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Small Business Subcontracting Plan Small Business Subcontracting Plan It is expected that


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									Small Business Subcontracting Plan

It is expected that the solicitation sent to Phase 2 Offerors will include FAR clauses
52.219-9, Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Jan 2011), Alternate II (Oct 2001)
and 52.219-16, Liquidated Damages – Subcontracting Plan (Jan 1999). The
clauses will also be included in the resultant contract. All Phase 2 Offerors will be
required to submit subcontracting plans with their proposals. Failure to submit
and negotiate the subcontracting plan shall make the offeror ineligible for award
of a contract.

Additional information on subcontracting plans can be found in FAR 19.7 The
Small Business Subcontracting Program. For informational purposes only below
please find MARAD’s FY2011 goals for small business participation in its
contracting actions:

Small Business                   31%

Small Disadvantaged Business      9%

Women-Owned Small Business 5%

HUBZone                           3%

Service Disabled Veteran

Owned Small Business              3%

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