Abstract by niusheng11


									Study of the Viscosity of Natural and Synthetic Polyisoprene
Rubbers in Polar and Nonpolar Solvents
Authors: Mustafa M. F. Al-Jarraha; Amar H. Al-Dujailib; Emad T. B. Al-Takrityb

Currently in the rubber industry, natural occurring rubber (NR) obtained from Hevea
trees and synthetic polyisoprene (IR) produced industrially by alkyllithium or Ziegler-
Natta methods, are utilized in the manufacture of tires. In fact, high cis-1,
Cpolyisoprene is also used in tire products, molded and mechanical goods, rubber
bands, bottles, nipples, footwear and sporting goods, gloves, sealants, and caulking.
Such similar applications of NR and IR rubbers are due to their close resemblance in
structure and properties (1).

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