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					             TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                 TOWN OF PITTSFORD
Community Events ...................................................... 3                       RECREATION DEPARTMENT
Registration Form ........................................................ 4                         585-248-6280
Child Care .................................................................. 5                                DIRECTOR
Adventure & Nature .................................................... 6                                   Jessie Hollenbeck
Aquatics ...................................................................... 6                RECREATION SUPERVISORS
Arts & Crafts ............................................................... 7                              D’Arcy L. Iuppa
Athletics ...................................................................... 8                             Flo Dorsey
                                                                                                             Kara M. Holdren
Cards & Games ..........................................................13
Dance .........................................................................13                           OFFICE STAFF
                                                                                                            Mary Ann Burdett
Education ...................................................................16                              Julie Donnelly
Family & Youth...........................................................19                                     Pat Rice
                                                                                                             Audrey Janicki
Fitness, Health & Wellness .........................................19
Home and Garden.......................................................22                             PARKS DEPARTMENT
Music and Theater ......................................................22                              585-248-6495
                                                                                                    Doug McVay, General Foreman
Preschool ....................................................................23                        Guy Nash, Foreman
Pittsford Senior Citizens .............................................24                                 Peter Anderson
                                                                                                           Dale Burgess
Pittsford Youth Services ..............................................25                                  Clyde Cutter
Elderberry Express ......................................................25                                Marie Drury
Pittsford Community Library ......................................26                                       Jessica Neal

Parks ..........................................................................27               PITTSFORD TOWN BOARD
                                                                                                  William A. Carpenter, Supervisor
                                                                                                 Sandra F. Zutes, Deputy Supervisor
                  GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                    John J. Higgins, Jr.
                                                                                                           Karen W. Green
Spiegel Community Center Hours (Beginning Sep 5 - Dec 31)
                                                                                                            Jared C. Lusk
Mon-Thu ........................................................... 9:00am - 9:30pm
Fri ....................................................................... 9:00am - 9:00pm
                                                                                              PARKS & RECREATION BOARD
                                                                                                   Leonard Freedman, Chairperson
Sat ...................................................................... 8:00am - 8:00pm        Mary Ellen Spennacchio-Wagner,
Sun .................................................................... 1:00pm - 5:00pm                    Vice-chairperson
                                                                                                 Jared C. Lusk, Town Board Liaison
Open Basketball and Gymnasium hours vary. Please call the
                                                                                                     Allison Ranslow, High School
Recreation Department at 248-6280 and press the number 2 during
                                                                                                        Student Representative
the voice prompt to access the information. You will be directed
                                                                                               Cupertino Anaya, Julie Doyle, Natasha
with further instructions.
                                                                                              Palit, Greg Riley, Lisa Stein & Rick Taylor
Proof of Pittsford residency is required to use the gym.
                                                                                               Message from the Parks and
        PROGRAM CANCELLATION INFORMATION                                                           Recreation Board
                   248-6280                                                                   The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board are
                                                                                              in the process of redefining our role and setting
Spiegel Community Center rooms are available for community                                    priorities for the future. Our major priority is
group meetings. Please come in to fill out an application or visit                             to improve our role as the eyes and ears of the for more information.                                                 residents, and to be your town recreation advocate.
                                                                                              We encourage town residents to contact us with
The Spiegel Community Center is accessible to persons with                                    suggestions so that we may continue to be even
disabilities.                                                                                 more responsive to the needs of our community.
Non-town residents may pay a $3.00 fee per year to receive the                                Len Freedman, Chairperson
program brochures.                                                                  

Fall 2009                                                                         2                              
                  Family Outdoor Movie Nights
                               Thursday Evenings, August 13th and 27th at DARK
               Join us outside under the stars as we show feature films on a GIANT inflatable screen.
                      Our Family Outdoor Movie Nights will be held at Thornell Farm Park
                Thursday, August 13th                                                    Thursday, August 27th
                    A 3-D Movie Adventure

        Movies will begin at DARK. Make sure to bring your chairs and blankets. Popcorn and beverages will be available.

     Pittsford Celebrates                                                         family
                                                                              halloween fest
        Saturday, September 12, 12:00-9:00pm
                Fireworks at 9:00pm
Come to the Town Library Municipal parking lot to celebrate                         Sunday, October 25 • 2:00–5:00pm
the closing of the town summer activities. Pittsford Celebrates
includes a large variety of food vendors showcasing a chicken BBQ       Be prepared for a spooktacular time at the St. John Fisher Field
and various family entertainers and activities. Spend the day in        House. Join the town at this trick-or-treat alternative featuring
Pittsford listening to the musical talents of The Johnny Matt Big       games, crafts, activities, refreshments, live music, and a costume
Band, The Bill Tiberio Group, Herb Gross & The Invictas and             parade. Hop on the hayride shuttle from the parking lot and be
a headlining performance by the very popular group, Brass Taxi.         sure to bring one canned good per person as a donation to the
A special performance from Pittsford Musicals will be held in           Pittsford Food Cupboard. Thanks to Wegmans for sponsoring
between the musical performances as well as music played by our         this family event!
festival DJ, Carrie Christman. We will end the special day with
an extensive and memorable fireworks display! Special thanks to
our sponsor, Wegmans.

     Co-Ed Neighborhood                                                            Tuesday, December 1 • 5:00-9:00pm
Slow Pitch Softball Tournament                                                         Sponsored by the Town of Pittsford
              Sponsored by the Town of Pittsford                                     Pittsford Village Business Association &
                     & Parents Do Care                                                   Pittsford Chamber of Commerce
        Sunday, September 13 • 12:00–4:00pm                             Come share the warmth of the holiday season throughout the
           The Softball Fields at Thornell Farm Park                    village in Pittsford, New York. Shopping, caroling, and holiday
                                                                        treats are features during this event as well as beautiful storefronts,
Gather your friends, family and neighbors and create a team of          traditional tree lightings, luminaries, and wagon rides throughout
no more than 20 players. Each team will enjoy an afternoon of           the evening.
friendly softball competition. We will provide refreshments, t-
shirts & softballs. Teams are responsible for bringing their own
equipment. This event is limited to 16 teams only! For more
information, pick-up a program flyer and registration form at
the Spiegel Community Center or e-mail for
further information.                                                                       Saturday, December 12
                                                                                       Performances at 1:00pm and 7:00pm
                                                                        The perfect show for the holiday time! Gather the family to see
  For more information about Town of Pittsford                          excerpts of this popular ballet on stage at Calkins Rd Middle
     Special Events, visit our town website at                          School Auditorium. Tickets are available for purchase at the or call (585) 248-6280                        Spiegel Community Center – $10.00 for Adults, $7.00 for
                                                                        Children & Senior Citizens.                                             3                                                                 Fall 2009
                                             How to Register
                                        RESIDENT REGISTRATION BEGINS MONDAY, AUGUST 17
                                           FALL PROGRAM DATES: AUGUST 31 - JANUARY 3

       IMPORTANT REGISTRATION TIPS                                                                  Non-Resident Seasonal Fee
Fill out one registration form PER FAMILY for as many as 5                             Families living outside the Town of Pittsford and the Pittsford School
different classes.                                                                     District are required to pay a $5.00 per family fee for each season
• Please register one week before class.                                               (program code 996.402). No fee is required for 1-day classes and for
• Classes with less than the required minimum may be cancelled                         those classes where no fee is charged.
  one week before class begins.
                                                                                       Programs offered are designed for residents of the Town of Pittsford
• Assume you are enrolled in the class unless you are notified
                                                                                       and Pittsford School District. If class size allows, registrations from
  by phone.
                                                                                       non-residents who have paid the non-resident fee will be accepted.
• Be sure to review program descriptions, as some programs may
  not run consecutive dates. For example: holidays, instructor                         Families living outside of the Town of Pittsford and Pittsford School
  availability and school district recess.                                             District may sign up to receive our program brochures by mail.
* Registration for participants who do not live in the Town of                         Register for program code 996.401 and pay the $3.00 per year fee.
  Pittsford or the Pittsford School District begins Monday, Aug 24.

                                                               Program Refund Policy
   Not all programs subject to refund policy. A Refund Request Form must be completed (signed and dated) and submitted to the Recreation
   Office one week before the first class for a full refund. No refunds will be issued after the 4th class. Material fees will not be refunded once
   the program has begun. Generally, a refund check will be issued within one month after the request is received.

                           PRINT                  Pittsford Recreation Department / Spiegel Community Center
                         clearly please           35 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534 • 248-6280 •

Parent/Guardian/Self ___________________________________Home Phone ___________________________ Work Phone __________________________

Street ________________________________________Town ______________________ ZIP _________________ Cell Phone ____________________________

    Participant Name                  M F Birthdate Grade School Program Title                                         Course Code                 Fee

Email address ___________________________________________________________________

As part of my registration, or as a parent on behalf of a minor child, I recognize that programs involving
physical activity have inherent risks of injury and/or damage and I assume any and all such risks, as well as the
responsibility to be fully aware of the inherent risks associated with any program for which I register, before I
                                                                                                                      Materials Code                Fee
begin participation. The Town and its employees will not be liable for injury or damage that occurs as a result of
such risks and I waive and release the Town and its employees from any such liability. I also grant full permission
to the Town to use my name, photograph, videotape or recording for any publicity promotion purposes without
obligation or liability.
SIGNATURE REQUIRED ____________________________________________________
                                         Registrant (Parent or Guardian if under 18)

 T-Shirt sizes for youth soccer: Circle S            M     L    AS    AM     AL       Non-resident Fee Code #         9 9 6 4 0 2
                       OFFICE USE
 Received on: ____ / ____ / _____
                                                                       Please make check payable to
        Check           Cash          Card
                                                                       TOWN OF PITTSFORD
Fall 2009                                                                         4                                      
                                            OPEN YEAR ROUND
                                         CLOSED on all Town Holidays
  Join the fun at our childcare center where we offer quality care at an affordable price. Free play, arts and
  crafts, playtimes in the Spiegel Center gym or on the playground are just a few of the activities your child has
  to choose from. Our Childcare Director, Nancy Cardinale and her qualified staff oversee the center.
  Time is set aside daily for a morning and afternoon snack as well as lunch at noon (no peanut products please).
  Food and drink for each child must be brought daily as well as diapers and wipes, if needed, and a spare set of
  clothing. Proper footwear must be worn to participate in gym and outdoor play. Please call (585) 248-6295
  for more information or to make a reservation. All new users must call in advance to schedule a tour.
                                                 Reservations are required!
  Pittsford Schools will provide transportation to and from our center for Kindergartners. Go to and quick link Transportation for further information. Transportation Forms may
  also be picked up at the Childcare Center.
                                      Hours of Operation
       Big Kid/Toddler Room:                        Playroom:
       Ages 2-5 (must be entering Kindergarten)     Ages 12 –23 months
       Monday – Friday 8:30am - 3:30 pm             Monday – Friday 9:00am - 12:30pm
                                                       3 hour maximum stay
       A yearly registration fee of $12.00 per family is required --- Open to residents and non-residents

