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The Inauguration of a President


									The Inauguration of a President

                         Fall 2007
                                                        inperspective                 By Kevin Livengood, ’09, President of the student Government Association

             FALL 2007                                                                          Thank you for allowing me to speak today.
                                                                          Editor’s Note:
                                                                                                I am here today to extend both a welcome and a challenge
                                                                     SGA President Kevin
      VICE PRESIDENT FOR                                Livengood, ’09, delivered both     to Dr. Phillips on behalf of the students here at SCO.
 INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT                                a greeting and a challenge to    Three years ago I interviewed at SCO and found that there
   Shannon Reynolds Torbett, MHP                           President Richard W. Phillips
                                                              at his recent inauguration.
                                                                                           is a comfort that surrounds SCO. We continually score in
                   EDITOR                                     As students represent the    the top of the nation on national boards. Our placement
                 Jim Hollifield                                 future of the profession,  service is continually at or near 100%. We have a 0% default
                                                          following are Student Doctor
                 DESIgNER                                           Livengood’s remarks.   rate on student loans. The finances of the school are well in
                Susan M. Doyle                                                             order. We have a brand new eye center to serve our patients.
                                                        Even the security service at SCO is top notch.
             Phillip V. Ridings                              All these are things that made my decision to come to SCO an easy one. Since being a
                                                        student, I’ve seen first hand that SCO produces some of the top doctors in the nation. We get
                                                        an excellent education and clinical experience. We couldn’t ask for a better faculty to meet the
                                                        needs of the students and profession.
                                                             But I have noticed that comfort isn’t always a good thing. Optometry is a dynamic and
                                                        ever-changing profession. As the scope of practice expands, so must the education we receive.
                                                        As laws change, SCO must change as well. As practice opportunities expand and change, SCO
                                                        must be able to educate the students on these opportunities.
                                                             It has been very easy to get comfortable with the way things are at SCO, but we students see
                                                        that change is necessary to continue to
                                                        receive the updated and highest quality of
     Mission stateMent
  To Educate Men and Women in the
                                                             While SCO has stayed at the top of
    Art and Science of Optometry
                                                        education, there are areas that we need to
                                                        improve and advance. That is where our
In this Issue…                                          challenge to Dr. Phillips comes in. Last
 Homecoming 2007...........................4            spring, the student government had the
 Inauguration .....................................6    unique experience of interviewing the
 Feature Story ....................................8    presidential candidates. And we didn’t
 Philanthropy in Action ................... 10          take it easy on them.
                                                             It was during the interviewing that
 Convocation 2007 ..........................12
                                                        we could see Dr. Phillips could be the
 Board in Focus................................ 15
                                                        president to continue the tradition here at
 Class Notes ..................................... 16   SCO and begin to help move it forward
 Faculty and Staff Highlights........... 19             with the progression of the profession.
 News Briefs .....................................22         We want to challenge Dr. Phillips
                                                        to not just get comfortable being one of
                                                        the top schools but make us the leading
  Visions is published through the                      school in the nation. It’s one thing to be
 Office of Institutional Advancement.                   on top and set the bar, but once there, we want SCO to keep pushing the bar.
 Copies are available without charge to                      We want to move forward with the technology and ground-breaking aspects of optometry.
     alumni and friends and online
                                                        We want to continue to recruit and maintain excellent faculty to the college.
                                                             We want to be the place that every applicant wants to come. And we want to continue to
   Correspondence should be sent to:                    produce the best doctors in the nation.
        SCO Visions Editor                                   As alumni, we want to brag that we are graduates of SCO, the top school in the nation.
        1245 Madison Avenue                             The students believe that Dr. Phillips is the right man for the job.
         Memphis, TN 38104                                   So we challenge you to not just get comfortable but continue the tradition and advance the
        Phone: (901) 722-3264                           college and education as optometry continues to change. Dr. Phillips, we welcome you and wish
          Fax: (901) 722-3340                           you the best of luck as our president.

   2                                                                                                          SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
MOA Partners with the Hayes
Center for Practice Excellence
     “Joining the Generations: Practice Transitions and Partnerships” was presented in conjunction
with the Hayes Center for Practice Excellence at Southern College of Optometry (HCPE) on
August 17, 2007 at Eagle Ridge Conference Center in Raymond, Mississippi.
    Successful practice transitions are paramount for the long-term success of any optometric
practice. This course, designed to be a resource for established practice owners, mid-career ODs and
recent graduates, provided a framework of financial considerations, common pitfalls to avoid, and
                                                     recommendations to consider when entering
                                                     into negotiations.
                                                         “This program was designed to bring ODs
                                                     together to discuss partnering issues,” stated
                                                     Kristin Anderson, OD, Executive Director of
                                                     the Hayes Center.                                   Nancy Gatlin to Retire
                                                         “The expectations of buyers and sellers can     After Four Decades
                                                     be very different. When both parties understand     of Service
                                                     the needs and unique challenges facing the other,
                                                                                                              Nancy Gatlin, SCO’s library director and
                                                     achieving a long-term successful relationship is    longest-serving staff member, has announced her
                                                     more likely to occur.”                              intention to retire after nearly 40 years of service.
                                                                                                              A remarkable fact is that SCO has benefited
                                                         Jerry Hayes, OD ’73, founder of HCPE and
                                                                                                         from two long-time librarians in its 75-year his-
a Mississippi native, provided his insight and expertise to the program. His keynote lecture outlined    tory. Emma Turpin served the college from 1940
concepts and recommendations developed over his career as one of optometry’s leading authorities         through 1968, the year Gatlin joined the staff as
                                                                                                         library clerk. She has served as library director
on practice finance, profitability and overhead management.                                              since her appointment in 1976.
    Additionally, Ken Hicks, CPA, senior partner of May & Company, LLP, delivered a presenta-                 When she retires at the end of January 2008,
tion on financial and tax considerations. His firm has consulted with optometrists in 30 states,         40 calendar years will have been marked, a distin-
                                                                                                         guished achievement and the end of an era.
assisting with their tax planning and preparation.                                                            SCO’s library staff began manually indexing
                                                                                                         optometry journals in the 1970s. Under Gatlin’s
       This program was designed to                                                                      direction, that process led to the creation of
                                                                                                         VISIONET, the only database of its kind that in-
  bring ODs together to discuss partnering issues.                                                       dexes vision science articles.
                                                                                                              Other optometry schools continue to access
                                                                                                         VISIONET with its 150,000 article citations. As
    A panel discussion/question and answer session completed the afternoon. In addition to Dr.
                                                                                                         many as 200 new articles are added weekly. Users
Hayes, Gerald Eisenstatt, OD ’84, David Parker, OD ’95, Susanne Cunningham, OD ’02, and Ken              from all 50 states and 20 foreign countries have
Hicks answered specific questions posed by the audience, offering varied perspectives and opinions       been served through the system supervised by
                                                                                                         Gatlin. She hopes to remain involved in some ca-
to the group.                                                                                            pacity to continue contributing to VISIONET’s
    The Hayes Center for Practice Excellence (HCPE) at Southern College of Optometry was                 success after her retirement.
established in 2005 to serve the optometric profession as the premier resource for optometric                 In addition to being SCO’s longest-serving
                                                                                                         staff member, Gatlin is also believed to be the
management education. To learn more, visit the HCPE website at               only non-OD to have ever received the honorary
                                                                                                         Doctor of Ocular Science degree for her service to
                                                                                                         the profession.
        The Hayes Center For Practice Excellence is Offering its                                              Look for a more in-depth feature on Gatlin’s
               Second Program on January 25-27, 2008                                                     career and memories of her 40-year legacy in a fu-
   Recent SCO graduates from 2002-2007 are invited to attend the second annual                           ture issue of VISIONS.
   “Private Practice Primer” offered at SCO. New practitioners are encouraged                                 In the meantime, alumni and colleagues
   to register early, as maximum attendance is limited to 60 participants on a                           who would like to wish her well as her retirement
   first-come, first-serve basis.                                                                        date nears are encouraged to email her at
                                                                                                or write her in care of the
                 For more information, visit http://                                college at 1245 Madison Avenue, Memphis,
                                                                                                         TN 38104.

VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                                        3
homecoming 2007
                             60 Years of Alumni Reunite
                                  A record number of ODs attended SCO’s continuing
                             education program held during the 2007 Homecoming/CE
                             Weekend in Memphis.
                                  More than 325 alumni and ODs attended lectures by
                  Class of   well-known speakers including Drs. Joseph Rappon, Art
                  1967       Epstein, and Larry Alexander.
                                  The weekend began with
                             Optifest and State Night in which
                             students interacted with national
                             vendors such as Vistakon and Welch-
                             Allyn and representatives of state and
                             military optometry associations.
                                  On Friday night, alumni joined
                             hundreds of students, faculty, staff
                             and their family members for the annual barbecue picnic.
                                  Saturday afternoon saw Michael Jones, OD ’71, and
                             J. Wayne Buck, OD ’78, receive the Lifetime Achievement
                             Award (see sidebar).
                  Class of
                                  Representatives from the Classes of 1947, 1957, 1967,
                             1977, 1987, and 1997 spoke for their classmates.
                                                             Eugene Zuckerman, OD ’47, was
                                                        the most senior graduate in attendance.
                                                        He remembered how he was accepted
                                                        to attend SCO in 1941, only to have
                                                        World War II interrupt his studies.
                                                             “When I came back in 1946, the
                                                        school was better,” he remembered.
                                                        “SCO had the best and most modern
                                                        equipment at that time.”
                                  Dale Faust, OD ’57, spoke for his class. Dr. Faust still
                             practices in Florida.
                  Class of        William Benkelman, OD ’67, came from Kansas to
                  1987       attend. Speaking for the Class of ’67, he remembered the time
                             that Dr. James Mangrum became upset when a student placed
                             a cigarette in the class skeleton’s mouth.
                                  Ron Bannister, OD ’77, recalled a number of “firsts” that
                             happened during his classmates’ time at SCO, including the
                             start of SVOSH and the “Evil Eye” newsletter.
                                  Speaking for the more recent reunion classes were Bill
                             Conn, OD ’87, and Horace Deal, OD ’97.
                                  Mark your calendar for the 2008 Fall Homecoming/CE
                             Weekend, to be held September 18-21, 2008.

