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                    Ardilh Y. James
                                                                            MembershIp. J~nual)' 1 - December 31. includes subscnption to the n("\\'$-
On 22 Jul)' 22 1922, the Daily Facts newspaper of Redlands                  letter for the ClllttnL year. Back 155UC$ of the ncw5!eun an: $2.00 each.
CA carried an enthusiastic announcement regarding the                       MEMBER ...........SI0.00                     SUSTAINING •••• _•••.. S35.OO
opening of 3 new business in the fonner Redlands Heights                    fAMilY ............ SIS.oo                   UfE ............... S15O.OO
Orchard Company packing house location at Sixth Street and                  PATRON ••.•.•.•.••• S25.OO                   MEMORIAL •.•.•••••• S2OO.OO
the Santa Fe Railroad tracks.                                               DollJ1l0flS to the ENGLISH RESEARCH Fund or SCHOLARSHIPS arc
                                                                            a!ways wdcomcd. Also. an}' item of interest. hmoriClI. craft. S:inoom
The spokesman was Harry Lee Jones, treasurer of the Sanborn
                                                                            mcmor.lbllla. S.~nbom bbr:kd. 15 apprecIJted [or thc SIlent Aucuon which
Foods Company of Los Angeles. His report stated that one of                 benehts th~ SCHOl.ARSHIP Fllnd at the Biwma[ Meeting in August 2005.
their two processing plants in Los Angeles was about to lose                Mail to SF,\. % R, A. l'-:on:ross, 281 Park Avc" Arlington MA 02476·7413.
its lease and that plant would be relocated to Redlands,
opening for business by September 1st. Since the company
                                                                          BOARD MEMBERS
already had experienced success in Southern California, the               .President - Ma,\: OJ"~d 5antlosn
plant was expected to operate on a big scale. starting \vith                 235 SOuth Mammoth Rd. Man&.!-lll'1 NH 03109
                                                                             603-669~19 ...,bm1953(;yahoocom
baked apples. Thirt}' men and six women would be
                                                                          VIce Preslden' -     J3~'>OO
employed to work cleven months of the year. with the expec-
                                                                            86 Hal~ Sll~~ RutlarnlVT 05701                                               i'
tation that more would be hired later.                                      802·773·7525
                                                                          5eae~ry     - P!&ilta Warn
                 CANNERS                        ~George   O. Sanborn.       52 Rangr Road DwfOl'iIi Nil 03037
                                                 presidem. has been         603...l63· 7113 d')l"SWamCl:aol.rom
SANBORN FOODS, Inc.                              educated since           AssIstant S«ret,lIY - Hflen OawllOO
                                                                            86 Haz~ SIle<1L RIltIandVT 05701
                                                 his early youth            802·7B-7525 d~:~.oel
                                                 in the canning.          1'ru$urer -      RiItIl ~ NOI<:r~$
      CANNED BAKED APPLES                        pickling. and pre-         281   f';jt~AI'CrlW.M'rl9tOll MA02476·7413
                                                                            Ii   18t~t'1404    1'17Bl·862-1441 Fax 611-853·8694 ridl28ru!hGfcn.COtn
                                                 serving business.
                                                                          Ard!lvIst -lynda Sanoom
                                                 His father. G. P.
                                                                            23S SooIh '.I.l:T\lTlO!tl Rd.'O!'\w Nil 03109
                                                 Sanborn. originally        603~9-6419       I)nd.r.OOCyanoo,rom
                                  .r..- ..... 'n
                            "                    staned in the business   G~"loglst - GtQI~ F. Sanbom, Jr.
                                                 in Massachusetts.          S T~eIO Road. Unit 79. [)(orry. NH 03038·1573        ~()t:'I(,nllll!l
Ikdlands CA. City Dtrrclory. 1923                                         GenNIogy RKOtdS - ROstoe E. sanbom
                                                 in 1864. as pro-
                                                                            33 ChtistianA,"tI'M. '102, Concord NH 03301-(;155
 prietor of the Globe Preserving Works. In 1869 he (George.                  603·225-4522 k(IMbol.rom
 Sr.! bought the first carload of canned fruit brought from               EdItor - (Iw\es A. W,y~
                                                                            27 Sullivan LlrIf', Brislol RI 02809·1539
 California to Boston. it being some of the first product of the
                                                                           4(11·253·6881 !'
 Cutting Packing Company. one of the pioneer houses of San
                                                                          Consultirtg Edltor -," )ant lewi5
 Francisco. ~ stated the ankle in the Daily Facts.                         6021 ~ Dr~\', HlJI1t""9ton Beath CA 92641·5524
                                                                            714·847·8341 bbb\IttonsGearthiinloet
The son, George O. Sanborn, originated and invemed more                     (JuV.Auq: BOl2606. So. Kamillon MA 01982-2606; 978-408-2732)
than ISO canned food processes. In addition to baked apples               Nominating -      Ii~ Sartom
                                                                            16 Main Strl?tt. PO 9llX 48. Upton MA 01S68
the company was known for a variety of treats including the                 508·529-6%0
follOWing: baked pears, stuffed peppers, baked SlUffed                      Ruth S. Macf>ttrMn
tomatoes, baked quinces. baked persimmons. fruit salad.                     52Telfl'l (irdeA;n 2. ~em NH 03079
                                                                            603-893·1599 nMfl1)l'l'tSa\em@webfY.1'O!'I
peppersauce, pickled green English walnuts, SWeet orange
                                                                          Sdtobrshlp - Mic!oo Oonoelfy
marmalade, bitter orange marmalade, grapefruit marmalade.                  99 (\If!ief Road,Andctver "H 03216
tomatoes. apricots, peaches. etc.                                           jo:I2Ctdulet                                                                 •
                                                                          ~Ip          Dnt!lopment - Edwin Sanborn
The baked apples were available the following four ways:                    88 H;;krW DriYt.laconia riH 03246
Plain (without sugar). Deviled (with lemon &' sugar).
Angelled (with bananas. lemon, & sugar). and Witch (with
raisins, lemon. &: sugar).
At the time of the announcement of this new, fruit canning          A year and a half later the Times (14 Nov 1926) carried a brief
enterprise, Redlands and its neighboring communities (Lorna         announcement from Redlands which Slated that ~Ihe Western
Linda, Highland, ~lcntone, Ri\Trside, Yucaipa, et at.) were         Fruit Company, packers and shippers of California fruits,"
noted for their dtrus groves and various orchards including         had purchased the former Sanborn Foods Company packing
peach, pear, nectarine, apricot, plum, grape, and in the            house. The new owners would be putting in the latest
foothi!\s, :Ipplcs. Indeed, the San Bernardino-Riverside valley     machinery for packing oranges and the plant would have the
ranches were akin to a huge fruit bowl!                             capacity of filling four railroad cars of fruit daily.
Redlands. for many years, rated the title of "Nawl Orange           The new enterprise must have staned on a better note
C1.pital of the World." The fruit industry proVided thousands       because Western Fruit Growers, as they were known locally,
of jobs. To the local directors of the Chamber of Commerce,         stayed in business through the 1970s and possibly later.
the new Sanborn Food Processing Company seemed like a               The)' shared their warehouse space with the Peppers Fruit
great idea, and they were delighted the company chose               Company for many years and, in 1933, the two enterprises
Redlands.                                                           were combined under the Western Fruit name. Mr J G
                                                                    Chapman Jr and \V R Car! were successful managers in the
The 1923 edition of the Redlands City Directory carried a
                                                                    early days, and E R L1.rsen was the well-known owner·
bright-orange prim advenisemem for Sanborn Foods at the
                                                                    manager for several decades.
front of the book, as wen as the Sanborn nallle stamped on
the binding. The nexl edition, in J 925, was the last to list the   What happened to Sanborn Foods and the high hopes for
company. A brief entry stated, '"Sanborn Foods, Inc. --- W. C.      success? The local newspapers apparently did not record the
Guenh, Trustee, 6th &: Santa Fe tracks.~ There was no adver-        depanure or demise of the company, so we arc left to wonder
tisement.                                                           what went wrong. Of the men on the compan),!> board of
                                                                    directors, only Harry Lee Jones, treasurer, resided in
On 5 April 1924, the Los Allgdcs Times announced Ihat Mr E
                                                                    Redlands, not in a house but at the Cas., Lama Hotel. Could
J Post had succeeded in rcorganizing the Sanborn Foods
                                                                    the company!> lack of involvement in Redlands have led to a
Company after purchasing the Sanborn plant through the
                                                                    breakdown in communications? Was it simply a case of poor
United States bankruptcy court. According to the anicle, the
                                                                    management? Was the country no longer in the mood for
plant would concentralc on the making of jams, jellies, and
                                                                    such unique and exotic canned fruits? Or could the age of
marmalades, after undergOing a thorough o\'erhauling.

                                                                                   San Bernadino orange groves and orchards, 1901
the owner have been a factor sincc he was nearly seventy                    founded the finn of G. P. Sanborn & Co .. No.4 Chatham
                                                                            Row, dealers in canned goods and pickles {ves, p 2751. His

years old at the time the company came to town?
                                                                            mother, Frances Harriet, was born in Berkshire. Franklin
It appears that the canned fruit business did not li\·c up to its
                                                                            County, VT in March 1829·. Marilyn's data gives her parents
predicted potential. Author Lawrcnce E. Nelson. PhD. in his
                                                                            as Nornlan & Abigail RublccIRoblee." I haven't been able to
1963 book. Only One Redlands. mentions two companies
                                                                            find Frances in the 1850 census in vr although there is a
which failed in the period after World War l~-the Jones Cider
                                                                            Norman &: Abagail Rublee family in Woodbury, Washington
and Vinegar Company and Sanborn Foods. Both. he con~
                                                                            County VI, With a daughter ~Fann)' raged 11 ~ which is 10
eluded, left a "slightly sour taste in the mouths of Redlands
                                                                            years too young, but this could be a census takers error.
                                                                            Their one and only child, George Otis Sanborn. was born in
Authors nole: V C Sanborn /illdy em:d ill Slating Gemge Olis
                                                                            Middlesex. Washington County, VT. 13 Nov 1855 or 1856~.
Sanborns (526~1) hinll year as 1835. This WIlier believcs tile dale
                                                                            VCS has George a's birth year wrong, giving his birth date as
sllould have been 1855, since his purenls did 110/ wed until 1854,
                                                                            13 Nov ~1835". Since his parents married in Oct 1854, the
when his futher was 35 years old.
                                                                            year probably was 1855 or 1856. The 1900 census gives his
Ardith   l~james,    820 Cajon 51., Redlands, CA    92373~6712              birth month as Nov, and (also in error) his birth year as
                                                                            ~1876" with his age as 43. That age suggests he was born in
Editors nOIt': TIle photograpll was cahen by Ardiths grandfatller~
                                                                            Nov 1856.
in~lan; Edward N james, wlw is San/Jorn desccnded through bOlh
parents. TIle oliginal caption is MMOllfll Sun Bentardino jrom              B), the 1870 census, George P. wi fe Frances, &: son George 0
Smiley Hcigllls alld it was tallen by E N james jar a Redlands

