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					Sept. 23, 2003                                                                                      Vol. 9,
Issue 18

        ABC, WIBC, YABA SERVE 3.245
Michigan remains top state; Detroit                             Detroit again led local areas with a combined
                                                            101,552 members. The Motor City area had 54,613
biggest local area during 2002-03                           ABC, 35,951 WIBC and 10,988 YABA members.
season                                                      Chicago was next with 42,545 (25,392; 15,273;
    American     Bowling      Congress,     Women’s         1,880), while the Washington, D.C., area was third
International Bowling Congress and Young American           with 36,577 (20,043; 12,823; 3,711).
Bowling Alliance membership totaled 3,245,873 in
the 2002-03 season, the organizations have                  ABC/WIBC certify 6,070 centers,
    That represents a four percent decrease from the        124,835 lanes during 2002-03 season
combined 3,382,507 in the 2001-02 season. Figures               The American Bowling Congress and Women’s
for each year are calculated from Aug. 1 through July       International Bowling Congress jointly certified 6,070
31.                                                         centers and 124,835 lanes during the 2002-03
    ABC again led the way with 1,635,316 members.           season that ended July 31.
WIBC had 1,225,416 and YABA added 385,141. In                   This represents a 2.8 percent drop in centers and
the previous season, ABC had 1,694,248, WIBC                only a 1.6 percent decrease in lanes from 2001-02.
1,291,199 and YABA 397,060.                                 There were 6,246 centers and 126,854 lanes in the
    ABC members competed in 62,819 leagues,                 previous season.
WIBC members in 62,014 and YABA in 16,530.                      Overall totals included 5,811 centers and 119,815
Nearly three-quarters of ABC and WIBC leagues               lanes in the United States. The remaining 259
were sanctioned by both organizations as mixed              centers and 5,020 lanes were in Canada, Puerto
leagues.                                                    Rico and U.S. military bases worldwide.
    In 2001-02, ABC members competed in 65,962                  There were 5,973 centers and 121,594 lanes in
leagues, WIBC in 65,011 and YABA in 17,315.                 the U.S. in 2001-02.
    Michigan again had the most combined members                While the number of centers dropped, center size
with 289,931. This included 143,969 ABC, 117,329            increased. Centers overall averaged 20.5 lanes,
WIBC and 28,633 YABA members. New York was                  while U.S. centers averaged 20.6 lanes. Both were
second overall with 228,642 (117,429; 78,839;               up from 20.3 and 20.4 in 2001-02.
32,374) and Ohio was third (116,667; 83,610;                    Pennsylvania again led states with 408 centers.
27,354).                                                    New York remained No. 2 with 401, while Wisconsin
                                                            was third with 379. New York had the most lanes with

8,648. Michigan was second with 8,422 and Ohio             100 Over Games        53,522            12,031
third with 8,317.                                             9,774
                                                           11 Strikes in a Row 30,810                734
ABC, WIBC, YABA members rewarded                           *Honor score recognition for girls only
in record numbers in 2002-03 season
    American       Bowling    Congress,     Women’s        Pluhowsky, Hoffman to compete
International Bowling Congress and Young American
Bowling Alliance members earned awards in record
                                                           in AMF World Cup in Honduras
                                                               Defending champion Shannon Pluhowsky and
numbers again in the 2002-03 season.
                                                           2003 Federation Internationale des Quilleurs
    During the period from Aug. 1, 2002 through July
                                                           medallist Bill Hoffman are among a stellar group of
31, 2003, they collected 47,224 awards for 300
                                                           players entered in the 39th annual AMF Bowling
games, 19,637 for 299 games, 7,506 for 298 games
                                                           World Cup. Tournament Sept. 27-Oct. 4 at Planeta
and 13,338 for 800 series. Those numbers were
                                                           Sipango bowling center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
slightly better than the 44,331 for 300s, 18,894 for
                                                               Pluhowsky, the 21-year-old left-hander from
299s, 7,289 for 298s and 12,447 for 800s during the
                                                           Phoenix, captured the World Cup last year in Riva,
2001-02 season.