                  Class of

4                                             SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
Lietime cievemen
 2 O O 7         A W A R D          R E C I P I E N T s

       J. Wayne Buck, OD ’78, and Michael Jones, OD ’71, were
 honored with the SCO Lifetime Achievement Award during
 SCO’s Homecoming weekend held Saturday, September 15 in
       The Lifetime Achievement Award honors alumni who
 have shown extraordinary leadership skills and who have made
 lasting contributions to the profession of optometry and SCO.
 The award is the highest honor bestowed by the college upon
 its alumni.
       President Richard Phillips, OD ’78, presented the awards
 at a ceremony during the college’s alumni luncheon.
       Both recipients are accomplished leaders within their
 communities and their professions, particularly for their work
 on behalf of the American Optometric Association.
       Dr. J. Wayne Buck practices at Advanced Eye Care
 Associates in Crossett, Arkansas.
       In 1989, Dr. Buck served as president of the Arkansas
 Optometric Association. He was named his state’s Optometrist
 of the Year in 1998.
       In 1993, Dr. Buck served as president of Southwest Council
 of Optometry. Five years later, he was named Congress Chair
 of the AOA Congress Committee, and he served three years in
 that capacity. From 2002 through this year, Dr. Buck served as
 a member of the AOA Board of Trustees.
       Dr. Michael Jones is from Bristol, Tennessee, and now
 resides in Ellisville, Missouri.
       He has served in all offices of the Tennessee Optometric
 Association, the Southern Council of Optometrists and of the
 American Optometric Association.
       Dr. Jones is one of 10 SCO graduates to have served as
 AOA President, and when he retires next year, he will have
 served 10 years as AOA Executive Director.
       He was named TOA’s OD of the Year in 1991, Southern
 Council’s OD of the South in 1993, and in 1998, he received
 SCO’s Doctor of Ocular Science degree.

 VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                5
      Delegates representing
    the academic community
             are recognized.

             The Presidential
             Mace is passed.

        Dr. Phillips and Bob
     Hughes, Chief Executive
       of the Association of                               marks newest

                                                The inauguration of Richard W.
                                            Phillips, FA AO, OD ’78, drew visitors
                                            from as far away as England to witness
                                            the historic ceremony held at Lindenwood
                                            Christian Church in Memphis.
                                                The ceremony incorporated personal
                                            touches on a number of levels, as alumni,
             Dr. Phillips and               students, faculty, staff and Dr. Phillips’
             his wife, Lucy.                family played a role. Daughter Melissa
                                            Reading marched as a delegate representing
                                            Emory University, and Dr. Phillips’ father,
                                            G. Richard Phillips, PhD, delivered the
                                                Delegates from other colleges
                                            and universities attended, as well as
                                            representatives from organized optometry
                                            around the world; Bob Hughes, chief
                                            executive of the Association of Optometrists
                                            (AOP), traveled from London for the event.

6                                        SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
chap ter in sco history

                   G. Richard Phillips, PhD,   Flippin, OD ’59, formally installed Dr.          directed to the future. With the help of God,
                   leads the invocation.       Phillips as president after President Emeritus   and this wonderful family we have assembled
                                               William E. Cochran, OD ’68, passed the           here today, we can not and will not fail.”
                         SCO Board of          SCO Mace to his successor.                            The Tennessee General Assembly hon-
                     Trustees member, John          In his inaugural address, Dr. Phillips      ored Dr. Phillips with Senate Joint Resolution
                     A. Gazaway, OD ’67,       addressed change as a theme and related it to    96, noting his service to his community and
                     delivered greetings on    the past, present and future history of SCO.     profession.
                     behalf of the alumni,          “Every president in the past of                  Go to the SCO website to read a com-
  while John Amos, OD, Dean of the School      Southern College of Optometry took               plete copy of Dr. Phillips’ inaugural address.
  of Optometry at the University of Alabama    time to establish his vision of the future       Copies of the inaugural program or the in-
  at Birmingham, spoke for the academic        of optometric education and took action that     augural DVD of the ceremony are available
  community.                                   to this day affects our future in optometry,”    through the office
      Representing students, faculty and       Dr. Phillips said.                               of Institutiona l
  staff, respectively, were SGA President           “Let us take action together to mandate     Advancement.
  Kevin Livengood, ’09, Faculty Chair          that Southern College of Optometry will be
  Michael Gerstner, OD ’97, and Jo Propst,     more widely known as the premier provider        Betty Cramer Clark,
                                                                                                daughter of SCO’s
  Administrative Coordinator in The            we have always known it to be. Success           second president,
  Eye Center.                                  comes to those who combine vision with           Dr. W.R. Cramer,
      Board of Trustees Chair Howard F.        action, learning from the past, with eyes        was in attendance.

     VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                         7
visions feature

                     As optometry evolves,
          Southern College of Optometry’s newest students earned the            While some may worry about there being too many practic-
     highest optometry entrance examination scores of any entering         ing optometrists, others note changing demographics; the baby
     class in the college’s history.                                       boomer generation will become retirement-age citizens over the
          The 123 first-year students in the Class of 2011 earned an       next two decades, expanding the patient pool needing vision care.
     overall mean score of 335 on the Optometry Admission Test                  Changing demographics will also change the patient popula-
     (OAT). The entering class had a mean overall grade point average      tion in other ways; the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the
     of 3.45.                                                              American population will be 25 percent Hispanic by the year 2030.
          This year’s first-year student body represents 33 different           With healthcare reform shaping up as a big issue in the 2008
     states and two foreign countries, with 62 females and 61 males.       presidential campaign, the way healthcare is delivered to patients
          Recruiting already is underway to find the most qualified        is likely to change, regardless of which political party occupies
     candidates to join the Class of 2012, whose students will graduate    the White House.
     during SCO’s 80th anniversary.                                             Organized optometry will continue to fight political battles
          With a new president at the helm, planning for the college’s     to ensure that the profession keeps a foothold in healthcare
     future is a crucial goal for faculty, staff and alumni alike.         reform.
          Changes in optometric education, health care delivery,                Elsewhere, the AOA’s Joint Board Certification Project Team
     demographics and other key factors will shape the future.             is currently investigating the development of a board certification

          As optometric educators, the future challenges us
               to embrace the expanded capability technology allows
          It’s no secret by now that new optometry schools – including     process for optometry, action that resulted from the 2020
     ones in California and Texas – will be coming online over the         Summit which examined how the profession might look by the
     next several years.                                                   year 2020.
          New optometry schools will mean the playing field could               International outreach to optometrists around the world is
     grow more competitive, particularly in terms of recruiting good       also taking on increased importance. Dr. Narendra Kumar of
     students who find themselves faced with more options as to where      New Delhi, India, recently visited the SCO campus. Editor of
     to pursue their optometry degrees.                                    optometry Today, a popular professional publication in India,
          “In order to remain competitive, we’ve just revamped the         Dr. Kumar had many questions about American optometry and
     entire curriculum,” noted Rob Drescher, OD, MS, Interim               shared his insight on the future of optometry in India and the
     Director for Academic Affairs.                                        world in general.
          “We’re looking to add more technology to the instruction.             Another significant focus of the future will be technological
     Students are getting great exposure to current optometry through      advances. In his recent inauguration address, SCO President
     the new curriculum. We’re one of the least expensive optometry        Richard Phillips observed that technology will have a major
     schools in terms of tuition, but we’re meeting the challenges while   impact on optometric education and the delivery of health care.
     remaining competitive.”                                                    “As optometric educators, the future challenges us to
          Faculty recruitment and retention, too, is likely to become a    embrace the expanded capability technology allows,” he said.
     challenge with the changing landscape.                                “[It] encourages us to increase delegation by ancillary health care
          “On the faculty side, we’re looking at the compensation and      personnel while retaining the high touch element that has been
     time requirements for courses to determine if they’re appropriate     traditional with optometry.”
     or if they need to be increased,” Dr. Drescher noted.                      Today’s optometry students already utilize many of these
          “We’re doing what needs to be done to remain one of the          advances. The traditional lifetime connections made in optometry
     premier optometric institutions.”                                     school are starting sooner; SCO’s Class of 2011 used popular

8                                                                                         SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
so too, must sCO…
online networking websites such as Facebook or MySpace prior
to arriving in Memphis. Technology gave them a head start on
getting to know each other sooner.
     Technology now means that patients can go online and
see what other patients think about their healthcare providers,
optometrists included. It’s shaping up to be a different world, and
the challenge is for optometry to stay ahead of the curve.
     Dr. Phillips recently appointed faculty and staff to serve on
the college’s Information Technology Committee to study the role
that the Internet, networking sites, and other advances can play
not only in optometric education, but as a tool to communicate
with alumni and prospective students.
                                                                      Joining Dr. Narendra Kumar of New Delhi, India, on his visit to SCO were
     The committee is working on a major redesign of the college’s    President Richard Phillips and Dr. Pinakin Gunvant, Assistant Professor.
website, and a revamped Placement Services site is already up and
     Counteracting student debt will also prove important in the
immediate future. Today’s students now graduate with more than
$100,000 in debt. More than a third of SCO’s students receive a
scholarship of some kind, so alumni and industry can play a part
in helping future optometrists fund their optometric education.
     Alcon recently made a major commitment to SCO that will
help fund faculty development and CE programs.
     SCO’s alumni will also play an important role in helping
shape the future of their alma mater. As optometric education
becomes more competitive, referring qualified student applicants
will become more important than ever. Influencing the education
                                                                      SCO is appreciative of its support from the ophthalmic industry.
of the next generation of optometrists is a valuable service.         Presenting Dr. Phillips with a check from America’s Best/NVI, are Bob
     So what can alumni do as SCO transitions into the future?        Stein, Vice President of Managed Care and Professional Services, Dr. Butch
                                                                      Kelly and Christian Schultz, Vice President of Optometric Relations.
Talk up SCO. The south’s oldest optometry school is a leader
in board scores and graduation rates. Influence young people
thinking about optometry and share with them some of SCO’s
     President Phillips will soon direct a five-year strategic
planning process to determine the institution’s future direction.
Many of these changes will need support as the college determines
how to best plan for the future.
     As he said in his inaugural address, the entire SCO family
– alumni, students, faculty and staff – must band together to
meet the challenges of the future:
     “The follow-through by the family of Southern College of
Optometry will determine the future success or failure,” Dr.
Phillips noted.                                                       Bret Wise, a member of the Class of 2008, bridges a 30-year optometric
                                                                      span by examining Dr. Richard Phillips, Class of 1978, during Dr. Phillips’
                                                                      first examination at The Eye Center at SCO.

    VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                             9
         philanthropy in action
                 by shannon Reynolds Torbett, MHP,                              GIFTS OF SECURITIES: Gifts of stocks or other investments that have
                 Vice President for institutional Advancement                          grown in value and that you have held for more than one year can be
                                                                                       given to SCO at a low net cost to you. You can receive a charitable
                 2007: A Year to Remember and                                          deduction for the donation of the assets based on the fair market
                 a Time to Look Ahead
                                                                                       value as of the date of the gift. And there’s a bonus: Federal capital
     The great profession of optometry is shaped by the past, present and              gains taxes may be avoided that would otherwise be due on a sale
future.                                                                                of the assets.
     Throughout SCO’s 75th anniversary in 2007, we’ve remembered the
                                                                                REAL ESTATE & OTHER GIFTS: Almost any real estate, developed
past and how the college has progressed to today’s reputation of being tops
in optometric education.                                                               or undeveloped, is a potential charitable gift. Donation of property
     The end of the year naturally draws us to look to the future. You can             opens the door to a unique giving opportunity. You may donate the
make SCO’s future even brighter showing your support through a gift to                 property outright, place it in trust, or retain the use of it for life. All
the 75th Campaign.                                                                     of these methods may enable you to enjoy personal financial benefits
         • Endow a scholarship. Your $15,000 – once endowed –                          while supporting SCO in a meaningful way.
           creates a $1,000 per year scholarship forever.                            As you can see, there are many ways in which you can make
                                                                                meaningful charitable contributions to help carry out SCO’s mission. By
        • There are a limited number of rooms to be named in
                                                                                carefully timing your gifts and the choice of assets you use to fund them,
          The Eye Center. After July 1, 2008, the remaining rooms
                                                                                contributions to the college are an investment in education for generations
          will require a larger financial commitment.
                                                                                to come.
        • Give to the various funds that honor alumni,                               Together with your financial advisor, the Office of Institutional Ad-
          promote technology or those that help others in need                  vancement can help you plan and implement a year-end charitable gift
          of patient services.                                                  to SCO that takes advantage of available tax benefits and reflects your
     As this year closes, you will be receiving mailings from various           generous spirit. For more information, please contact Brenda Pearson,
organizations requesting your support. Please place SCO at the top of           Director of Development, at or toll free at 1-800-238-
your list.                                                                      0180 ext. 4.
     Your special year-end gift will not only help to strengthen the                     Plan to join us at SECO on February 29, 2008 for the SCO
academic excellence that you expect from SCO, but it may also result in                Alumni Reception, to be held from 7-9 p.m. at the Atrium Terrace,
a more tangible return – desirable tax benefits.                                        lower level, in the Omni’s South Tower. Alumni who have donated
     When giving, please remember that SCO does not use a single                        during the 75th Campaign will be given special donor pins to wear.
penny of any donor’s gift to fund the operating expenses of the college                Don’t be caught without your 75th Anniversary donor pin during
– 100%, not 90%, not 85%, not 60% - 100% of your gift is earmarked                  this celebration!
for your intended purpose. Your gifts to SCO may be unrestricted – to                Happy Holidays and thank you for supporting SCO!
be used where needed most – or they may be restricted for such items as
scholarships, technology or research.
     As 2007 draws to a close, consider the following:                          Alumni Survey Available Online
When Should You Give?
                                                                                for Recent Graduates
    In order for your gifts to result in tax savings for 2007, a gift must            If you graduated since 2000, we need your help to shape the future of
be received by December 31, 2007. A general rule is that the higher your        our academic program at SCO. We are currently conducting a survey
income tax bracket, the more you’ll save in taxes. Many states also allow       of all SCO classes that graduated this century on issues of our curricu-
                                                                                lum, text-book use, the state of the profession, and your relationship with
an income tax deduction for charitable gifts. Often, the state deductions
                                                                                the college.
may be higher than those generated by the federal tax deductions. Other
                                                                                      Please take about 20 minutes and respond to the survey at
tax advantages exist – the Office of Institutional Advancement can help You will find the link for the Alumni Survey in the
inform you about IRA rollover options available this year to donors.            left column. As you go through the survey, it is very important that you do
                                                                                not click on the “Save” button on any page of the survey or your response
What Should You Give?                                                           will not be recorded, ironically.
GIFTS OF CASH: Nothing is quite as simple and direct as giving cash                   Your opinion is important to us, and changes are already being consid-
       – either by check or credit card. You may use the envelope enclosed      ered based on the initial 160 responses to the survey, but we need to hear
       in Visions or give online at: and simply click on the        from you! Your responses will be completely anonymous and very helpful
                                                                                to SCO and to our profession.
       “Give A Gift” button on the top right of the SCO home page.
                                                                                      If you have any questions regarding the survey, please do not hesitate
            You aren’t limited to giving cash. In fact, your tax benefits may   to contact Dr. David Damari, Chair of the Department of Assessment, at
       be even greater if you donate other property, such as assets that have or (901) 722-3318.
       appreciated in value.

10                                                                                                             SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
Class of 2011 Receives $93,000 in Scholarships
     A record 36 first-year students received $93,000 in scholarships, another SCO record made possible by the generosity of SCO alumni, friends of the
college and ophthalmic industry donors. Class of 2011 recipients receiving yearly scholarships for their academicAlthough Dr. Richard W. Phillips
                                                                                                                 achievements include:
                                                                                                       officially took office on Monday,
           Board of Trustees Endowed Scholarships ($3,000)                      Dr. Cheryl D. Johnson Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($2,000)
    Kyle Dohrman, Jason Hair, Jimmy Murphy, Sarah Sweeney                                            May 14, 2007 as SCO’s sixth presi-
                                                                                                      Kayli Malzahn

      Dr. L. Wayne Brown Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)                       Dr. Earl Lusk Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($3,000)
                                                                                                     dent, a formal inauguration will
                         Andrea Giardina                                                                Kendra Eck
                                                                                                       be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday,
        Dr. Ramona Porter Clifton Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)                 Drs. Martha and Sidney greenberg Endowed Scholarship ($3,000)
                             Sara Lemay                                                             October 6 at Lindenwood Christian
                                                                                                       Jacob Hodges

       Dr. Nash Cochran Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)                       William C. Oliver Church in Memphis. The venue is
                                                                                                      Family Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)
                           Anna Taylor                                                                 Shane Frerichs
                                                                                                       somehow fitting; as an SCO stu-
            Covington/Andreas Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)                             Omni-Chattanooga Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)
                         Nathaniel Harkins                                                           Tiffany the
                                                                                                   dent inGriffin 1970s, Dr. Phillips was

        Dr. W.R. Cramer Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($2,000)                                           Endowed Scholarships of Lindenwood.
                                                                                          Presidentialan active member ($5,000)
                            Jay Butler                                       Meredith Cohler, Danielle Davis, Ben Dixon, Erin Hocking, Murray Pratt
                                                                                                            His first few months in office
                  Dean’s Endowed Scholarships ($3,000)                                     SCO Alumni Endowed Scholarships ($2,000)
                Reena Lepine, Spencer Luke, Jennifer Lyerly
                                                                                                       have been busy; Dr. Phillips has
                                                                                          Seth Baldwin, Lauren R. Eaton, Brigitte Keener

     Dr. Spurgeon B. Eure Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($3,000)                                      already met with alumni
                                                                                        SCO Faculty/Staff Endowed Scholarship ($3,000) at three
                            Joy Young                                                                    Bryan Pauls
                                                                                                     different state association meet-
    Dr. Robert E. Federhan Memorial Endowed Scholarships ($2,500)                         Sullins Family Endowed ScholarshipAOA in Boston.
                                                                                                      ings and at the ($2,000)
                    Carli Murphy, Katherine Kayser                                                        Heidi Hunt
                                                                                                       He plans to continue his listening
    Dr. Richard A. goodson Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)                            Thurmond Endowed Scholarship ($1,000)
                          Deanna Dowler                                                             tour as he spends his first year re-
                                                                                                   Matthew Zemanovich

         Dr. J.J. horton Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($2,000)                                         Endowed old acquaintances
                                                                                            Transitionsnewing Scholarship ($2,000)               and
                            Destin Whipple                                                              Nicole Kosciuk
                                                                                                       meeting the college’s constituents.
   Dr. William R. Jackson, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($4,000)               Charlie Williams Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($2,000)
                              Jenny Stevens                                                             Dr. Sullenger
                                                                                                     AnthonyPhillips recently took time to
                                                                                                       discuss more about his life and ca-
                                                                                                       reer and his aspirations for the col-
                                                                                                       lege’s future. u

VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                               11
     Convocation 2007
     A N N u A l C E R E m O N y H O N O R s E x C E l l E N C E I N s CO F A m I ly
         More than $55,000 in scholarships, awards and equipment were presented to SCO students during SCO’s annual Convocation
     ceremony in October.
         Made possible in part by industry support from Marchon, Wal-Mart and Welch Allyn, the event marked the first presided over by
     President Richard W. Phillips, OD ’78.
         Held the afternoon prior to the formal presidential inauguration, the ceremony also brought together the only two living SCO
     alumni who have served and retired as president of an optometry college, William E. Cochran, OD ’68 and Richard Hopping, OD ’52.

