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					                                 Press Release Ideas And Resources
                                   Presented By Helen Raptoplous

Writing a press release is a great way to generate buzz about your products and services
and is critical to increasing traffic to your web site. Writing press releases is a great habit
to get into to build your online visibility as well as to increase your search engines
ranking. Be sure to add keywords to everything you write and don't forget including
links back to your web site. Be sure to post your press release to your site, as a blog post
or on a page called 'media'. You want the credit for your content before a distribution site
publishes it. Imagine how much traffic or interest you may be able to get if you get good
at press releases and do a few every month. Don't forget you can hire a ghost writer if
writing isn't your thing. Fiverr may be perfect for such a job, or any other possible
outsourcing service. I have included some helpful resources for you here about what a
press release entails and also some great ideas to get you started.

Press Release Writing - Tips to Write a Press Release

1. Start strong: Your title and initial lines should briefly and directly convey what you
want to say. Include the "who, what, where, when and why" in the lead of your press
release. The remaining part of your press release should include supporting facts and

2. Make it easy for the media: Some media agencies and journalists will grab your press
release and carry it in their publications with slight editing or no alteration. But even if
it's not used word for word, journalists may use it as fodder for other stories or to create
their own story ideas. The more information and details you include, the less work the
media has to do.

3. Think like the reader: Your press release should be able to keep the reader's interest.
Put yourself in the reader's shoes. Would you want to read your press release?

4. Make it relevant: Try to point out real examples to support the message you want to
communicate. Show why your information is important and how it benefits the reader. If
your release isn't newsworthy, don't expect anyone to read it.

5. Support your story with real facts: Facts make your point stronger and tell the
journalist you've already done much of the research for them. If you pull facts from
other sources, make sure you attribute them. Avoid fluff and add-ons. And never make
anything up. If content seems too good to be true, tone it down or you could hurt your

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous

6. Be concise: Avoid using superfluous adjectives, extravagant language, or unnecessary
clichés. Get to the point and tell your story as directly as possible.

7. Avoid industry jargon: The harder your press release is to understand for journalists
and laymen, the less likely it is to be picked up. A limited use of industry terminology is
ok, if you're trying to optimize the news release for internet search engines.

8. Avoid exclamation points: The use of exclamation points may hurt your credibility by
creating unnecessary hype. However, if you have to use an exclamation point, use only
one! Not several!!!

9. Get permission: Companies can be defensive about their name and image. Get written
permission before including information or quotes from officials or associates of other

10. Include company information: The press release should conclude with a short
description of your company, including where your company is based, what products
and service it provides and a brief history If you are creating a press release for more
than one company, provide information for all the companies at the end of the release.
Also include contact information, both phone number and e-mail, for each company's

3 Press Release Content Ideas

Press release writing today bears little resemblance to the practice of even just a few
years ago during the age of traditional public relations. The voracious appetite of
Internet users makes it essential that companies find the best content to create press
releases consumers care about and that can keep the company name top of mind.

Doing so requires frequency and frequency requires new, compelling content to be

There’s no doubt about it. The latest info-cliché holds true: Content is King.

You may have engaged in enough brainstorming sessions to sink a ship but are you still
coming up empty for new ideas? When all else fails, go back to basics and put a fresh

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
spin on reliable topics. Consider these three ideas for press release content:

1. New products and services – The basic staple of press releases hasn’t changed. You
need to get information out on the latest news about your products and services – press
releases are some of the best tools to do it.

Fresh tip: Find a current event or trend (such as thinking green) that ties into your
product and link the two. When you position your information as newsworthy, readers
will appreciate it more and you’ll see the results by experiencing greater views and
ultimately site traffic.

2. New research – Online shoppers come to the net in a variety of buying stages. Some
are just beginning their initial search for information about an industry or product, some
want to be educated and others are ready to buy.

Fresh tip: For those that are craving information to help them make an informed buying
decision, give them what they want by either creating research on your own or tying into
the latest surveys and statistical data. Explore whitepapers, webinars and ebooks that
may touch upon your subject. You can even sneak a peak at your competitors to see if
they are sharing new research in their materials.

3. New offers – There’s nothing like the promise of a deal to get consumers’ attention.
Use new offers such as free shipping on certain products to keep happy customers
engaged and potential buyers motivated.

Fresh tip: Create a series of “good news for you” press releases that detail all the ways
you’re making it more attractive for shoppers to buy your products.

Thanks to search engines, small businesses have never had as much access to exposure
as they do today.

Topics for Press Releases - Find Your Inspiration

Remember, news is just this – timely, interesting, unique, useful or informative content.
You created your organization for a reason. People work with you and buy from you for
a reason. Those reasons are your news. And news appeals to everyone. Write those
stories up and get them out there. You’ll be surprised who’s listening. Here are some

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
great topics that you should be writing about in your press releases.

