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					Surf Zone Optics Experiment 2010
                                                       No.                                 Office                        Support
Participant   Experiment        Principal Contact    Personel        Equipment             Space     Storage Space         Days Logistics Overview
                                                                                                                                 2-3 Pier days - sensor deployment by rope; 2-3 Drifter Days - Jet Ski or
                                                                                                                                 Zodiac deployment; 2-3 Sled days- Crab or Lark deployment. Forklift
Arete         SZO/XIOPS              Tom Kraus          3            Drifters, Sled          3            None             6-9   required
                                                                                                                                 Daily Jet Ski deployment/retrieval of 8-10 floating sensor packages; CRAB
                                                                                                                                 use to profile MASCOT in middle of surf zone (timing flexible); Jet Ski
                                                                Floats, drifters, 150-lb                                         deployment of optical drifters ; Flourometers to map out Elgar Dye exp
WET Labs      SZO/bubbles       Mike Twardowski         7          MASCOT package            0              0               10   TBD
                                                                                                                                 Installation and survey of one or more reflectance targets on dunes
                                                                 ARGUS, Reflectance                                              and/or pier; Installation and survey of IR camera on tower; Collection
OSU           SZO/ARGUS             Rob Holman          2         targets, IR Camera         2              0               1    and analysis of ARGUS imagery.
                                                                Radar on North Trailer
OSU           MURI                 Merrick Haller       3              (Trizna)              0              0               1    Collection and analysis of Radar imagery

                                                                  AquaDOPP, Surface
                                                                  drifter package, 14'                                           SCUBA to deploy AquaDOPP in surf zone for 7 days; Daily surface drifter
APL/UW        SWIFT                Jim Tompson          2       inflatable boat, SCUBA       0           2 Pallets          9    deployments with 14' inflatable boat; Daily snorkle checks; Daily forklift

                                                                                                    Indoor 7-8 Helium
                                                                  IR Cameras, aerial                Cylinders; Outdoor           Deploy and survey IR Cameras on Tower; Daily Tethered Helikite from
APL/UW        Thermal Sensing      Chris Chickadel      3              Helikite              3            2 Pallets         2    truck on pier or nearby location; Mostly evening and nite deployments

Totals                                                  20                                   8                              23
Name               Organization                  Project           7   8   9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Notes
Patricio Catalan   Universidad Tecnica , Chile   MURI
Merrick Haller     OSU                           MURI
Andy Jessup        APL UW                        Thermal Sensing
Jim Kirby          UDEL                          Modeling
Tom Kraus          ARETE                         SZO
Mike Twardowski    WET Labs                      SZO
Jim Thomson        APL UW                        SWIFT
Steve Ackelson     ONR                           PM                                                   Here for the 14th
Joan Cleavland     ONR                           PM
Jeff Hanson        FRF                           SZO
Kent Hathaway      FRF                           SZO

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