                                                                            (age 14, born VT), were living in Boston. George P's occupa~
pholOgraphn; Elias F EwriU, in 1901.                                        lion was 'canning fruit', George a's was 'clerk in store'. In the
                                                                            1877 Boston CD, George P was \iving in Somerville MA and
                                                                            his business, George P Sanborn & Son, was at 6 Chatham
         SANBORNS - CANNERS 6< KNIT GOODS                                   Row. Boston, and they were ~manufacturers' agents". By the
                   Charles A Wa/SOIl                                        1880 census and 1880 Boston CD, they were H\ing at 36
Editor & authors /lote: wilen Ardith jan!i:s sent me the abo\'!' article    Appleton St, in Boston's South End, fairl}' close to downtown:
about tile Sanborn Foods Compuny, I thoughl it mighl be intcresl~           the business, George P Sanborn &: Son, was at 4 Chatham
i'lg to learn morc aboUllhat Sanborn family. As a result oj a fair~         Rowand involved ~pickles &: canned goods          H
                                                                                                                                  By coinci~

Iy quid: research project using sOllle vital records, ccnsus records,       dence, there was a Sanborn cousin living at 24 Appleton St:
cily dircClories {abbrevialed CD in lhis article], V C Sanborn 1)00/1,      Ebenezer Sanborn (VCS # 1830) was George P's third cousin,
and our own Sanborn Signatures, I've collle up with tile jollowing          twice removed. Also note that there were II George
injonlJation. AII/lough there is a 'GeO/ge' in each generalion, the         Sanborn:; in Bos\on itself in the 1880 census ~ a popular
rcspective parents Ilindl), t/sed a different middle namc witlt a           name - still is.
diffcrcnt initialleller 10 maliC WIding this easier. As a rest/II oj lite   For the years 1885, 87, &: 88. the Boston city directories indi~
research, 1 ended up jinding a SFA member. Marilyn Sanborn                  cate that the family Jived in West Somerville, and the pickle
Gwartney, great granddaughter of George a Sanbol11. She 11(Is               business, George P Sanborn &: Co. was variously located at
helpcd me jill in more precisely dates and places by sending me a           28 North Market in 1885 [now part of the Quincy Market
leiter, some phologmphs, and a prilliout oj her ancestry. l'w indicated     redevelopment!. at 66 Commercial St (1887). and back at 28
my reliancc on her jamily injonnation wi/II an aslelis/< [*1.               Nonh Markel (l888).
                       George Perllins Sail born                            The Sanborn family mO\'ed west about 1892 to Sonoma
As described in Ardith's anicle above. George P was involved                County CA (north of San Francisco) and set up a business
in the canning business in Boston in the mid to late 19th cen~              there." By the 1900 census they had mo\'ed to Oakland CA.
tury. According to V C Sanborn (# 526, page 275) he was                     In that census, George P &: Frances reside with their son's

born 26 May 1819 to Jeremiah Gilman Sanborn (# 201) &:                      family, with George P's occupation as kpickles &: prcscrves        •

Abigail Perkins. Although VC Sanborn doesn't give a spccif~                 This census confinns that they had only one child. George P
ic place of binh, the later census records state George P was               is in the Oakland CDs 1902~6 with no occupation listed" he
born in NH and Marilyn Gwanney's family information states                  presumably was retired by then. Marilyn writes that the)' had
it was 5..1nbornton." This is where his mother came from and                a business in Ghiradelle Square in San Francisco, a woolen
where V C Sanborn stated his father lived. Again according                  business, that burned down in lhe great 1906 earthquake.·
to V C Sanborn, George P married Frances H Rublee on 20                     It's likely that the family decided to begin anew elsewhere as
Oct 1854; lived in Chelmsford MA; later in Boston," where he                George P &: Frances follow their son to Seattle WA by 1907
and are listed with him in the 1910 Seattle census. George P        ried 29 years. manager of a knit goods manufacturing com-
is in the Seattle CDs for 1907. 08, &. 10, v.ith his son.   pany. &. rems a home at 6506 1st Ave NE. With him are his
The 1912 Seattle CD lists Frances H as the v.idow of George         wife. Annie M. his son Henry R, his parents, his other son,
P and residing v.ith her son.                                       George W. the latter's wife, Clara M (31. married 7 years. with
                                                                    2 children, both still living), and George W &. Claras chilo
Both George P &. Frances died in Seattle, the fonner 5 Jul
                                                                    dren, George H (age 6) & Virginia C (age 4).
1910 and the latter 13 Mar 1913.-
                                                                    In Seattle. George 0 & his family lived at 6506 1st Ave NE
                     George Otis Sanbo171
                                                                    (1907-10); at 1205 E 70th St 0911-13); at AlOlO Stewart St
For George Os birth and early years, see above. He was mar·         (1914). George 0 is not in the 1915 or 1916 Seattle CDs or
ried in Cambridge MA 29 Jan IS81 to Annie M Winter, who             in the Los Angeles CDs for 1914·16. or 1915. He did move
was born in Frederickton New Brunswick. the daughter of             to Los Angeles. however, about 1916·17. In the Los Angeles
Richard P &. Rebecca S. George 0 was a resident of Boston,          1917 CD he is simply listed as thing at lIS N Matt St. He
age 25, a merchant, and born in Middlesex VI of George P &.         also lives at several other addresses in Los Angeles: 1117
Francis H fMA Marriages. vol 326. p 61. MA State ArchivesJ.         Samee St (1920 CD). 1386 49th St (1920 census), 433 S
They had tWO children born in Somerville MA: George W.              Hope St (1921). In 1923 he has gone back to the canning
born 3 Nov 1882 IMA Births, vol 332, p 223J; and Frances,           business, being presidem of ~Sanborn Foods Inc~ and resid·
born 23 june 1883 fMA Births. vol 341, p 214J. Marilyns             ing at 1225 Sanborn Ave (1923 CD). I wonder if Sanborn
family tree has Annies parenlS as Richard. P Winter. born in        Ave was named after him or if it was simply a coincidence.
18IS in Fredericton NB, and Rebeckah Susanna Ward., born            The 1923 CD lists Sanborn Foods Inc as "canners~. and ha\'·
10 Aug 1822 in Horton NS. They were married in                      ing an office in room 508 at 524 S Spring S1.
Fredericton on 16 Apr 1843.·
                                                                    In the 1924 &. 1925 Los Angeles CDs George 0 is still presi-
In the earl)' Boston CDs George 0 is listed with his father in      dent of Sanborn Foods Inc. but resides in Redlands CA. See
1877 & 1880. In 1883 he is Ii\ing in Somerville, as a mar·          Ardiths anicle above. He isn't in the 1926 CD and the 1930
ried man, and the "Sanborn Pickle Co~ is at 374 Atlantic Ave,       CD lists Anna M Sanborn. \vidow of G O. residing at 1225
Boston. In 1889 &. lS90 he is living in West Somerville &.          Sanborn Ave with her daughter Frances S Wilson. His dealh
the pickle business is at 4 Commercial St, Boston. Note that        is listed in the CA death index as occurring on 15 Feb 1929
the business itself moved around a good deal.                       in Los Angeles Coumy at age 73 {state file # 9093J and Annie
                                                                    M Sanborn's death occurred on 10 OCt 1935 in Alameda
As noted above. he, his famil)~ and his parents moved to
                                                                    Coum)' (Oakland area) at age 76 fstate file # 55175?]. The
California about 1892. In the 1900 census they are renting a
                                                                    Los Angelcs Timcs for 16 Feb 1929. page 16, lislS his death as:
house at 2118 Elm St, Oakland, &. his occupation is ~pick­
ling". His \vife is MMaud A~. born Sep 1860, married 19             "Suddenly, February 15. George' Otis Sanborn of 1225
                                                                    Sanborn avenue. Funeral arrangemenlS in charge of Brown
years, and has 4 children, all still H\ing; she was born in
                                                                    Brothers. 935 West Washington street." Marilyn writes that
Canada and came to the US in 1871. They have their 4 chilo
                                                                    George 0 had just had lunch in a Pasadena restaurant and he
dren \vith them: George W. a "traveling agent", & Frances W;
                                                                    dropped dead of a heart attack outside on the sidewalk .•
plus daughter Marion E. born in CA in July 1892. and son
Henry, also bornjul), 1892 in CA. George 0 also has his par·                            George Winter Sanborn
ents living with him.
                                                                    For George W's birth & early census records, sec above under
The Oakland CDs for 1902·6 show George 0 Ii\ing at 809              his fathers information. For a more personal article on
13th St (1902. 03) &. 561 Sycamore St (1904. 05, &. 06).            George WS career, see Marilyn Sanborn Gwartney's article in
The CDs also show that he changed occupations in the early          Sanborn Signatures (vol XII. issue 2, Spring 1996, pp 2-3).
years of the 20th century: in 1902 hes in "sauces", in 1903 he
                                                                    He first shows up in the CDs in the 1902 Oakland CD as
is a Mcommercial traveler", in 1905 he is a "knitter", in 1906
                                                                    residing \vith his father, George O. In the 1903 Oakland CD,
hes in Mknitwear" in San Francisco.
                                                                    he is listed as a "commercial traveler~. living with his father at
In 1906 or 1907 he moves his family to Seattle WA, probably         809 13th St. In the 1904 CD he has his own household,
after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The 1907-11                being now married to Clara M, at 1370 Brush S1. In the 1905
Seattle CDs have George 0 as the tipresident & manager of           CD he is a "knitter" residing at S75 60th S1. He married Clara
Saxony Knit Goods Co" fSKGCJ at 81 Marion S1. Then in the           May Sims 20 july 1902 in Seligman AZ.· Her paremage
1912 CD. he is a tisalesman~; and in 1913 &: 14 he is the pres·     seems to be unknown: the various cenSuses that list parents'
ident of the Octonek Knitting Co at 425 Union S1. In the            birthplaces (1910. 20, 30) gave hers as simply the USA or, in
1910 census George 0 is the head of the family, age 54. mar·        one instance, her mother as born in Germany. This indicates
that the family was unsure of Clara's parents' binh state.        1956) & Juanita Ella Smith (1882-1970).·
Clara's binhplace is given in the censuses as IL, MO, IN.
                                                                  By 1930 George H & his family were recently settled in
Marilyns family information has her born 9 July 1880 in
                                                                  Seattle. In an unusual personal note. the 1930 census taker
Effingham lL - I ha\'en't been able to find anything more
                                                                  wrote the)' "moved in April 15th". He was a salesman for an
                                                                  oil firm and they had their two oldest children \\ith them:
George W obviously moved with the rest of his fathers fam-        George Roben (born 3 Feb 1928 in Los Angeles County CA)
ily as he showed up in the Seattle CD for 1907 living at 819      and Maril}'ll Arline (born 7 Aug 1929 in Los Angeles)-. Their
E 7lst St and occupation "musical instruments~. In 1908. 10.      second daughter. Donna Laurine. was born 3 Feb 1942 in Los
& 11 he is a "knitter" at his fathers SKGC. Ihing at different    Angeles Co CA.
addresses in Seatlie. In 1912 & 13 he is a "traveling sales-
                                                                                    The most recent generations
man~; in 1914 a knitter again. perhaps at his fathers Octonek
Knitting Co. In 1920-26 CDs he is a salesman or traveling         George Raben has three children; Marilyn Arline has 4
salesman in Los Angeles.                                          children. 13 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.
                                                                  according to her descendanc)' chan; Donna Laurine has 2
George W & Claras children were both born in California.
                                                                  children. This is based partly on the CA online binh index-
George Herben Sanborn on 9 Nov 1903 in Oakland-, and
                                                                  es and partly on the information Marilyn sem me.
Virginia Clare Sanborn in CA on 26 Feb 1905. Virginia
apparently married a man named Zenk as the CA death index                                    Postscript
noted her death with that surname on 18 Aug 1995 in Marin
                                                                  After writing this anicle, 1 realized {hat the births of the two
County. age 90. Marilyn reponed that much of her family
information came from Virginia.
                                                                  eldest children of George & Annie (Winter) Sanborn were
                                                                  only 7 months &. 3 weeks apart: George W on 3 Nov 1882
So in 1900 George W is living with his parents in Oakland;        and Frances on 23 Jun 1883. Hmmm. I thought, did I make
in 1910 he and his family are \vith his parents in Seattle. In    a transcription error? So. I went back to the t-.1A State
1920 George & Clara are li\ing in Los Angeles with their two      Archives &1 checked the original binh record books - and the
children and he is a "commercial traveler". By 1930. he &         dates arc correct, Nov 1882 and June 1883. The 1900 census
Clara are back in Oakland where he is a broker in the radio       also has Nov 1882 &: Jun 1883 for their birth month/year.
industry. Marilyn reponed that he died in Novato CA on 8          The possibility exists that George W was born in 1881 and
Jan 1965; and Clara died there a few months later on 19 Oct       his parents didn't register George Ws binh for several weeks,
1965. ~                                                           until after the new year, and a clerical error was made in the
                                                                  Somenille City Clerks office.
To briefly note what I know about George Ws siblings: his (1)
sister Frances, born in Somerville MA, married a man named
Wilson about 1909. They had a daughter Katherine C                                    EDITOR'S COLUMN
Wilson, born 3 July 1910 in IL or IN; she married a man
                                                                  Thanks to Ardith James for her anicle on the Sanborn Foods
named Lang and she died 16 Dec 1999 in Contra Costa
                                                                  Company of Redlands CA. As an editor, its a pleasure to get an
Coumy CA. She was listed in the Oakland CDs as a student
                                                                  anicle from Ardith ~ its always well-thought Out and well-writ-
(1902-6); and in the 1930 Los Angeles CD she was a teacher
                                                                  ten. And thanks to Marilyn S Gwartney for sharing her family
in the city schools and living at 1225 Sanborn Ave. In the
                                                                  research. And thanks to SFA member Mildred Shaw who sent
1930 census for Los Angeles, she was a \vidow and the head
                                                                  me a pamphlet about Sanborn Academy (Kingston NH) &1 its
of her family consisting of herself, her daughter and her
                                                                   lOOth annh'ersary in 1983 - I expect to usc that in the next
mother. (2) Sister Marion E was born in July 1892 in CA. (3)
                                                                  issue. And th.'mks to all of you who do send in obits, news
Brother Henry was born 24 Jul}' 1892 in CA and died 13 June
                                                                  items, etc! And. of course, we need more volunteer writers of
1963 in Marin County CA. Most of the \ital details came
                                                                  Sanborn interest materials. I make this request eve!)' issue; but
from the online CA death indices.
                                                                  \ve need full articles and shon items for every issue. Do you
                   George Herbert Sanborn                         have, or do you know about, anything to do with Sanborn: peo-
                                                                  ple, places, businesses. Contact me about it. Please.
As stated above, George H was born in Oakland, 9 Nov 1903.·
He was living \vith his"parents. grandparents, and great grand-   My plea for grandparent input on grandchildren has born
parents in Seattle in the 1910 census. With his parents in LA     fruit: Edv,rin Sanborn sent in details about school graduations
in the 1920 census. He married Norita Laurine Irwin on 12         of three of his grandchildren - sec below. Lets make it ~ of
June 1926 in Santa Ana CA.· She was born in PrescOtt AZ on        you sending in details of their family accomplishments for the
14 March 1909, the daughter of William Norman In";n (1873-        Spring 2005 issue.
in order to 5.we space most of the obituaries below arc shon-             Medina. Ohio. where he was married to Miss Delia Hamilton
ened versions of the original. I've included all the bask                 Sept. 21. 1856. She preceded him in death May 22, 1913.
genealogical details including names of immediate relatives.              After residing in Iowa for some time, he moved to Michigan
If anyone, however, \vould like to ha\'e a copy of the full obit,         and was in the music business in L·msing. where he lived 27
please write me & I'll mail you a copr The same goes for the              years. He has been a resident of Delta and Oneida townships
'Sanborn news' items that arc summarized: I'd be glad to send             the past 20 years. He leaves three children: Geo. Sanborn of
a copy of the original ankle.                                             this city, Mrs. Cora Sheren, at home, who has cared for her
                                                                          father and mother during their last sickness, and Mrs. Lettie
Apologies for the lateness of this issue.
                                                                          Rolfe of Holt. He is also sunivcd by 15 grandchildren and
Once again, thanks to SFA member Glen Hawkins of                          14 great grandchildren.
Hawkins Creative Services, Inc, in Boston }"M, for putting
                                                                          Funeral scnices were held t.londay at one o'clock at the
this issue together for us all.
                                                                          house, conducted by Re\,. L Se\'erance, burial at Delta

