General Information about the host families

All host families live outside the city centre in the suburbs of Dublin. This means that
all clients who select host family accommodation will travel to and from School by
bus or train. The average journey will take 40 - 45 minutes.

The family will provide a fresh set of towels each week and change the bed linen once
per week. The family will also include the student’s basic laundry items, such as,
jeans, tee-shirts and underwear once per week.

Students cannot expect the host family to wash delicate items of clothing or heavy
woollen jumpers.

The family will also provide breakfast and evening dinner. Special vegetarian meals
and other dietary requirements can be catered for provided enough notice is given.

Sample Host Family Menu
Breakfast: Cereal and milk; toast, butter, jam; with tea or coffee
Evening dinner: Fish or meat with vegetables, dessert or fruit; tea or coffee

Living with a family is not like staying in a hotel, so we advise all students to help
their host mother to clear away the table after the evening meal. Such a little act can
really improve the contact and quality of the relationship between the client and the

Most families cannot provide en-suite bathroom facilities therefore students must
remember that they will share the bathroom.

It is important that they leave the bathroom clean and tidy, for the next person.

Keep their bedroom neat and tidy and place all rubbish in the bin. Remember to return
home for evening dinner for 18.00 hours approximately, as agreed between each
student and their family.

If a student cannot return home for dinner, then the family will keep the dinner to be
reheated later that evening. However it is very important that the student informs their
family that they will be late home.

Students returning home late at night must show consideration for the host family and
their children who may already be asleep in bed.

Students are permitted to make reverse charge telephone calls with the assistance and
permission of the host family.
Any damage caused by the student to the family home or property must be paid for by
the client.

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