                                                           Latvia. She won her second consecutive U.S.
    ABC members again had the most 300s (44,937),
                                                           Amateur Champion title last January in Reno, Nev. In
299s (18,765), 298s (7,116) and 800s (12,911).
                                                           August, she earned singles gold and doubles silver
WIBC members had 946, 437, 224 and 165,
                                                           medals at the Pan American Games in Santo
respectively. For YABA members, they were 1,341,
                                                           Domingo, Dominican Republic.
435, 166 and 292, respectively.
                                                               Hoffman, the 29-year-old right-hander from
    The following chart shows breakdowns by
                                                           Columbus, Ohio, earned a gold medal in trios and a
organization for these and other selected awards:
                                                           silver medal in team at the FIQ World Championships
                                                           that ended Sept. 20 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He
                 2002-03 Awards
                                                           won his second U.S. Amateur Champion title in
                 ABC                 WIBC
                                                           January, matching his 1999 title. He earned Pan Am
                                                           doubles gold and singles bronze.
300 games        44,937                946
                                                               Among the other entrants is 2002 men’s
                                                           champion Mika Luoto of Finland. Other past
299 games        18,765                437
                                                           champions include Norway’s Tore Torgerson, Qatar’s
                                                           Ahmed Shaheen, United Arab Emirates’ Mohammed
298 games         7,116                224
                                                           Khalifa Al Qubaisi and Germany’s Martina Beckel.
                                                               Bowlers from 84 nations, four off the record 88
800 series       12,911                165
                                                           countries in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1998, are expected
                                                           to compete in Tegucigalpa. The World Cup is one of
700 series      215,839              7,842
                                                           the city’s official 425th birthday celebration events. It
                                                           also is Honduras’ first world championship sports
Triplicates      14,999             10,504
                                                               The AMF Bowling World Cup is the largest
Big Four Splits    4,316              1,666
                                                           annual international sports championship in the
                                                           world, in terms of number of participating countries.
7-10 Splits       4,700                947
       786                                                 Hyman’s gold, Mack’s silver in Masters
All-Spare Games    7,561              7,435                cap
       955                                                 stellar U.S. showing in FIQ World
Dutch 200 Games   7,249              1,934
       773                                                 Championships
                                                              Diandra Hyman highlighted the best United
                                                           States global showing since 1987 when she captured
the Masters gold medal Sept. 20 at the 15th                   Sweden                        3             1        1
Federation Internationale des Quilleurs World                       5
Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.                      England                       3             1            0
     Hyman, a right-hander from Dyer, Ind., beat Liza                        4
Clutario of the Philippines 400-390 in the two-game           Finland                       1             1        1
championship match at Pyramid Megalanes. Hyman                        3
advanced to the title games with a 189-147 victory            Philippines           1             1       1            3
over Korea’s Lee Eun Ock in the stepladder                    Colombia                      0             1        1
semifinal.                                                            2
     Australia’s Michael Little earned the men’s gold         Germany                       0             1        1
medal with a 430-375 victory over Team USA’s Tim                      2
Mack, Garfield, N.J. Little opened the stepladder with        UAE                   0             0       2            2
a 179-174 triumph over Mohammed Al Qubaisi of the             Australia                     1             0        0
United Arab Emirates.                                                 1
     The gold and silver gave the U.S. a final total of       Malaysia                      1             0        0
nine medals, best of any country this year and its                    1
best since earning 11 in 1987. Sweden was next with           Guam                  0             0        1           1
five medals while England had four. Sweden and                Korea                 0             0        1           1
England had the most gold medals with three each.             Mexico                0             0        1           1
     Hyman and Mack had roles in all nine U.S.                Venezuela             0             0        1           1
     Besides her Masters gold, Hyman captured silver
in all-events, silver in doubles (with Lucy Sandelin)         Format changes announced for 2004
and bronze in trios (with Sandelin and Anita Manns).          USA    Bowling   National  Amateur
     Mack collected five medals. He earned gold in            Championships
trios (with Bill Hoffman and Dino Castillo) and silver             Format changes, featuring three days of
in singles, all-events, Masters and team (with                qualifying and match play finals with 32 men and 24
Hoffman, Castillo, David Haynes and Scott Pohl).              women, have been announced for the 2004 USA
     The 2003 event featured more than 600                    Bowling National Amateur Championships.
