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					Grouping Resistant Soybean Cultivars by Their Differential
  Reactions to Soybean mosaic virus Strains.
     C. Zheng* - University of Arkansas
     P. Chen - University of Arkansas
     R.C. Gergerich - University of Arkansas
     G.B. Buss - Virginia Tech
     S.A. Tolin - Virginia Tech

    Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) causes one of the most destructive viral diseases in soybean worldwide.
    Cho and Goodman (1979) classified 98 SMV isolates identified in the U.S. into seven strain groups
    (G1-G7) based on differential reactions of soybean cultivars. Three SMV resistance loci have been
    identified: Rsv1, Rsv3, and Rsv4, each of which confers a unique set of reactions to SMV strains. The
    objective of this research was to group 137 resistant soybean cultivars based on their differential
    reactions. Two SMV strains (G1 and G7) were used to characterize the host reactions. Plants were
    mechanically inoculated with virus at the V1 stage, monitored for symptom expression, and tested for
    virus by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Thirty-five soybean accessions were resistant to
    both G1 and G7, and no virus was detected by ELISA, indicating the presence of the Rsv4 gene in
    these accessions. Sixty-five accessions were resistant to G1, but susceptible to G7, and the virus was
    detected in G7-inoculated plants. Thirty-seven accessions were resistant to G1 inoculation, but
    exhibited stem tip necrosis following G7 inoculation. The soybean accessions that are resistant to G1,
    but respond with a susceptible or necrotic reaction to G7 presumably carry the Rsv1 gene. Research is
    underway to use pedigree analysis and available molecular markers to confirm our results.

Speaker Information: Cuiming Zheng, University of Arkansas, 115 Plant Science Building, Fayetteville, AR
72701; Phone: 479-575-7532; E-mail:

Session Information: Wednesday, November 5, 2003, 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
     Presentation Start: 4:00 PM (Poster Board Number: 1036)

Keywords: soybean mosaic virus; genetic resistance; virus strains; virus reaction

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