaged in glass. O-I’s
                    package for Honest Tea’s Just Green and Just
                    Black Tea has recently been named the Glass
                    Packaging Institute’s 2006 Clear Choice Award
                    Winner in the Organic Beverage category.

12   LookingGlass
Glass packaging preferences of organic vs. General shoppers

           Best Purity

       Healthiest Form

           True Flavor

                           Organic Consumers                General Consumers

                  organic food and Beverage market share
                                1997-2005             2.5%

                  1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

                                                                                 LookingGlass 13
     TECH TALk

          Today’s designs see a rebirth of packaging innovation –
          and clear benefits for brands and consumers
                                                        For more than 3,000 years, glass has been      and satin finishes supplied by O-I’s in-house
                                                   the safe and healthy packaging choice. Now, it      decoration resources.
                                                   is experiencing a renaissance. Besides being              Longtail Libations’ exciting new Jekyll &
                                                   made from abundant and natural raw materials        Hyde liqueur consists of two separate liqueurs
                                                   and being chemically inert so as to better          that, when mixed, provide a unique finished
                                                   preserve and protect the products it contains,      product. The two base liqueurs are packaged
                                                   glass is gaining favor as a means of delivering     in glass bottles that nest with each other
                                                   packaging innovation. More and more brands          when placed side by side. This reflects the
                                                   are choosing glass to help them look new and        complementary nature of the product and gives
                                                   fresh by reinventing this venerable material in     consumers a visually stimulating packaging cue.
                                                   new and creative ways.                                    French beer maker Kronenbourg also
                                                                                                       created a unique glass concept to reinforce the
                                                   Recent examples of glass                            profile of its 1664 BLANC white beer. The brand
                                                   packaging creativity                                chose an unconventional pressure vessel with
                                                                                                       a white label to provide a contrast to its cobalt
                                                         When Evian wanted to launch a bottled         blue bottle. The contrast creates a visual
                                                   water line featuring collectible packaging, it      picture of “full” and “empty” while the beer
           Mike Lonsway
                                                   designed a glass bottle in the shape of a drop of   is being consumed.
           Product Development Manager
                                                   water to reflect its key brand promise, purity.
           O-I: Glass Containers North America
                                                         To date, five models have been released
                                                   in the series, each one equally appealing. Each
                                                                                                       Glass of the future
           Doug Trenkamp                                                                                  New decorating technologies, like internal
                                                   is made of flint (clear) glass and achieves
           Project Manager                                                                             embossing, are on the horizon. Internal
                                                   its distinctive look through screen printing
           O-I: Product Development & Innovation                                                       embossing is the process of embossing a bottle

14   LookingGlass
on the inside rather than the outside. Internal
embossing creates a distinctive decoration
                                                  removed from a container, resulting in lighter
                                                  weight. This constant process improvement
                                                                                                     Clear benefits for brands
inside the container while keeping the exterior   combined with customer design preferences          and consumers
smooth for labeling. In some applications,        allowed O-I to reduce the weight of beer bottles         In highly competitive food and beverage
consumers “discover” the internal design as       for SABMiller by over 20 percent – from            markets, it’s increasingly important to
the product is consumed.                          8.8 ounces to 6.8 ounces over six years.           differentiate a product as well as maintain
      New developments continue to move                Developments in stronger, lighter glass       its optimal shelf life. O-I’s leadership in
packaging solutions forward. Examples include     are significant because energy consumption         manufacturing and R&D innovation in the glass
plastic closure-glass package combinations        is proportional to weight. Every gram of glass     container industry will continue to be a key
such as easy-opening plastic flip tops on jars    conserved results in a cost savings, allowing      driver in food and beverage marketing.
and canisters and plastic closures for beer.      manufacturers to put additional resources into           Consumers benefit when they purchase
These “total packaging solutions” result in       new product development and innovation.            products packaged in glass. Glass packaging
improved tamper evidence and resealability.            O-I is also responding to manufacturers’      provides assurance the products they purchase
      The quest for lighter, stronger glass       needs for better protection for food and           are safe, healthy and pure, both for them and
packaging is being addressed through special      beverages. New technology will provide             for the environment.
treatment within the manufacturing process.       increased UV protection to prevent product
Improved surface treatment protection             fading. Unique glass chemistries and special
preserves the inherent strength and durability    surface treatments will absorb or filter UV
of glass while complementing efforts to reduce    rays to keep them from passing through the
the weight of the package.                        glass into the contents. As food and beverage
      Optimized computer modeling is a primary    freshness and shelf life improve, manufacturers
tool in reducing glass packaging weight. Glass    can devote more time to developing unique
manufacturers use computer models of molded       packaging solutions for their brands.
shapes to detect where excess glass can be

                                                                                                                                        LookingGlass 15
                                                                                  F ille r




                                                           Fa cove ial
                                                             cil ry
                                                           Re ater



             the life cycle of Glass is cradle-to-cradle                                     O-I’s Crenshaw and Brockway, Pa., plants
                                                                                             acquire cullet from both deposit and curbside
            a Glass container packaging is the most ecologically-friendly
                                        material on earth. New glass
                                                                                             recycling programs.