Company Growth, Milestones and Strategy Shifts

New website or significant upgrade to existing website
Creation of a new company or spin-off
Milestone accomplishments
Company anniversary (eg. 50 years in business)
New office opening or relocation
Company Name Change
Strategic partnerships and alliances
New executives and other personnel changes
Transfer in ownership
Company reorganization
Holiday-related sales
Major steps towards “going green”
Stock offerings
Financial and earnings updates
Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments
Products and Pricing Promotions

New website or significant upgrade to existing website
Free shipping offer/changes in shipping rates
New products and services
Product name change
New product production process
New products, services, pricing and promotions
New contests and sweepstakes
Holiday-related sales and promotions
Unique and new uses for existing products
New promotional programs like referral rewards
Free consultations, trial offers and samples
Market Trends and Thought Leadership

New market studies, research, surveys and polls
Helpful tips for customers, related to your business
Market trends affecting your business
A new award win
Milestone accomplishments
Free educational information, ebooks, newsletters and white papers

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
Media and speaker appearances by executives
Inspirational stories related to your business
Predictions for your industry and supporting market analyst information
Educational online and in-person events
New technology trends affecting your industry
Informative industry scam information
Expert opinion on an important subject within your industry
Debunking of common “myths” related to your industry
Tips sheets or feature stories like “Top 10 Valentine Gifts,” “Top 10 Common Mistakes
of Social Media Marketing” or “How to Land a Job in 30 days.”
Commentary and product or business tie-ins to current events
News of the Weird: an outrageous claim or outlandish event like “Coffee Shop offers
gourmet $200 latte!”
Customer Wins and Endorsements

Significant customer win and case studies
Customer acquisition milestones (100th customer, 500th customer, 1 million customers,
Celebrity and public figure endorsements or product purchase (be sure to get approval).

Business rebranding
New website or significant upgrade to existing website
Company name change
Product name change
Community and Charity

Involvement with a charity
Local event or team sponsorships
Recent charitable contributions
Inspirational stories
Internship Programs
Pro bono work

Scheduling of in-person seminars
Success of events
Appearance at a trade show
Scheduling and success of Web events
Event sponsorship

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
Holiday-related events
Legal and Crisis Communications

Transfer in ownership, if public
Company reorganization, if public
Filing a lawsuit
Response to being named in a lawsuit
Response to accusations against your company or industry
Initial Public Offering or plans and timelines to go public
Stock offerings
Financial and earnings updates
Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments

Online Press Release Headlines - Our 25 Most Popular

What makes a good online press release headline?

Put yourself back in the time of the door-to-door salesman. A good opening line was
defined by what compelled you to open the door. This says absolutely nothing about the
quality of the pitch - and certainly doesn’t reflect the quality of the product or service
being sold. But you still opened the door, and therefore, the opening line was effective.

The online press release headlines below, the top 25 most popular posted to PRWeb this
summer, are examples of good headlines. By presenting these headlines, we are not
defining the balance of the content with the standard of products offered, or services
delivered as either good or bad. In fact, we made a point to stop reading at the headline.

The point of this resource - from an educational standpoint - is to show you what type of
online press release headlines will get a reader to your doorstep. And from an
entertainment standpoint, well, jump ahead to #20 or #17.

 And so, for your learning and amusement, find the top 25 online press release headlines
from this summer - sorted in descending order of summer views:

25. New Report Ranks Top U.S. Cities for Bedbug Infestations
Very, very few things sell better than fear. And very, very few things are more soul-
shatteringly frightening than bed bugs. Conduct a Google Image search, if you dare.

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
24. Sean Combs' Bad Boy Records Accused Of Copyright Infringement
We all love to hear about celebrities - especially if the celebrity in question is accused of
wrong doing. Now, combine 'celebrity in trouble' + 'pseudo' (as you will see several
more times on this list) - and you have the makings of a very popular headline.

23. My Data Team Releases A New Work From Home Program
Working from home is the unspoken dream of many an office worker. And while it may
be an unspoken dream, it is certainly not an un-searched-upon dream, as proven by the
popularity of this release.

22.Glass Negatives Found at Garage Sale Are The Lost Works Of Ansel Adams
According to Leading Experts
Weave a compelling tale that your reader can easily see themselves as a part of. Very
few online press release headlines can carry the lucrative 'it could've been me!' weight
than the discovery of a priceless treasure at an everyday garage sale. If done well, nearly
any product or service can become a key player in the life story of a reader that you may
not even know you are writing for. And of course, as we'll see below, celebrity
involvement only helps.

21. Free Stream - Watch FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 Online Live with Satellite Direct
From the opening benefit statement ('Free Stream') to a clear description of a product
and service (World Cup Soccer! Online Live!) this release headline leaves little out.
Normally, we would lean towards a headline a bit more succinct, but we can't argue with

20. Fushigi Ball Poised to be Bigger than Snuggies, X-Box
Bigger than Snuggies and an X-Box?? If your product or service is too new to have any
direct competition, why not try calling out some popular indirect competition? An
excellent example of how online press release headlines that borrow to build and
counter-brand demands do little more than call out someone popular. So what is the
Fushigi Ball? It's that thing that's bigger than both Snuggies and the X-Box, of course.