                          SCHOLARSHIP                                                      Death of Mrs. E. P. Sanborn
Reminder: send applications to SFA Secretary, Priscilla Watts,            "Mrs. E. P. Sanborn passed awa)' at her home in Oneida early
52 Range Rd. Deerfield NH 03037; to be received by her by                 yesterday morning, after an illness of five years. The
july 1.2005. We now have a single, college-level scholarship              deceased had been depri\'ed of her eyeSight the past three
worth 5200. Send name, address, educational institution                   years.
attending in 2005-6 & its address, name of closest related
                                                                          r..trs. Sanborn was born in />.Icclina county, Ohio, Sept. l836.
SFA active member (including selO. Then write. sign, and
                                                                          and has been a resident of Delta and Oneida the past twenty
date the follOWing statement: "I affiml that the information
comained in this application is \nle to the best of my knowl·
edge.~ Applicant or parent or guardian may sign.                          Besides the husband she leaves two daughters, Mrs. Cora
                                                                          Sheron [sic!. at home, and Mrs. Lettie Rolf of Holt, and one
                                                                          son, George of this cit)'. One brother. Zenas Hamilton of
                     CURRENT SCHOLARSHIP HOLDER                           Oneida, one sister. Mrs. julia Horton of Ohio, one half-
                   The july 2004 recipient of the Sanborn Family          brother, Andrew Hamilton of Delta, and one half-sister, Mrs.
                   Association scholarship is Nathan A Fulk of            />.bson Soper of this cit}'.~
                   Concord NH. He is the grandson of SFA                                         Lizzie &: Booger
                   members Edwin & Helen Sanborn. He is
                                                                          Edilors note: Ihanlls 10 Ardilll James for st'nding IIle a cop), oj an
Nat/WI! A Full;    attending Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa GA.
                                                                          article willi 1'4m:ncc 10 a Lizzk Sanborn oj Wal11er NH. 11 is in
                                                                          SooNipi MagaZillt', \'0122, # 3. Fall 2004; published in Sunapee
                    SANBORNS OF THE PAST                                  NH. Tlte article is "Tile Badga Farm in the MinI< HilIs~ (PI' 53-
                                                                          5i) by}01m Warren. 11lc arlicle discusses a now prolwed parcel
                  Ela &: Delia (Hamilton) Sanborn                         of laud ill Warna NH which seems to illclude Ihe Jonna farm of
Editor's note: Lynn ShetCn has snit in tile fol/olVing Iwo obiwant's      Lizzie 5alll)Ol'II.
of ha grt'at grandparenls. Ela is #1345 in V e Sanborn, p£lgt'            "She had the misfonune to fall in lo\'e with a hired hand
482, and the obils add 10 tllC lillie iliformation IIwI VCS has,          named Sylvester Hoyl. Her father objected to them marrying
inc/udillg naming his wifc a1l(1 tllr('t' ellildrm Tlte obit a/so sug-    perhaps because of an 8 year age difference bllt whate\'er the
gcSlS thaI vess refen:IlCe 10 Ilis Jiving in "MillneSOla probably

                                                                          reason the}' spent the rest of their natural life together in thesc
should read living in ·Michiga/l    H

