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					       Search Engine Optimisation – How to Increase Website

    All too often people produce high quality content, only to see low search engine traffic. One strategy to
    increase your visitor traffic is to provide answers to problems related to your website’s topic(s).

    Here are some examples:
          A computer software reseller telling people how to resolve problems with software they sell.
          A plumbing parts business providing advice for fixing plumbing issues.
          A search engine optimisation specialist firm providing advice on….how to increase website traffic!

    Building an authority site on your topic, littered with solutions to common problems could help build your
    website into not just a resource, but a source for buying products or services. It could help generate
    external links via mentions in forums, blogs and elsewhere and if your website has an advertisement
    model, could help increase advertisement revenue.

    Addressing problems might not work for all websites, but creating a resource could help pick up natural
    blog, forum and other types of traffic. It isn’t hard for website owners to think only in terms of more content
    with great presentation equals results, with little regard to what the content is actually accomplishing,
    hoping that the enclosed keywords will be enough. Search engine optimisation can often have a greater
    impact if the content it is helping to promote, provides a solution to an actual problem. It could enable you
    to do more, with less and improve the effectiveness of the SEO content you produce.

    Want to know a secret?
    It isn’t really a secret, but quite a lot of people don’t appear to know this….. Google will give priority to the
    first link it sees on a page, over the following links. Not only this, but if more than one link points back to
    the same page, it will ignore the second in regard to SEO. So when you are providing your answers, an
    extra way to get additional link juice is to use your targeted keywords in your first link, and different
    relevant keywords and pages in the following.

    Want to know another way to improve your internal link strategy?
    It isn’t unusual to see people reference external website sources, especially writers who are not seasoned
    SEO writers. So instead of using another site as a reference, don’t when possible! Be selfish!

    This article contained three useful SEO tips that could help increase your website traffic via different
    techniques that work well together. If you want to discover more fantastic tips, please subscribe to our
    blog, plus why not pay for search engine training from our firm?

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