     Rob Drescher, OD, with his Outstanding      Teacher of the Year H.S. Ghazi-Birry,       Teacher of the Year John Mark Jackson,
     Faculty Award.                              OD ’01, Amy Elizabeth Coburn, ’09.          OD ’99, Kim Oncavage, ’08.

12                                                                                                  SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
        Teacher of the Year Chris Lievens, OD.       Teacher of the Year Jim Newman, OD ’73,     Teacher of the Year Ralph Parkansky, OD.
                                                     David Daughtry, ’10.

            Recently retired SCO President William E. Cochran, OD                President’s Special Recognition Awards were given to
        ’68, had the title of President Emeritus conferred upon him by      Michael Gerstner, OD ’97, Faculty Chair, and Jim Hollifield,
        Board of Trustees Chair Howard Flippin, OD ’59.                     Director of Publications.
            Richard Hopping, OD ’52, former president of Southern                Beta Sigma Kappa and the Classes of ’08, ’09 and ’10
        California College of Optometry, then helped lead the Class of      presented Teacher of the Year Awards to Drs. Hani Ghazi-Birry,
        2011 in the optometric oath that he authored years ago.             OD ’01, John Mark Jackson, OD ’99, Chris Lievens, OD, Ralph
            A total of 123 first-year students received white coats         Parkansky, OD, Rob Drescher, OD (three different awards) and
        provided by Marchon. The event was held at Mississippi              Jim Newman, OD ’73 (two awards).
        Boulevard Christian Church with a reception following across             Alcon received special industry recognition for its support
        the street at the SCO Activities Center.                            of college programs, including faculty development and CE, as
            Dr. Rob Drescher was honored by his fellow faculty as           Dr. Phillips announced a major gift to SCO from the company.
        recipient of the Drs. Charlene and Fred Burnett Outstanding              A photo gallery from the event has been posted on the
        Faculty Award.                                                      SCO website.

VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                            13
Convocation 2007
                                                     AWARD sPONsORs AN D W I N NERs
AOA Leadership Scholarship ($1,000) ......................................................................................................................................................... Kim Oncavage, ’08
AOF-Carl Zeiss Vision (CZV) Fellowship ($5,000 plus travel fellowship)............................................................................................................ Kim Oncavage, ’08
Arkansas Optometric Association’s William h. Townsend Scholarship ($1,500)......................................................................................... Brian Guice, ’08
                                        Basic Science Awards for Class of 2009 (plaques) ................................................. Ashwynn Halbert, Jennifer York, Adam York,
                                                                                 Eric Gengenbach, Chelsey Clemans, Matt Horton, Sean Skierczynski, Tracy Elliott
                                        Clinical Science Skills for Class of 2009 (plaques)......................................... Jennifer York, Ashley Schuelke, Eric Gengenbach,
                                                                     Aaron Lyles, Lindsay Petrie, Tiffany Walters, Adam York, Alex Bell, Josh Randall, Melissa Foster
                                        Basic Science Awards for Class of 2010 (plaques) ............................. Lucas Patin, Kelly Collins, Robert Carlsen, Ross Lumpkin,
                                                                         Craig Fleming, Becky Call, Thomas Chwe, Jessica Ellis, Meredith Jarvis, Brandon Weyand
                                                                     Clinical Science Skills for Class of 2010 (plaques) ............... Ben Herring, Brandon Weyand, Jessica Ellis,
                                                                           Kelly Collins, Troy Swanson, Darren Reed, Katy Falk, Hilari Watts, Ross Lumpkin, Jean Nguyen
                                                                     Fellowship of Christian Optometrists Spirit Award ($500) .......................................... Jennifer York, ’09
                                                                     Dr. Seymour galina grant ($2,500)................................................................................. Ben Winters, ’08
                                                                     heine USA (sigma 100 indirect ophthalmoscope, $1,174 value) ............................................................. Jessica Ellis, ’10
                                                                     highest Score on NBEO Part I ($1,000 scholarship) ...................................................... Kristin DeHaven, ’08
                                                                     Jobson Publishing ($500) ......................................... Kim Oncavage, ’08
Kansas Optometric Association ($1,000) ................................................................................................ Ashley Schuelke, ’09
Keeler Instruments, Inc. (retinoscope and charger, $429 value) ................................................................................. Ben Herring, ’10
Mauldin Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship ($1,000) ...................................................................... Jill Magargee, ’08
Ocular Instruments, Inc. Award of Excellence (gift certificate for $250 in product) ........................................... Ross Lumpkin, ’10
Precision Optical Lab Endowed Scholarship ($2,000) ................................................. Emily Aiken, ’09, Jennifer York, ’09
Rosemore Family Endowed Scholarships ($1,000) .................................................. Ashley Blasi, ’08, Cory Boudreaux, ’08,
                                                                           Amy Elizabeth Coburn, ’09, Kevin Livengood, ’09, Aaron Lyles, ’09, Katy Falk, ’10, Gene Wong, ’10
                                               SCO Classes of ’54, ’56 and ’59 Endowed Scholarship ($1,000) ............................................................. Kelly Collins, ’10
                                               SCO Classes of ’60, ’61, and ’63 Endowed Scholarships ($1,000) .................................. Paul Kimball, ’09, Jared Ivie, ’09
                                               SCO Classes of ’64, ’65 and ’66 Endowed Scholarships ($1,000) ............................ Terri Angeli, ’09, Jaymini Nayee, ’08
                                               SCO Classes of ’67, ’68 and ’69 Endowed Scholarships ($1,000) ....................... Lesley Horan, ’08, Eric Gengenbach, ’09
                                               SCO Classes of ’70, ’71, ’74 Endowed Scholarships ($1,000) ................ Jerad Meinke, ’08, and Ginny Franzluebbers, ’08
                                               SCO Class of ’77 Endowed Scholarships ($2,000) .................................................. Claire Hunter, ’08, Emily Naugle, ’08
SCO Class of ’84 Endowed Scholarships ($1,000) ..................................................................................................... Dave Daughtry, ’10, Matt Schekirke, ’08
Tennessee Optometric Association Scholarship ($1,000) .............................................................................................................................. Tangee Davis, ’09
UPS Scholarships .................................................................................................................................. Emily Nail, ’08 ($1,850), Dustin Utley, ’09 ($1,000)
Varilux Student grant Award ($1,000)............................................................................................................................................................ Jill Magargee, ’08
Vistakon Acuvue Eye health Advisor Student Citizen Scholarship ($1,000) ............................................................................................ Kristen Bryant, ’08
Vision Service Plan Awards ($2,500) ....................................................................................................................... Andrea Beedles, ’08, Kristin DeHaven, ’08
Dr. W. David Sullins Endowed Scholarship for Leadership ($1,000) .............................................................................................................. Joe Borden, ’09
Wal-Mart Scholarship ($1,000) ................................................................................................................................................................... Tiffany Walters, ’09
Welch Allyn Co. (Panoptic, $700 value) .......................................................................................................................................................... Brandon Weyand, ’10

14                                                                                                                                                     SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
New Scholarship Fund Established to Honor Drs. Steele and Fors
    Two long-time faculty members and leaders in pediatric
optometry and vision therapy have been formally recognized with
the establishment of a new scholarship in their honor.
    The Glen T. Steele, OD, and L. Allen Fors, OD, Developmental
Vision Endowed Scholarship Fund will assist deserving SCO
students for pursuing academic success and demonstrating a com-
mitment to pediatrics and vision therapy in optometry.
    Drs. Steele and Fors, both 1969 SCO graduates, are currently
the longest-serving faculty members.
    Both are regarded as leaders of their field. In the 1970s, Dr. Fors
helped establish SVOSH at SCO. Dr. Steele has been instrumental
in the creation of the InfantSEE® program and frequently lectures
on children’s vision at the national and international levels.
                                                                              Drs. Glen Steele, W.C. Maples, and L. Allen Fors.
    After their graduation, both also completed fellowships at the
prestigious Gesell Institute, a fact that Dr. Steele noted in his remarks     plan to incorporate pediatrics and vision therapy in their practices after
when news of the new scholarship was first shared with him.                   graduation.
    “Dr. Fors and I came to school together,” he noted. “We rode back             President Richard Phillips noted the importance that the new
and forth to the Gesell Institute. We’ve seen a lot of changes and worked     scholarship will play in the education of SCO’s students. More than a third
together for many years, so we’re very honored to share a scholarship that    of SCO’s students will have received a scholarship by graduation, a rate
bears our names.”                                                             that SCO hopes to increase.
    SCO’s Pediatrics and Vision Therapy faculty members, led by Drs.              “These doctors embody dedication,” Dr. Phillips remarked. “I salute
W.C. Maples and Marc Taub, worked to create the new scholarship.              them and everyone who worked to make this new scholarship a reality.”
Scholarship recipients will be required to maintain an overall grade point        Colleague and classmates may contribute to the scholarship. For more
average of 3.25 in both their overall studies and courses in pediatrics       information about supporting this worthwhile scholarship fund, please
and vision therapy, as well as submitting an essay on how recipients          contact the Office of Institutional Advancement.

sco board in focus
Smith Elected Chair; Johnson, Bane                                                              F. Mason Smith, OD ’76
Named to Board                                                                                  SCO Board of Trustees Chair

    F. Mason Smith, OD ’76, has been elected Chair of                                               A native of New Orleans, Dr. Jarrett Johnson served
the SCO Board of Trustees, while Jarrett Johnson, OD                                            as president of the SCO student body and as student
’90, and Eugene Bane, OD ’65, have been appointed to                                            representative to the Board of Trustees. Dr. Johnson was
the Board.                                                                                      the first optometrist to graduate from Tulane’s Masters of
    Dr. F. Mason Smith is a private practitioner in                                             Public Health Program. She has been in private practice
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. A past chairman of the                                            for 17 years, worked as an optometric consultant and has
Board of Directors for Vision Service Plan, Dr. Smith                                           been active in public health affairs on the city, state and
has been an active member of the Southern Council                                               federal level.
of Optometrists as a continuing education committee                                                 Dr. Gene Bane recently retired from private practice
member, the South Carolina Optometric Association as a past secretary-        in Salem, Virginia and is a retired U.S. Naval Reserve Commander. Dr.
treasurer, and the Coastal Carolina Optometric Society as a past president.   Bane’s career includes service on local bank boards, the board of Emory
He has also served as a research and clinical investigator for contact lens   and Henry College, Salem Rotary Club and Salem Historical Society. He
and pharmaceutical companies.                                                 also is very active in the Virginia Optometric Association.

VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                                   15
class notes
1943…                                                                        1964…
  Donald P. Hines, OD, retired after 50 years of practice in 1994.             Missouri State Representative Terry Swinger, OD, joined other
  Although he was unable to attend his 50-year reunion, he is hoping to        Missouri ODs to celebrate as Missouri Governor Matt Blunt recently
  visit his daughter in Atlanta and visit SCO in Memphis along the way.        signed a bill into law that requires comprehensive eye examinations
  Dr. Hines, who lives in Sturgis, South Dakota, writes: “I have always        for children entering kindergarten or first grade in Missouri public
  been proud of my affiliation at SCO, and it is so good to see the growth     schools. The law takes effect in 2008.
  of this fine institution. Congratulations on the 75th Anniversary and
  may you continue to lead optometry into the future.”                       1965…
                                                                               Jim Sandefur, OD, recently met with members of the Louisiana
1947…                                                                          House Health and Welfare Committee to educate them about a
  John Hester, OD, writes: “I’m still alive and kicking                        new Louisiana law extending optometrists’ prescription authority to
  after graduating 60 years ago from SCO. I still love                         include all oral drugs except schedule I and II narcotics, as well as
  optometry and am so proud to be an OD.” Now                                  all topical relative to treatment of the eye and adnexa. The legislation
  retired, Dr. Hester resides in Texas.                                        was passed and then signed into law by Governor Kathleen Blanco
                                                                               effective August 15. Dr. Sandefur serves as Executive Director of the
1949…                                                                          Optometry Association of Louisiana (OAL).

  Eugene Cantwell, OD, plays on a basketball team for men over               1969…
  80 in Florida. The team won the gold medal at the National Senior
                                                                               Van Odom, OD, was named OD of the Year by the Oklahoma
  Games in Louisville, Kentucky earlier this year. Dr. Cantwell played
                                                                               Association of Optometric Physicians. Dr. Odom has served as district
  on SCO’s basketball team during the winters of 1947 and 1948.
                                                                               director of the OAOP Board of Directors, as president in 2003-2004,
                                                                               and he currently is chairing the new building task force.
  James E. Hamilton, OD, reports that he was treated for a massive           1973…
  pulmonary emboli last year at the Rochester Clinic in Minnesota and          Jerry Hayes, OD, is serving on the faculty of the Management and
  no longer travels. He sends his best regards to all of his optometric        Business Academy, created by CIBA Vision and Essilor of America
  friends and colleagues.                                                      to educate independent eye care professionals about advanced
                                                                               management techniques. Dr. Hayes is also the founder of the Hayes
1951…                                                                          Center for Practice Excellence at SCO.
  Belvin G. Dollins, OD, and his wife will celebrate
  their 58th wedding anniversary on December 27,                             1977…
  2007. Dr. Dollins and his wife are 79 years of age.                          Jack Schaeffer, OD, and U.S. Con-
  He retired after 43 years of practice in Guymon,                             gressman John Boozman (R-AR), OD,
  Oklahoma and now resides in Amarillo, Texas.                                 recently enjoyed a meeting on Capitol
                                                                               Hill. The 1977 classmates are seen here on
1953…                                                                          the steps of the U.S. Capitol.
  Burton Bodan, OD, who has practiced for 50 years at an office in
  Poplar Plaza in Memphis, recently joined The Eyewear Gallery, also
  in Memphis.                                                                  Thomas V. Casella, OD, was recently profiled in a newspaper story
                                                                               about his longtime family practice, Casella Eye Center, in Augusta,
1956…                                                                          Georgia. The practice was started by his father in 1948, and his 26-
                                                                               year-old son, Ben, will be joining the practice next year.
  Marvin E. Wollen, OD, LaVern I. Powers, OD, and Art Queen,
  OD, all 1956 SCO graduates, were recently honored at the Kansas
                                                                               Mark J. Cook, OD, was recently named Optometrist of the Year
  Optometric Association’s annual convention as Emeritus Members.
                                                                               by the Michigan Optometric Association for his leadership and
  The association honored five as Emeritus Members, and the three
                                                                               dedication to the profession.
  SCO grads were pleased to represent a majority of the group. The new
  Emeritus Members group was formed to honor doctors who are retired
                                                                               Jennifer Malpass, OD, recently completed the final draft of her
  but otherwise remain active in the association, the profession, and
                                                                               third novel, Murder at the Bentley Club. The book marks her third
  their communities.
                                                                               from which she has derived inspiration from her membership in a

16                                                                                                      SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
   local Rolls-Royce club with her husband, Tom Droege, an engineer.            1989…
   Dr. Malpass, who owns a 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, has been             Kim (Murray) Patterson, OD, and her husband, Bill Patterson,
   an independent OD the past four years with Sears in Illinois.                  OD ’88, report the sad news that their youngest son, Ben, age 12,
                                                                                  passed away on Tuesday, August 14. Ben suffered from a rare genetic
   Steven B. Stiles, OD, was recently appointed to a two-year term on
                                                                                  disease called Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation
   the International Vision Expo Attendee Advisory Board. The panel
                                                                                  that robbed him of his ability to walk, talk, eat and swallow. The
   meets at each International Vision Expo show and participates in
                                                                                  Pattersons’ older son, Will, is a senior in high school. The SCO family
   planning sessions throughout the year. In addition to his interests
                                                                                  extends its condolences to the Patterson family on their loss.
   in the medical and clinical side of practice, Dr. Stiles reports that he
   enjoys devoting energy to the optical side as well, particularly on high
   end designer collections.
                                                                                  Brad Lindsey, OD, is president-elect of the Tennessee Optometric
1979…                                                                             Association. Dr. Lindsey practices in Morristown.

   Jerry Prchal, OD, and Horace Deal, OD ’97, were among the ODs
   on hand this past summer to witness Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue
   sign legislation authorizing greater prescriptive authority for oral drugs     Richard Durocher, OD, is serving as chair of the board of the
   in that state.                                                                 Tennessee Optometric Association.

                                                                                  Craig Pruitt, OD, and his wife, Candace, are the parents of a boy,
                                                                                  Craig B. Pruitt, Jr., born July 24, 2007.
   Wes Garton, OD, is the new president of the Kansas Optometric
   Association. Dr. Garton practices in Wichita.
   Steve Malone, OD, is serving as secretary/treasurer of the Tennessee           Arthur R. “Reggie” Dampier, OD, was named the Mississippi
   Optometric Association.                                                        Optometric Association’s Young OD of the Year. He is also the MOA’s
                                                                                  incoming Secretary-Treasurer. Former SCO Board of Trustee member
1984…                                                                             Linda Johnson, OD was also named OD of the Year at the MOA’s
                                                                                  November meeting.
   Byrant Ashley, OD, has been named OD of the Year by the Arkansas
   Optometric Association. Dr. Ashley has served on several committees            Greg Russell, OD, is serving as president of the Tennessee Optometric
   and is the chair of the association’s legal legislative committee. He          Association. Dr. Russell practices in Kingsport.
   served as president of the state association in 1998.
                                                                                  Dan Bristol, OD, will be celebrating the third anniversary of the
   Roger Benjamin, OD, is serving as the 314th Medical Operations                 opening of his practice, Bristol Family Eyecare, in December 2007.
   Squadron’s Optometry Element Chief. Dr. Benjamin, examining a                  Dr. Bristol recently lectured to colleagues this fall in San Antonio and
   patient with a slit lamp, was recently photographed for the cover of           Austin on the topic of glaucoma management.
   The Drop Zone, a publication covering the Little Rock, Arkansas Air
   Force Base.                                                                    Donna K. Haas, OD, has opened a new private practice, Trinity
                                                                                  Vision, located in Dallas, Texas. Her practice provides complete
1986…                                                                             eyecare and eyewear for the whole family.
   Joe E. Ellis, OD, was sworn in as Secretary-Treasurer of the American
   Optometric Association at the 2007 Optometry’s Meeting in Boston.              Jonathan Noble, OD, was recently appointed to a four-year term on
                                                                                  the Virginia Board of Optometry by Governor Tim Kaine.
                                                                                  Dana (White) Nolan, OD, and her husband, Jim, celebrated the
   Patricia M. Kowalski, OD, has joined Charlotte Eye Center, an
                                                                                  birth of their third daughter, Audrey Ruth, this past July.
   affiliate of Lansing Ophthalmology in Charlotte, Michigan. Dr.
   Kowalski, who completed her pediatric optometry and vision therapy
   residency at SCO, served on the SCO faculty and received the                 1999…
   Outstanding Optometric Educator Award for Clinical Instruction.                Jason Clopton, OD, was recently elected regional director for the
   She also has served as Director of the Perkins School for the Blind            College of Optometry in Vision Development.
   Vision Rehabilitation Clinic in Massachusetts.

VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                                 17
class notes
 Eric Colegrove, OD, was recently profiled in a TV newscast about          2003…
 his mission work in Nicaragua. Dr. Colegrove, who lives in Demorest,       Andrea Elizabeth Chinn, OD, wed Devon Shelton on July 28, 2007.
 Georgia, has made a number of foreign mission trips. He is backed by       Dr. Chinn lives and practices in Louisville, Kentucky.
 a team of volunteers who perform vision screenings, read prescriptions,
 and pull mono-vision, bifocals, and readers.                              2006…
                                                                            Angela Dabbs, OD, recently joined the Murfreesboro, Tennessee
 Melissa Holliman, OD, and her husband, David Holliman, OD                  practice of Coley and Coley Family Eye Care, owned by Greg Coley,
 (a 2003 ICO graduate), report the birth of their third child, Justin       OD ’86, and Ginger Givens Coley, OD ’86. Dr. Dabbs and her
 Blake, born May 23, 2007. Dr. Holliman and her husband own and             husband, Jason, reside in Shelbyville, Tennessee.
 operate Family Eye Care in Kingsport, Tennessee.
                                                                            Kristi Merritt, OD, married Leonard A. Barnes, Jr., on September 22,
 Todd Lewis, OD, and Ryan Orgill, OD ’07, joined SCO Director of            2007 in Memphis. She and her husband reside in Smyrna, Georgia.
 Recruiting Sunnie Ewing at a recent dinner meeting of the BYU Pre-
 Optometry Club in Utah.                                                    Kim Raharja, OD, opened a practice in Wal-Mart after graduation
                                                                            and has since expanded to three locations in downtown Atlanta.
 Patricia Westfall, OD, was named Young OD of the Year by the               She hired all SCO graduates to help: Kristi Merritt, OD, Seema
 Arkansas Optometric Association. She was elected to the association’s      Bhula, OD ’07, and Rinku Vashnev, OD ’07. Dr. Raharja is working
 board of directors in 2005 and serves as secretary-treasurer.              with Wal-Mart and Vistakon on a curriculum to help new doctors in
2000…                                                                       their practices.

 Jeff Autrey, OD, and his wife, Sara, are the proud parents of their       2007…
 first child, Isak Gene, born July 15, 2007.                                Angela Cooper, OD, has been hired by Tom Vanderpool, OD ’76,
                                                                            to join Jenks Vision Center in Jenks, Oklahoma.
 Anthony DiMaggio, OD, and Heather DiMaggio, OD, and their
 two-year-old daughter, Isabella, recently welcomed a baby boy into         Ryan Orgill, OD, is practicing at Tooele Standard Optical in Tooele,
 their family. Joseph Anthony was born on June 12, 2007.                    Utah. Dr. Orgill was recently profiled in a hometown newspaper
2001…                                                                       article. He and his wife, Stefanie, live with their daughter, Afton, in
                                                                            Grantsville, Utah.
 Betsy Funk Cathey, OD, and her husband, Mike Cathey, an-
 nounce the birth of their daughter, Anna Elizabeth Cathey, born April
 16, 2007.

 Cindy Elam-Corbin, OD, recently opened her private practice
 in Barbourville, Kentucky. Dr. Corbin and her husband, Donnie,
 have one girl, Ava Grace Corbin. Dr. Corbin is a member of the             1938   —   Milton Stern, OD, New York, NY
 AOA, Kentucky Optometric Association, and various community                1939   —   Lionel Yoe, OD, MD, Columbus, GA
                                                                            1941   —   Louis B. Goldstein, OD, Rye Brook, NY
                                                                            1947   —   Sam B. Rose Jr., OD, Winchester, VA
 Ryan Snipes, OD, and his wife, Melinda, are the parents of a new
                                                                                       Walter E. Rosson, OD, San Antonio, TX
 baby daughter, Summer Layne, born August 30, 2007.
                                                                                       Harold “Hal” Schantz, OD, Manchester, NJ
2002…                                                                                  Eli Shapiro, OD, Flint, MI
                                                                            1948 — A.E. Broughton, OD, Lufkin, TX
 Susanne Stumpf Cunningham, OD, was named SECO’s Young
                                                                                   Paul K. Shannon, OD, New Albany, MS
 OD of the South. Dr. Cunningham, who served as chair of the Fall                  Peter Stabnick, OD, Little Rock, AR
 Education Conference for two years, is serving as vice president of the
                                                                            1949 — Emile J. Bernard, Jr., OD, New Orleans, LA
 Mississippi Optometric Association.
                                                                            1950 — (Buther) Lee Newman, Jr., OD, Knoxville, TN
 Terry Ellington, OD, and his wife, Wendy, announce the birth of            1957 — Duke E. Gardner, OD, Coalgate, OK
 their third son, Carter Finley, born August 17, 2007.                      1965 — Thomas R. Pettet, OD, Newnan, GA
                                                                            1970 — Tom LonCavish, OD, Milton, WV
 Jeff Netzel, OD, and his wife, Jill, are the parents of their second       1986 — Lawrence T. Mirto, Jr., OD, Howland, OH
 child, a daughter, Caroline Jackson, born August 21, 2007.

18                                                                                                  SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
faculty&staff highlights
Faculty Appointments                                                                               So-Yeon Lee, OD, has been named an instructor
                                                                                               on the faculty. A graduate of the Illinois College of
Rob Drescher, OD, MS, Associate Professor, has been named Interim
                                                                                               Optometry, Dr. Lee completed the low vision residency at
    Director of Academic Affairs, effective November 1. A formal
                                                                                               SCO from 2006-2007.
    search to fill the permanent position of Vice President for Academic
    Affairs will begin soon. Additional details can be found on the
                                                                             Faculty Accomplishments
    college’s website.
                                                                             Kristin Anderson, OD, Associate Professor, and Christopher Lievens,
Shilpa J. Register, OD, MS, Assistant Professor, has been named Chief            OD, MS, Associate Professor, have both been included in the
    of Low Vision Rehabilitation Services. Dr. Register previously served        upcoming 11th Edition of Who’s Who Among American Teachers and
    as interim director.                                                         Educators.™

SCO Welcomes New Faculty                                                     Dave Damari, OD, Associate Professor, was recently installed to the
                                                                                 COVD Board of Directors as Central Regional Director. His duties
                     Carrie D. Lebowitz, OD ’06, has joined the fac-
                                                                                 will include developing distance learning modules for COVD
                ulty as an instructor. A SCO graduate, she completed a
                                                                                 members, a new means of education for the organization.
                residency at the Memphis VA Medical Center in 2007. Dr.
                Lebowitz earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from
                                                                             Michael Gerstner, OD ’98, Associate Professor, lectured at SCO’s Fall
                Rhodes College, along with certification for elementary
                                                                                 Homecoming CE weekend on “Ocular Complications Associated
    education; she previously spent four years as a Memphis City Schools
                                                                                 with Diabetes, Hypertension and Elevated Cholesterol.”
    elementary teacher. She is a member of the Tennessee Optometric
    Association and the West Tennessee Optometric Society.                   H.S. Ghazi-Birry, MS, MD, PhD, OCS, OD ’01, Associate Professor,
                                                                                 recently lectured in Georgia on “Current Advances in Antimicrobial
                     Cynthia Heard, OD, has been named an associate
                                                                                 Treatment of the Ocular Surface.” In Dallas, he recently spoke on the
                professor. A graduate of Ohio State University College
                                                                                 “Management of Allergic Eye Disease,” and in New York, he lectured
                of Optometry, Dr. Heard spent 14 years at Ohio State as
                                                                                 on “Advances in Dry Eye Syndrome” and “New Frontiers in Coding
                an assistant professor in clinical optometry, attending in
                                                                                 and Billing.”
                primary care service and as a preceptor for the primary
                                                                                     Dr. Ghazi-Birry also participated in Florida at a training and
    care externship rotation. A graduate of Jackson State University, she
                                                                                 advisory board summit meeting for the pharmaceutical industry. He
    is a past president of the National Optometric Association (NOA),
                                                                                 was the only OD among the group of MDs.
    a past zone governor of the Central Ohio Optometric Association, a
    Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, and a member of the         Alan Landers, OD, MS, Assistant Professor, and John Mark Jackson,
    American Optometric Association and the NOA. Her awards include              OD ’99, MS, Assistant Professor, recently attended the Association of
    being named the NOA’s OD of the Year, OSUCO Clinical Instructor              Optometric Contact Lens Educators (AOCLE) meeting in Berkeley,
    of the Year, and the Ohio Optometric Association’s Zone Governor             California.
    Award recipient.
                                                                             Christopher Lievens, OD, MS, Associate Professor, and H.S. Ghazi-
                     Jennifer L. Jones, OD ’06, has joined the faculty           Birry, MS, MD, PhD, OCS, OD ’01, Associate Professor, had a record
                as an instructor. A SCO graduate, she finished a residency       attendance for their Advanced Coding Strategies for Optometric
                in primary care with an emphasis on ocular disease at            Practice coding workshop held during SCO’s Fall Homecoming and
                the Memphis VA Medical Center in 2007. A graduate of             CE weekend.
                Tennessee Tech University with a degree in chemistry,
                                                                             W.C. Maples, OD ’68, MS, Professor, recently spent a week in Mexico
    Dr. Jones is a member of the West Tennessee Optometric Society, the
                                                                                 giving COVD examinations to optometrists. Recently appointed
    Tennessee Optometric Association, and the American Optometric
                                                                                 Chair of the International Examination and Certification Board for

VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                               19
faculty&staff highlights
    COVD, he also lectured at a meeting of the Mexican Optometric              Optometric Recognition Award.
    Association for Behavioral Optometry.                                          Dr. Steele co-authored an article entitled, “Comparing the
        Dr. Maples also co-authored an article entitled, “Variables            effectiveness of vision screenings as part of the school entrance physical
    associated with the incidence of infantile esotropia” in the October       examination to comprehensive vision examinations in children ages 3
    2007 issue of optometry, the Journal of the American optometric            to 6: an exploratory study” in the October 2007 issue of optometry, the
    Association, Volume 78, Number 10.                                         Journal of the American optometric Association, Volume 78, Number
                                                                               10. SCO alumni Joel Zaba, OD ’69, and William Reynolds, OD
Erin Nosel, OD ’01, Assistant Professor, has been selected as a member
                                                                               ’85, were among the co-authors.
    of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG) Planning
    Committee for development of the Vision Therapy-Amblyopia              Scott Steinman, OD, PhD, Professor, published two articles about his
    Treatment Study randomized clinical trial.                                 educational software in the Fall 2007 issue of the journal, optometric
        Dr. Nosel delivered a lecture at SCO’s Fall CE program entitled,       Education. The first article was entitled “The Oculomotor Suite:
    “Nutrition and the Eye.”                                                   Educational Software for the Interactive Demonstration of Strabismus
        As a member of PEDIG, she also recently participated as a co-          and Oculomotor Paralyses,” and the second was “Ray Trace: Software
    author in the development of three manuscripts entitled:                   for ThinLens and Thick Lens Refraction in the Classroom.” An
        •	 Treatment	of	Bilateral	Refractive	Amblyopia	in	Children	            internationally recognized software developer and author on
           Three to Less Than 10 Years of Age. American Journal of             computer programming, Dr. Steinman has developed 60 educational
           ophthalmology. 2007, Aug. 16.                                       applications for the optometric classroom.
        •	 The	effect	on	refractive	error	of	unilateral	atropine	
                                                                           Marc B. Taub, OD, Assistant Professor, recently received a 2007 COVD
           as compared with patching for the treatment of
                                                                               Annual Meeting Faculty Travel Grant for $300 in advance of October’s
           amblyopia. Journal of American Association for Pediatric
                                                                               COVD meeting. Dr. Taub also was named to the review board for the
           ophthalmology and strabismus. 2007 Jun; 11(3): 300-2.
                                                                               Journal of Vision Development, the publication of the College of Vision
        •	 Treatment	of	strabismic	amblyopia	with	refractive	
                                                                               Development (COVD).
           correction. American Journal of ophthalmology. 2007
                                                                                   Dr. Taub has been selected as a member of the CE Quality Assu-
           June; 143(6): 1060-3.
                                                                               rance Program Committee for the American Academy of Optometry
Ralph Parkansky, OD, MS, MBA, Professor, has been appointed                    and as an ambassador for the Academy.
    Director of Preventative Health.
                                                                           COVD Meeting
                                                                           October 2007, St. Petersburg, Florida
Jared Powelson, OD ’96, Assistant Professor, recently wrote a review of
                                                                           POSTER PRESENTATIONS
    a book, Lasik. A Handbook for optometrists. His review was published
    in optometric Education, Vol. 32, Number 3, Spring 2007.               W. C. Maples, OD ’68, MS, Professor
                                                                              off-Campus Vision Therapy/Rehabilitation optometry
Bill Rainey OD, MS, Associate Professor, has received certification             Residency Program
    as an Academic Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision
                                                                           Bill Rainey OD, MS, Associate Professor; Wes Sands, OD ’07
    Development (FCOVD-A).
                                                                              VToD-L: The World’s Largest study Group
Shilpa J. Register, OD, MS, Assistant Professor, was recently elected      Marc Taub, OD, Assistant Professor; Bill Rainey, OD, MS, Associate
    to the board of the Foundation for Fighting Blindness – Mid-South      Professor; Alette Howard, ’08
    Chapter as Membership Chair.                                              Developmental Gerstmann’s syndrome: A perceptual problem in
                                                                                 sheep’s clothing?
Glen Steele, OD ’69, Professor, recently received the AOA’s 2007
                                                                           Marc Taub, OD, Assistant Professor, and NOVA colleagues
    Continuing Optometric Recognition Award. The award is given
                                                                              A survey of optometrist Comfort Level Concerning Autism and
    to ODs who have completed 50 credit hours of CE in their field              special Population Patients
    over a one-year period and who have previously received the Initial

20                                                                                                      SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
Wes Sands, OD ’07, Marc Taub, OD, Assistant Professor                       Marc Taub, OD, Assistant Professor, et al
   optometric Education and Literature: Are special population topics          A Comparison of speed of Visual scanning Among Three Lateral
    getting appropriate exposure?                                                Heterophoria Populations

AAO                                                                         Staff Appointments
October 2007, Tampa, Florida
                                                                                David West has joined SCO as the college’s Chief
                                                                            Financial Officer. Mr. West comes to SCO from the
Michael Gerstner, OD ’98, Associate Professor, with Dr. David Cale
                                                                            Memphis Jewish Home, where he spent more than
   Gonioscopy interpretation
                                                                            five years as Chief Financial Officer and four years as
Marc Taub, OD, Assistant Professor, with Dr. Mary Bartuccio                 Accounting Supervisor. A graduate of the University of Memphis with
   Pharmacotherapy and the Pregnant or nursing Patient                      a degree in accounting, he has been a Certified Public Accountant since
   Examination of the special Population Patient                            1993. He has also served as chair of the Finance Committee at Grace
                                                                            Crossing Church in Collierville.
                                                                                                  Joe Hauser, Vice President for Student Services, has
J. Bart Campbell, OD ’87, Professor
                                                                                             been named as the college’s second corporate officer by the
   implementation of a Web-based Activity Logging system for
     Multiple Residency Programs                                                             SCO Board of Trustees.
                                                                                                  In addition to his regular duties, Mr. Hauser will
Charles G. Connor, MA, OD, PhD, Professor
                                                                                             serve as Secretary-Treasurer in his new capacity. He joins
   Reduction in Dry Eye symptoms After Treatment with Transdermal
     sex Hormone Creams                                                     Dr. Phillips as President of the Corporation (not-for-profit), as a contact of
                                                                            record for the state, and as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board
Jason Duncan, OD ’98, Assistant Professor; Marzuka Khan-Jalal, ’08;         of Trustees.
Scott Steinman, OD, PhD, Professor; Pinakin Gunvant, BS Optom,
PhD, Assistant Professor
                                                                            Staff Departures
   Evaluating the Calibration of the Heine Lambda 100 Retinometer
                                                                                The college is bidding farewell to two long-time members of the senior
Marc Taub, OD, Assistant Professor; Freddy Chang, OD, PhD,                  administration, Charles Haine, OD, MS, Vice President for Academic
Professor; Pinakin Gunvant, BS Optom, PhD, Assistant Professor              Affairs and Professor, and Eugene Bagaglio, Vice President of Finance
   Factors Affecting Measurement of Central Corneal Thickness
                                                                            and Administration.
Felicia Jackson, ’10; Pinakin Gunvant, BS Optom, PhD, Assistant                 A graduate of Indiana University, Dr. Haine joined the faculty on
Professor                                                                   January 1, 1998. Dr. Haine was instrumental in improving the college’s
    Repeatablity and Effect of sequential Measurement on Measurements       academic reputation during his tenure, including success in graduation
      obtained by Proview Eye Pressure Monitor
                                                                            and board passage rates.
John Mark Jackson, OD ’99, MS, Assistant Professor; Kristina                    The SCO Board of Trustees recently honored him with a resolution
Ramsey, OD ’07; Michelle Mumford, ’08                                       for his service to the college.
   Comparison of Corneal Topographers in orthokeratology for initial Lens       Eugene Bagaglio joined the SCO administration on August 12, 1985.
     selection and Prediction of Refractive outcome
                                                                            He assisted Dr. Cochran for many years in their effort to gain financial
Aaron M. Kerr, OD ’98, Assistant Professor                                  credibility and strength. Through their leadership, wise investment and
   Vision Loss in orbital inflammatory Pseudotumor                          sound financial practices, the college has been able to maintain one of the
                                                                            lowest tuition rates in the country and to build a healthy reserve fund.
Alan Landers, OD, MS, Assistant Professor
   Effect of Contact Lenses on Tear Film integrity                              The SCO family thanks Dr. Haine and Mr. Bagaglio for their years of
                                                                            service and dedication and wishes them all the best for a successful future.
Bernard I. Sparks, III, OD ’77, MS, Professor
   A Comparison of Tests of Accommodative Amplitude:
     Are All Created Equal?

VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                                 21
news briefs
                                                                                 Vistakon, a division of Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, recently
                                                                             hosted a luncheon for first-year students.

                                                                             SCO Hosts Aniridia Conference Meeting
                                                                                  SCO recently hosted a conference meeting of the Aniridia Foundation
                                                                             International, an organization dedicated to assisting those with low vision
                                                                             or blindness because of the genetic blinding disease, aniridia.
                                                                                  Sixty-seven participants visited the SCO campus to attend the seminar
                                                                             covering topics such as trusts, advocacy, social issues, Social Security,
                                                                             orientation and mobility and bioptics.
                                                                                  “The conference attendees spoke with me at the conclusion of the
                                                                             conference and were very impressed with the conference and our facilities,”
Low Vision Rehabilitation Services recently received an award given by the   said Shilpa Register, OD, Director of Low Vision Rehabilitation Services.
Memphis Federation for the Blind for advancing the integration of blind           During the weekend, Betty Harville, OD, Professor, and resident
persons into society by working to preserve sight and providing assistive    Nicole Mills, OD ’07, attended a Saturday Medical Conference at UT-
living devices to indigent patients. Accepting the organization’s 2007       Hamilton Eye Institute on aniridia. Dr. Mills represented SCO and The
award are (L-R): Dr. So-Yeon Lee, President Richard Phillips, Dr. Shilpa     Eye Center at the organization’s charity dinner.
Register and Dr. Jim Venable.                                                     The weekend concluded with participants seeing 19 patients from the
                                                                             U.S. and three foreign countries.
    SCO hosted a 75th Anniversary alumni reception at the recent                  Dr. Register has been
meeting of the American Academy of Optometry in Florida. SCO also            in contact with Jill Nerby,
held receptions at the November meetings of the North Carolina and           founder of Aniridia Founda-
Mississippi state association/society fall meetings.                         tion International, to discuss
                                                                             future collaborations at the
                                                                             next annual conference.

