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									Secure Coding e-Learning
Drive Software Security Learning across
Your Team
With security-focused training for your development
team, you build security into your application
development process. You also address compliance
requirements such as the Payment Card Industry
Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which
require that developers be provided with secure
development training.

ThreadStrong is a self-paced, e-Learning
solution designed by experts in secure application
development to help software developers
understand and apply the principles of secure
design and coding.

Detailed Examples                                     Certificates Upon Successful
Detailed examples drawn from extensive experience     Course Completion
doing code reviews and building secure software.      Provide management a tool for monitoring employee
                                                      progress and additional back up during regulatory audits
Multi-Media and Text Lessons
Includes videos, graphics and animations to provide   Quarterly Updates
the highest quality instructional experience.         Recurring updates refresh subject matter based
                                                      on evolving application security threats and also
                                                      enhance navigation and user experience.
Interactive Quizzes with Review Questions
Test and document student progress, and ensure
interaction and engagement with no less than 15       SCORM-Compliant Content
peer-reviewed questions in the form of interactive    Content is designed for organizations with a Learning
quizzes for every hour of instruction.                Management System (LMS). A hosted LMS version is
                                                      also available.

Audio Instruction
Voice-over audio provides narration of course         User-Friendly Interface
material to mimic a classroom experience.

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Available Courses
 Course Title                                       Duration        Intended Audience

 Introduction to Web Application Security           1 hour          Security Professionals, Developers, Project
                                                                    Managers, Quality Assurance Staff

 Secure Coding for Java                             4 hours         Developers

 Secure Coding for .NET                             4 hours         Developers

 Threat Modeling                                    1 hour          Security Professionals and Developers

 Software Security Remediation Basics               1 hour          Security Professionals, Developers and
                                                                    Software Quality Assurance Staff

 Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)                  20 minutes      Security Professionals and Developers

Why ThreadStrong?
ThreadStrong combines the hands-on knowledge of practicing software developers with the experience of
world-sought trainers to provide practical and in-depth application security training content.

ThreadStrong’s curriculum is generated by secure application development experts from Denim Group. Unlike
many security experts who just “talk” about security, Denim Group experts are practicing developers who spend
a significant amount of their time actually building software, so examples and other content are pulled from real
world experience conducting code reviews and developing secure software. These experts have also trained
thousands of developers across the globe, so they are experienced trainers who know how to effectively deliver
highly technical content. ThreadStrong’s existing customers include many international Fortune 500 companies.

Pricing & Licensing
Licensing for ThreadStrong is handled on a per-user basis with discounts for the more users licensed. Site
licenses are also available for all staff within a single organization.

Delivery Formats: Hosted and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

What Is Included?
  • Unlimited access to all available course materials for each licensed user. Users can return to training
    material even after training is complete to refresh their knowledge.
  • Quarterly content updates to course content and user experience.

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