    Alternatives for Kids                                                               December
             Spiegel Community Center
                                                                              Fun Camp
             September 8-December 23
 “Alternatives for Kids” is an after school program that provides
                                                                                          for Kids
supervision for children ages 8 to 13 that may not be ready to stay                              AGES 6-12
home alone. The Pittsford School bus drops off the participants                          Spiegel Community Center
at the Spiegel Community Center where they will have a variety
of activities to choose from when arriving at the program. An
afternoon snack will be provided and time will be set-aside for                               December 28-31
participants to do their homework. This program does not run              Fun Camp is a great way for children to keep active over the
on school half days, vacations or holidays.                               holiday school break. The days will be full of fun activities and
                                                                          games for all ages to enjoy. Theme days, arts and crafts, outdoor
         299.401                                                          play and playtime in our gym are just a few of the activities that
                                                                          will take place. Participants must bring a non-perishable lunch
                                                                          as well as food items for a morning and afternoon snack. Please
       3:00-6:00pm                                                        make sure to have your child dressed for outdoor weather (hat,
        Ages 8-13                                                         gloves, boots, etc.) Please register early as this program does fill
       Fee: $460.00                                                       quickly. For more information on Fun Camp please call 248-
                                                                          6280 and ask for Kara.
                                                                          309.401 All Day            8:00am-5:30pm              Fee: $85.00
                                                                          309.402 Morning            8:00am-12:00pm             Fee: $40.00
                                                                          309.403 Afternoon          12:30-5:30pm               Fee: $45.00                                               5                                                             Fall 2009
      Adventure and Nature                                                                     Aquatics
Fall Do It All-Kayak, Bike & Walk                                        If demand exceeds class maximums, registrations received by
Julie Doyle, Instructor                                 Oct 9            4:00pm August 17th will be grouped together and drawn by
284.406 Fri                        9:00-2:30pm    Fee: $60.00            lottery. All classes are taught by Pittsford Recreation Aquatic
Ages 18 and up                                 Canadice Lake             Staff. Please use the back entrance closest to the pool. Register
                                                                         early - class size is limited.
Join us for a day of adventure on beautiful Candice Lake. Kayak
and Nordic Walking poles provided. Please bring your own bike.           Parent & Tot Swim
Lunch and snacks are provided. The instructor will call you with         Aquatics Staff, Instructor                     Sep 12-Nov 14
directions and instructions. Please register early.                      153.401 Sat                        8:45-9:15am     Fee: $54.00
                                                                         153.402 Sat                        9:20-9:50am     Fee: $54.00
                                                                         Ages 1-3                       Barker Road Middle School Pool
                                                                         A young child’s first aquatic experience should be a pleasurable
                                                                         one guided by the hand of a Mom or Dad. Children will learn
                                                                         games and experience the first steps in learning to swim. Parents
                                                                         will learn how to safely enjoy the water with their small children.
                                                                         Offered in cooperation with the American Red Cross. Please
                                                                         bring a swimsuit and a towel.
                                                                         No class on Oct 10
Ladies Kayak Day
Julie Doyle, Instructor                                                  Parent & Tot Swim Plus
284.401 Fri       Sep 18           9:00-1:00pm     Fee: $55.00           Aquatics Staff, Instructor                     Sep 12-Nov 14
                                                Canadice Lake            153.403 Sat                        8:45-9:15am     Fee: $54.00
284.402 Fri    Oct 9               9:00-12:00pm    Fee: $35.00           153.404 Sat                        9:20-9:50am     Fee: $54.00
Ages 18 and up                                Irondequoit Bay            Ages 3-5                       Barker Road Middle School Pool
Get outside, embrace nature and get your exercise at the same            Is your child able to submerge his or her head under water? Are
time. Whether you want to try kayaking for the first time or are          they able to float on their front and back? Instruction will be
a regular at the sport, come join us for a workout or just paddle        utilized to coach both the child and parent in the water. Bring a
around the spectacular, unspoiled environment of Canadice Lake           towel and swimsuit. Please no first time swimmers.
and Irondequoit Bay. No prior experience needed. All equipment           No class on Oct 10
provided. Just bring your sunscreen and we will do the rest. Light
lunch provided. Directions and instructions will be given by             Group Swim Lessons
instructor.                                                              Aquatics Staff, Instructor                     Sep 12-Nov 14
                                                                         153.405 Sat                        10:00-10:35am Fee: $62.00
Nordic Walking Clinic                                                    153.406 Sat                        10:40-11:15am Fee: $62.00
Julie Doyle, Instructor                                                  153.407 Sat                        11:20-11:55am Fee: $62.00
205.402 Tue       Sep 15           9:30-11:00am   Fee: $15.00            Ages 4-13                      Barker Road Middle School Pool
                                           Mendon Ponds Park
205.403 Fri       Oct 9            9:30-11:00am   Fee: $15.00            Students will work toward their certification of Red Cross
                                              Powder Mill Park           levels 1-6. In level 6, students have the option of focusing their
Ages 18 and up                                                           certification in four specific areas. These include: Personal Water
                                                                         Safety, Fundamentals to Diving, Lifeguard Readiness and Fitness
Come try out the new sport of Nordic walking as we work our
                                                                         Swimmer. Please inform your instructor as to which area you
way through several area parks. Sep 15 - Mendon Ponds Park,
                                                                         would like to focus on for the session. This program teaches
Oct 9 - Powder Mill Park. Each clinic is a 1.5 hour long guided
                                                                         children to swim and be safe in and around the water. Parents are
hike with poles. We will provide the tools (Swix Poles!!) and the
                                                                         welcome to observe classes. Bring a towel and swimsuit. Goggles
instruction you need to get started in this high energy sport. A
                                                                         are optional.
fitness exercise suitable for all.
                                                                         No class on Oct 10
Indoor Rowing
Julie Doyle, Instructor
261.414 Thu       Oct 8             10:30-11:45am Fee: $15.00
261.415 Thu       Oct 22            10:30-11:45am Fee: $15.00
261.416 Thu       Nov 5             10:30-11:45am Fee: $15.00
261.417 Thu       Nov 19            10:30-11:45am Fee: $15.00
Ages 18 and up                  Pittsford Indoor Rowing Centre
Come learn the sport of rowing inside at the Pittsford Indoor
Rowing Centre located adjacent to the Erie Canal at Lock 32.
Participate in one of the fastest growing sports in the region.
Rowing is a great cardio and all around conditioning activity.
No experience necessary. Instructor will contact you with details
prior to the class.

Fall 2009                                                            6                                  
Private Swim Lessons
Aquatics Staff, Instructor                          Sep 14-Oct 19
153.408 Mon                         6:00-6:30pm       Fee: $76.00
153.409 Mon                         6:35-7:05pm       Fee: $76.00
153.410 Mon                         7:10-7:40pm       Fee: $76.00
153.411 Mon                         7:45-8:15pm       Fee: $76.00
No class on Oct 12
                                                    Oct 26-Nov 23
153.412   Mon                       6:00-6:30pm       Fee: $76.00
153.413   Mon                       6:35-7:05pm       Fee: $76.00
153.414   Mon                       7:10-7:40pm       Fee: $76.00
153.415   Mon                       7:45-8:15pm       Fee: $76.00

                                                       Sep 9-Oct 7
153.416   Wed                       6:00-6:30pm        Fee: $76.00
153.417   Wed                       6:35-7:05pm        Fee: $76.00
153.418   Wed                       7:10-7:40pm        Fee: $76.00
153.419   Wed                       7:45-8:15pm        Fee: $76.00

                                                    Oct 14-Nov 18
153.420 Wed                         6:00-6:30pm       Fee: $76.00
153.421 Wed                         6:35-7:05pm       Fee: $76.00
153.422 Wed                         7:10-7:40pm       Fee: $76.00
153.423 Wed                         7:45-8:15pm       Fee: $76.00
No class on Nov 11                                                         Family Open Swim
Ages 4-12                       Barker Road Middle School Pool             Aquatics Staff, Instructor                     Sep 12-Nov 14
                                                                           358.401 Sat & Tue                                  Fee: $60.00
This program is designed for those children who need additional                     Sat                       12:00-2:00pm
individual assistance in learning to swim. Whether your child is                    Tue                       7:00-8:30pm
afraid of the water or if they need to refine their strokes before          No age limit                   Barker Road Middle School Pool
heading to a swim team this program is for them. Sign up
early to get the time you request. Students will be assigned to            For those families looking to spend some quality time together.
instructors the first day of class. Please use a separate check and         Locker rooms are available. Fee for this program is per family.
registration form when registering for this class. Indicate your           There are now lanes available for adult lap swimmers. Lanes will
second choice on the registration form. Class size is limited.             be available for adult lap swimmers.
In the event demand exceeds class maximums, forms received                 No class on Oct 10
by 4:00pm the first day of registration will be grouped together
and drawn by lottery.

Stroke Clinic for Advanced Swimmers
                                                                                         Arts and Crafts
Aquatics Staff, Instructor                      Sep 15-Nov 10              Fanciful Furnishings
153.424 Tue                         6:00-6:50pm     Fee: $68.00            Peggi Heissenberger, Instructor                Sep 3-Oct 8
Grades K-6                      Barker Road Middle School Pool             232.411 Thu                     6:30-8:30pm     Fee: $60.00
A class designed for children using American Red Cross                     Ages 16 and up                       Spiegel Center Rm 202
standards who are Level III swimmers and above. The emphasis               This class will give you many ideas on how to customize any type
in this program will be on stroke development and refinement.               of furnishing. Learn funky, fun and fanciful painting techniques
Participant will be asked to produce a swimming level card at the          to use on that old dresser in the basement or that distressed chair
first class.                                                                in the garage. Paint elegant marble or granite finishes that are
No class on Oct 10                                                         easier to do than you can believe. Use these skills throughout your
                                                                           home on: walls, tables, picture frames, boxes or wherever your
Lap Swim for Senior Citizens                                               imagination takes you. All skill levels are welcome. Students will
Aquatics Staff, Instructor                      Sep 12-Nov 14              buy supplies based on the projects they select.
153.425 Sat                         12:00-2:00pm       No Fee
Ages 55 and up                  Barker Road Middle School Pool             Holiday Cards
                                                                           Peggi Heissenberger, Instructor              Nov 10-Nov 17
This program is geared specifically toward seniors who are looking
                                                                           232.403 Tue                     6:30-9:00pm     Fee: $40.00
to get in the pool for a good workout or for fun. Exercising in an
                                                                           Ages 16 and up                       Spiegel Center Rm 202
aquatic environment is a great low-impact workout. This is a “do-
it-yourself ” program, no instruction will be offered. There will be       Do you want to send something very special to your friends and
a lifeguard on duty. Registration is required.                             family this holiday season? Create high quality cards with your
                                                                           choice of verse. Ideas and samples vary from embossed elegance
No class on Oct 10
                                                                           to simple and sweet. Supplies are provided for up to 25 cards
                                                                           per student. You may opt to bring a favorite stamp or saying to
                                                                           incorporate into the design. Meet new friends, learn, have fun,
                                                                           AND send out the most beautifully unique holiday cards.                                                7                                                             Fall 2009
                                                                              Tiny Sprouts
                                                                              Sprouts Staff, Instructor
                                                                              251.414 Thu      Sep 24-Oct 29        9:30-10:00am    Fee: $60.00
                                                                              251.415 Thu      Sep 24-Oct 29        10:15-10:45am Fee: $60.00
                                                                              251.416 Fri      Sep 25-Oct 30        9:30-10:00am    Fee: $60.00
                                                                              251.417 Fri      Sep 25-Oct 30        10:15-10:45am Fee: $60.00
                                                                              251.418 Thu      Nov 5-Dec 17         9:30-10:00am    Fee: $60.00
                                                                              251.419 Thu      Nov 5-Dec 17         10:15-10:45am Fee: $60.00
                                                                              251.420 Fri      Nov 6-Dec 18         9:30-10:00am    Fee: $60.00
                                                                              251.421 Fri      Nov 6-Dec 18         10:15-10:45am Fee: $60.00
                                                                              Ages 2½ - 3½                               Spiegel Center Rm 209
                                                                              Tiny Sprouts is a younger version of our popular Sporty Sprouts
                                                                              pre-school sports readiness program. Created for boys and
Pottery At Clay Works Studio                                                  girls. This program will introduce your child to age appropriate
Mary Beth Fitzsimmons, Instructor                                             activities related to the motor skills used in basketball, soccer and
Wheel Throwing With Clay                               Sep 14-Nov 9           tennis. Our goal is to spark your child’s natural curiosity for sports
230.403 5 sessions   Call for appt                       Fee: $75.00          through age-adaptive equipment and games. This is not a parent
230.404 2 sessions   Call for appt                       Fee: $35.00          participation class. Sneakers required.
                                                                              No Class on Nov 26 & 27.
Hand Building With Clay                             Sep 14-Nov 9
230.405 5 sessions     Call for appt                   Fee: $75.00            Sporty Sprouts
230.406 2 sessions     Call for appt                   Fee: $35.00            Catherine Downs, Instructor
Ages 16 and up                               Rochester Clay Works             251.401 Mon Sep 28-Nov 2              10:30-11:15am Fee: $66.00
These 2 classes are unique, with one to one attention, where you              251.402 Mon Nov 9-Dec 14              10:30-11:15am Fee: $66.00
                                                                              251.403 Thu    Sep 24-Oct 29           9:30-10:15am Fee: $66.00
create a masterpiece of pottery. Try Wheel Throwing, where you
                                                                              251.404 Thu    Nov 5-Dec 17            9:30-10:15am Fee: $66.00
throw a bowl or a mug on the potter’s wheel. Create a large bowl,
                                                                              251.405 Fri    Sep 25-Oct 30            1:00-1:45pm Fee: $66.00
vase, or a box with Hand Building techniques such as slab, coiling,
                                                                              251.406 Fri    Nov 6-Dec 18             1:00-1:45pm Fee: $66.00
or pinching. You will be able to try twisting clay coils into a bowl          Ages 3 ½ -5                                  Spiegel Center Gym
or roll the clay out into a flat slab to construct a box. You will paint
various colors and apply a clear or colored glaze onto your fired              Sporty Sprouts is a preschool six week tri-sports program. In
piece. You may register for one or both classes. Call Mary Beth’s             the session, your child will be introduced to soccer, tennis, and
studio at 244-1098 to reserve your private 2½ hour class. Classes             basketball in a fun fast-paced setting. Our goal is to spark your
will be held at 203 Milburn Street behind house number 207.                   child’s curiosity for sports by teaching the basic skills through
                                                                              age-adaptive equipment and games. Come have fun. Sneakers
Parent and Child Scrapbooking                                                 required.
Tracy Maggio, Instructor                            Dec 1-Dec 15
                                                                              No classes on Nov 26 & 27
134.401 Tue                           6:30-8:30pm     Fee: $40.00
Ages 7 and up                              Spiegel Center Rm 202              Cheerleading-Age 5-11
Are your photos in a shoebox, old yellow album, or on the computer            Mary Christine Doggett, Instructor
where others can’t enjoy looking at them and reading the stories              304.403 Mon Sep 14-Oct 12 4:30-6:00pm       Fee: $75.00
behind them? Then this class is perfect for you! You and your                 304.404 Mon Oct 19-Nov 16 4:30-6:00pm       Fee: $75.00
child can work together to preserve your family’s memories for                Ages 5-11                          Spiegel Center Gym
generations to come. Class fee includes a beautiful photo-safe                Children will learn cheerleading techniques, popular cheers,
album and access to all the tools and supplies needed to complete             basic gymnastic movements, dance routines, and stretching. This
an album in just three 2-hour sessions. All you need to supply are            program will provide a well-rounded experience for children who
the pictures and memorabilia.                                                 are striving for excellence and an edge when trying out for a squad.
                                                                              We hope that the children will enjoy this experience and move on
                                                                              to the next level. Parents are asked to be aware that possible injury
                                                                              may happen such as sprained ankles, bruises, sore muscles, and
                                                                              such if they have never cheered before. For more details on the
                                                                              scope or clothing required please contact Chrissy Doggett 218-

                                                                                     Register Online at

Fall 2009                                                                 8                                    
Youth Bowling-Pins ‘n Pals
Clover Lanes Bowling, Instructor                     Sep 11-Oct 9
291.401 Fri                      4:00-5:30pm           Fee: $38.00
Ages 6-12                                            Clover Lanes
This program offers weekly on-lane instruction. Participants will
have a minimum of 2 games each week. All necessary equipment
provided along with participation trophies and pizza party at
the end of the session. There is limited supervision. Parents are
encouraged to stay. Class will meet at Clover Lanes, 2750 Monroe
Ave. For more information contact Cindy Burnett at 244-1484.