19. New Software Released To Jailbreak & Unlock Ios 4.0.2 On Iphone 3g, 3gs And
Iphone 4
When in doubt, is your product compatible with the latest iPhone?

18. Free Stream: Watch World Cup 2010 Live Streaming Online - Watch World Cup
Soccer Online Live
Frequency of messaging works. See #21.

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
17. Jersey Shore Star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Signs with Serious Pimp
Can you attach a celebrity to your campaign? How about a pseudo-celebrity?

16. Simon van Kempen Establishes New Social Media Consultancy Company
Pseudo-celebrity + social media = Interest!

15. Steve Moak Issues Pledge: "Balance The Budget Or Come Home"
Astronomer Carl Sagan is famous for saying 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary
evidence.' In much the same way, online press release headlines that make bold claims
can pull interest - and maintain it - if the balance of the copy supports this opening pitch.
Of course, we will have to wait until November to see if Republican congressional
candidate Steve Moak can maintain the interest generated from his claim to 'fire himself'
if the federal budget is not balanced in six years.

14. New Evidence Links BP to the Controversial Elimination of Protected Wild
Mustangs From Federally Mandated Land in Several Western US States
Again, as a rule of thumb, we are not a fan of long online press release headlines. But
when you can populate a longer headline with as many traffic generating concepts as
this one does (ie BP is controversial! Wild Mustangs must be protected!) - it can't hurt to

13. Christmas Gift Ideas -- World's Most Expensive Christmas Gift Idea List for 2007
from Trippon's
Understand that seasonality isn't just limited to one season. (Note - you'll notice the
article you are reading now is about this summer's most popular releases. But we never
said what year.) This release, detailing the most expensive Christmas gifts from three
years ago, continues to pull traffic for keywords including 'world's most expensive gifts'
and '10 expensive gifts.' Evergreen concepts and keywords can generate results for far
longer than the initial time period we choose to give them, much like an evergreen
Christmas tree will maintain its coloring long after it’s pulled from the ground. Kudos to
this release for opening with evergreen keywords rather than temporary dates.

12. The Clutter Diet Blog is Amazon Kindle's #1 Lifestyle Bestseller
Diet Blog + Amazon Kindle = A lot of pageviews!

11. The Bottom Half Group Introduces New Designer Adult Baby Diaper: "The Teddy
'Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.' And if you would like to see
evidence of a designer adult diaper, feel free to click on the link above.

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
10. Martial Arts and Self Defense Enterprise Announces Warehouse Liquidation Sale Of
Vitamin Inventory
Kung fu, meets health food, meets liquidation sale? Who wouldn't be interested?

9. Hedge Fund Financial Model Predicts Apple Inc. (AAPL) to Fall 80% as Early as
This Fall
A little fear from column A plus a little twisted enjoyment at the potential to see the
toppling of a giant from column B can be a powerful combination for effective online
press release headlines.

8. Steve Moak Touts Job Creation Record
A far less boastful claim than Moak made in example #15, and a far more popular
release. Sometimes, especially in the political circle, it pays to simply be straightforward
with your message.

7. Free Stream - Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Live Streaming Online with Satellite
Frequency of messaging works - see #'s 21 and 18. Even when it ends, the World Cup
never ends - see #'s 21 and 18.

6. Free Stream! Watch 2010 World Cup Germany vs Spain Live Streaming Online -
Watch World Cup Soccer Online Live
World Cup Fever. Catch it.

5. ESAB Announces Partnership with Orange County Choppers
Business partnerships make great headline fodder. Don't feel as though you have to
partner with the hosts of a wildly popular television show simply to make an

4. Free Live - Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Soccer Online Live Streaming in High
FIFA has solidified our point on frequency. Again and again.

3. Skyfire Launches Skyfire Browser 2.1 and Passes over 500,000 Users on Android in
First Six Weeks
Android is one of the more popular products to be released this year. The power of
associating your product or service with an even more popular product or service in
online press release headlines cannot be overstated.

2. Announces Tribal Tattoos as 'Most Popular Tattoo Designs of 2006'

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous
An evergreen concept is an evergreen concept, whether it's Christmas gifts (see #14) or
tribal tattoos. What is it your customers or prospects always, always want?

1. 2008 Sales Explode to over $20 Million
So what is it about this headline that led to its spot at #1? It is, after all an older release
(2 years) and discusses a market that could be seen as a bit niche (leather.) Here, at the
end, is where we reveal one final truth to you. If you build it, they won't always come.
This release has benefited from ongoing promotion, whether through paid search
campaigns or its link inclusion on sites like AllBusiness. At PRWeb, we will help you
build the absolute friendliest house for your campaign to live and build it high enough
for all to see. But the more friends you can invite to come over, the bigger party we will
all enjoy.

What idea do you have? How can you create some buzz for your site / brand? Look for
magazine cover stories and front page headlines for more ideas. Come up with 8
possible headlines of your own to get you started......









I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Be sure to post it for everyone to see. If
you share it on Twitter, be sure to put #30DPC so it can easily be retweeted (RT).

Thank you!! xox

A compilation of press release tips and ideas presented by Helen Raptoplous

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