                                        • Nole tlwt JIll' obit of /lldr   beautiful but inhospitable hills. 'Vest' who was also known as
grandson, Clwr/es E Sanborn, is in lhe lisl of reemt obilumies            'Booger' (no idea where he got this moniker) was a bit of a
below. Tlte obils art: from Ihe Grand Ledge (Mll Indepcndenl,             character, knmvn to doctor himself with gunpowder (no
flas'; July 1913. Delias 23 May 1913.                                     smoking - please). He passed on in 1913 at the age or 83
                      Death of E. P. Sanborn                              leaving Lizzie alone for the next nine years despite many
                                                                          attempts by her niece Mrs. Charles Young to have her Join her
"E. P. Sanborn was born jan. 29, 1836. at Waterbury.                      in Sunapee. She was found by a neighbor Isabel Halket
Vermont, and died at his home in Oneida. Saturday. june 28,               frozen in death by Ihe woodpile at age 84. The undenaker.
of apoplexy.                                                              Mr. Gage. brought her to Warner siuing up in the wagon
The deceased spent his early life in Vennont, later going to              beside him where she \vas buried in a long red dress with lOIS
                                                                   household; With Eliza Sanborn, 43. single, and Syh'ester
                  SFA BIENNIAL REUNION
                                                                   Hoyt. 50, single, fann laborer [NH. ~krrimack County,
    Remember - the biennial SFA reunion is scheduled for           Warner. Enumeration Dist 193, folio 4760J.
   August 6, 2005. at the Pittsford Recreational Area,             In 1900 (Ihe 1890 census was almost totally destroyed), Eliza
   Rutland VT. A notice about the reunion wi!! be includ-
                                                                   Sanborn is now the head of the household, born April 1837,
    ed With the dues notices in January.
                                                                   age 63, Single. farmer, owns the farm; with Syh'ester G Hoyt,
                                                                   boarder, born January 1830, 70, Single [NH, Merrimack
                                                                   County, Warner, Enumeration Dist 177, sheet 6BJ.
of buuons. I have to believe that many a townie did a dou-
                                                                   They arc still there in 1910: Eliza Sanborn, 72, Single. fanner,
ble take and swore off the smlce on seeing this apparition
                                                                   o\vns farnl; Sylvester G Hoyt, 80, single. has 'own income'
parading the streets of Wamcr.~
                                                                   [NH, Merrimack County, Warner, Enumeration Dist 229,
This was an interesting local story thm I. the editor. tried (0    sheet IAJ. He may have been enumerated twice as there is
find a bit more about. Perhaps it wasn't a "misfonunc- for the     also a SyiYester Hoyl. 84, in the Odd Fellows Home. Concord
couplc after all. I traced 'Lizzie' backwards from the 1910        \NH, Merrimack County, Concord, Enumeration Disl 203,
census to the 1850 census and found out her father's name.         sheet 58J.
Stephen Sanborn. He is in V C Sanborn as # 480 vii on page
                                                                   Gi\'en the infornl,lIion above. having Jived together in the
254. Stephen marries twice, first (1831) to Lois Colby (1806·
                                                                   same house for 50 plus }'ears, Ihey must have had a good rela·
26 April 1850). The}' had two children, Laura J 0833-83,
                                                                   tionship. The rest of the SooNipi Magazine anicle suggests
married Franklin J Colby) and Eliza (our 'Uzzie') (born 23
                                                                   that most of the land in that area was difficult to farm so they
April 1837 at Henniker NH) and V C Sanborn comments
                                                                   probably had a hard life, but at least it was logether.
about her as still (1899) lhing in 'Henniker' • when she had
been in Warner for about 40 years,                                              Mary Sanborn &: George Avery
In the 1850 census Stephen Sanborn is in Henniker, 4-4.            The editor noticed a reference in a recent NEHG Rl'gisfcr to an
fanner, real estate wonh 52000; with his daughters. L1ura          article titled ~l3ible Records: George Avery & Mary Sanborn of
(17) & Eliza (13) (NH, hlerrimack County, Henniker. folio          Plainfield. New Hampshire.~ This article was published in
55AJ. The census was taken as of June 1. so his wife had been      the N{lIiona/ GCllealogical Socicly Quarfcrly. \'0190 (Dec 2002),
dead only 5 weeks. By the 1860 census he had moved to              pp 312·16. I tooka quick look at it and disco\'ered that there
Warner, the next [Own nonh of Henniker, and had remarried          arc a lot of Aver)' births, marriages. & deaths. descendants of
sometime between 1850-60. He is there, aged 52 [note age           a Mary Sanborn. born in Hawk 22 April 1765. When I got
discrepancyJ. farmer, real estate 52000. personal estate 5 1600;   home I checked V C Sanborn and found what must be her: #
with second wife, Jane W (53), daughters L1uraJ (27) & Eliza       141 iii (page 142). Mary, born 21 Apr 1765 in Hawke NH.
(23), and farm laborer, Sylvester G HO)1, 30. personal estate      Her father was Joseph Clifford Sanborn (VeS # 141) of
5350 [NH, Merrimack County. Warner, folio 343BI. SO,               Hawke Inow Oamille NHJ; his father was Abraham (VCS #
Sylwster shows up in the household at least as early as 1860.      53) Sanborn of Kingston NH; his father was Tristram
                                                                   Sam born (VCS # 5) of Kingston; son of John eVCS # 5)
Stephen Sanborn dies in July 1869, according to V C
                                                                   Sambome; son of John Samborne (VCS # 2). Anyone who is
Sanborn. so he obViously isn't in the 1870 census. His
                                                                   interested in that branch of the Sanborn family should really
widow, Jane v.~ is the head of the household in Warner. age
                                                                   check it out· you might be able to use it to find a lot more
63 with a personal estate of 5500. With her arc Eliza, 33.
                                                                   Sanborn cousins.
with real estate of 52500; and Syl\'ester G Hoyt, 40, fanner.
with real estate 51200 and personal estate 5300 [NH,
Merrimack County, Warner, folio 514J. Laura. agam accord·
                                                                                   YORK COUNTY, MAINE
ing to V C Sanborn, married 12June 1860. immediately after
the census of that year, so she is Ji\'ing with her husband and    There was a brief item in the Bangor Daily News, 19 Jul 2004,
family in Sunapee, Sullivan COUnty, NH . Franklin J Colby          in the column 'Family Tics' by Roxanne Moore Saucier. She
and their 3 children Ifolio 602A]. An intereSting point about      mentions a website called "York County Genealob')' and
this census is that it seems like Eliza inherited her fathers      Virtual Cemeteries" at; it is main-
fann and that Ho)'t also owns some real estate· this could be      tained by Darlene Walsh. If any of you have ancestors from
checked in the Merrimack COUnt)' land records, possibly the        that part of Maine. this \vebsite is well worth looking at.
probate records, too.                                              There arc general vital records for the county plus transcrip-
                                                                   tions of cemeteries & photos of some gra\'estones - it is a
In 1880 Jane W Sanborn, 73, Widow. is still the head of the
                                                                   work in progress, so all the graveslones arc not in the photo
section. Included are Sanborn Cemetery in Acton and Sanborn       AI Sanborn continues to send me Sanborn items, for which I
Cemetery in Waterboro ME. The site seems well organized and       am \'ery grateful. This time he sent me a letter he wrote to
accessible: the pages downloaded quickly for me.                  (he AMC Outdoors Magazine. It was published in their June
                                                                  2004 issue, pp 10-11. For the non-New Englanders, this is
                                                                  the Appalachian Mountain Club. Here is the letter, titled
            SAN BORNS OF THE PRESENT                                                   H
                                                                  ~The Ride of His Life .