Adult Short Game Class
PGA Instructor                                    Sep 15 & 22
107.425 Tue                         5:30-7:30pm  Fee: $110.00
Ages 18 and up                            Ravenwood Golf Club
The focus of this class will be on shots within 50 yards of the
green. Topics covered include: putting, chipping, pitching, lob
shots, bunker play, and proper club selection by using a simple
“ABC” process. Allow Rochester’s Premier Teaching Staff at
Ravenwood, lead by PGA Director of Instruction Paul Sanders,
help you with your pursuit to improve and learn how to SCORE               “Women Only” Full Swing Classes
when you are close to the green! Each student will receive personal        Ravenwood
attention during each discussed topic, an individual diagnosis,            PGA Instructor                                    Sep 17 & 24
and a “PLAN” for correction and practice drills that will help you         107.423 Thu                         10:00-12:00pm Fee: $110.00
lower your score. If you take only 1 class per year, make sure it is       Ages 18 and up                            Ravenwood Golf Club
this one. Lower Scores are guaranteed!                                     Confused by all the terms and concepts you read about or see
Adult Full Swing Class                                                     on TV. regarding the golf swing? Allow Rochester’s Premiere
Ravenwood                                                                  Teaching Staff at Ravenwood, lead by PGA Director of
PGA Instructor                                   Sep 17 & 24               Instruction Paul Sanders, help you with your pursuit to improve
107.430 Thu                         5:30-7:30pm  Fee: $110.00              and understand what it is in your swing that needs fixing! Each
18 and up                                 Ravenwood Golf Club              student will receive personal attention, an individual diagnosis,
                                                                           a “PLAN” for correction and practice drills that will put you on
Confused by all the terms and concepts you read about or see on            the road to better golf. We will teach you what your correct swing
TV. regarding the golf swing? Allow Rochester’s premiere teaching          plane is and help you achieve better results from the mid-irons up
staff at Ravenwood, lead by PGA Director of Instruction Paul               to the driver!
Sanders, help you with your pursuit to improve and understand
what it is in your swing that needs fixing! Each student will               Golf Fundamentals for Adults
receive personal attention, an individual diagnosis, a “PLAN” for          Executive South Golf, Instructor                 Sep 1-Sep 3
correction and practice drills that will put you on the road to be a       107.403 Tue, Wed, Thu            6:00-7:00pm      Fee: $75.00
better golfer.                                                             Ages 18 and up                          Executive South Golf

“Women Only” Short Game Class                                              These lessons are designed for those who would like to learn the
Ravenwood                                                                  fundamentals of golf. Areas of instruction will include etiquette,
PGA Instructor                                    Sep 15 & 22              rules of golf, putting, chipping, bunker play, balance and weight
107.418 Tue                         10:00-12:00pm Fee: $110.00             transfer, full swing and more. On the final day, participants will
Ages 18 and up                            Ravenwood Golf Club              have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on the golf course.
                                                                           If equipment or weather is a concern, call Executive South Golf
The focus of this class is to encourage participation from women
                                                                           at 334-1850.
of all abilities and to work on shots within 50 yards of green.
Topics covered include: putting, chipping, pitching, lob shots,            Executive South Golf is located at 3850 East Henrietta Rd.
bunker play and proper club selection by using a simple “ABC”
process. Allow Rochester’s Premier Teaching Staff at Ravenwood,            Golf for Intermediate Players
                                                                           Executive South Golf, Instructor                Sep 8-Sep 10
lead by PGA Director of Instruction Paul Sanders, help you with
                                                                           107.407 Tue, Wed, Thu            6:00-7:00pm      Fee: $75.00
your pursuit to improve and learn how to SCORE when you are
                                                                           Ages 9-17                               Executive South Golf
close to the green! Each student will receive personal attention
during each discussed topic, an individual diagnosis, a “PLAN”             This program is designed as a skill building class to enhance
for correction and practice drills that will help you lower your           previously learned skills for intermediate players. Instruction
score. If you take only 1 class per year, make sure it is this one.        topics will include: Set-up, Swing, Short game(pitching, chipping,
Lower Scores are guaranteed!                                               sand game and putting), Irons, Fairway woods and Driver. If
                                                                           equipment or weather is a concern, call Executive South Golf at
                                                                           334-1850. Executive South Golf is located at 3850 East Henrietta
                                                                           Road.                                                9                                                              Fall 2009
                                                                             Men’s 30+ Soccer
                                                                             Recreation Staff                                   Sep 5-Oct 24
                                                                             247.400 Sat                    9:30-10:30am         Fee: $30.00
                                                                             Ages 30 and up                       Thornell Farm Park-Field #1
                                                                             Geared for the “mature” gentleman who is interested in getting
                                                                             out and kicking the ball around on a beautiful fall morning. Teams
                                                                             will be selected based on the skill and experience level of the player.
                                                                             However, prior experience is not a pre-requisite. The intent of
                                                                             the league is to provide the participant with some exercise in a
                                                                             recreational environment. All games will be officiated. Cleats and
                                                                             shin guards are required.

                                                                             Adult Soccer League
                                                                             Recreation Staff                          Sep 6-Oct 25
                                                                             247.401 Sun      Men 40+    9:00-10:15am Fee: $650.00
                                                                             247.402 Sun      Men 30+    10:30-11:45am Fee: $650.00
                                                                             247.403 Wed Ladies ages 18+ 6:00-7:15pm    Fee: $650.00
                                                                                                           Thornell Farm Park-Fields
                                                                             This is a competitive league. Fee is per team. Games played
                                                                             at Thornell Farm Park located next to Pittsford Mendon High
                                                                             School. All games will be officiated. Teams must register by Aug
                                                                             22. Cleats and shin guards are required.
Horseback Riding for Children
Park Place Farms, Instructor                         Oct 3-Oct 24            Fall Youth Soccer
108.401 Sat                 1:00-2:00pm               Fee: $140.00           Recreation Staff                             Sep 19-Oct 24
Ages 7-12                                        Park Place Farms            210.401 Sat      Grades K-1     12:30-1:30pm    Fee: $35.00
Children will have an hour each Saturday to learn about the proper           210.402 Sat      Grades 2-3      1:45-2:45pm    Fee: $35.00
care and handling of horses. Groom, tack, and ride with teaching             210.403 Sat      Grades 4-6      1:45-2:45pm    Fee: $35.00
emphasis on the basics.                                                                                Jefferson Rd School-Soccer Fields
                                                                             PLEASE REGISTER WITH A SEPARATE CHECK.
Family Basketball                                                            INDICATE SHIRT SIZE ON THE REGISTRATION
                                                  Sep 6-Dec 27               FORM. IF REGISTERING ONLINE, PLEASE CALL IN
307.402 Sun                      3:00-5:00pm            No Fee
                                                                             YOUR SHIRT SIZE. This is a non-competitive coed recreational
No age limit                                Spiegel Center Gym
                                                                             soccer program. Children will learn the fundamentals of the game.
The Spiegel Community Center Gymnasium will be available                     Volunteer coaches are needed. Please call DArcy at 248-6283 if
on a drop-in basis for parents to play basketball with their                 interested. If the weather is questionable, please call the weather
children. Some balls available. Instruction/supervision will not be          line at 248-6290. We do play in light rain. Registration deadline
provided.                                                                    is Sep 6.
Registration is required.

Parent & Tot Open Gym
                                                   Sep 3-Dec 18
307.401 Tue, Thu & Fri               10:30-12:00pm      No Fee
Ages 2-5                                    Spiegel Center Gym
Is it too cold, warm, or wet to bring the kids outside to play? The
Spiegel Community Center Gymnasium will be available on a
drop-in basis for parents to play with their children. Equipment
such as balls and parachutes are available for use. Participants are
welcome to bring their own toys. Instruction/supervision will not
be provided. This is a time for open play.
No class Nov 26 & 27

Fall Coed Softball
Recreation Staff                                 Aug 25-Oct 13
139.401 Tue                   6:00-7:30pm         Fee: $195.00
Ages 16 and up                Thornell Farm Park-Softball Fields
This is a recreational coed league using a mat for strikes and balls.
No umpires. 20 person roster. A maximum of 8 teams will be
accepted for this 8 week season. Team registration begins right
away. Last year’s teams should call to reserve a spot. Individuals
wishing to be placed on a team, must call the department at
Fall 2009                                                               10                                     
                                                                            Introduction to Curling
                                                                            Rochester Curling Club, Instructor            Oct 18-Nov 15
                                                                            244.401 Sun                      3:00-5:00pm     Fee: $45.00
                                                                            Ages 18 and up                        Rochester Curling Club
                                                                            Members of the Rochester Curling Club will train you for
                                                                            friendly local games or for international competition. Curling
                                                                            is a team sport played by men and women of all ages. A social
                                                                            game, curling is full of strategy and is played on a special indoor
                                                                            sheet of ice. Played by two teams of four players, curling is
                                                                            often called “chess on ice” but more closely resembles bocce or
                                                                            shuffleboard. With the rigorous sweeping required for many
                                                                            shots, the game is a cardiovascular workout. The goal is to slide
                                                                            your stone closest to the target and then maintain that advantage
                                                                            while your competitor tries to get closer or knock your stone out.
                                                                            Bring clean, flat, rubber-soled shoes (sneakers), a warm sweater
                                                                            and gloves. All sessions located at the Rochester Curling club, 71
                                                                            Deep Rock Rd., Rochester, 14624. Curling will continue in the
                                                                            Winter Brochure.

Fall Frisbee Golf
Recreation Staff                                Sep 19-Oct 10
251.408 Sat      Ages 6-11         9:30-10:30am   Fee: $20.00
                               Spiegel Community Center Field
This is a non-competitive co-ed recreational program. We will
teach your children how to throw a Frisbee at targets to score
points. This game is a popular sport. This is a great way to get out
and exercise in a fun way.
Parents are encouraged to participate. Cost is just for the child.
Adults are free.

Fencing for Beginners
Rochester Fencing Club, Instructor
288.401 Sat Ages 6-12 Sep 12-Oct 17       10:00-11:00am Fee: $86.00
288.402 Sat Ages 13+ Sep 12-Oct 17        11:00-12:00pm Fee: $86.00
288.403 Sat Ages 6-12 Oct 31-Dec 12       10:00-11:00am Fee: $86.00
288.404 Sat Ages 13+ Oct 31-Dec 12        11:00-12:00pm Fee: $86.00         Basic Skating Skills for Adults
                                             Rochester Fencing Club         ESL Sports Centre, Instructor
                                                                            177.410 Fri     Sep 11-Oct 30 6:25-7:15pm    Fee: $80.00
Today’s fencing is a unique, fast paced workout. It is a sport              177.411 Fri     Nov 13-Dec 18 6:25-7:15pm    Fee: $80.00
that helps develop strength, endurance, speed, coordination                 Ages 18 and up                         ESL Sports Centre
and flexibility. While highly physical, it is also a mental game,
enhancing concentration, decision making and problem solving                A skating class designed for adults. Classes cover a wide range
abilities. Fencing is an individual lifetime sport that can enhance         of skating skills from basic forward and backward moves to more
your self-confidence and resistance to stress. Rochester is one              advanced elements and maneuvers. Skaters will be divided into
of the premier training centers in the country and has produced             groups based on their ages and ability levels for 25-minute group
National Champions, World Champions and Olympians. Come                     lessons with 25 minutes of additional practice time. Basic Skills
try this ideal sport for all ages. Rochester Fencing is located at          is a nationally recognized program accredited by the USFSA.
777 Culver Rd.                                                              Figure skates and hockey skates (limited amount) are available
                                                                            to rent for an additional $3 per class. Please be aware that other
No class on Nov 28                                                          classes of all ages will be running at the same time. This class is
                                                                            offered at ESL Sports Centre located at 2700 Brighton Henrietta
                                                                            Town Line Rd.