competitors from 65 countries. It featured 16 records              The event will be held January 4-10 at Castaways
broken plus 300 games by Italy’s Amedeo Spada,                Bowling Center and Hotel in Las Vegas. Entrants can
England’s Darren Cundy, Finland’s Kimmo Lehtonen              take advantage of a special $39 rate throughout the
and Sweden’s Martin Larsen and Anders Ohman.                  tournament.
     This was the last FIQ World Championships                     Qualifying will be held in three eight-game blocks
where the men and women will compete at the same              Jan. 6-8. Last year, there were four six-game blocks
time. The sport’s popularity and the event’s                  over two days.
increasing size will require separate championships                After completion of the 24 qualifying games, the
in the future.                                                field will be cut to the top 32 men and top 24 women,
     Beginning with the 2005 women’s championship             instead of the 32 of each in years past.
in Aalborg, Denmark, and the men's championship in                 “These changes were necessary to keep the
Korea in 2006, there will be a FIQ World                      event as competitive as it has been in the past,” said
Championship every year. Mexico will host the                 USA Bowling Executive Director/CEO Jerry Koenig.
women in 2007.                                                “The level of competition this year should be
  2003 FIQ World Championships Medal Count                         Bowlers still have time to join in the excitement of
                Gold Silver Bronze                            the competition even if they haven’t qualified through
      Total                                                   a local or state qualifying event.
USA               2         6      1       9                       Direct entries will be accepted until 11 a.m.,
                                                              Monday, Jan. 5, the day before qualifying begins.

     National Direct Entry forms can be downloaded            conducted for the bowling industry. About 300
from The site also includes other             attendees     took   advantage     of   exceptional
information on how bowlers can compete against                opportunities to learn from a lineup of the most
some of the best bowlers in the United States for a           recognized and respected speakers in bowling,
spot on 2004 Team USA.                                        including retiring Team USA head coach Fred
     Last year’s champions were Shannon Pluhowsky,            Borden, longtime Wichita State University head
Phoenix, a 21-year-old junior at the University of            coach Gordon Vadakin and USA Bowling Gold level
Nebraska, and Bill Hoffmann, a 29-year-old amateur            coach and incoming Junior Team USA head coach
bowler from Columbus, Ohio. Pluhowsky became                  Rod Ross.
only the third woman to win consecutive U.S.                      Watch for more details about the summit on the
Amateur titles. It was the second U.S. Amateur                Coaching section of
Championship title for Hoffmann, who also won in
1999.                                                         Women’s       International   Bowling
     Also new this year is the military tournament that
will be part of the event. Previously, the tournament
was held outside of the USA Bowling National                  unveils exclusive charm collection
Amateur Championships.                                            (Originally released Sept. 19) -- The Women's
     For further information about the tournament,            International Bowling Congress is unveiling an
please call Maureen Vicena at (800) 514-BOWL, Ext.            exclusive charm collection. The new collection
3442 or visit                                 consists of an Italian link charm bracelet, Italian link
2004 International Coaching/Pro Shop                          charms and Stemware charm sets.
                                                                  These custom-made charm collections were
Summit                                                        launched to add flair to the new league season.
is scheduled for June 27-29 in Las                            Members can show their WIBC pride with these
Vegas                                                         classic pieces. Just in time for the holidays, a
    The 14th annual International Bowling and Pro             customized bracelet or select stemware charm
Shop Instructors Association International Education          collection makes for a gift to a loved one, a league
Conference and Bowling Coaches Summit is                      award or special recognition winner.
scheduled June 27-29 at Texas Station Hotel in Las                WIBC members everywhere can use these items
Vegas.                                                        as stocking stuffers, party favors, gift exchange gifts,
    The cooperative conference - a joint effort               survivor tribute pieces, collector's items and much
between IBPSIA, College Bowling USA, High School              more.