SFA Board member Edwin Sanborn of Laconia NH has sent             ~The inquiry about skiing Tuckerman Ravine (Wild Wisdom.
in news of his grandchildren ~ I hope this \viU be a good         April) reminded me of a once-in-a-lifetime event that
example for the rest of our members. Edwin & his wife             occurred about 45 years ago. We were on our way down
attended all the graduations last Spring - so the), did a good    from the summit of Mount Washington !NH!. hiking along
bit of traveling. Justin Hemy graduated from Earlham              above the headwall. when I made a sudden decision to wan-
College in Richmond IN on 8 May 2004 \vith a BA degree.           der over toward the top of the headwall. to a point where I
He is now working in Chicago. Nmhan A Fulk graduated              could actually look right down the face. It's about 700 feet
from Concord Christian High School. Concord NH. on 5 Jun          high. with the snowpack right then at a nicely packed 50-
2004. He received a Kiwanis club award of 5600, the               degree angle, by my estimation.
Outstanding Christian Character Award. the Music Award,
                                                                  As I edged closer to the steepest part, I suddenly started slip-
and the Concord Christian Student Council Book
                                                                  ping and sliding dO\\fflward on my almost treadless boots.
Scholarship; he was inducted into the National Honor
                                                                  There was a moment or two when I could have arrested my
Society. And, as noted above, is attending Toccoa Falls
                                                                  descent, but I squandered that \vindow of opportunity trying
College in Georgia. Johanna Hmo' graduated from The
                                                                  to decide what to do. Then, as my speed accelerated, m)'
Masters School in Simsbury CT. She received the Band
                                                                  options became very limited. I could have sat dO\\ffl, and it
Award, Music Award, Sportsman Award, Masters School
                                                                  did cross my mind, but I made the conscious decision to just
Award, and also became a member of the National Honor
                                                                  'let it happen' in the stand-up position.
Society. She is attending Taylor University, UpJand IN.
                                                                  The predominant sensation for the rest of my 'ride' was pure,
SFA member, Colleen Sandborn of Portland MI. sent us a
                                                                  raw terror. My life was, for what seemed like an eternity, in
notecard with a lovely illustration by her daughter-in-law,
                                                                  extreme danger of experiencing severe damage. or ending at
Elaine Sandborn. The illustration is titled "Korean Spice
                                                                  any moment. There were no exposed rocks in my path, but
Viburnum in SCOut Park". Scout Park is located on Main 51
                                                                  a slight depression or other obstacle could have sent me fiy-
in dO\\ffltO\\ffl Portland MI.
                                                                  ing, totally out of control, at vet)' high speed.
SFA member. Duane B Carlson of New Brighton MN. is inter~
                                                                  Finally. the angle became less steep, and I became totally
ested in a 'Sanborn' trip to England and wants to know if any
                                                                  giddy, just about out of my mind \vith relief that I was going
of us have found any interesting new books or other publica-
                                                                  to be safe. When I came to a stop. breathing once again. I
tions on our early ancestors. Can anyone help with sugges~
                                                                  stood there in disbelief for only a little while - and decided I
lions? Duane can be reached at dbcarlson@comcast.nct or at
                                                                  just had to do it again!
1887 Third St NW. New Brighton MN 55112~7256.
                                                                  It wasn't easy getting back to the top. but I was able to kick
I've received a page from the University oj New Hampshire
                                                                  toe-holes for traction. The second time dO\\ffl. I made believe
Magazine for Spring 2004. On page 40 is an extensive news
                                                                  I had skis on, and carved turns all the way down! By the way.
nOle about Gregg Sanborn, UNH class of 1966 & a graduate
                                                                  the actual length of the glide works out to be about a thou-
degree in 1977. He has been working at UNH since 1971 in
                                                                  sand feet.
a variety of positions including 10 years as vice president of
student affairs and over 10 years as executive assistant to the   It \'l3S about 15 years later when I found Out that there's actu-
President of UNH. His new position is to be the interim exec~     ally a name for what I had done: glissade (as you may have
utive direclOr of the Alumni Association for 13 months while      knO\\ffl). and they do it all the time in the Alps. And all those
they search for a permanent director.                             years I thought 1 had invented a new sport!
Thanks to SFA member, Nick Sanborn. for sending in news           Twenty years later. 1 was at the same place, with the same
about his cousin. Wm Sanborn Pfeiffer ("SandyH). who was          conditions, and decided to do it again. It came as a complete
named the interim PreSident of Ramapo CoUege NJ ~ serving         surprise to me that I was totally unable to force myself to get
from July 1, 2004. He had been serving as Provost there from      anywhere near that place of no return! With age comes wis-
July 2003. Perhaps we can get more details about his career       dom - or better judgment. anyway!H
for a future article in Sanbont Signatures. He is the grandson
of Reginald Ware Sanborn IV C Sanborn # 1570 iv (inl.
             MORE ON ROSS SANBORN                                 Jr, Sally (Steve) Schroeder, David (Amber) Eastman, Dennis
                                                                  (Gwen) Eastman, &: Tom (Dagmar) Eastman; her sister
The obituary below of Ross Sanborn refers to an article in the
                                                                  Evelyn (Edward) l\1alish. She was predeceased by her hus-
San Frandsco dlronic/e about him. It was written by Demian
                                                                  band, her baby son, Daniel Lee Eastman in 1956, and her
Bulwa, a dlronic/e staff writer, & published on 8 Nov 2002
                                                                  mother, Ethel Sanborn. She was buried in Homer Cemetery.
under the title ~Profile: Ross Sanborn, awesome apricots,
                                                                  Midland (MIl Daily News, 21 june 2004.
passionate pomologist pursues perfection.~ The profile
describes his experience and expertise on fruilS and vegelables   FELDER, Elizabeth. Springfield MA - Elizabeth ~BenyH
as a farm advisor in California. About 28 years ago he received   (Janney) Sanborn Felder, 93. of Reeds landing died 20 Mar
seeds from Iran for white apricot trees whose fruit were quite    2004. She was born in Baltimore MD, the daughter of
popular there. Sanborn developed a white apricot he called        Francis Janney &: Cora (Barker) Claibourne. She worked in
AngelcolS. The article discusses how he continued to develop      the Wilbmham MA office of the USPS. Her first husband,
them and promote them and quoted chefs as to their quality.       Herbert Sanborn, died in 1979; her second husband,
Ross also answered questions about his life and career.           Murmy Felder, died in 1994. Survivors include 3 daughters,
                                                                  Anne Cosgrove of Wilbmham, Jane Ergood of Athens OH,
                                                                  Barbam Yeager of Agawam t-.1A; 6 grandchildren laurel
                          QUERY                                   Carman of Feeding Hills MA, David Carman of Vacaville CA,
                                                                  HolI}' Sanborn of Beaverton OR. Susan Welcome of
                       Thomas G Sanborn
                                                                  Cincinnati OH, Christopher Ergood of Pittsford NY. Joel
My great grandmother, Mary Mariah Sanborn (b 28 Oct               Ergood of San Francisco CA; 11 great grandchildren. Burial
1838, Thetford VI: mar Harle)' P Mathewson 6 Dec 1857),           was in Woodland Dell Cemetery, Wilbraham. Tlte Republican
was a daughter of Thomas G Sanborn IV C Sanborn, # 1431,          {Springfield MA}, 24 Mar 2004.
pp 496-7J (b 9 Mar 1805, Enfield NH) &: Mar)' Leighton
                                                                  FRANCIS, Wendy A. Haverhill MA - Wendy A Francis. 56.
Sanborn (b 6 Jan 1810, Gmfton NH). I wish to become
                                                                  formerly of Salem & Beverly, died 16 Jun 2004 at her daugh-
acquainted ,vith descendants of Thomas & Mary (Leighton)
                                                                  ters home in Haverhill. She was born in Beverly, daughter of
Sanborn. Carole Emma Malhewson, 1205 N William Tel! Cire/c,
                                                                  the late Robert & Audrey Sanborn. She worked at Holyoke
Payson AZ 85541; email: malhewson1933®
                                                                  Mutual Insurance in Salem for many years. Survivors are her
                                                                  daughter Jennifer (Gregory) Gallagher of Haverhill; grand-
                          BIRTHS                                  children Meghan & Ryan Gallagher. The Salem [MA} News, 18
                                                                  jun 2004.
SFA member Lola Sanborn reported the birth of her grand-
son, William Allen Sanborn. born 29 jul 1999 in Miami FL,         GALLAVAN, Bernice Belle. San Bernardino CA - Bernice
to John Emery Sanborn & Georgia (Fernandez) Sanborn.              Belle Gallavan died 17 jul 2004 at St Bernardine Medical
                                                                  Center, San Bernardino, aged 87. She was born 10 Jan 1917
                                                                  to Forest Earl & Alexina Sanborn in Newport NH and lived
                       OBITUARIES                                 most of her life in San Bernardino. She was a secretary at
                                                                  Prudential Life Insurance in San Bernardino, 1938-48, and a
BREEN, Genevieve M (McDowell). Plainville MA &                    supervisor for the San Bernardino County Dept of Vital
Princeton ME - Genevieve M Breen, 92, of Taunton St.              Statistics from 1963 to her retirement in 1983. Survivors
Wrentham MA, died 3 July 2004 at the Maples Nursing &             include her husband John; daughters Sherilyn (Steven)
Rehabilitation Center, Wrentham. She was the wife of the late     Owens of Tucson AZ &: Rosemary Gallavan of Galt CA; sons
CharlesJ ~Bud~ Breen. She was born in Princeton ME 1 April        Timothy of Taiwan & Kevin of La Quinta CA; 2 grandchil-
1912, daughter of Sanborn & Vieve (Fenlason) McDowell.            dren. The Sun [San Bernardino CAl, 23 jul 2004. Thanks to
Survivors include son Allen S Breen of Plainville; daughter       Ardith James for sending in thiS obit. Ardith wrote an article
Louise Carlson, Norfolk ~1A; 2 grandsons; 2 great grandchil-      about Belles father, uEari Sanborn, California Cowbo( in
dren. She was buried in Plainville Cemetery. Bangor {MEl          Sanborn Signalures (Fall 1997 issue). Forest E Sanborn is in
Daily News, 6 july 2004, P B7.                                    V C Sanborn, # 1475 ix (ii), page 505.
EASTMAN, Margie L. Midland MI - Margie L Eastman, 69,             KAUFFMAN, jessica L Port Orange FL - Jessica L)'nn
of Midland, died 19 June 2004 at Mid-Michigan Medical             Kauffman, 50. of Port Orange, formerly of Frewsburg NY &
Center. She was born in St Louis MO 23 Aug 1934, daugh-           Jamestown NY, died 18 June 2004 in Ormond Memorial
ter of William & Ethel (Switzer) Sanborn. She married             Hospital, Ormond Beach FL She was born in jamestO\'l11 21
Leonard 0 Eastman Sr 4 May 1952; he died 19 Nov 2002.             May 1954, daughter of the late Maynard & Anna Sanborn.
She is survived by her children, Leonard (Yvonne) Eastman
She earned a nursing degree and worked for the Volusia                SANBORN, Arline M. Arline M ~Gram~ (Emery) Sanborn,
County Health Dept (FL) for 21 years. She is sunived by her           83. of Brown Road, Groveton NH, died 3 Oct 2004 at
husband of 28 years, G Roben Kauffman of Pon Orange; sons             Dartmouth-Hitchcock l\-tcdical Center, Lebanon NH. She
Bobby & Christian Kauffman, both of Pon Orange; brothers              was born in Groveton 7 Nov 1920, daughter of James L &:
Mark Sanborn of Port St John FL & Dwight Sanborn of                   Margaret (McMahon) Emel)'. She did sccretarial work for
Harpswell ?"I-IE; sister Mary Shelton of Delbarton wv. She ,   scveral companies before retiring. She is sun'1ved by 4 sons,
predeceased by brother John B Sanborn. She was buried in              Wmiam Sanborn, Stephen (Debra) Sanborn, Craig (Lori)
Maple Grove Cemetery, Frewsburg. Post-journal Uamt'stowll             Sanborn, all of Maidestone VI, James (Harriet) of
NY], 28 july 2004.                                                    Groveton; 13 grandchildren; 8 great grandchildren. Her hus-
                                                                      band, C Dean Sanborn died 3 Oct 1994. She was buried in
MILLS. Lucy M (Sanborn). Portland ME - Lucy M Mills,
                                                                      St Francis Cemetel): Online: legacycom, 10 Oct 2004.
91, of Brighton A\'c, & a former long time resident of
Pettengill Pond in Windham ME, died 14 June 2004 at a                 SANBORN, Beverly J. Be"erly Jean (Swangrcn) Sanborn.
Portland hoSpital. She was born in Yarmouth ME, daughter              71, of South Dennis MA died at home. Cape Cod TImes.
of Ernest &: Olive (Ackley) Sanborn. She had worked as a              Hyannis hM, 3 Sep 2004. [The SSDI gives her dates as 22 Dec
welder at Bath Iron Works, worked for B &: M Baked Beans of           1932 to 25 Aug 2004.1
Ponland, & worked for the fonner Nordge Dry Cleaning
                                                                      SANBORN, Calvin H Sr. C1.lvin H Sanborn Sr died 15 June
Village in North Windham. She was predeceased by her hus-
                                                                      2003. He ,vas born 8 July 1928, Willows CA, and was a
band, Melvin W Mills, on 28 Dcc 1970, and son, Elroy M
                                                                      WWII vet. Survivors include wife Arlene; brother, Lyman H
Mills. on 5 Oct 1970. Suni'ing are 3 grandchildren, Patricia
                                                                      Sanborn; sisters-in-law Grace &: Ruth Sanborn; children
Moore of Jacksonville FL, Sandra Mills-Bernier of Standish
                                                                      Linda (Chuck) Kenny, Peggy Lee Sebeni, Cal (Kathy)
ME, & Roy /l,H!ls of West Paris ME; 4 great grandchildren,
                                                                      Sanborn. Bill (Patty) Sanborn; 11 grandchildren; 1 great
Katherine Moore, Lee Bernier, Cass..1.ndra Bernier, &: Gabriella
                                                                      grandchild. Burial was in Mount Vernon Memorial Park, Fair
Mills. She was buried in Arlington Cemetery, North
                                                                      Oaks CA. SacramcIl!o (CA] Bce, 18 june 2003.
Windham. Port/and [MEJ Press Herald. 18 june 2004.
                                                                      SANBORN, Charles E. Charles E Sanborn, 89, of Grand
NICKERSON, Donald Sanborn. Donald S Nickerson, 82,
                                                                      Ledge Ml. died at home 21 Aug 2004. He was a lifetime area
died in Powell River Hospital, Powell River BC 5 April 2004.
                                                                      resident and had worked for Oldsmobile. Parsons Chemical
He was born in Dartmouth NS 7 No" 1921. son of Stanford
                                                                      Company, Ferndale Dairy. &: the cil)' of Grand Ledge. He was
&: Ethel (Sanborn) Nickerson. He worked in the USA &:
                                                                      predeceased by siblings Nina Crosby, Etha Sherman, Evelyn
then for the Modem Press in Saskatchewan. Survivors arc his
                                                                      FI)', Carl Sanborn. & Howard Sanborn. Surviving arc his
sister, Jean Crook, of Dartmouth; brother, Kenneth
                                                                      wife of 66 years, June; daughter C1.rol (Tom) Hamilton of
Nickerson, of Chattanooga TN. CIlronide-Herald {Halifax
                                                                      Grand Ledge; grandchildren Tom (Kristic) Hamilton, Tim
NS]. 10 April 2004.
                                                                      Hamilton. Tina (Kin) Chapin. Terri (Denny) Lay; 11 great
QUINN, Bernice Arlene - Bernice A Quinn of Lapeer MI,                 grandchildren. Burial was in Pioneer Cemetel)', Oneida
died 25 Scp 2004. Burial was in Mt Hope Cemetery, Lapeer.             lownship, Eaton Count)' MI. Grand l...cdgc {Mf} Independent.
Stmivors include: husband John Quinn of Lapeer; son Ed,,·,in          29 Aug 2004 and lanSing (MIl Siaic journal. 22 Aug 2004.
Ooan) Conner of Washington MI; grandchildren, Paula                   Editor's note: his parents seem to be George W &: Arvilla
Strenski, Michael Conner, Gordon Conner. Aaron Conner;                Sanborn; from the 1910 &: 1920 Eaton Coumy MI census
great grandchildren, Hannah & Nathan Conner, Irene &                  records. And thanks to Lynn Sheren for the obit. She also
Owen Strcnski, Ike & Alice Conner. She was predeceased by             informs us that Charles E Sanborn is the grandson of Ela P &:
her parents. Carey & Edna (Baldwin) Sanborn. &: brother               Delia (Hamilton) Sanborn - see their obits above in ~Sanboms
Hollis Sanborn. She was born 25 Aug 1921 in Lapeer &: lived           of the Past [The SSDl gives his birth date as 22Ju11915.1

