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									Sheila Richman
Speech 1 T-Th 10:25

Outline-Persuasive Speech

Specific Goal: I want my audience to sign up to be a designated driver.


       1. On March 25, 2000, Audrey Kishline drove her pickup truck in the wrong
       direction on Interstate 90. She struck a vehicle containing Richard Davis and his
       twelve year old daughter,LaSchell, killing them both. Her blood alcohol level
       was .26(three times the legal limit).

       II. I know that we’ve all heard of similar stories; after all, drunk driving is the
       nation’s most frequently committed crime(MADD 1996) , with one fatality every
       thirty minutes and an injury every one minute,(National Highway Traffic Safety
       Administration) so I’d be willing to bet that there isn’t a person in this room that
       thinks drunk driving is o.k.

       III. Though several preventive measures have proven effective(such as sobriety
       checkpoints, lower blood alcohol concentration laws, and server training), there is
       one thing that we, as individuals can do.


       I. Lawmakers have enacted several drunk driving policies that have met with
       some success.

               A. Highly visible sobriety checkpoints have become more common,
               especially during particularly dangerous holiday times.

                      1. The NHTSA has predicted that these could reduce alcohol
                      related fatalities by 15%.

                      2. Economically, the cost is a minimal $12,300 and would save
                      $86,400 per checkpoint.

               B. Lowering the blood alcohol concentration level from .10 to ,08 has
               saved more than 900 lives in California alone (Pacific Institute for
               Research and Evaluation).

               C.Server training programs have the potential to reduce night time DUI
               injury crashes by 17% as 40-60% of intoxicated patrons drive after
               consuming alcohol in bars, clubs, or restaurants. (PIRE)
          II. The Designated Driver Program , which was started by MADD-Orange County
          in 1989 is a two part program, according to Sandy Guttierrez of MADD-OC.

                A. The Hospitality/Restaurant Designated Driving Program is a
                partnership between a patron and the restaurant.

                        1. When more than one person in a party orders an alcoholic
                        beverage, the server alerts them to their program of having a
                        designated driver who receives all their beverages complimentary
                        and wears a identifying sticker or lapel pin to alert the other servers
                        not to charge them for their beverages or to serve them anything

                B.The Individual Responsibility Plan is the second part of their program.

                        1. On the honor system, a person wears the identifie (pin or button)
                        signifying that they will not be consuming alcoholic beverages at
                        that event.

                        2.This is not the least drunk person, or the one who drank only
                        beer (80% of alcohol related fatalities were caused by people who
                        were only consuming beer). (Runge),2002


   I.        Being the designated driver is easy and free.

   II.       Designated Drivers don’t ever wake up with a hangover.

   III.      Nine out of ten Americans believe people should use designated drivers when
             participating in events where alcohol is being served.

   IV.       With Memorial Day approaching, when 49.7% of the fatal crashes on the road
             are alcohol related(NHTSA), I’d like to encourage everyone to have a great
             time and either be the designated driver or have one in your party. Let’s all be
             back here Tuesday morning after Memorial Day.


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