                                                                                   Register Online at
                                                                                                                       11                                                             Fall 2009
Basic Skating Skills for Tots                                               Tennis Instruction
ESL Sports Centre, Instructor                                               David Strebel, Instructor                     Sep 20-Oct 21
177.401 Wed Sep 16-Oct 28           1:00-2:00pm    Fee: $85.00              165.402 Sun      Ages 5 and up 3:00-4:30pm      Fee: $75.00
177.402 Wed Nov 4-Dec 16            1:00-2:00pm    Fee: $75.00              165.403 Wed Ages 18 and up 10:00-11:30am Fee: $75.00
Ages 3-6                                     ESL Sports Centre                                         Thornell Farm Park-Tennis Courts
A skating class designed for skaters 3-6 years of age with little or        This tennis program is set up to accommodate all levels. The goal
no skating experience. Skaters will learn basic balance skills in a         of the program will be to teach basic strokes, strategies and later
fun, introductory class that follows the curriculum of the United           put them into drills and games that will show tennis can be a lot
States Figure Skating Association. Group lessons are 20 minutes             of fun to play.
in length with 40 minutes of additional practice time. Figure
                                                                            For players who are intermediate or advanced, the drills will not
skates and hockey skates (limited amount) are available to rent
                                                                            only teach fundamentals, but show them to incorporate the skills
for an additional $3 per class. This class is offered at ESL Sports
                                                                            into strategies that will help them when playing matches. Dave
Centre located at 2700 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd.
                                                                            Strebel, USPTA Pro, will coordinate the program and his staff will
Basic Skills Skating Class                                                  be teaching the class. Dave has been a Rochester area tennis pro
ESL Sports Centre, Instructor                                               for over 30 years and a Certified USPTA teaching professional for
177.404 Mon Sep 14-Oct 26           5:35-6:50pm    Fee: $100.00             25 years. He was named NYS Tennis Coach of the year in 1994.
177.405 Wed Sep 16-Oct 28           5:35-6:50pm    Fee: $100.00
177.406 Sat Sep 12-Oct 31           11:20-12:35pm Fee: $80.00               Indoor Tennis
177.407 Mon Nov 2-Dec 14            5:35-6:50pm    Fee: $100.00             David Strebel, Instructor                     Oct 18-Nov 22
177.408 Wed Nov 4-Dec 16            5:35-6:50pm     Fee: $90.00             165.404 Sun                      5:00-6:30pm    Fee: $115.00
177.409 Sat Nov 14-Dec 19           11:20-12:35pm Fee: $80.00               165.405 Sun                      5:30-7:00pm    Fee: $115.00
Ages 3 and up                                 ESL Sports Centre             165.406 Sun                      2:00-3:30pm    Fee: $115.00
                                                                            165.407 Sun                      3:00-5:00pm    Fee: $150.00
Classes cover a wide range of skating skills from basic forward             Ages 4 and up             Harley School Indoor-Tennis Courts
and backward moves to more advanced elements and maneuvers.
Skaters will be divided into groups based on their ages and ability         This tennis program is set up to accommodate all levels of play.
levels for 25 min group lessons with 50 min of additional practice          Instructor is a USPTA Pro. The goal of the program is to teach
time. Basic Skills is a nationally recognized program accredited            basic strokes and later put them into drills and games, which will
by the USFSA. Figure skates and hockey skates (limited amount)              demonstrate how tennis can be a lot of fun to play. For players
are available to rent for an additional $3 per class. This class is         who are intermediate or advanced level, the drills which will not
offered at ESL Sports Centre located at 2700 Brighton Henrietta             only teach fundamentals but show them how to incorporate the
Town Line Rd.                                                               skills into strategies that will help them when playing matches.
                                                                            Harley School Indoor Tennis Courts are located at 1981 Clover
                                                                            Street in Brighton.

                                                                            Junior Tennis
                                                                            Jeff Wagstaff, Instructor
                                                                            342.401 Thu      Sep 10-Oct 8   4:00-6:00pm    Fee: $130.00
                                                                            342.402 Sat      Sep 12-Oct 10 10:00-11:30am Fee: $98.00
                                                                            Ages 7-18                  Thornell Farm Park-Tennis Courts
                                                                            This concentrated tennis program is committed to the development
                                                                            of junior tennis. Classes are designed so that each player receives
                                                                            individual attention, based on his or her natural style. Each student
                                                                            is encouraged to reach his/her greatest potential by experiencing
                                                                            competitive drills designed to teach students to react instinctively
                                                                            to the ball. Match play skills are developed to prepare the player
                                                                            for the High School Junior Varsity/Varsity Tennis Team. When
                                                                            the weather is questionable, please call Jeff Wagstaff (334-8897)
                                                                            one hour in advance of the class. Participants should follow up
                                                                            immediately with instructor regarding make-ups. Student to Pro
                                                                            Ratio is 6:1.

                                                                            Youth Tennis
                                                                            Grace Woo, Instructor                             Sep 12-Oct 10
                                                                            128.401 Sat                       9:00-10:00am      Fee: $45.00
                                                                            Ages 7-9                       Thornell Farm Park-Tennis Courts
                                                                            Designed for young beginner tennis players. We will teach the basic
                                                                            tennis strokes and do some game playing to show the fun side of
                                                                            tennis. Registrant must provide tennis racquet. When the weather
                                                                            is questionable, please call Grace Woo (334-8897) one hour in
                                                                            advance of class. Participants should follow up immediately with
                                                                            the instructor regarding makeups. Student to Pro ratio is 8:1.

Fall 2009                                                              12                                    
Indoor Women’s Tennis
Jeff Wagstaff, Instructor
165.405 Wed Oct 14-Nov 11            9:30-11:00am      Fee: $115.00
165.406 Thu Oct 15-Nov 12            9:30-11:00am      Fee: $115.00
Ages 18 & above                            Mendon Racquet Club
All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced. The tennis
classes will be instructional in nature with a focus on proper grips,
footwork, and movement to ball. The single drills will consist of
forehand/backhand groundstrokes, first and second serves, return
of serve. The doubles drills will focus on court position and spin
serves, reflex volleys, half-volley drills, overheads and return of
serve. For more information contact Jeff Wagstaff (USPTA
Instructor) at 334-8897. Classes are held at Mendon Racquet
Club (624-2310) 80 Topspin Drive, Pittsford.
                                                                             Bridge: Defense / Heart Class
Indoor Junior Tennis                                                         Mary Lyke, Instructor                       Sep 15-Nov 10
Jeff Wagstaff, Instructor                                                    273.406 Tue                    9:30-11:30am    Fee: $56.00
128.408 Wed Oct 14-Nov 11            4:00-6:00pm   Fee: $150.00              273.407 Materials Fee Required                 Fee: $16.00
128.409 Fri      Oct 16-Nov 13       4:00-6:00pm   Fee: $150.00              Ages 18 and up                      Spiegel Center Rm 102
128.410 Sat      Oct 17-Nov 14       1:00-3:00pm   Fee: $150.00              Improve your defense; practice the basics and learn the tactics
Ages 7-18                                  Mendon Racquet Club               used by the experts to defeat contracts. Students will learn to
This concentrated tennis program for beginner/advanced players               plan a complete defense. This is the third in a series of bridge
is committed to the development of junior tennis. Classes are                courses created by Audrey Grant and published by the American
designed so that each player receives individual attention, based            Contract Bridge League (ACBL). Great book with quizzes,
on his or her natural style. Each student is encouraged to reach             answers and hands that illustrate these techniques. The course is
their greatest potential by experiencing competitive drills designed         taught in a fun, easy-to-learn way by an ABCL accredited teacher.
to teach students to react instinctively to the ball. For student            Instruction is followed by play of the hand.
placement or more information contact Jeff Wagstaff (USPTA                   No class on Oct 6
Instructor) at 334-8897. Classes are held at Mendon Racquet
Club (624-2310) 80 Topspin Drive, Pittsford.
            Cards and Games                                                  Pittsford Ballet Pre-Ballet
                                                                             Karen Hanson, Instructor                        Sep 18-Dec 18
Bridge: Doubles                                                              174.401 Fri     Ages 5-6           4:15-5:00pm    Fee: $102.00
Cheryl Holcomb, Instructor                        Oct 19-Nov 23              174.402 Fri     Ages 6-7           5:15-6:00pm    Fee: $102.00
273.401 Mon                          9:30-11:30am    Fee: $48.00                                               Spiegel Center Dance Studio
Ages 18 and up                            Spiegel Center Rm 102
                                                                             Introduction to simple ballet movements, moving with music and
The material covered in this course is taken from bridge books               imaginative mime. Registrant must provide a plain black or light
such as More Commonly Used Conventions, Improving your                       blue leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers and hair pinned
Judgment, Doubles and Audrey Grant. We will review Take Out                  up securely. No skirts please.
Doubles, Negative Doubles, Cooperative Doubles and Balancing
                                                                             No class on Nov 26, 27 & Dec 11
Doubles. There will be hand- outs on the topics. This class is for
Intermediate Bridge level participants.

Bridge: Beginning-How to Bid
Mary Lyke, Instructor                       Sep 17-Nov 12
273.403 Thu                    12:30-2:30pm    Fee: $56.00
273.404 Materials Fee Required                 Fee: $16.00
Ages 18 and up                      Spiegel Center Rm 102
Join thousands of people who play this fascinating game. Bridge
is both a mental challenge and a way to meet new friends. This
course is designed for the absolute beginning bridge player or the
player returning to bridge who needs to review the bidding and
play and wants to learn the newest bids and techniques. This is
the first in a series of American Contract Bridge League courses
designed by Audrey Grant and taught in a fun, easy-to-learn way
by a trained teacher. Instruction followed by play of the hand.
No class on Oct 8                                                 13                                                            Fall 2009
                                                                        Dance Like a Wildcat!                                 New!
                                                                        Laura Engin, Instructor                          Sep 12-Oct 17
                                                                        123.401 Sat                        1:00-1:45pm    Fee: $54.00
                                                                        Ages 7-11                               Spiegel Center Rm 211
                                                                        Students will learn a dance to a High School Musical song. Dance
                                                                        experience is not required, just a love for High School Musical!
                                                                        For the last class students will perform what they’ve learned for
                                                                        their family and friends. Come dressed to move in comfortable
                                                                        clothing and wear sneakers. Students should bring a water bottle.
                                                                        Go Wildcats!

                                                                        Ballroom Dance I
                                                                        Virginia Fairfax-ZuZero, Instructor           Sep 15-Nov 17
                                                                        253.401 Tue                       7:15-8:15pm     Fee: $80.00
                                                                        Ages 18 and up                   Spiegel Center Dance Studio
                                                                        America has really embraced the dance craze. So what are you
                                                                        waiting for? Ballroom Dancing is great exercise and fun to do.
                                                                        Learn the most popular dances, a smooth Foxtrot, Latin Rhumba
                                                                        and jiving swing. It’s touch dancing, the only activity you do
                                                                        together. For beginners or revive your dancing. Please sign up
                                                                        with a partner and wear leather-soled shoes to move with ease
                                                                        on the dance floor. Assisted by Dave and Kathy Cooper. Fee is
                                                                        per person.
Pittsford Ballet School
Karen Hanson, Instructor                         Sep 14-Dec 19
174.403 Sat     Beg. Only         1 hr class      Fee: $117.00
174.404 1 class/week              1.5 hr class    Fee: $146.25
174.405 2 classes/week            1.5 hr class    Fee: $286.00
174.406 3 classes/week            1.5 hr class    Fee: $419.25
174.407 4 classes/week            1.5 hr class    Fee: $546.00
174.408 5 classes/week            1.5 hr class    Fee: $682.50
174.409 1 class/week-pointe       .5 hr class     Fee: $ 52.00
174.410 2 classes/week-pointe     .5 hr class     Fee: $104.00
174.411 3 classes/week-pointe     .5 hr class     Fee: $156.00
174.412 single class              1.5 hr class    Fee: $ 14.00
174.413 single pointe class       .5 hr class     Fee: $ 5.00

**YOUTH** (ages 8 - 18)
Mon Advanced Beginner             4:30-6:00pm Ages 9 & Up
Mon Intermediate/Advanced         8:00-9:30pm Ages 14 & Up
Tue  Intermediate                 4:30-6:00pm Ages 11 & Up
Tue  Pointe                       6:00-6:30pm Ages 11 & Up
Thu Intermediate                  4:30-6:00pm Ages 11 & Up
Thu Pointe                        6:00-6:30pm Ages 11 & Up
Sat  Beginners class              10:15-11:15am Ages 8 & Up
Sat  Advanced Beginner            11:15-12:45pm Ages 9 & Up
Sat  Intermediate/Advanced        12:45-2:15pm Ages 13 & Up
Sat  Pointe                        2:15-2:45pm Ages 13 & Up

Tue  Advanced Beginner           10:00-11:30am Adults only
Thu Beginner                     10:00-11:30am Adults only
Fri  Intermediate                10:00-11:30am Adults only
                                 Spiegel Center Dance Studio
Registrants must provide plain black leotards, pink tights, pink
ballet slippers, and have hair pinned up securely.
--Advanced Beginner: minimum 1 year training
--Intermediate: minimum 3 yrs training
--Advanced: minimum 5 yrs training
Recommend youth Adv/Beg enroll in 2 classes/week
                                                                            Register Online at
(unless provisions are made with the instructor.)
Pointe may be taken with permission of instructor.
No class on Oct 12, Nov 23-28, Dec 12
Fall 2009                                                          14                                 
    Register Online at

Ballroom Dance II
Virginia Fairfax-ZuZero, Instructor            Sep 15-Nov 17
253.402 Tue                    8:15-9:15pm         Fee: $80.00
Ages 18 and up                    Spiegel Center Dance Studio
Make your dancing more exciting, strengthen your lead and
follow, put more pizzazz in your style, learn new moves in Latin
and American Rhythms and vote for your favorite dances. Please
sign up with a partner and wear leather-soled shoes. Intermediate
Prerequisite: 2-3 years beginners or good foundation in ballroom
dancing. Assisted by David & Kathy Cooper. Fee is per person.