here most of her life. She &: John Quinn married 26 Nov
                                                                      SANBORN, Chester A. - Chester Arthur Sanborn, 49, of
1959. Flint (MIl Journal, 26 Sep 2004.
                                                                      Rock Springs WY. formerl), of Florence CO, died 23 Sep
RANKIN, Jane E. Jane E Rankin of Round Lake Beach IL died             2004. He was born 9 Feb 1955 in Osaka. Japan, to Raymond
24 July 2004 at Victory Memorial Hospital. Waukegan IL. She           &: Fumie Horita Sanborn. He was a heav), equipment opera-
was born 8 Nov 1936 in Stockton Springs ME. Sun'1vors                 tor. Sun'1vors are sister Ruth (Many) Jubic. Pcublo CO;
include her children, Laura (Phil) Martinek, Debora (Larry)           brothers Raymond (Linda) Sanborn of Florence &: John
Wilson, Donm Oerry) Nordberg, John (Donna) Sanborn, Mark              (Annette) Sanborn of Murrieta CA. He was bUried in Union
(Barbara) Sanborn; 10 grandchildren; 2 great grandchildren.           Highland Cemetery, Florence. Canon City [COJ Daily Record,
Chicago (ILl Suburban Daily Herald, 26 July 200·1.                    29 Sep 2004.
SANBORN, Cynthia. Pan Angeles WA resident Cynthia                  Fay of Belchenown !'.1A; 14 grandchildren, 7 great gr:mdchil-
Sanborn died 18 OCl 2004. She was born 9 Jul 1935 in               dren; predcceasing her were her husband, Edward J Sanborn
Concord NH to Harold &- Marion (Willey) Sanborn. She was           Sr, daughtcr, Edith Annc, granddaughter Sarah Sanborn.
a member of thc American [Association] of Social Workers.          Burial was in Calvary Cemetery. The Republican [Springfield
She lived in Hanford CT beforc coming !O Pan Angeles 30            MAl, 31 Aug 2004.
years ago. She is sunived by her panner of 38 years, jean
                                                                   SANBORN, Edna C. Edna C (Tremblay) Sanborn, 80, of
Recd. Peninsular Daily News [Porr Angeles \\-1\1, 21 Oct 2004.
                                                                   Hudson MA, died 12 Nov 2004 at Bolton Manor,
SANBORN, Dale Ann H. Dale Ann Sanborn, 46, died in                 Marlborough MA. Born in Marlborough, she was thc daugh-
Citrus Heights CA 13 Aug 2004. She was born in Springfield         ter of Eugene &. Elizabeth (Ward) Tremblay, and the wife of
MA of Richard &- Jean Harwood. She was a fonner captain            the late Roben Sanborn, who died in 1981. She had worked
in the US Air Force Rescn'e. Sun;vors include her children         as a production manager for International Paper Corp &. the
Natalie &. Nicholas Sanborn of Vaca\·ille CA; her life panner,     fanner Frye Shoe Company. Sun'ivors are sons Robert
Alan Todi of Citrus Heights; her mothcr, Jean Concr of             Sanborn of Ellijay GA, &. Donald Boh'in of Tamarac FL;
Roseville CA, her father, Richard Haywood of Kiowa IX;       daughters Paulcttc Robcrts of Marlborough, &. Sandra
brother Dana Haywood of Aubrey IX; sisters Margy                   Sanborn of Hudson MA; 13 Grandchildren; 22 great grand-
Haywood of L1kc Kiowa, Rachel Haywood of Long Beach CA,            children. Online:
Kim Cotler Fuchs of Fairfield CA. Sacramento (CA] Bee, 18
                                                                   SANBORN, Elcanor F (Majslcrck). Eleanor F (Majsterek)
Aug 2004. [The SSDl givcs her birth date as 2 Apr 1958.]
                                                                   Sanborn died lme February 2004. Survivors include her chil-
SANBORN, David S. David S Sanborn, 45, of Syracuse NY              dren, FrankJ Sanborn, William A Sanborn, Patricia F (Allen)
died 15 Dec 2003. Hc was born in Morocco, North Africa,            Somerfelt; grandchildren Christine Lenan, David &. Marni
but spent most of his lifc in the Syracuse area. He worked at      Sanborn; great grandmother of Alyssa; sister of Dorothy Di
thc Da\-;s Bessie Nuclcar Powcr Plant in OH. He was prede-         Banolomeo. Predeceasing her were her husband John M
ceased by his mother, Mary Stirling Sanborn. Sun;vors are          Sanborn and brothers John Majsterck &. joseph Majsterek.
his father, john C Sanborn of Fayctte\'ille NY, siSlcr Mary Beth   Plain Dealer (Cleveland OHi, 24 Feb 2004
Aloi of James\'iile NY; brothers John Scott Sanborn of
                                                                   SANBORN, Eleanor K. Eleanor K Sanborn died 5 May
Fayctteville &- Christopher Sanborn of Edmeston NY. Burial
                                                                   2004. She was born in Hiram ME to Clarence &. Ada Kimball
was in Walnut Grove Ccmetery. Syracuse INr] Post Standard,
                                                                   and graduated from Fryeburg Academy in 1941. After busi-
18 Dec 2003.
                                                                   ness coUege, she worked at the PonsmOUlh NH Naval
SANBORN, Doris M. Wcst Baldwin ME - Doris M                        Shipyard. Survivors include her husband of 58 years, Kennit
Sanborn, 91, of 621 Pequawkct Trail, died 9 Junc 2004 at           A Sanborn, of Ponland; son Vaughn (Theresa) of Port
Pinc Point Nursing Homc, Scarborough ME. Shc was born in           Republic 1\.10; daughter Suzannc (Ralph) Austin of
Bridgton ME 19 Fcb 1913, daughter of Frecman &- Edna               Kennebunk ME; son William (Nancy) of Dcnmark ME;
Johnson. Shc worked at Hanold Outfitters, Standish ME, and         brothers Gordon &. Donald Kimball; sister Helen Ward.
at Vee Vee's Varicty Storc which was owned by her daughtcr         Burial was in L A Berry Cemetery, in the Sanborn plot.
&. son-in-law, Evelyn &- Keith Watennan. Sun'ivors arc her         Port/alld {MEl Press Herald, 7 May 2004. [The SSDI gives her
husband, Carl P Sanborn Sr of West Baldwin; son Carl               birth date as 27 Apr 1923.[
(Florence) Sanborn Jr of Standish; daughter Joan (Robert )
                                                                   SANBORN, Elinor H. Scarboro ME - Elinor H Sanborn,
PraU of PA; 14 grandchildrcn; 26 grcat grandchildren: 2 grcal
                                                                   87, died 11 june 2004. She was born in Hollis ME 30 May
grem grandchildren. Shc was prcdcceased by a daughter,
                                                                   1917, daughter of Cecil L &. Eva (Smith) Haley. She taught
Evelyn Waterman of Standish. Burial was in Dow's Comer
                                                                   elementary education for over 20 years in Hollis schools,
Cemetery, Standish. Porrland (MEl Press Herald, 11 June 2004.
                                                                   retiring in 1978. She was predeceased by hcr husband,
SANBORN, Dorothy L. Grcenfield MA - Dorothy L                      Woodrow W Sanborn; sistcr Evelyn Hanson; brother Ralph
Sanborn, 87, of 15 Stanlcy St, died 28 Aug 2004. She was           Haley. Survi.vors include her daughter Ceil (Raymond) Clark
born in Amherst l\-tA 17 Mar 1917, daughtcr of Paul &. Edith       of Cumberland ME; son David (Mary) Sanborn of Hollis; fos-
(Piercc) Strange. She worked as the assistant nursing super-       tcr son, William Mckce of NH; grandchildren jcffrey (Cathy)
visor at thc former Franklin Coumy Public Hospital.                Newbegin of Orland ME,Jody (Gennan) Rojas ofjacksonvil!e
Sun'ivors include sons Edward J Jr of Grcenficld, William of       FL, Jcnnifcr (Andrew) Pinkham of Hollis, Jonathan Sanborn
Sharpsburg GA,jack of Shelburne MA, Rick of Buckland MA;           of Hollis; 3 great grandchildren, Marco Rojas of Jacksomille,
daughters Elizabeth Webber, Margaret Dupre', Patricia              Halcy & Connor Pinkham of Hollis. Porlland [MEl Press
Wilkerson, all of Greenfield, Barbara Kuduke), of S Deerfield      Herald, 13 June 200·t
MA; brother, Kenneth Strange of Chicopee MA: sister Beverly
SANBORN, Esther E. Mrs Esther E Sanborn, 87, of                    SANBORN, John E. john Everelt Sanborn, 86. died 29 May
Hudsomille MI, died 17 Jan 2004. She worked at Branns for          2004 in Stayton OR. He was born in Edmond MT 23 Aug
several years. She was predeceased by husband james.                1917 to Ira &1: Catherine (Davis) Sanborn. After his family
daughter Sharon, and 7 brothers & sisters. Sunivors are            moved to Vinita OK. he met &1: married Nellie O'Neill 17 Sep
granddaughter. Holl}' La\\TenCe; 3 great grandchildren; sib-        1941; she died 16 Mar 1983. He married Eva Hapvard 1 Dec
lings Mildred Sanborn. Carmen Michaels, Peter Sorensen.             1988; she died 5 Dec 2002. Hc is survived by brother,
Richard Sorcnsen. Grand Rapids {Ml] Press, 20 Jan 2004.            Donald Sanborn of Lakeview OR; sister Rose Marie O'Neill of
Editors note: the 1930 census for Grand Rapids indicates that      Ponland OR; sons Rodney (Clydean) Sanborn of Salem OR,
she was born in MN, daughter of jacob E & Benha Sorensen,          james (Sharan) Sanborn of Ambo)' WA,john (Patsy) Sanborn
both born in Denmark.                                              of Hernliston OR; daughter Nelda Goe) Hawlcy of Kaneohc
                                                                   HI; 11 grandchildren; 9 great grandchildren. Hc servcd in
SANBORN, E. .·cretl R. Acton /l.fA - Everett Russell Sanborn
                                                                   the US Army Air Forcc 1943-46 and worked as a carpenter.
of 31 Cushing A.. .e died in Raymond NH recently when he