Bowling USA and USA Bowling Coaching - promises                   Whether used for collecting or trading, the Italian
to be an unmatched opportunity for coaches, pro               link charm bracelet contains 18 links and includes
shop operators, proprietors and other bowling                 two charms: the WIBC logo charm and ball and pin
industry professionals to learn, interact and network.        splash charm. With 18 designs to choose from, these
A lineup of seminars and presenters is being                  custom-made Italian link charms were made with the
developed.                                                    woman bowler in mind.
    The summit again will coincide with International             For example, a WIBC member can obtain a Bowl
Bowl Expo so that attendees may take advantage of             for the Cure® charm, adorning a bracelet with one
the opportunities at the bowling industry’s premier           pink ribbon link for each year she or someone close
trade show and exhibit. International Bowl Expo 2004          to her has been a breast cancer survivor, or share
will be held at a date and site to be announced.              the latest accomplishments with a 200 game charm
Exhibits will be housed at the Las Vegas Convention           or league champ charm.
Center. Visit for more information.                  Stemware charms are the newest trend in party
    Last year’s historic summit at Texas Station was          accessories. The pewter-like WIBC charm set
the first time a cooperative event for Young American         consists of four charms, which can be used on wine
Bowling Alliance, USA Bowling, high school and                or martini glasses or other stemware just as well.
collegiate coaches and pro shop operators was                 Charms can be used at league celebrations by

wrapping these beautiful charms around glass stems                This   year’s   kit   now   is   available  at
and are perfect for all sorts of other occasions. The or by calling (800) 514-BOWL,
bowling set consists of four bowling icon colorful            Ext. 3226.
charms, and the WIBC set features four different                  WIBC’s goal for Bowl for the Cure® is to raise
designs as well: WIBC logo, WIBC crest, WIBC                  funds and create awareness of the Komen
headquarters and The Unknown Bowler.                          Foundation by educating bowlers about breast
   To order any of the charm collections, visit               cancer and breast health.
                                                              National Bowling Forum/Bowling
Bowl for the Cure® raises more                                Incorporated boards seeking director-
than $750,000 in its third year                               at-large for 2004-05
     (Originally released Sept. 11) -- The Women’s                 (Originally released Sept. 3) -- The National
International Bowling Congress surpassed its goal by          Bowling Forum and Bowling Incorporated Boards of
raising more than $750,000 through the Bowl for the           Directors are seeking a Director-at-Large for 2004
Cure® program during the 2002-03 season to benefit            and are now accepting nominations for the position.
the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.                  The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2004.
     At the end of the season, Bowl for the Cure® had              The purpose of this position is to bring a fresh
donated a total of $752,079.13 to the Komen                   perspective to the boards while supplementing the
Foundation and its Affiliates.                                background, knowledge and expertise of the
     “I’m so proud of the effort and support that WIBC        founding member directors. The new Director-at-
members have shown in helping us reach our goal,”             Large's term will begin Aug. 1, 2004, and continue for
WIBC Director of Services Sheila Nyren said.                  three years. Remo Picchietti, current Director-at-
     “Breast cancer touches the lives of everyone.            Large on both boards, completes his term on July 31,
Each year we will set our goals a little higher to            2004.