Belly Dance
Deborah Robinson, Instructor                  Sep 9-Nov 4                   Rochester Dancesport Academy
158.402 Wed               7:30-8:30pm          Fee: $72.00                  Michelle Madore, Instructor
Ages 14 and up                      Spiegel Center Rm 209                   300.406  Tue   Latin      9/8-11/10           7:45-8:40pm   Fee: $130.00
                                                                            300.404  Wed   Teen       9/9-11/11           6:00-6:55pm   Fee: $130.00
Belly Dance, with its graceful movements, strengthens core
                                                                            300.405  Thu   Kids       9/10-11/12          5:00-5:55pm   Fee: $130.00
muscles as well as tones arms, legs and hips. This ancient art              300.403  Thu   Ballroom 9/10-11/12            7:45-8:40pm   Fee: $130.00
form works with the body in movements that come naturally to
the female form. Benefits include improved posture, balance and              Ballroom             Ages 16 and up         Spiegel Center Dance Studio
grace. Compelling rhythms from Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey                    Teen                 Ages 13-20             Spiegel Center Dance Studio
inspire the expressive movements of Middle Eastern Dance, which             Latin                Ages 16 and up               Spiegel Center Rm 210
celebrates the beauty and strength of all women. Choreography               Kids                 Ages 8-13                    Spiegel Center Rm 210
will be taught to incorporate the movements that are learned.               Learn to dance with a partner. Never be bored at a wedding or
Come and enjoy the fun and inspire your inner goddess!                      social event again! The Latin Class covers Salsa, Merengue, Cha
No class on Oct 14                                                          Cha, Rhumba, etc. You could take the Ballroom Class, where
                                                                            you will learn the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, etc. Our Teen Class
Beginner Swing Dance                                                        will teach some Latin and some Smooth. A World Champion
Richard Newman & Esther Brill, Instructors                                  Ballroom Dancer teaches these classes. Swing up with a partner
260.401 Wed Sep 16-Oct 21 7:00-8:15pm         Fee: $66.00                   and wear shoes with little or no traction.
260.403 Wed Nov 4-Dec 16 7:00-8:15pm          Fee: $66.00
Ages 16 and up            12 Corners Presbyterian Church
                                                                            Fee is per person.

Welcome to the world of swing! Join us and learn this exuberant             Dance Conditioning Class
partner dance enjoying a huge revival. Learn footwork, lead and             Michelle Madore, Instructor                            Sep 8-Nov 10
follow, turns and cool moves. We teach swing dancing from                   300.401 Tue                              6:45-7:40pm     Fee: $80.00
scratch, so no prior experience is needed. Classes are taught in            Ages 15 and up                                Spiegel Center Rm 210
a fun, relaxed atmosphere! Class will take place at the Twelve              This class is designed to help dancers of every genre to excel at what
Corners Presbyterian Church, 1200 Winton Rd. South. Fee is per              they do. It is also great for non-dancers who want a challenging
person but you may register with or without a partner.                      workout with an eye toward sculpting long, lean muscles and core
                                                                            strength. Stretch, strength, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning
Chinese Dance                                                               exercises designed to maximize dance performance or just shape
Annie Chei, Instructor                             Sep 5-Dec 19
                                                                            your body to look like a dancer. Dance sneakers, socks or ballet
226.406 Sat                12:30-2:00pm             Fee: $110.00
Ages 8 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 209
                                                                            slippers required. Taught by a world Champion Dancer.

Chinese Dance School of Rochester offers structured dance                   Jazz Dance Advanced
training in Chinese classical, folk and contemporary dance for              Shirley Reback, Instructor                              Sep 8-Dec 22
children. Curriculum includes body aesthetics/barre/technique/              275.401 Tue                           6:45-7:30pm        Fee: $108.00
repertoire. Students participate in many local performance and              Ages 12-18                                     Spiegel Center Rm 211
community events. Registrants must have pink leotards, pink                 Jazz shoes or ballet slippers are required, along with leotards or
tights, and white ballet slippers and hair pinned up securely before        jazz pants. Please see Shirley if interested in trading or buying
coming to class.                                                            shoes or call her at home 381-0022.
No Class on Nov 28.                                                15                                                                 Fall 2009
                                                                              Babysitter’s Training
                                                                              American Red Cross, Instructor                      Nov 7
                                                                              154.401 Sat                    9:00am-4:30pm Fee: $58.00
                                                                              Ages 11-15                          Spiegel Center Rm 201
                                                                              This course is designed to provide youth (ages 11-15) who are
                                                                              planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to
                                                                              safely and responsibly give care for children and infants. This
                                                                              training will help participants to develop leadership skills; learn
                                                                              how to develop a babysitting business; keep themselves and
                                                                              others safe and help children behave. In addition to learning
                                                                              about basic child care, participants will acquire the knowledge and
                                                                              skills necessary to give care in an emergency. Thorough hands-
                                                                              on practice, the successful candidate will receive certification
                                                                              as an American Red Cross babysitter as well as certification in
                                                                              American Red Cross First Aid. Students are required to bring a
                                                                              self-addressed stamped envelope to the class. An American Red
                                                                              Cross Babysitter’s Kit will be available for purchase on the day of
                                                                              class, but is not required. The drawstring backpack style kits cost
Tap Dance Advanced                                                            $10 each, payable in cash or check to the American Red Cross.
Shirley Reback, Instructor                         Sep 8-Dec 22               Brown bag lunches are required.
146.408 Tue                          6:00-6:45pm    Fee: $108.00
Ages 12-18                                Spiegel Center Rm 211               American Red Cross –
                                                                              Safe on Your Own                                          New!
Come join us for classical tappin’ fun with music from the 60’s to
                                                                              American Red Cross, Instructor                      Oct 17
present. See Shirley if interested in trading or buying shoes or call
                                                                              308.402 Sat                 10:00am-12:00pm Fee: $22.00
her at home at 381-0022.                                                      Ages 8-11                           Spiegel Center Rm 102
Tap and Jazz Beg/Int                                                          Ensure your children are safe at home if they have to be alone. Safe
Shirley Reback, Instructor                        Sep 8-Dec 22                on Your Own, a new Red Cross Safety training course, will teach
146.406 Tue                     5:00-6:00pm        Fee: $144.00               youngsters ages 8-11 the basic of being protected. Participants
Ages 8-12                                Spiegel Center Rm 211                will learn tips on how to answer the phone, what to do if a stranger
Fundamental tap steps and basic jazz are stressed to develop                  is at the door or if there is a power outage, basic first aid and much
routines to music. Registrants must provide leotard or jazz pants,            more. The program includes video support and a workbook that
and tap shoes and jazz shoes. Please see Shirley if interested in             will serve as a take-home reference for the children.
buying or trading shoes or call her at home at 381-0022.

Tap and Ballet
Shirley Reback, Instructor
146.401  Mon 9/14-12/21       Ages 3-5    1:00-2:00pm     Fee: $135.00
146.402  Tue    9/8-12/22     Ages 4-6    1:30-2:30pm     Fee: $144.00
146.403  Wed 9/9-12/23        Ages 3-4    9:00-10:00am Fee: $144.00
146.404  Thu    9/10-12/17    Ages 4-6    9:00-10:00am Fee: $126.00
146.405  Thu    9/10-12/17    Ages 3-4    10:00-11:00am Fee: $126.00
                                                Spiegel Center Rm 211
Fundamental tap steps and basic ballet are stressed to develop
routines to music. Registrant must provide leotard, tap shoes and
pink ballet slippers. Please see Shirley if interested in buying
or trading shoes or call her at home at 381-0022. One-year
experience required for Tuesday classes.
No class on Nov 26.

Teeny Tiny Tap and Ballet
Shirley Reback, Instructor                        Sep 10-Dec 17
146.409 Thu                     12:00-1:00pm        Fee: $126.00
Ages 2-3                                  Spiegel Center Rm 211
Have fun while learning the basic steps in tap and ballet personality
songs and cute routines. Tap and ballet shoes are required. See
Shirley if interested in trading or buying shoes or call her at home
at 381-0022.
No class on Nov 26.
Fall 2009                                                                16                                    
American Red Cross -
Pet First Aid
American Red Cross, Instructor                      Nov 14
308.401 Sat                     9:30am-1:00pm Fee: $50.00
                *Additional family members Fee: $35.00
Ages 11 and up (11-15 year olds must be accompanied by
an adult)
                                     Spiegel Center Rm 102
This course is designed to train dog and cat owners how to respond
to life-threatening emergencies such as choking, poisoning, and
exposure to extreme weather conditions. Use life-like dog and
cat mannequin to learn how to perform pet CPR and First Aid,
recognize symptoms, and provide care for common pet emergencies
such as allergic reactions and car accidents. Course includes a
textbook with DVD that will continue to serve as a reference for
the pet owner. An American Red Cross Pet First Aid kit will
be available for purchase from the instructor on the day of the
class, but is not required. The kits cost $16 each, payable in cash
or check. Each kit is stocked with a wealth of first aid supplies
including gauze, cleansing pads and solution, a pen flashlight,
mylar emergency blanket and eyewash among other important
items. Also included is a basic first aid instruction card.                    Dog Obedience - Puppy
                                                                              K-9 Companion Obedience Training, Instructors
Defensive Driving                                                                                                          Sep 20-Oct 25
Cindy St. George, Instructor                                                  297.403 Sun                   2:00-2:45pm      Fee: $80.00
362.401 Sat          9/12    9:30am-3:30pm Fee: $45.00                        Ages 16 and up                      Spiegel Center Rm 101
362.402 Tue & Thu 10/20 & 22 6:00-9:00pm     Fee: $45.00                      This class is open to puppies 10 weeks of age to 5 months old.
362.403 Sat          11/14   9:30am-3:30pm Fee: $45.00
                                                                              With the use of positive motivation, we establish successful
Ages 16 and up                    Spiegel Center Rm 201
                                                                              training routines. Our classes will cover ways to stop nipping,
Empire Safety Council, New York State and DMV approved,                       excessive barking, jumping and pulling while on a leash during
offers two great ways to save for New York State licensed drivers.            walks. This class is perfect for socializing your puppy. Proof of
First, complete this informative six-hour workshop and receive a              vaccinations is required. All family members are encouraged to
10% reduction on the liability and collision premiums of your auto            participate.
insurance for three years. Each member of a family completing the
                                                                              Please do not bring your dog to the first class.
workshop is also entitled to the 10% reduction provided they are
a primary operator on a vehicle listed on the policy. Secondly, you           Dog Obedience - Beginner
may be eligible to reduce up to four points on your driving record.           K-9 Companion Obedience Training, Instructors
An experienced certified instructor will lead the program using                                                                    Sep 20-Nov 8
a wide array of teaching techniques appealing to motorists of all             297.401 Sun                           1:00-2:00pm     Fee: $90.00
ages. The focus of the Traffic Survival Workshop is developing                 Ages 16 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 101
improved driving awareness, prevention skills and defensive                   Dogs ages 5 months and up are welcome to attend this class.
driving strategies. Saturday courses break for a ½ hour lunch.                Classes are held once a week for 8 weeks. In this class, your dog
Feel free to bring in your own coffee and or beverages.                       will learn basic obedience; sit, down, stay, come and heel. We will
Foster Parenting in Monroe County                                             also address problems such as nipping, barking and housebreaking.
Alison Miller, Instructor                                  Nov 5              Proof of vaccinations is required. If you believe aggression is an
280.401 Thu                           7:00-8:00pm         No Fee              issue, please call for a free phone consultation before registering for
Ages 21 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 101              the class at (585) 594-1011. All family members are encouraged
                                                                              to participate.
Do you want to make a difference in a child’s life? If so, consider
becoming a foster parent for children in our community who                    Please do not bring your dog to the first class.
need loving, nurturing, and safe homes. This informational
presentation will discuss the certification process and other details
                                                                              Pittsford Village Walk
                                                                              Bob Corby, Instructor                                     Sep 12
associated with becoming a foster parent in Monroe County. In
                                                                              324.402 Sat                           10:00am-12:00pm No Fee
addition to the presenter, a foster parent will be available to answer        No age limit                            Wiltsie Memorial Building
all your questions. Applications will be provided should you wish
to apply. You must be 21 years old to be a foster parent. For more            Mayor of the Village of Pittsford, Bob Corby, will give a brief
information, call the Foster Care Information Line at 334-9096.               overview of Pittsford’s history and lead an informal walk visiting
                                                                              many of the village’s historic buildings and sites. The group will
Registration is required.                                                     meet inside the village’s historic Wiltsie Memorial Building at
                                                                              21 North Main Street. Please bring umbrellas and comfortable
                                                                              walking shoes.
                                                                              Pre-registration is required.                                                  17                                                                 Fall 2009
ArtsRoc – Chinese
Language Class
ArtsRoc, Instructor                             Sep 8-Dec 22
100.401 Tue Youth Class Ages 5-12    4:30-5:30pm Fee: $240.00
100.402 Tue Adult Class Ages 18 & up 5:30-6:30pm Fee: $240.00
                                         Spiegel Center Rm 205
Students enrolled in this class will work towards a basic
understanding of Mandarin Chinese. Students will learn to speak
and converse in Chinese, write and recognize characters, and
understand and learn about Chinese culture. Students will have
a chance to interact with each other, as well as their instructor,
a native Chinese speaker during every class. For more detailed
information on this program visit