                                                                   Hc was buried in WilIamcltc National Cemetery in Ponland.
suffered a fatal heart attack while dri . . .ing. He was born in
                                                                   News-Reviov {Roseburg OR], 3}wle 2004.
West Acton MA 10 june 1913. son of Mae E Sanborn & the
late E. . .erett Sanborn. He studied at lowell Technical           SANBORN, Libbic Elaine. Libbie Elaine Sanborn of
Instltutc, Harvard School of Business, & Northeastern              Banning CA, died at home 7 Aug 2004. She was born in
University. He worked for Fallin Motor Transportation.             Ennis TX 12 Apr 1948 and came to CA in 1971. She is sur-
Survivors include his mother, wife Pauline Viau Sanborn,           \ivcd by her husband, Sandy; son John Bibb; daughter Us..1
daughter joan, 8. & son Russell, 7. Acton {MA] Beaco/l, 2 May      Pinz; granddaughters Kelsey & Marisa; sisters Pat Troughten
195i.                                                              & jo Donlon. Burial was at Riverside [CAl National
                                                                   Cemctery. Press-Enterprise (Riverside CA], 10 Aug 2004.
SANBORN, J Raymond. Chicago Il - Dr j Ra}'mond
Sanborn, 65. died 26 Feb 1962. He had been a consultant to         SANBORN, Lisa. Usa Sanborn, 49, died 15 July 2004; she
a Chicago chemical company and formerly had been a micro-          was born 20 Feb 1955. daughter of Barry & joan Uran.
biology profess at Syracuse University & a bactcriologist at       Survivors include her parents: sister Lori; her children.
Cornell Univcrsity. Tonawanda (NY] Evening NClYS, 1 March          Kristie, Da\id. Denise, Ashle)'; grandson Cody. Her son Eric
1962. Editors note: its not clear to me from the obituary          Michael (17 Feb - 1 May 1978) predeceased her. Orange
whether he died in Chicago or Tonawanda NY.                        County {CA] Register, 23 July 2004. Editors note: thc online
                                                                   CA vital records rccord her binh as above, mothers maiden
SANBORN, James F. Palm City FL - James F "Jim~ Sanborn
                                                                   name of Harris, and her marriage to David L Sanborn on 5
died 18 Feb 2004 at the Hospice Residence of MartinlSt
                                                                   Nov 1972 in los Angeles Coumy.
Lucie, Stuart Fl. He was born in Cle. . .eland OH, son ofJames
& Olivia Sanborn. He h.1d resided in P.11m Cit)' for 18 rears.     SANBORN, Lucille E. lucille E Sanborn, 90, died in early
moving there from Brookfield WI. In 1957 he founded the            July 2003. She was the wife of the late Frank Sanborn.
Sanborn Tube Sales. Inc, in Milwaukee WI. He scn'ed in             Survivors include son Roben (Velta) Sanborn; grandchildren
WWIl in the US Anny/Air Corps. Sunivors include his wife           William, Bruce. & Stevcn Sanborn & Lisa Burkhardt; great
of 57 years, Margaret Fairbanks Sanborn of Palm City; son          grandmother of Michael. Robert, Spenccr, Kyle. & Matthew.
james Fairbanks (Kate) Sanborn of Dousman WI; daughters            Plain Dealer {Gcveland OHI, 12 July 2003. Editors note: the
Catherine j (Steve) Johnson of Delafield WI. & Patricia J          SSDI gives her birth on 27 May 1913 and death on 4 Dec
Gohn) Gillespie of Mequon WI; II grandchildren; 3 great            2003.
grandchildren. Journal Sentinel {Milwaukee \VO. 21 Feb 2004.
                                                                   SANBORN, Orville J Orville james Sanborn, 68. died IS
SANBORN,Jarrod M. Jarrod Matthew Sanborn. 24, died 26              Oct 2003. He was the son of the late Alonzo & Sylvia
Apr 2004 at Hartford ICTi Hospital from injuries sustained in      Sanborn. Also preceding him in death was a brother Edmond
an ATV accident. He was born in Manchester CT 17 July              Alonzo Sanborn. Sunivors arc his \vife, Mina V Sanborn; son
1979, son of Richard & Roberta (Pierce) Sanborn Jr. He was         Dennis james Sanborn: daughter Ann-Marie Sanborn, all of
an apprentice with local #40 Sheet Metal Workers Union,            Wichita 1<5; brothers john Gudy) Sanborn of Wichita, Melvin
working at Palmer Sheet Metal in South Windsor CT. He is           (Betty) Sanborn of Yuma AZ, & Ceci\jack (Diana) Sanborn of
survived by his parents of Coventry CT; brothers Justin &          Wichita; sister. Doris (Bruce) Nicholson of Wichita; sister-in-
Joshua Sanborn, also of Coventry; niece, Samantha Taylor           law Patty Sanborn Hale of Wichita. Wichita [KS] Eagle, 1i Oct
Sanborn; grandparents louise Sanborn & Alton & Natalie             2003. Note: his mother, Sy\via5. obituary is below.
Peircc. Burial was in Coventry Cemetery. Hanford (CT]
Courant, 28 Apr 2004
SANBORN, Palma. Hurley SO - Palma Sanborn. 89. died                 Fryeburg; daughtcr Anne Marie (Anhur) Banon of Denmark;
20 Aug 2002 at Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home, Viborg SO.            grandchildren Gregory, Timothy, Kimberly, &: Kelli; 4 great
Shc was born 23 Oct 1912 to Chris Cit Marie (Nielsen) Larsen        grandchildren. Burial was in L A Berry Cemetcl)', Denmark.
southeast of Viborg. She married Jess Sanborn, who died in          Portland {ME} Press Herald, 1 May 2004.
1987. on 2 July 1936. She worked at the cafe in Hurley for
                                                                    SANBORN, Stephen W. Stevc Sanborn, 47, died 8 May
many years. Sun'ivors include daughter Esther Polley of
                                                                    2004 at Lakepoint of Augusta Nursing Home. He was born 2
Wagner SO; granddaughters lisa (Lee) Bourget of Omaha NE
                                                                    May 1957 in Salina KS, son of James R &: Bcuie E (Rees)
Cit Shari (Tom) Kaiser of Sioux Falls SO; great granddaughter.
                                                                    Sanborn. He worked as a polysomnographic tcchnician in a
Brooke: brother. Elmer Larsen of Parkcr AZ. Burial was in the
                                                                    sleep studies clinic at Via Christi St Joseph Medical Center,
Hurley Cemetel)'. Argus Leader {SioIL,( Fal1s SDI, 22 Aug 2002.
                                                                    Wichita KS. He boxed professionall}' for sevcral years after
SANBORN, Pryor Forrest. Pryor F Sanborn. 84. of Globe               high school. Survivors arc sons James (Patti) Sanborn of
AZ. died 6 Nov 2004. He was born Cit raised in Chandler on          Valley Center KS, Robert Sanborn of Greensboro NC, &:
17 May 1920. the son of Clarencc Cit EsteUe. He was a past          Michael Sanborn of Wichita; 2 grandchildren; mother, Bettie
State President of the Future Farmers of America. scn'ed in         E Sanborn of Wichita. He was predeceased by his father &
the Air Force in WWII. He was a farmcr in the Mesa Cit              an infant daughter, Stevie, who died in 1984. Wichila [KSI
Chandler AZ areas. He was predeceased by his parents, son           Eagle. 11 May 200,;,
Mikc, Cit grandson Wade. Survivors arc his \\'ife of 63 years.
                                                                    SANBORN, Suzanne Meeker. Sue Sanborn was born in
Man'alene; sons Jerry (Darlene). Terry (Marta). Cit Ricki
                                                                    Evanston IL 20 Mar 1920. She died in Stockton CA 19 Nov
(Becky): 14 grandchildren; 47 great grandchildren. Arizona
                                                                    2003. She is sun'ived b}' her daughter Carol)'l1 Mason of Elk
Republic (PJlOenixj. 10 No\' 2004, and EQ51 \-illky Tribune [Mesa
                                                                    Grove CA, sons Paul of Livermorc CA. Thomas of Elk Grove,
AZI. 10 No\' 2004.
                                                                    & James of Long Beach CA; grandchildren Brian. Steven.
SANBORN, Robert E, Robert E Sanborn, 84. of Whiting NJ.             Christopher. Jeremy, Mark. &: Scott. She was predeceased by
fonnerly of Rutherford, died carl)' in August. 2004. Star-          her husband, Walton B Sanborn and granddaughter Jennifer
Ledger (Ncwark NJ}. 11 Aug 2004. [The SSDI gives his dates as       Sanborn. Sacramento {CA} Bec. 23 No\' 2003. The online CA
5 Dec 1919 to 9 Aug 2004.[                                          vital records show Walton Bates Sanborn was born 28 Oct
                                                                    1914 in MD and died 10 Jan 2000 in San Joaquin Co CA; his
SANBORN, Ross R. Ross R Sanborn died 28 Sep 2004 at
                                                                    mothers maiden name was Moore.
age 84. He was born Cit raised in Pomona CA. son of a brick-
layer. Hc was in the Navy in WWIl. after which he studied           SANBORN, Sylvia V. Sylvia Vesta Sanborn. 92. died 29 May
pomology at Univ of CA Davis. He worked as an agricultur-           2003. She was born in Wichita KS to Arthur Cit Vera
al advisor in CA for many years He married Caroline in 1948         (Chadwick) Walker 10 May 1911. She married Alonzo
and they had three children, Jan, Craig. Cit Dave. After retire-    "Lonnie~ Sanborn 3 July 1928. Survivors include sons John
ment, he purchased a ranch in Brentwood CA where he spe-            Gudy). Orville (Mina). Cecil "Jack (Diana), all of Wichita;