donate our time and money until a cure is found.”                  The boards continue their efforts to forge
     Bowl for the Cure® has become the single                 partnerships among the participating industry leaders
strongest way for WIBC members to get involved in             while striving for unity for the good of the industry.
the fight against breast cancer. Each year, league            The boards participate as an integral part of meetings
and individual bowlers across the country have                and forums with partnering industry leaders from
contributed significantly to the effort.                      American Bowling Congress, Bowling Proprietors’
     In three years, WIBC has raised nearly $2.3              Association of America, Women’s International
million for the Komen Foundation. When it hits its set        Bowling Congress, AMF, Brunswick, Multi-Unit
goal of $775,000 for next season, Bowl for the Cure®          Bowling Information Group, USA Bowling, Young
will surpass the $3 million mark in just four years, an       American Bowling Alliance, Professional Bowler’s
exceptional accomplishment in lean economic times.            Association,     Professional      Women's     Bowling
     Many volunteers and members have expressed               Association, Strike Ten Entertainment and BI Shared
an interest in conducting a Bowl for the Cure® event.         Services. These meetings are the only action forum
To fulfill this need, WIBC and the Komen Foundation           that brings industry leaders together to ensure
have developed the Bowl for the Cure® Event Kit.              bowling’s growth in the sports/entertainment
     The kit provides the recipient with all the              marketplace through unified leadership and strategic
necessary tools to conduct various Bowl for the               direction.
Cure® events, such as tournaments, bowl-a-thons,                   The NBF oversees national industry marketing
raffles and auctions.                                         through Strike Ten Entertainment. It also is the focal
     It includes a CD with forms and logos, a program         point, coordinator and catalyst for elements within the
overview, a new merchandise order form,                       industry sharing their strategic direction through the
educational materials, sample pledge sheets and               joint industry planning group/shared strategic
more.                                                         initiative process. Additionally, the NBF provides for

an ongoing idea exchange forum for the technology              scores, bowlers received awards exclusive to the
leaders in the bowling industry.                               Sport Bowling program.
     BI's primary responsibility is oversight of the $13           “With Sport Bowling, bowlers are realizing the
million Bowling Inc. Shared Services operation at              level of success is based directly on their skills” said
Bowling Headquarters in Greendale, Wis. The                    ABC/WIBC Director of Research Neil Stremmel. “It's
ultimate goal of both organizations is to foster an            challenging to play on these conditions, but it
increase in all forms of membership and drive more             strengthens skills, with the end result being better
traffic to bowling centers.                                    bowlers and better bowling.”
     Please submit all résumés and credentials for the
Director-at-Large position to Jack Moran, Chairman,            Free Treasure Software for league
Nominating Committee, Roseland Bowl, 4357                      secretaries
Recreation Drive, Canadaigua, NY 14424, via e-mail
at or by phone at (716) 394-           offered to sanctioned Sport Bowling
5050.                                                          leagues
Popularity of Sport Bowling leagues                                (Originally released Aug. 29) -- Sport Bowling
                                                               league secretaries now can save time and handle
and centers                                                    their duties more efficiently with the Perfect Secretary
continues to grow in 2003-03 season                            2004 program from Treasure Software, being offered
     (Originally released Aug. 29) -- The American             to sanctioned Sport Bowling leagues for free by
Bowling Congress/Women’s International Bowling                 simply contacting Bowling Headquarters.
Congress Sport Bowling program continued to                        The software allows league secretaries to input
establish itself nationwide as the pinnacle                    bowler information (name, address, weekly scores,
membership level for bowling during the 2002-03                etc.) into the program and upload that to the National
season.                                                        Sport Bowling Database through the Web
     Sport Bowling was available in 180 centers in 43          site. This allows a league’s scores to be tracked
U.S. states and in Japan during the 2002-03 season.            electronically at Bowling Headquarters so that
There were 177 leagues offering this exciting                  bowlers can compare their scores to others in Sport
opportunity to step up to the challenge. This was up           Bowling      leagues     across     the    country    on
from the 131 centers and 149 leagues that offered    
Sport Bowling during its inaugural season of 2001-                 This method saves time and effort for league
02.                                                            secretaries and eliminates the need to fax, e-mail or
     With 17 centers each, Michigan and Illinois               mail league scores to Bowling Headquarters for
ranked No. 1 on the list of states with bowling centers        submission into the National Sport Bowling
offering Sport Bowling leagues. Florida was third with         Database.