SAT Prep Course
Donna LaVeck & Chris Burruto, Instructor      Sep 23-Oct 28
355.401 Wed                     7:00-9:00pm    Fee: $125.00
355.402 Materials fee required                   Fee: $ 5.00
Ages 15-18                     Spiegel Center Rm 101 & 102
This course is designed to give high school students the skills              Financial Management
necessary to improve their English and Math SAT scores. It is                William Kalwas, Instructor                                 Oct 6
intended for juniors and seniors who plan to take the SAT on Nov             286.413 Tue                           6:30-8:30pm         No Fee
                                                                             Ages 18 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 202
7. Students will be introduced to a variety of test taking strategies
as well as Math and English concepts to help them achieve highly             This class will teach the importance of financial planning and
successful SAT scores. This class fills quickly. Register early to            setting goals. Participants will learn strategies for budgeting,
get a spot.                                                                  investment basics, money accumulation, risk management and
No refunds after the first class.                                             insurance programs. Other topics that will be discussed are
                                                                             retirement planning and how to maximize your retirement
SAT Part III Prep: Essay Writing                                             income.
Danielle M. Bronson, Instructor                Sep 22-Oct 6                  Registration is required.
338.401 Tue                     7:00-8:00pm     Fee: $45.00
Ages 15-18                           Spiegel Center Rm 201                   Don’t Put Your Estate at Risk!
The SAT now includes an intensive writing section that goes                  John Summers, Instructor                                   Oct 20
beyond the traditional verbal section material. This class focuses           286.412 Tue                           6:00-7:30pm      Fee: $8.00
                                                                             Ages 18 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 202
on maximizing your success by learning techniques to tackle the
multiple-choice section. Students will also learn specific outlining          Have you given any thought about how you will pay for long-
and brainstorming techniques for the essay section.                          term care in the future? This workshop will answer questions and
                                                                             get you started on how to plan for nursing home care, long term
College Application Essay Writing                                            in home care, assisted living, and adult day care. Planning now
Danielle M. Bronson, Instructor               Sep 1-Sep 15                   can be a wise move to protect your hard earned assets. Everyone
338.402 Tue                     6:00-7:00pm     Fee: $30.00                  attending will receive a guide to buying Long Term Care Insurance,
Ages 15-18                           Spiegel Center Rm 201                   Medicaid and Medicare explanations. The government even
Did you know that many colleges now require up to 4 different                allows you tax deductions now to plan for this future cost. There
application essays? College essay writing is a workshop focusing             are several things you can do in advance to position yourself for
on the writing process from picking a topic to completing a                  the care you may need. 1 in every 2 Americans over the age of 65
draft. We will discuss what colleges are really looking for when             will need some form of long-term care. Do not put your estate
evaluating these essays, and how you can best represent yourself.            at risk.

Paying for College Now                                                       Savvy Social Security Planning
Diane B. Hajecki, CFP                                                        for Boomers
311.401     Wed      Sep 16            6:30-8:30pm      No Fee               Michael Chabalik, Instructor                               Oct 20
311.402     Wed      Oct 21            6:30-8:30pm      No Fee               286.408 Tue                           6:30-8:15pm         No Fee
Ages 18 and up                         Spiegel Center Room 205               Ages 40 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 102
This course will provide information on how you can beat the                 After being told for years that Social Security is “going broke,”
high cost of college and avoid going broke. The course will cover            baby boomers are realizing that it will soon be their turn to collect.
the following; how to send your child to an expensive private                The decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact
university for less than a state school, how to double even triple           on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your
your eligibility for financial aid and how to pick the colleges who           lifetime. This one night course will answer many questions you
will give you the best financial aid package.                                 have including, will Social Security be there for you to receive?
                                                                             How much can you expect to receive? When should you apply?
                                                                             How can you maximize your benefits? How do you best coordinate
                                                                             them with other retirement income sources?
Fall 2009                                                               18                                    
Investment Basics; There Are
No Stupid Questions!
                                                           New!                            Family and Youth
Michael Chabalik, Instructor                               Nov 3              Alternatives for Kids
286.407 Tue                              6:30-8:15pm      No Fee              Recreation Staff                                    Sep 8-Dec 22
Ages 40 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 102              299.401 Mon-Fri                       3:00-6:00pm    Fee: $460.00
In the past few years finances and investments have been on the                Ages 8-13                                  Spiegel Center Rm 105
forefront of news headlines. There are a lot of terms commonly                This program offers supervision for children ages 8-13 that are not
used such as mutual funds, large-cap, mid-cap, mortgage backed                ready to stay home alone, providing structured units of time for
securities, money markets, exchange traded funds and equities.                homework, group activities, and independent playtime. Snacks
Do you know what all they mean? This course is intended to                    will be provided along with crafts, table games, outdoor play and
define the very basics of investment terminology, methodology                  indoor gym activities. This program is not open on days school is
and how they could potentially affect you. Bring your questions!              closed.
Long Term Care Planning Seminar                                               No class on Oct 12, Nov 11 or Nov 26 & 27.
Thomas Mulford, CLTC, LTCP, Instructor              Oct 14
286.403 Wed                    7:00-9:00pm         No Fee                                     Fitness, Health
Ages 45 and up                      Spiegel Center Rm 205
AARP Long-Term Care Seminars are designed to educate
                                                                                               and Wellness
members to fully understand the risk and consequences for Long                                                                           New!
Term Care. At a time when people are increasingly worried                     BootCamp
about providing care services for themselves, their spouse or other           Nikki Bittner, Instructor                       Sep 2-Dec 23
family members this planning can ease the worries of a long-term              300.401 Wed                       11:00-12:00pm
disability. Participants will learn how to design an affordable               300.402 Fri                       12:00-1:00pm
                                                                              300.403 Sat                       10:30-11:30am
plan to minimize the burden to their families, their own income
                                                                                                Drop in any day                   Fee $7.00
and their retirement portfolio. Special programs such as the NY
                                                                                                Any 15 classes                   Fee $90.00
State Partnership for Long Term Care will be discussed. AARP
                                                                                                Unlimited classes               Fee $115.00
membership is not required.                                                   Ages 18 and up                            Spiegel Center Gym
Registration is required.                                                     BootCamp is a fun and challenging work-out that will leave you
Invest Like the Pros!                                                         feeling strong and energized. It is a 60 min class that will challenge
Matt Pitti and Ed Cain, Instructors                   Nov 17                  you physically and mentally. Classes consist of calisthenics,
286.402 Tue                       7:00-9:00pm         No Fee                  strength training and core work. Classes are designed to get you
Ages 18 and up                         Spiegel Center Rm 102                  out of your work-out “rut”. No class will ever be the same and
                                                                              neither will you after you attend BootCamp! Get motivated and
What do Harvard, Stanford and Yale Endowment Fund Managers                    become stronger. Nikki Bittner is a Group Exercise Instructor
know that you don’t? Find out how institutional money managers                and Personal Trainer certified through NASM and AFAA.
manage assets and generate exceptional returns compared to the
average investor. Learn how you can take advantage of some of                 No class on Nov 27.
the same concepts on a smaller scale. Do you think you need
to have billions to make the money the pros make? Learn how
                                                                              Nicole Blanding, Instructor                            Sep 8-Dec 17
with as little as $250,000 you can take advantage of opportunities
                                                                              198.402 Tue & Thu                     9:30-10:30am     Fee: $220.00
that others don’t know about. The class will discuss opportunities            198.404 Tue & Thu                     5:00-6:00pm      Fee: $220.00
in structured investment products, leveraged exchange traded
funds, hedge funds, option strategies and more. This seminar is                        Tue       9:30-10:30am            Spiegel Center Rm 209
for the investor that wants to learn about the new products and                        Thu       9:30-10:30am            Spiegel Center Rm 210
strategies that are available today. If you have $250,000 or more                      Tue       5:00-6:00pm             Spiegel Center Rm 209
– you should take this class. Don’t be left behind. Things change,                     Thu       5:00-6:00pm             Spiegel Center Rm 209
investments change, the economy changes, technology changes                   Ages 16 and up
– learn the facts that could take your portfolio to the next level and
                                                                              Participants will learn the basic principles of STOTT PILATES
even decrease your risk in the process.
                                                                              and how to apply these principles to their body. During each class,
                                                                              a series of exercises are performed to strengthen and tone muscles,
                                                                              increase flexibility, and create better body awareness, alignment,
                                                                              and posture. The participants will learn to execute the movements
                                                                              properly gaining the most from the workout. Modifications and
                                                                              small equipment will be used to address an individual’s need
                                                                              for variation based on body type and/or increased resistance.
                                                                              “Essential Pilates” is designed for all levels and abilities. “Power
                                                                              Pilates” is designed for those of you that have had prior PILATES
                                                                              experience. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and
                                                                              bring their own fitness mat. SMW Pilates Studio is located at
                                                                              640 Kreag Road Suite 202. For more information call 899-9785.
                                                                              No class on Nov 19 & 26                                                  19                                                                Fall 2009
                                                                           Self Defense for Women
                                                                           Barb & John Caviglia, Instructors                         Oct 24
                                                                           276.406 Sat                             1:00-5:00pm Fee: $20.00
                                                                           Ages 12 and up                            Spiegel Center Rm 211
                                                                           Have you always wanted to take self defense, but not had the time?
                                                                           Have you taken self defense in the past, and need a refresher? This
                                                                           4 hour seminar will provide you with the basics of self defense
                                                                           in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The class includes highly
                                                                           effective strategies to defend against attacks in a wide variety of
                                                                           situations, as well as anti-panic strategies, mental preparedness
                                                                           and strikes and kicks to vital areas of the body. Our program is
                                                                           research based and provides information on how women actually
                                                                           get away from attackers. This is a great class for mothers and
                                                                           daughters. Highly recommended for college bound women.
                                                                           Great strength or athletic ability are not required. All women can
                                                                           learn to defend themselves.