                                                                                          Aniridia Foundation
                                                                                        International recently
                                                                               presented Dr. Shilpa Register
                                                                                with an appreciation award.
                                                                                       Joining Dr. Register in
                                                                                accepting the award are Dr.
                                                                                Betty Harville and Dr. Nicole
                                                                                  Mills, Low Vision resident.

                                                                             SCO Hosts European ODs
                                                                                 Eveline De Winter and Sophie De Witte, both new ODs from
                                                                             Belgium, recently attended a course at SCO offered by the Optometric
                                                                             Extension Program (OEP).
Professor Edward A. Essock, PhD, University Scholar at the University of         On their first visit to America, the pair was hosted by Glen Steele,
Louisville, visited SCO in November to speak to students and faculty as      OD ’69, Professor, and W.C. Maples, OD ’68, Professor. They felt that
part of the college’s Visiting Scientist Program. He’s seen here with Dr.    Memphis reinforced their initial impressions of America, but were
Rob Drescher, Interim Director of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Charles          surprised by one thing that SCO had to offer.
Connor.                                                                          “We didn’t expect an actual working clinic here,” said De Winter. “In
                                                                             Belgium, we don’t have a clinic building. We mostly practice on each other.
                                                                             Some days we would even bring in a sibling to practice on!”
    Allergan, Inc. recently provided a Medicare Part D Update for third-
                                                                                 They also noted that students at SCO receive more contact with patients,
year students, faculty and residents.
                                                                             compared to the three-month externship they are required to complete.

22                                                                                                          SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY
     “The students were very helpful,” added De Witte. “If they practiced a                                                                           The second ad takes place in a classroom, where a teacher calls on a
test that we didn’t recognize, we simply approached the students and they                                                                         student with an undiagnosed vision problem and is unable to see the blurry
explained it to us.”                                                                                                                              chalkboard.
     After their initial two weeks at SCO, they attended OEP workshops
throughout America. They each hope to open their own open private prac-
tices, where they will demonstrate a few techniques they learned in America.                                                                      SCO Hosts VT ListServ Group
                                                                                                            Alumni interested in sharing vision therapy information are en-
                                                                                                  couraged to join the VTOD-L listserv email mailing list now operating
                                                                                                  through SCO’s computer server.
                                                                                                            The listserv was born at the Indiana University School of Optometry in
                                                                                                  2001. Created and moderated by Bill Rainey OD, MS, Associate Professor,
                                                                                                  with assistance from W.C. Maples, OD ’68, Professor, the VTOD-L list
                                                                                                  was moved to SCO. Since then, SCO has housed the listserv’s computer
                                                                                                  with assistance of Bill Hopper, SCO’s IT Specialist.
                                                                                                            The VTOD-L list was created to allow optometrists an open forum to
                                                                                                  discuss topics relating to vision therapy. The list is open to any optometrist
                                                                                                  currently using vision therapy in their practice or wanting to learn more
                                                                                                  about vision therapy.
Drs. Glen Steele (L) and W.C. Maples with their guests.                                                     After subscribing to VTOD-L, the member receives an e-mail each
                                                                                                  time a message is posted. Any topics related to vision therapy are open for
                                                                                                  discussion. The techniques for retrieving archived posts and performing
                 SCO Goes Smoke-free
                                                                                                  other list-related activities are sent to the subscriber upon joining the list.
                      SCO and The Eye Center joined other Memphis
                                                                                                            “What makes the list work is the interest, caring, and dedication of
                 medical providers by going smoke-free on Thursday,
                                                                                                  the 490 list members, and their willingness to share and openly discuss a
                 November 15.
                                                                                                  wide variety of VT-related topics,” said Dr. Rainey.
      The date was in conjunction with the American Cancer Society’s 31st
                                                                                                            The list’s 490 members are very active participants. In fact, over the
Annual Great American Smoke-out.
                                                                                                  first six months of 2007, a total of 2,579 messages were sent through the
      By going smoke-free, the college is also observing Tennessee’s new law
                                                                                                  listserv. The list currently averages well over 400 messages a month.
that mandates a smoke-free environment for workplace employees.
                                                                                                            Typical threads and message topics include: long-term effectiveness
      Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the premises of SCO or The Eye
                                                                                                  of VT, insurance nightmares, cranial nerve examinations, visual cognitive
Center. The college is offering cessation assistance for
                                                                                                                 testing, and many others.
those who wish to quit.
                                                                                                                                     The VTOD-L archives can be located at
      The Eye Center at SCO recently commissioned                                                                             LISTSERV features can be accessed from here as well.
two new TV commercials to advertise services in the                                                                                The VTOD-L list is growing and evolving daily.
Memphis market. Companion print ads will also be                                                                             The numbers of members and posts continue to in-
                                                                     To man
                                                                            y child

                                                                                    ren, ev
                                                                                            ery da
                                                                                                   y is a bl
                                                                                                                            crease steadily.
      The Eye Center’s ad campaign centers around                                                                               By joining the mailing list, optometrists have an op-
two different themes for print and broadcast. The                                                                          portunity to improve the care they give to their patients
first ad depicts how macular degeneration robs the                                                                        and increase their knowledge on these topics.
central vision; as a grandfather pushes his grand-                                   Eighty
                                                                                                                              All optometrists with an interest in vision therapy are
                                                                                     surpris rcent of what

son on a swing, he’s unable to see the clouds that                                  Is your
                                                                                            e that
                                                                                                          n’t even
                                                                                                                         encouraged to join so that we can learn from each other.
                                                                                                   children we learn is thr
                                                                                                 they do with vision pr ough our sens
                                                                                                                   know the lems struggle
                                                                                                                                            e of sig
                                                                                                                                                     ht. So it’s
                                                                                            child se                        y’re ha          in                  no
                                                                                                     eing the                       ving tro the classroo
                                                                                                                            For more information, email Dr. Rainey at brainey@
                                                                                            Call 90            be
                                                                                                    1.722 .32 st he or she                   uble se
                                                                                                                             can? It’s
his grandson describes to him.
                                                                                                              50 and                   up to yo
                                                                                                                     make an
                                                                                                                               appoint          u to find
                                                                                                                                        ment tod           out.


                                                                                                                                                     124 5 Ma
                                                                                                                                                              dis   on Av
                                                                                                                                                                          en ue


VISIONS • FALL 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                    23
 SCO Board of Trustees
F. Mason Smith, OD ’76 – Chair
   Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
     Donna Abney, MBA
    Germantown, Tennessee
 Eugene M. Bane, Jr., OD ’65
       Salem, Virginia
       Larry h. Bryan
      Memphis, Tennessee
  howard F. Flippin, OD ’59                                    Internal SCO Campaign Sets Record
      Searcy, Arkansas
                                          SCO’s recently concluded internal campaign for            the various businesses and individuals who donated
   John A. gazaway, OD ’67           faculty and staff members established a new financial          the prizes, and to the members of the faculty, staff
       Eagle Grove, Iowa
                                     record at the college.                                         and students who shared their personal insight and
   A. Thomas hyde, OD ’76                 The campaign achieved a new record as 59% of              feelings on giving.
     Morristown, Tennessee           the faculty and staff joined together with gifts and                She also thanked the campaign’s committee of
    James B. Jalenak, Esq.           pledges totaling more than $47,000, a remarkable               faculty and staff members who again proved to be a
     Memphis, Tennessee              35% increase over last year’s campaign total.                  valuable part of the campaign through their insight
   Jarrett Johnson, OD ’90                The 2007 Campaign for SCO celebrated SCO’s                and input.
    New Orleans, Louisiana           75th Diamond Anniversary and a celebration is truly                 The committee members who graciously agreed to
                                     in order when one realizes the combined contribu-              serve this year were Delrita Branch, Winona Caldwell,
 Christopher B. King, OD ’83         tions of faculty and staff from the 2006 and 2007              Dr. Hani Ghazi-Birry, Mona Howard, Sherry
      Englewood, Florida             campaigns raised in excess of $81,000 to honor SCO’s           Mattingly, Dr. Erin Nosel, Dr. Ralph Parkansky and
  Kenneth L. Mulholland, Jr.         75th Diamond Anniversary.                                      Dean Swick.
   Germantown, Tennessee                  Donors to either the 2006 or 2007 campaign                     “I especially want to extend my appreciation and
  Richard L. Powell, OD ’68          will be recognized on the 75th Diamond Anniversary             thanks to all of the individuals who joined together
      Lincoln, Nebraska              “Wall of Donors” that will be located in the lobby of          through their gifts and pledges during the 2006 and
                                     the SCO tower in 2008.                                         2007 campaigns,” Pearson said.
       Wayne W. Pyeatt
      Memphis, Tennessee                  Brenda Pearson, Director of Development, ex-                   “With the commitment and desire for excellence
                                     tended special thanks and appreciation to the college’s        that you demonstrated in your participation, SCO
 Robert W. Smalling, OD ’74          Publications Services department for their support             is assured of continuing as a leader in optometric
      Warren, Arkansas               through creative design and material preparation, to           education.”
    Mary Thornley, EdD
   Charleston, South Carolina        2008 Upcoming Events…We Hope to See You There!
 Michael D. gerstner, OD ’97         January 25-27 .......................... The Hayes Center for Practice Excellence CE, Memphis
     Faculty Representative
     Memphis, Tennessee              February 29 ............................. SCO Alumni Reception – SECO International 2008, Atlanta
                                                                               7-9 pm in the Atrium Terrace, Atrium Level, South Tower, Omni Hotel
     Kevin Livengood, ’09
     student Representative          April 11-13 ............................... Spring Continuing Education Weekend, Memphis
       Cedar Rapids, IA              September 18-21 ...................... Reunions ’48, ’58, ’68, ’78, ’88 and ’98; Convocation and Presentation
                                     .................................................. of Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

                                                                                                                                         Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                                                             U.S. Postage
          1245 Madison Avenue                                                                                                                   PAID
          Memphis, TN 38104-2222                                                                                                           Memphis, Tennessee
                                                                                                                                           Permit Number 151
          RetuRn SeRvice RequeSted

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