ci.:liized in cherries. He was named "Cherry Man of the Year"       Meh'in (Betty) of Yuma AZ; daughter Doris (Bruce) Nicholson
in 1996. He also developed a white apricot. trademarked as          of Wichita; brother Darrell (Lou) Walker of EI Dorado KS; 18
"Angelcol~. Conlra COSla Times [Contra Costa County CAl, 6          grandchildren: 29 great grandchildren; 2 great great grand-
Oa2004. Editors notc: there is an extensive article about him       children. She was predeceased by her husband and a son.
in the Sail Francisco dlronic1e of 8 Nov 2002, accessible           Edmond, "Eddie Wichita (KSl Eagle, 31 May 2003. Note:

online at \' From the 1930 census, his parents        son Of\'illes obitual)' is printed above.
scem to be Carl (born about 1890 in CA.) Cit Sallie (born
                                                                    SANBORN, Walter B. Carlsbad CA - Walter "Mike~ Boycr
about 1892 in KY) Sanborn; his siblings. in 1930. Wilma (age
                                                                    Sanborn died 27 July 2004 at Glenbrook in La Costa CA. He
17), Ruby (15), Herbert (14), '" Blake (5). The CA birth
                                                                    was born 12 Nov 1926 in Philadelphia PA. He resided in
index records give Rosss birth date as 11 Scp 1920, mothers
                                                                    Moraga CA for ovcr 35 years before mO\'ing to Carlsbad 2
maiden name of Dossctl.
                                                                    years ago. He sen'ed in the US Navy in WWll and workcd
SANBORN, Shirley A. Denmark ME - Shirley Alison                     for Bell Systems for many years. He was predeceased by his
Sanborn, 85. of Denmark, died 29 Apr 2004 at FI)'eburg              wifc, Elizabeth. in 1996. He is sun'ived by daughters Ayn
[ME} Healthcarc Center. She was born 13 Jan 1919 in Patten          (Bill) Loomis of Carlsbad and Ellen (Bill) Sardella of
ME. daughter of Amos Cit Liz Curran. She was predeceased            Fallbrook CA; grandchildren Geoff Cit Kendra Haskell of
by her first husband, Arnold Alben Sanborn, in 1948. and            Plano TX, Amber Cit Brian Mazone of Oceanside CA. Scott
her second husband. Clyde Donald Sanborn, in 1988.                  Haskell of Foster Cil},. & Ashlee Loomis of Carlsbad; great
SUf\'ivors include son Harold Nelson (Blanche) Sanborn of           grandchildren Kate. Emily Cit Matthew Haskell Cit Braden
Mazone; sister Jane (Pete) Childs ofVT; brother Bob Sanborn      Emery (Georgia) Sanborn, daughters Alice Jean (Fred)
of MA. Contra Cosla Times {Contra COSIa Co CAl, 30 ju12004       Grainger, &. Barbara L}lln Ouan G1.r!os) Noa, and 10 grand-
& San Francisco [CA] Chronicle 30 ju/2004.                       children. He was the son of James Levcnthropc Sanborn and
                                                                 Vivian M (Dudley) Sanborn. He was predeceased by sister
SANBORN, Wahon W. Walton W Sanborn, 87, ofWestficid
                                                                 Vivian Mae Sanborn and grandson David A Grainger. Burial
NJ, died.; Nov 2004. Survivors include his wife of 56 years,
                                                                 was at Miami Memorial Park. Editor's note: thanks to SFA
Lillian; daughters Joan Sanborn of Westfield &. Barbara
                                                                 member Lola Sanborn for sending her husband's obituary;
Faurot of Darien CT; grandson William Faurot of Darien CT.
                                                                 the Miami (FL] Herald, 13 jun 2004 also printed an obituary
Burial was in Gen. Doyle Veterans Cemetery, Wrightstown Nj.
Slar-Ledger {Ncwarh 1\1)}, 6 Nov 2004.                           SCOTT, William E - William F Scou, 89, of Lincoln NE,
                                                                 died 24 Aug 2004. He was born 10Jan 1915 in Duluth MN,
SANBORN, Wanda Joyce. Bossier City lA - Wanda Joyce
                                                                 son of Roben R & Florence M (Sanborn) Scott. He served
Sanborn died 25 Sep 2004 and was buried in Hill Crest
                                                                 in the US Aml)' in WWlI and was a fal111er in Alpcna Count)'
Memorial Cemetery. She was the daughter of the late
                                                                 MI. Survivors includc sons Earl (Lorctta) Hunt of Conroe TX,
Clarance & Flois Lewis. Survivors include husband of 32
                                                                 Randall (Lynn) Scou of lansing Mf, Paul Cloutier of Kindc "'II
years James Sanborn; daughters Diane (Terry) Erlinger of
                                                                 & Dale (Maurine) Scott of Harbor Springs MI; daughters
Bossier City, Charlotte (David) Cause)' of Haughton lA; step-
                                                                 Diane (Donald) Heinlein of Lincoln NE & laurie Oohn)
daughter Brenda Oack) Greeson of Austin TX; step-son
                                                                 Sc1mer of Herndon VA; 15 grandchildren; 19 great grand-
Jimmy (Mariana) Sanborn of Georgeto\\ll TX; grandchildren
                                                                 children. He was interred in Lincoln (NE) Memorial Park
Amanda Ooey) Hel111an, Jennifer Erlinger, Robert Erlinger,
                                                                 Cemetery. A/pella {,\1I} News. 26 Aug 2004.
Kristen G1Usey (Will) Branton, Rachel C.1Usey, Cody G1usey,
Brandon Greeson, Joshua Greeson, Bradley Sanborn; great          THOMAS, Nancy (Sanborn). Portsmouth RI - Nancy
grandchildren Cory &. Abagail Hel111an. Sllrcveport [IAI         Thomas of Pear St, Portsmouth, died 29 NO\' 2004 :lI home.
Times, 28 Sep 2004.                                              She was born in Chicago IL, daughter of Marian Sanborn of
                                                                 Naples FL and the late Fredrick Sanborn. She graduated
SANBORN, Wayne F. Agawam MA - Wayne F Sanborn,
                                                                 from Roger Williams Uni\'ersity, Bristol RI. and worked as a
67, of 224 Walnut St, Agawam, died 8 Aug 2004 in Mercy
                                                                 computer specialist for Electric Boat and Raytheon. Survivors
Hospital, Springfield r. tA. He was born in Springfield in
                                                                 include her husband, Michael; sons Eric Thomas of
1937, son of Watson E &. Ruth (Fowler) Sanborn. He served
                                                                 Portsmouth & Chad Thomas of Tiverton Rl; grandson
in the Marine Corps 1956-8 and worked for the A&' P and
                                                                 Cameron Thomas of Portsmouth. Burial was in Newport
Gaer Brothers in South Windsor CT. Hc is survived by his
                                                                 Memorial Park, Middletown RI. Providena {Rlj jounw/, 1 Dec
wife Clara (Carzeno) Sanborn whom he married in February
                                                                 2004, p 0-
1963; sons Wa}lle F Sanborn Jr of Agawam &. Kevin P
Sanborn of Dedham MA; daughters Ann M Theriaque &.               VARNEY, Beatrice S. Strafford NH - Beatrice S Varney, 81,
Carol A Theriaque, both of Agawam, Donna J Hyland, Krissy        of 1175 Parker Mountain Rd, died 22 Jul2004 at Wentworth-
A Oim) Carzello, all of West Springfield; brothers Richard       Douglas Hospital in Dover NH. She was born 28 Feb 1923 in
~Dick~ L (Barbara) Sanborn of West Springfield, Paul 0           Farmington ME, daughter of Roland &. Alice (Gray) Sanborn.
(Louise) Sanborn of Springfield; grandchildren Rachel            She had lived in Strafford for 57 years and was a teacher &.
Hyland, Christopher, Jessica, Jennifer &. David Theriaque Jr,    head of the math &. science dept at Austin Cate Academy. She
&. Amhony Carzel!o. He was predeceased by his parems and         graduated from UNH in 1944 with a degree in math &. engi-
a sister, Nancy O'Brien. Burial was in Agawam Veterans           neering and was the first woman to work as a test engineer at
Memorial Cemeterr The Republican {Springfield MAl, 10 Aug        Pratt &. Whitney in Hartford CT. She was predeceased by her
2004 & journal InqUirer (Vernon en   10 Aug 2004. [The SSDl      husband, Burnham Varney, 12 Jul 2004. Survivors include
gives his birth date as 7 Feb 1937.1                             daughter Shirley Resnick of Orlando FL; brother Paul Sanborn
                                                                 of Exeter NH. Burial was in Crown Poim Cemetery, Strafford.
SANBORN, Willet H "Buck" Buck Sanborn, SFA member,
                                                                 Ullioll Leader {Mallche;ster NH}, 26 ju12004.
died 6 Jun 2004 at Baptist Health Hospital in Miami FL He
\vas born 24 May 1922 in Twomey TN, but at age 2 the fam-        YOUNG, Nancy L (Hawkins). Sanbornton NH - Mrs
ily moved to Fellsmere FL where he lived till emering the ser-   Nancy L Young, 61, 860 Stage Road, died at home 9 Jun
vice. He served with the 127th Signal R.1.dio lmelligence Co     2004. She was born 13 Oct 1942 in laconia NH, daughter
in the China, Burma, India Theater of Operations, intercept-     of Ruth lsabel!e & George Hawkins Sr. She married William
ing Japanese Code. For over 20 years he O\\lled the S &. 5       H Young 43 years ago. She worked for the C &. L
Hardware Slore in Miami. Survivors include his wife of 51        Construction Co, the laconia Shoe Co, and Henrys Dry
years, Lola Y (Pinder) Sanborn, sons James S (Pam) &. John       Cleaners. Survivors include her husband; daughters Holly
Young of Franklin NH & Joy (Kelly) Brough of Gilmanton              Margaret R, b 7 Dec 1914, d 18 Sep 2004, re5 Mill Valley CA
Iron Works NH; her mother, Ruth Sanborn of Rye NH: her              Nancy J, b 28 Sep 1941, d 4 Jun 2004, res Dover NH
father, George Hawkins Sr of laconia: half brother George           Norman J, b 26 May 1931, d 12 Aug 2004, res Tyrone NM
Hawkins Jr of L,conia; four half sisters, Donna Thrippleton         Percy P. b 18 Sep 1923, d 4 May 2004, res Chaplin CT
of Alton NH, Cathy Hammarc of Ashland NH, Robin
                                                                    Richard l, b 21 Nov 19S3, d 4 Jul2004
Hendrick>: of laconia, Susan Record of Rye; step-brother,
Harry Sanborn. Portsmouth {NH} Herald, 12Jun200·t                   Roger l, b 5 Sep 1928, d 21 May 2004, res San Jacinto CA
                                                                    Ruth, b 8 Feb 1928, d 17 Jun 2004, res Memna NY
                                                                    Wesley E, b 21 Mar 1933, d 29 Mar 2004, res Gallatin TN
                OTHER SANBORN DEATHS
SFA member Lola Sanborn reponed the death of her sister-
in-law, Vivian Mae Sanborn, born 1 Feb 1915 in Canton NC,                                  TRACISANBORN
daughter of James Leventhrope Sanborn & Vi\'ian M
(Dudley) Sanborn, died 12 May 1993 in Miami FL She also             Editors flOit': lhe followillg is all l'x/mct from the Mac/lias {MEl
reported the death of her grandson, Da\'id Ainslie Grainger,        Valley News ObservCl' of 2Jufle 2004, 1'1' J-2.
born 27 Jun 1986 in Miami and died I Apr 1987 in Miami.             ~The March of Dimes Northern Maine Division is pleased to
He was the son of her daughter, Alice Jean (Sanborn)                announce that Tmci Sanborn wil! sen'e as Honorary Chair for
Grainger & Fred Grainger.                                           the M.1chias Walk-Americ.:l 2004. A respected "nd ;tdmired
                                                                    member of her community, Sanborn has long been active in
                                                                    volunteer work. Traci Sanborn sen'es as a Vice President
          SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX                               with Machias Savings Bank and brings a number of years of
The follOWing list of Sanborn deaths continues earlier list-        rdated leadership experience to her new role with the March
ings, If the Editor receives a full obituary, that will be print-   of Dimes.
ed in a later issue of Sanborn Sigllatures. All are ~Sanborn~       Sanborn encourages all leaders of the business community to
unless othenvise indicated. Please note that what the SSA           support Walk-America and to form teams of employees to
reports as 'residence' Ires1 may not be the place of death.         participate and raise mone}' to support the March of Dimes
                                                                    successful fight to Sowe babies ....

Alice M, b 7 Oct 1911, d 3 Aug 2004, res Waimanalo HI               Among March of Dimes lifesaving breakthroughs arc pio-
Charles M, b 21 Apr 1913, d 27 Ju12004, res longwood Fl
                                                                    neering surgery that corrects cenain birth defects before a
                                                                    bab}' is born, surfactant thempy to help premature babies
Chester A, b 4 Feb 1955, d 23 Sep 2004
                                                                    breathe, and other new tests and treatments that help babies
Donna, b 28 F1:b 1941, d 13 F1:b 2004, res lemon Grove CA           be healthier.
Dora E, b 13 Sep 1919, d 25 Mar 2004, res lyme (enler NH
                                                                    'We arc pleased to have Tmci Sanborn as Walk~America's
Edna H, b 2S Oct 1910, d 2 Aug 2004, res lyle5 TN
                                                                    "Honorary Chair'" said Gene Staffiere, Northern Maine
Edward F, b 17 Feb 1937, d 21 Apr 2004, les Daytona Beach Fl        Division Director of the March of Dimes. 'With her leader-
Elizabeth H, b 17 Oct 1919, d 1 Mar 2004, res Sprin9fieldVT         ship and gUidance, along with the community's support, we
Ella M, b 26 Ju11919, d 13 Mar 2004, res Faribault MN               can make the Machias Walk-America one of the best ever,
Grace S, b 17 Mar 1902, d 1811m 2004, res Estherville IA            and help save babies right here in Machias and across the
Harold K, b 7 Sep 1954, d 10 Aug 2004                               country
Irene J, b 5 Dec 1917, d 8 Sep 2004, res SOlllh Paris ME
James l, b 1 May 1908, d 16 Mar 2004, res PeshtigoW!
James W, b 10 Nov 1918, d 14Apr 2004, res Seabrook NH
lanna C, b 9 Apr 1988, d 30 Jun 2004
Jeannine, b 26AlIg 1937, d 8 Sep 2004, res Columbus OH
John F, b 19 Oct 1914, d 6Apr 2004, les Boston MA
Josephine R, b 14 May 1917, d 1 Mar 2004, res 8eaufort SC
Usa M, b 2 Jan 1954, d 16 Jul2004
Madie S, b 22 Dec 1913, d 5 Apr 2004, res Stillmore GA
                                                    PRSID SID
                                                    US Postage
                                                 Concord, NH 03301
                                                  l'em1it No. 1494

52 Range Road
Deerfield, NH 03037

Address Service Requested

             ,;,:-,   ,'"

f:;~bo~ fOOds:~,~y.-::,. ',"             '_'.1
;{~boms-CanneB;1d 'Krnt :G~ '~3
~~ltor!l Col:~'~h" ',\. r--.-'.": ,',;\: ..,5
;;-s;,.hoiarshi~--:,': .. :, ..• , :-.".",6
:/{:urrent Sclwlar,shlp_ Holder, • , , . , , 6
f~bo~~f~thc'P~:-.. "., ". ,':.6
:::york County, Maine, ..... , , ••• , • 7_

'/i1o~ On Ross Sanbom , '" ';., ,',,9
t~ry.. ,      ',.>.. ,_,.:'" ..,., ..    ,.9

t(:;~inhs ... ,'-.,: -.. .-:' .. " _.,.",-,9
:>,S                             '-     '
'+"                            '-   -
:'Obllwrles., .. ,. ,;' ,.,'" '-." .. 9
:;:~r Sanlxirn OUth$." ... ,' ,', .15
::t~1 Sc~~ty ~~ Index .... , , , IS
(,t~c~~m,., "; ... "., .. ,.,15

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