Vitality Yoga                                                              PeaceFull Kids Yoga Class
Vitality Yoga, Instructor                         Sep 1-Dec 22             Heidi Kaufman, Instructor                        Sept 15-Oct 20
181.440 Tue                         7:30-8:45pm    Fee: $150.00            181.401 Tue     Ages 8-11           4:30-5:30pm      Fee: $66.00
Ages 18 and up                           Spiegel Center Rm 209             181.402 Wed Ages 4-7                4:30-5:30pm      Fee: $66.00
                                                                           181.403 Tue     Ages 3-5            9:30-10:30am     Fee: $66.00
Designed for beginners, this class will raise your body awareness.                                              PeaceFull Kids Yoga Studio
We will practice ways to loosen up “stuck energy” while uplifting
mood and spirit. There is no reason to feel intimidated if you are         For curious kids, a class filled with fun and games. Through
new to yoga. Come revitalize with us.                                      exploring our awesome anatomy, our laughing language, acts in
                                                                           balancing and breathing, kids will expand their knowledge base
No class on Sep 29                                                         while exercising their bodies, improving flexibility, cultivating
                                                                           self-esteem, cooperation with their peers and learning techniques
Reiki First Degree
Janice McNamara, Instructor                    Sep 25 & Sep 26
                                                                           to manage stress, relax and focus. Classes are designed to present
283.405 Fri & Sat                   9:00-5:00pm    Fee: $150.00            yoga poses as a springboard for children to learn more about
Ages 18 and up                                Next Step Holistic           themselves and the world incorporating both active movement
                                                                           and activities as well as guiding students to a place of quiet and
This workshop will be held at Next Step Holistic located on Kreag          relaxation. For the younger ages, we will add fun creative hot air
Road, Suite 201. It is for those seeking a natural form of healing         balloon rides, music, story time and a magic carpet ride. What a
for themselves or others. The class is for anyone interested in            fun way to do yoga. PeaceFull Kids Yoga Studio is located at 2851
learning how to perform Reiki and how it is used along with                Clover Street.
traditional medicine to simply restore energy to prevent illness,
reduce the need for medication, and improve recovery time from             Creating A Healthy Lifestyle
illness or surgical procedures. Feel free to review our web site at        Linda Louison-Krause, Instructor              Sept 30-Nov 4                                                  320.406 Wed                      4:00-5:30pm    Fee: $200.00
                                                                           320.407 Wed                      6:15-7:45pm    Fee: $200.00
Martial Arts for Women                                                     Ages 16 and up                        Spiegel Center Rm 202
Barb & John Caviglia, Instructors                  Sep 10-Nov 23
276.401 1 class/week                                  Fee: $39.00          Change your life and enjoy the journey! If traditional dieting
276.402 Unlimited classes/week                        Fee: $69.00          has not worked for you try a new approach. You will receive
276.403 Instructors/Unlimited                         Fee: $49.00          individual coaching, learn life long skills, and make sustainable
                                                                           lifestyle health changes. In our weekly sessions you will create a
         Mon      6:00-7:30pm                            Rm 210            personal wellness plan, practice relaxation techniques to reduce
         Wed      6:30-8:00pm                       Rm 210 + 211           stress therefore decreasing emotional eating, learning simple yoga
         Thu      6:00-7:30pm                            Rm 210            stretches, and experience the power of group dynamics.
         Sat      9:15-10:45am                           Rm 210            Linda is a professional health educator and a certified wellness
Ages 12 and up                                                             coach and certified primary yoga instructor.
Learn martial arts in a non-macho atmosphere. Have fun. Get fit
and flexible. Reduce stress. Increase your concentration and self-
confidence, and in the process you will acquire real fighting skills.           Register Online at
Experienced black belts teach the traditional elements of karate,
including kata, kicking, punching, and weapons. Since this is a   
school for women only there is emphasis on self defense against
attacks in real life situations. Beginners welcome at all classes.
No class on Oct 10-12

Fall 2009                                                             20                                  
EZ Defense for Children                                                      Karate for Adults
James Creighton, Instructor                          Oct 27 & 28             James Creighton, Instructor
276.430 Tue & Wed                      6:00-8:00pm Fee: $49.00               110.410 Tue    Sep 8-Dec 8          7:45-8:45pm       Fee: $99.00
Ages 6-12                                    Spiegel Center Gym              110.411 Wed Sep 9-Dec 9             7:45-8:45pm       Fee: $99.00
                                                                             110.412 Tue & Wed                                    Fee: $159.00
As a parent, it’s scary thinking about what can happen to our kids
                                                                             Ages 16 and up                               Spiegel Center Gym
when we are not around. After all, we cannot be with them 24
hours a day to protect them. Luckily, we can teach them what to              The adult program is for anyone who wants to learn how to defend
do in a challenging situation just as we teach them what to do in            themselves and gain confidence in a positive and enthusiastic
case of a fire or other emergency. Our class teaches children how             training atmosphere. We focus our training on developing each
to handle themselves in a variety of situations using fun scenarios          individual to their own personal best, by enriching their lives with
and age appropriate role-plays.                                              all of the unique benefits that the martial arts, (Goshin Jutsu) has
                                                                             to offer. We teach this self-defense oriented martial arts class
Karate for Youth-Introductory                                                emphasizing the interaction of the striking arts with the jujitsu
James Creighton, Instructor                                                  arts. Our program is year round and allows each student to
110.401 Tue    Sep 8-Dec 8           5:45-6:15pm        Fee: $75.00          advance up the ranks to black belt. For more information please
110.402 Wed Sep 9-Dec 9              5:45-6:15pm        Fee: $75.00          visit
110.403 Tue & Wed                                      Fee: $115.00
White Belt                                                                   No class on Oct 27 & 28
Ages 6-15                                     Spiegel Center Gym
                                                                             Debbie McVean Aerobics
Designed strictly for new students and current white belts. Our              Deborah McVean, Instructor                           Sep 8-Dec 19
program of the martial arts is an “education-based” curriculum;              214.401 1 class                                        Fee: $5.00
where character building, leadership skills, goal setting and                214.402 ANY 5 classes                                 Fee: $25.00
constant and never ending improvement all play vital roles. This             214.403 ANY 30 classes                                Fee: $60.00
means that in addition to learning traditional techniques of the             214.404 ANY 50 classes                                Fee: $80.00
martial arts, children are also taught the importance of respect,            214.405 Unlimited classes                             Fee: $97.00
self-confidence, self-esteem and anger management. We strive to                        Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri        9:15-10:25am
provide each student with a positive image on how they behave                         Sat                        8:30-9:40am
in the dojo (training hall), home, and school. The introduction                       Mon & Thu                  6:05-7:15pm
program is designed to prepare each student for their yellow belt            Ages 14 and up                              Spiegel Center Gym
training, so that they can further their martial arts training in our        Come join us for a challenging, yet easy-to-follow workout. Great
year round colored belts program. Students are allowed to sign up            fun! Great music! The 70-minute total body energizing class
for more than one night to advance their training if desired. For            includes 40 minutes of high-low aerobics followed by 30 minutes
more information visit                                        of floorwork focused on toning the upper body, legs, hips, thighs,
No class on Oct 27 & 28                                                      and abdominals. Bring your own two 2-4 lb handweights and
                                                                             exercise mats. Instructor holds Physical Education degree and
Karate for Youth - Advanced                                                  Fitness Specialist Certification. Childcare is available through
James Creighton & Pete Reminicky, Instructors                                Pittsford Recreation at an additional cost. For more information
110.404 Tue    Sep 8-Dec 8    6:15-7:00pm       Fee: $99.00                  about childcare, call 248-6295. Drop by before any class and talk
110.405 Wed Sep 9-Dec 9       6:15-7:00pm       Fee: $99.00                  to Debbie about participating in a free class!
110.406 Tue & Wed                              Fee: $159.00
                                                                             No class on Oct 12 & Nov 23-28
Yellow & Orange Belt                   Spiegel Center Gym

110.407 Tue    Sep 8-Dec 8           7:00-7:45pm       Fee: $99.00
110.408 Wed Sep 9-Dec 9              7:00-7:45pm       Fee: $99.00
110.409 Tue & Wed                                     Fee: $159.00
Green Belt & Above                            Spiegel Center Gym
Ages 6-15
COLORED BELTS ONLY. This advanced martial arts for kids
program is a continuation of training after completion of Level
I introduction to the martial arts for children program. Students
signing up for this program must have already achieved their
yellow belt in Goshin Jutsu. After building a basic foundation
of the martial arts in the introduction program, students in the
advanced program are seeking to further their training by learning
different colored belt requirements within the curriculum. The
main emphasis in this program is to focus on the concept of
“constant and never ending improvement”. It is our goal to help
students follow through to the rank of black belt and eventually
advanced study in the adult curriculum. For more information
No class on Oct 27 & 28                                                 21                                                              Fall 2009
Pittsford Nautilus
Andrew Schuler, Owner                                                                   Home and Garden
216.401 3 months                               Fee: $ 99.00
         12 months                            Fee: $325.00
                                                                             Remodeling Your Kitchen
                                                                             Peter Rees, Instructor                                     Oct 1
         3 months w/ freeze policy            Fee: $149.00
                                                                             232.401 Thu                          6:30-9:00pm     Fee: $15.00
         12 months w/ freeze policy           Fee: $399.00
                                                                             Ages 18 and up                            Spiegel Center Rm 102
         Mon - Thu              5:30am-9:30pm
         Fri                    5:30am-8:00pm                                Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Learn how to plan
         Sat                    7:30am-5:00pm                                an efficient kitchen, what to look for in kitchen cabinets, the pros
         Sun                    9:00am-4:00pm                                and cons of refacing versus new cabinets, and the advantages
Ages 13 and up                              Nautilus Area                    of different types of countertops, flooring, sinks and lighting.
Individual fitness programs designed to meet your goals and                   Learn the elements of basic kitchen design and the best order
objectives. The facility includes over 30 separate Nautilus exercises        of having your remodeling work done. Bring all your questions
and Free Weights to develop strength and flexibility for the                  to be answered by a kitchen specialist. Optional materials may
entire body. There are treadmills, computerized bicycles, rowing             be purchased the night of the class, for a fee of $5.00 paid to the
machines, Stairmasters, Elliptical Trainers and Schwinn Air-dynes            instructor.
for cardiovascular development. Visit us at www.pittsfordnautilus.                                                                     New!
com or call 248-6298 for more information.
                                                                             Do It Yourself Tile Installation
                                                                             Jeffrey Brown, Instructor                                   Oct 5
Liz’s Workout                                                                232.411 Mon                          6:00-8:00pm      Fee: $25.00
Liz Woodbury, Instructor                              Sep 2-Dec 19           Ages 18 and up                               Best Tile Showroom
209.401 ANY 5 Classes                                  Fee: $20.00           Learn the In’s and Out’s, Do’s and Don’ts of tile installation. This
209.402 Any 16 Classes                                 Fee: $40.00           hands on tiling experience will take you through design and layout
209.404 Unlimited Classes                              Fee: $99.00           to the actual tile installation. You will actually lay tile and grout
         Mon                         6:15-7:15pm                             in this class. Learn how to create a Kitchen Backsplash, Kitchen
         Wed                         6:15-7:15pm                             Floor, Bathroom Tub and a Stand-alone shower. We will discuss
         Sat                         9:00-10:00am                            all tools and materials needed to tackle any home improvement
Ages 18 and up                            Spiegel Center Rm 209              project. Best Tile Showroom is located at 380 Empire Blvd,
A customized workout program aimed at firming and toning your                 Rochester, NY.
body. The second half of class is structured on developing your
cardiovascular endurance followed by a cool-down period. Various
weight training techniques through the use of hand weights,                             Music and Theater
tubing, and bands. Registrant should bring an exercise mat and 1
to 3 pound weights to class.                                                 Private Piano Lessons
                                                                             Beth Werner, Instructor                            Sep 11- Nov 6
No class on Sept 7 and Oct 12
                                                                             204.401 Fri                          3:00-7:30pm    Fee: $150.00
                                                                             Pay instructor at first class         (materials fee) Fee: $20.00
                                                                             Ages 5 and up                             Spiegel Center Rm 202
                                                                             Please call the Recreation Department to schedule your 30-minute
                                                                             private lesson at 248-6280. An experienced and fun teacher will
                                                                             instruct on how to begin enjoying playing the piano. We will learn
                                                                             about both the basics of piano and music theory. Each student
                                                                             will progress as far as they are able during the 8-week session and
                                                                             have a great time doing it.
                                                                             No class on Oct 2
                                                                             ArtsRoc – Private Voice Lessons
                                                                             ArtsRoc, Instructor
                                                                             164.401 Wed Sep 9-Oct 28             5:00-9:00pm Fee: $215.00
                                                                             164.402 Wed Nov 4-Dec 23             5:00-9:00pm Fee: $170.00
                                                                             Ages 10 and up                            Spiegel Center Rm 201
                                                                             ArtsRoc instructors will provide high quality voice lessons for
                                                                             beginners up to experienced vocal performers. No previous vocal
                                                                             experience is needed. Learn from a trained professional during
                                                                             your half hour, private lesson. Each student will receive one on
                                                                             one instruction from the instructor, which will allow for vocal
                                                                             training at its best! When registering for this program you must
                                                                             be assigned a half hour time slot for your lesson. Please call 248-
                                                                             6280 or visit us in person at the Recreation Department to schedule
                                                                             your individual lesson time. For more detailed information on
                                                                             this program visit

Fall 2009                                                               22                                    
                                                                            Parent and Tot Fun-Time
                                                                            Shirley Reback, Instructor                       Sep 9-Dec 23
                                                                            111.409 Wed                     10:00-11:00am     Fee: $144.00
                                                                            Ages 1-3                                Spiegel Center Rm 211
                                                                            Bring your child and have fun. Work to develop body awareness
                                                                            through circle games, finger play, parachutes and beam, songs and
                                                                            simple tumbling moves. Class requires the regular participation of
                                                                            a parent or suitable adult.

                                                                            Melody Kids
                                                                            Brenda Lincoln, Instructor
                                                                            301.413 Fri      Sep 11-Oct 9       10:00-10:45am Fee: $30.00
                                                                            301.414 Fri      Oct 23-Nov 20      10:00-10:45am Fee: $30.00
                                                                            Ages 1-3                                 Spiegel Center Rm 205
                                                                            Wouldn’t your child or children enjoy singing, dancing, exploring
                                                                            simple instruments (egg shakers, jingle bells & rhythm sticks) and
                                                                            creating fun songs? This class is created for young children and
                                                                            parents to learn musical skills. Come join Miss Brenda for a fun
                                                                            musical time.