14 centers, followed by California with 13,                        The software is compatible for any Sport Bowling
Pennsylvania with 12 and Ohio with 10.                         league (American Bowling Congress, Women’s
     “More and more bowlers are picking up on the              International Bowling Congress, Young American
fact that competing on Sport Bowling lane conditions           Bowling Alliance and mixed) and also can be used
is both fun and rewarding,” said Director of Sport             for non-Sport Bowling leagues.
Bowling Steve Wunderlich. “While bowling on these                  To obtain the Perfect Secretary 2004 edition for
challenging conditions requires both accuracy and              free, leagues and bowling centers must be
consistency to be successful, in the end, if you allow         sanctioned for Sport Bowling competition.
it to, Sport Bowling will make you a better bowler.”               To receive the software, contact ABC/WIBC
     Bowlers must demonstrate considerable skill to            Research Engineer Nichole DePaul at (800) 514-
achieve Sport Bowling honor scores. In the 2002-03             BOWL,           Ext.       3295,         or       e-mail
season, there were 13 300 games, eight 299 games     
and four 298 games. In addition, there were two 800
series and 270 700 series. By attaining these honor            Final standings and prize distribution
for   2003           WIBC         Championship                undergraduate or six credit hours graduate required),
                                                              possess a CBUSA membership or pay a non-
Tournament                                                    member participation fee of $20 and maintain a
     (Originally released Aug. 21) -- The Women’s
                                                              minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) as
International Bowling Congress has posted the final
                                                              determined by the college at which they are enrolled.
standings and prize fund distribution for the 2003
                                                              Student-athletes have a maximum of four years
WIBC Championship Tournament, held March 20-
                                                              eligibility in the CBUSA Collegiate Singles
July 9 at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev.
     The       listing   can      be      found      on
                                                                   Qualifying for the national event will be held at the; click on each division to
                                                              four Intercollegiate Bowling Championships Sectional
locate the final standings. In addition, prize checks
                                                              Qualifier sites prior to the IBC Sectionals held in
were mailed Aug. 22 to team captains.
                                                              March 2004. All participants will bowl six games of
     The WIBC Championship Tournament attracts
                                                              competition with total pinfall determining final
bowlers from every U.S. state and Canada, as well
                                                              standings. The top four finishers in each division
as international participants from Australia, Bermuda,
                                                              (male and female) at each IBC Sectional Qualifier
England, Japan and elsewhere. It is the largest
                                                              site will advance to the National Collegiate Singles
participatory sporting event in the world for women.
                                                              Championship at a to be determined location
     Upcoming WIBC Championship Tournament
                                                              following the 2003-04 college bowling season.
locations include: Wichita, Kan., in 2004; Tulsa,
                                                                   At the national finals, all 16 participants in each
Okla., in 2005; Reno in 2006; and Charlotte, N.C., in
                                                              division will bowl eight games of qualifying to
                                                              determine seeding for the match play competition. In
     The Championship Tournament features the
                                                              the match play portion of the event, participants will
following divisions: Classic for bowlers with averages
                                                              compete in a best-of-five single-elimination bracket,
of 190 and above; Division 1 for averages of 170-
                                                              with winners in each division being crowned as
189; Division 2 for averages of 150-169; and Division
                                                              champions of the 2004 Collegiate Singles
3 for averages of 131-149. This year’s tournament
                                                              Championship. The male and female champions will
also included a new test division, Division 4, for
                                                              also earn automatic berths into the 2005 USA
bowlers with averages of 130 and below. The
                                                              Bowling National Amateur Championships.
division’s goal is to provide bowlers with lower
                                                                   The entry fee for the Collegiate Singles
averages the opportunity to compete with others of
                                                              Championship is $30 per participant. Multiple entries
similar abilities.