                                         containers are made from sand, soda ash
                                         and limestone, which are not only abundant
                                                                                             From store shelves to the
                                         raw materials, but which are also completely        glass plant and back again
                                         natural. Once shaped into a product package,             In New York City, for example, a five-cent
                                         glass is chemically inert and will not transfer     deposit encourages consumers to recycle glass
                                         flavors or odors to it contents, making glass the   and increases the amount of glass being put
                                         purest packaging available and keeping food         back into the recycling stream. The more glass
                                         and beverages safe and healthy.                     available in the recycling stream, the more
                                               One of the biggest advantages of glass        new glass packages that can be made from
                                         is that it can be endlessly recycled, creating      old ones.
                                         packaging options for years to come. Recycled            When glass containers are returned to New
                                         glass, also known as cullet, is purchased by        York retailers, they are sent to a cullet processor
                                         O-I glass container facilities to manufacture       in Pennsylvania. There, the glass is cleaned,
                                         new food, beverage and spirit packaging.            color sorted and crushed so it may be purchased

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by O-I’s Crenshaw and Brockway plants to be

used in making new glass containers.
      Glass collected from curbside programs
in Pittsburgh, Pa., is also recycled through the
Pennsylvania cullet collection facilities. The
process begins when consumers in Pittsburgh
put glass, plastic, paper and aluminum
recyclables in a curbside bin, which is picked
up by local recycling companies.
      Once recyclables are picked up from the
                                                      Glass baby bottles making comeback
                                                           Glass baby bottles, replaced decades ago by unbreakable plastic, are making such
curb, they are sent to a material recovery facility
                                                      a comeback that parents can’t get their hands on them. San Francisco resident Sean
(MRF). There, glass is separated from other
                                                      Mullins said he decided to switch his 6-month-old son, Mickey, from plastic to glass
materials and then sent to a cullet processor to
                                                      bottles last month despite manufacturers’ insistence that plastic bottles are
be processed and purchased by the Crenshaw
                                                      safe. Environment California, an advocacy group, recently released a report titled
and Brockway plants.
                                                      “Toxic Baby Bottles” that drew intense national media coverage. When heated, five
                                                      of the most popular brands of polycarbonate – the clear, shatterproof plastic used in
Recycling glass is highly                             baby bottles – leached bisphenol A at levels that have been found to cause harm in
efficient and saves energy                            laboratory animals, Environment California found.
     The Crenshaw and Brockway facilities                  (San Francisco Chronicle, April 9, 2007)
together spent over $6.6 million on more than              Note: Glass is chemically inert and does not leach, which protects the integrity of
11,000 tons of cullet, saving energy, batch           products packaged in glass.
materials, transportation and emissions.
Since cullet has a lower melting point than           Oceans are turning into plastic
raw materials do, furnace life is extended, and             A 10-million-square-mile swirling vortex of ocean currents known as the North
more glass can be melted for the same fuel            Pacific Subtropical Gyre is nicknamed the “Eastern Garbage Patch” because it is
expenditure with fewer emissions. For every           filled with fishing nets, bags, motor oil jugs, tires, traffic cones and more. Whales to
10 percent of cullet used in manufacturing            zooplankton to birds all are threatened by the floating plastic. Many animals mistake
new containers, there is a potential 2.5 percent      the plastic for food, and others are tangled in it. By weight, this swath of sea contains
energy savings. Containers manufactured at            six times as much plastic as it does plankton. Oceanographer Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer,
Crenshaw and Brockway are produced with               an expert on marine debris, said, “If you could fast-forward 10,000 years and do an
35 to 75 percent cullet.                              archaeological dig … you’d find a little line of plastic.”
     It is important to remember that recycled              (Best Life Magazine, Nov. 2006.)
glass is as pure as the original. Unlike                    Note: Glass is always inert and easily recyclable. When glass does exit the “cradle-
plastic and paper-film composites, glass              to-cradle” cycle, it is safe for the environment and marine life.
creates an endless cradle-to-cradle opportunity
to make new food and beverage packages
from old ones.
                                                      Lightweight glass container project begins in U.K.
                                                           The Waster & Resources Action Programme began the GlassRite Food project
                                                      in January in an effort to ensure that the U.K. meets E.U. requirements on reducing
No matter what the color,                             packaging waste. With the help of WRAP, new lightweight container designs will be
glass is always “green”                               tested for strength, practicality and consumer appeal. This government-backed program
  • Every recycled bottle used in the                 aims to take 20,000 tonnes of glass out of the waste stream by March 2008. “GlassRite
    manufacturing process saves enough                Food is a tremendous opportunity for retailers and brand owners to explore and trial
    energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for          the benefits of lightweight glass with a cross-sector of industry experts,” WRAP retail
    four hours.                                       innovation team project manager Nicola Jenkin said. If successful, the project could
  • Globally, O-I purchases more than                 save 65,000 tonnes of glass and 48,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by 2009, the
    $300 million USD worth of recycled                equivalent of taking 28,000 cars off the road.
    glass annually, amounting to more than                 (Materials Recycling Week, Jan. 16, 2007)
    4.5 million tons.                                      Note: For every 10 percent increase in cullet or recycled glass used in
  • The use of recycled glass is only limited by      manufacturing, there is a 2.5 percent energy savings.
    recycling rates and availability of cullet in
    North America.

                                                                                                                                        LookingGlass 17
Summer 2007

                                 no matter what the color, glass is always green.

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