                                                                            Signing Kids (Baby Sign
                                                                            Language - Baby & Me)
                                                                            Brenda Lincoln, Instructor                    Sep 10-Oct 15
                                                         New!               184.401 Thu                     10:00-10:45am Fee: $35.00
ArtsRoc–Classical Piano Lessons                                             Ages 6 mos-3yrs with parent or adult Spiegel Center Rm 201
ArtsRoc Instructor                           204.404 Mon
                                                                            You will learn over 90 different signs during weekly lessons, each
Aug 31-Oct 26 3:00-8:00 pm          Fee: $215.00
                                                                            class will focus on specific themes including First Signs, mealtime,
204.405 Mon Nov 2-Dec 21            3:00-8:00 pm Fee: $215.00
Ages 4 and up                            Spiegel Center Rm 202
                                                                            bedtime, bathtime, playtime just to name a few. The effects of
                                                                            language, cognitive and motor development are also discussed.
ArtsRoc instructors will provide high quality classical piano
lessons for beginners up to experienced piano players. No previous          Baby Sign Language -
experience is required. Learn from a trained professional during
                                                                            Beginner Workshop
your half hour, private lesson. Each student will receive one on            Brenda Lincoln, Instructor                          Nov 7
one instruction from the instructor, which will allow for piano             184.402 Sat                    1:00-2:15pm    Fee: $25.00
instruction at its best. When registering for this program you              Ages 6 months-3yrs with an Adult    Spiegel Center Rm 102
must be assigned a half hour time slot for your lesson. Please              You will learn 35+ practical signs (American Sign Language based)
call 248-6280 or visit us in person at the Recreation Department            for general use, some specific to mealtime and two or more familiar
to schedule your individual lesson time. For more detailed                  children’s songs. Throughout the workshop you will be engaged
information on this program visit                           in activities to reinforce the signs that you will be learning.
No class Sep 7
ArtsRoc–Private Guitar Lessons
ArtsRoc, Instructor
132.401 Tue      Sep 8-Oct 27       3:00-8:00pm Fee: $215.00
132.402 Tue      Nov 3-Dec 22       3:00-8:00pm Fee: $215.00
132.403 Thu      Sep 10-Oct 29      3:00-8:00pm Fee: $215.00
132.404 Thu      Nov 5-Dec 17       3:00-8:00pm Fee: $170.00
Ages 4 and up                            Spiegel Center Rm 101
ArtsRoc will instruct students of all levels in guitar instruction.
Learn from a professionally trained musician on how to play the
guitar or expand upon your existing knowledge. All lessons will
be a half hour in length.
Students need to bring their own acoustic or electric guitar. An
amp will be provided for students to use. When registering for this
program you must also be assigned a half hour time slot for your
lesson. Please call 248-6280 or visit us in person at the Recreation
Department to schedule your individual lesson time. For more
detailed information on this program visit
No class Nov 26                                                23                                                             Fall 2009
      Pittsford Senior Citizens
                                      3750 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534
                                     Phone (585) 248-6235 • Flo Dorsey, Director
PITTSFORD SENIOR CITIZENS is sponsored by the                                                             TAI CHI
Town of Pittsford, Department of Senior Citizens, for retired
residents or those 50 years of age and over. There are NO fees                 Taught by the Arthritis Association on Thursday from 2:15-
for membership. The Pittsford Senior Center is open Monday                     3:15pm. This is great for your balance. Cost is $3.00 per class.
through Friday, 9:30am-3:30pm. We hope you will come and                       Your first class is FREE!
spend time with us - either by joining one of our programs, or just
stopping in to meet your friends or make new ones. Our monthly
                                                                                  ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION EXERCISE
newsletter is available at the Senior Center; those wishing to have            Classes meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30am.
the newsletter mailed are asked to contribute $4.00 per year to                This is a gentle motion exercise program to keep your joints
help defray costs.                                                             flexible. Cost is $3.00 per class.

                        CRAFT CLUB                                                          YOGA-FIT FOR SENIORS
Meet each Friday at 9:30am to work on crafts (blankets, hats,                  Mondays & Fridays 11:00–11:50am. Come try this ancient form
mittens, scarves) for charity, or you can bring something of your              of body rehabilitation called yoga. Helps to regain strength, tone
own.                                                                           and flexibility in a nurturing, gentle atmosphere. Learn mind
                                                                               techniques that help to reduce stress, ease your mind, all while
                                                                               strengthening your body. Cost is $3.00 per class. First Class

                                                                                       NIA: BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT
                                                                                                    Non-Impact Aerobics
                                                                                                Presented by Rhonda Wright
                                                                               Classes meet Thursdays, 9:00–10:15am. $4.00 per class - First
                                                                               Class Free! Wear loose-fitting clothing and bring a mat or towel
                                                                               for floor stretching. Nia is a whole-body approach to fitness that
                                                                               encompasses the dance arts, the martial arts, and the healing arts.
                                                                               Through expressive movement and music, Nia invites you to
                                                                               achieve physical, mental, and spiritual fitness and well-being. Nia
                                                                               is adaptable to every level of fitness, every age, and type of body,
                                                                               even those with special limitations.

                                                                                                    MEN’S GROUP
                                                                               Pittsford Senior Citizens sponsors a Men’s Group that meets the
                                                                               second Friday of the month, September through June. Social
                                                                               hour starts at 9:00am, with a guest speaker at 10:00am.
               NUTRITION PROGRAM
                                                                                       AARP 55 ALIVE SAFE DRIVING
 Monday & Wednesday Lunch will be served                                       Classes are held on a regular basis throughout the year, at a
  at NOON at the Pittsford Senior Center                                       cost of $12.00 per person for AARP members, $14.00 for non-
The Nutrition Program offers an opportunity to share in a hot                  members. Completion of the course gives you a discount on your
meal, partake in social activities, and maintain a quality of life that        car insurance. Please call ahead to make a reservation. Call 248-
older adults age 60 or over so richly deserve. Suggested donation              6235 for schedule.
for this lunch is $2.50 a person. This program provides nutrition
screening, assessment, education and counseling to help older                                2009 TRIPS
participants meet their health and nutrition needs. Please call to                    WITH KONING DAYTOURS:
make reservations at 248-6235. We will provide transportation
to and from the Pittsford Senior Center – please call 248-6235.                       “A CHORUS LINE,” Auburn, NY
                      LINE DANCING                                                           Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Beginner Class meets Wednesdays from 9:00 -10:00am.
                                                                                                  $90.00 per person
Regular Class meets Wednesdays from 10:00 -11:00am. Fun,                       ADIRONDACK RAILROAD, Old Forge, NY
entertaining, and great source of exercise! Cost of the program is
$2.50 per class. Your first class is FREE!                                          Thursday, October 1, 2009 $88.00 per person

Fall 2009                                                                 24                                  
                                               ELDERBERRY EXPRESS
                                                         Senior Citizen Center
                                                            (585) 248-6237

                                         Need to get out of the house?
                                           Call Elderberry Express!
       Elderberry Express provides transportation to the senior citizens of Pittsford for
       the following:
       • Pittsford Senior Meeting - Tuesdays
       • Shopping at Wegmans & Pittsford Plaza-Wednesdays
       • The individual’s choice: any weekday doctor, dentist, bank, friend, beauty salon, etc.
                          A donation per trip is appreciated but not required.
                                     Volunteer Drivers Needed

                                                             40th Anniversary
                                                               Celebrating Youth & Families

    Our programs and services include:                   PYS is a unique and important resource for the
    • Individual Counseling                              Pittsford community. We are a not-for-profit
                                                         human service agency that provides Free &
    • Group Counseling
                                                         Confidential social work and counseling services
    • Family Counseling                                  to youth, ages 5 to 21 years old and their families,
    • Prevention Education                               who live, attend school, worship, or work in the
    • Parent Education                                   Town of Pittsford.
           To learn more, call or write to us at:        Staff consists of New York State Licensed Social
                 (585) 248-6299 or by                    Workers (LMSW’s). Services are provided at
             e-mail at                all Pittsford School District buildings, St. Louis
         Spiegel Community Center, Room 208              School and the PYS office.                             25                                                   Fall 2009
    Pittsford Community Library
                                          24 State Street, Pittsford, NY 14534
                                                    (585) 249-5481
            Library Hours - Mon-Thurs 9:00am-9:00pm • Fri 9:00am-6:00pm
                      Sat 10:00am-5:00pm • Sun 1:00pm-5:00pm

From our Children’s Librarians
Jeanne Steinbrenner and Peg Tyler

  Looking for a fun activity to do with your child? How about
  dropping into story time at the library? Beginning the week of
  September 14, the Pittsford Library will offer a variety of weekly
  story times for you and your children to enjoy:

                (ages 18 months to 3 years with a caregiver)
               10:00 am and again at 10:45 am on Mondays

            Book Adventures
                     New time! 2:00 pm on Tuesdays
                                                       (ages 4-5)

            Story Time Stars                           (ages 3-5)
                    10:00 am on Thursdays and Fridays
     All of our story times are drop-in and do not require registration.
                  Pick up a schedule at the children’s desk.

Pittsford Community Library Teen News
Rhonda Rossman, Young Adult Librarian

  Join us this fall for teen movie nights, volunteer opportunities, and practice test opportunities.
  Thank you to all of the wonderful students who volunteered at the library this past summer, helping out with the Teen Summer
  Reading Program, shelving books, and performing assorted tasks in the library. You were a huge help!
  Remember “Live Homework Helper” when you need some help with science, math, social studies or English. Just go to, go to the library page and click on the yellow and blue icon. You will need a library card number to
  use this service. Thanks to the Pittsford Library Foundation for making this valuable tool available to Pittsford students.

Adult Programming News
Rhonda Rossman, Program Librarian

  Our Sunday afternoon travelogue series begins again this fall. Join us on the first Sunday of each month to enjoy slideshows by
  our talented presenters, who travel around the world and bring their experiences home to Pittsford.
  Fall is a great time to join one of our many book clubs. Whether you enjoy mysteries, nonfiction, or classic fiction, we have a
  book group for you! Inquire at the Information Desk for schedules.
  We offer a wide variety of computer classes for all levels. Never touched a mouse? Seeking to improve your computer skills for
  the workplace? Interested in learning new internet search strategies? Check out our calendar or call for the list of upcoming
  classes, 249-5481.
Fall 2009                                                           26                              
                                Pittsford Parks
                                    34 East Street • Pittsford, NY 14534 • 248-6495

      Hold Your
  Special Occasion At
   King’s Bend Park
   The park, designed for family and neighborhood
   use, features two enclosed lodges and restrooms.
      Open lawns, shaded areas, picnic facilities,
   walkways, playground facilities and park benches
      are located alongside the North and South
     ponds. For more information, call 248-6280.

Lodge Reservation Information:
Reservation Packets are available at:
      • Spiegel Community Center, 35 Lincoln Ave.
      • Pittsford Town Hall, 11 S. Main St.
      • Pittsford Community Library, 24 State St.

      • South Lodge - Accommodates 50 people
        Residents $100.00 • Non-residents $200.00                                        Additional parks and open spaces
      • North Lodge - Accommodates 99 people                                             Port of Pittsford Park
        Residents $125.00 • Non-residents $250.00                                        22 North Main St.              2 acres
Amenities for both lodges include gas fireplace and furnace, ceiling fans, picnic         Copper Beach Park
table and benches, sinks, stoves, refrigerators and coat closets. Two public restrooms   14 State St.                   .1 acres
are located at the end of each lodge.
                                                                                         Isaac Gordon Nature Park
 For more information and to make a reservation contact                                  3450 Clover St.                118.5 acres
           Julie Donnelly at 248-6280 or go to                                           Hopkins Park for forms and availability.                                   5 Barker Rd.                   9.6 acres
                                                                                         Thornell Farm Park
        King’s Bend Park 2010 Registration                                               480 Pittsford-Mendon Rd.       27 acres
             On Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009 we will accept reservations                       Great Embankment Park
                 requests for 2010, for Pittsford residents only.                        631 Marsh Rd.                  12 acres
          We will accept two (2) requests per household, from 9:00am
                                                                                         Habecker Fields
                 until Noon at the Spiegel Community Center.
                                                                                         34 East St.                    6 acres
No online requests will be taken until all of the lottery reservations are confirmed.
        Non-residents may apply beginning Saturday, January 2, 2010.                     Lock 62 and Erie Canal Trail
                  For more information please call 248-6280.                             3195 Monroe Ave.               19 acres                                              27                                                     Fall 2009
                                                                      PR SRT STD
                                                                     U. S. POSTAGE
                                                                      Pittsford, NY
                                                                     Permit No. 33

Family Outdoor Movie Nights

                                               Pittsford Celebrates
 Thursday, Aug. 13                               Saturday, September 12
                        Thursday, Aug. 27             Noon-9:00pm
Movies start at dark.

     September 13
     Noon-4:00pm                              Halloween
                                            Sunday, October 25
  December 12                                          Candlelight
1:00pm                                                   Night
  and                                                      Tuesday,
7:00pm                                                   December 1

Tentative Mailing Date for Upcoming Brochure: Winter 2010 - Week of December 1.

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