                                                              are not accepted. Participants may bowl at any
                                                              sectional qualifier location. Participation as an
College Bowling USA to conduct                                individual in singles competition does not constitute a
collegiate singles championship in                            year of College Bowling USA eligibility.
2004                                                               There is no limit to the number of participants
    (Originally released Aug. 20) -- College Bowling          from any university.
USA has announced that it will conduct a national                  College Bowling USA serves as the national
Collegiate Singles Championship at Olympic Lanes              governing body of intercollegiate bowling by
in Milwaukee on May 20-22, 2004. The event will               monitoring the eligibility of student-athletes,
feature the top 16 male and top 16 female collegiate          sanctioning      intercollegiate    competitions      and
bowlers in the country competing for national                 conducting national championship events.
collegiate singles titles.                                         College Bowling USA is funded by the American
    The event will replace the Association of College         Bowling Congress and Women’s International
Unions International Men’s and Women’s National               Bowling Congress.
Championships as the premier individual college                    For more information on the Collegiate Singles
bowling event supported by CBUSA.                             Championship, contact College Bowling USA at (800)
    Eligible participants must be full-time students          514-BOWL,            Ext.       3402,        or       visit
enrolled in the Spring 2004 semester at a higher    
education institution (a minimum of 12 credit hours

Notes                                                        Chamberlain also placed third at the PBA Senior
   (Originally released Sept. 5) -- Bob                     Clarksville (Tenn.) Open. This is the first time
    Chamberlain was voted Bowling Writers                    Chamberlain has been accorded BWAA’s
    Association of America Bowler of the Month for           monthly honor. Amateur Missy Bellinder,
    August. Chamberlain, a 54-year-old right-hander          Fullerton, Calif., a California State University-
    from Auburn Hills, Mich., captured his fourth            Fullerton senior and former Team USA player
    Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour title       who won the Open Division of the fifth annual
    Aug. 27 by defeating Sal Bongiorno, Hollywood,           Professional Women’s Bowling Association
    Fla., 2-0 (269-234 and 279-165) in the single-           Regional Players Championship in Las Vegas,
    elimination, best-of-three final round of the PBA        was a distant runner-up in the balloting.
    Senior Days Inn Open in Jackson, Mich.

                                           2003 WIBC TOURNAMENT RESULTS
                                                National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.
                                                 Final (Originally released Aug. 21)
                                                Be sure to visit or

                                                                              Berg, Laurie            Woodstock, IL
CLASSIC TEAM (Above 946 Average)                                           2. McLean, Virgina         Miamisburg, OH    1228       $1,439.50
1. Barry Asher's Embroidery Yorba Linda, CA      3220       $1,207.00         Major, Cindi            Columbus, KS
2. Storm Buffalo            Cheektowaga, NY 3217            $951.00        4. Krajewski, Kathy        Appleton, WI                 1227
3. Shootin' Nines           Stroudsburg, PA      3210       $811.00                   $1,100.00
4. Ebonite                            Antioch, CA                             Radcliffe, Sherry       Versailles, KY
          3196     $716.00                                                 5. Lofland, La Joye        Oxon Hill, MD     1226       $963.00
5. Together Again           North Richland Hills, TX        3175              Joppy, Cheryl           Hyattsville, MD
                                                                           DIVISION 1 SINGLES (170-189 Average)
CLASSIC DOUBLES (379 Average and Over)                                     1. Lewis, Debra           Kalamazoo, MI      712        $2,466.00
1. Collura, Karen      Toronto, ON                          1496           2. Molstad, Mindy         Wheaton, IL                   703
