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Drama Club Audition Info


									                         Drama Club
                 Mrs. Sterner & Mrs. Lavine

 Open to any 8th grade student, members of Drama Club will be
chosen thru an audition process. The group of performers chosen
 to be part of this years Drama Club will rehearse on Tuesday of
each week and will focus on ONE yearly performance. This year
           that performance will be held in April 2007.

     If you are interested in being a member of Drama Club,
                      sign-ups will be held on
                             August 29th
               during 9th period – in the Auditorium

Students will be broken into two groups for the audition process.
The first group will audition on Tuesday September 5 . The
  second group will audition on Tuesday September 12 .

 The audition process will consist of 2 parts: Acting & Singing.
 You will be asked to read through a scene with at least one other
person. You will also be asked to sing a simple tune on your own.
      (this will be a song you already know…don’t panic!)

 Once both groups have had a chance to audition – members of this
year’s drama club will be announced on Friday September 15 .

        The first rehearsal for Drama Club will be held on
                      Tuesday Sept. 19th
          all rehearsals will be held in the Auditorium.

       **Please see either Mrs. Sterner or Mrs. Lavine for more details!**

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