           $927.00                                                                    $1,703.00
   Ward, Connie        Hamilton, ON                                        3. Arthur, Cheletta       Baton Rouge, LA    692        $1,307.00
2. Adler, Kim                     Merritt Island, FL        1397           4. Hicks, Patti           Blanchard, MI      684        $1,067.00
           $616.00                                                         5. Lundy, Lorelei         Panama City, FL    671        $905.00
   Wolfe, Brandi       Tempe, AZ
   Edwards, Jackie     Simi Valley, CA        1397          $616.00        DIVISION 1 ALL-EVENTS (170-189 Average)
   Milligan, Tennelle  Yorba Linda, CA                                     1. Molstad, Mindy        Wheaton, IL                    1873
4. Nieter, Kristin     Dublin, OH                           1368                      $1,491.00
           $477.00                                                         2. Raleigh, Kim          Rio Rancho, NM      1867       $1,042.00
   Watson, Kari        Kettering, OH                                       3. Kramer, Candy         Hemet, CA                      1857
5. Grova, Nitraya      Coral Springs, FL 1359               $425.00                   $810.00
   Ham, Corrine        Cocoa, FL                                           4. Lewis, Debra          Kalamazoo, MI       1851       $669.00
                                                                           5. Fritz, Catherine      Bayonne, NJ                    1836
CLASSIC SINGLES (190 Average and Over)                                                $575.00
1. Feldman, Michelle                  Skaneateles, NY      764
           $1,033.00                                                       DIVISION 2 TEAM (746-845 Average)
2. Morgan, Janeen         Randallstown, MD 757             $723.00         1. Country Gals           California, MD      2790      $7,241.00
3. Steiner, Karen         Fort Mill, SC                    738             2. Left-Overs                        New Lebanon, OH    2696
           $567.00                                                                   $5,461.00
4. Norman, Carol          Ardmore, OK                      724             3. Sharp Shooters         Charlotte, NC       2681      $4,423.00
           $472.00                                                         4. Bama Buddies           Gadsden, AL                   2660
5. Dorin-Ballard, Carolyn             North Richland Hills, TX     720               $3,496.00
           $408.00                                                            Quiet Riot                        Temple Hills, MD   2660
CLASSIC ALL-EVENTS (190 Average and Over)
1. Feldman, Michelle                     Skaneateles, NY      2048         DIVISION 2 DOUBLES (299-338 Average)
           $672.00                                                         1. Jones, Mary Ann          Glendale, AZ                1208
2. Bishop, Lisa              Belleville, MI                   2045                    $5,113.00
           $482.00                                                            Jones, Jodi              Glendale, AZ
  Adler, Kim                             Merritt Island, FL 2043           2. Woodington, Kelly Nicole Wilmington, NC    1198      $3,829.00
           $334.66                                                             White, Willa            Wilmington, NC
  Dorin-Ballard, Carolyn                 North Richland Hills, TX          3. Beesley, Pamela          Taylor, MI        1168      $2,824.50
           2043      $334.66                                                  Albanys, Debi            Woodhaven, MI
  Milligan, Tennelle         Yorba Linda, CA         2043     $334.66      3. Pattison, Molly          Redwood Valley, CA          1168
DIVISION 1 TEAM (846-945 Average)                                             Hensel, Mary             Dingmans Ferry, PA
1. Caveman Bowl                Grants Pass, OR 2906         $2,425.00      5. Whitney, Patty           Guasti, CA                  1167
2. Don't Sleep On Us                    Dunkirk, MD                                   $2,223.00
           2853      $1,908.00                                                Hancock, Angela          Guasti, CA
3. Left Out 2                           Wauconda, IL        2821
           $1,604.00                                                       DIVISION 2 SINGLES (150-169 Average)
4. Stampede #1                 Los Angeles                  2796           1. Hockman, Deborah                 Downingtown, PA     674
           $1,402.00                                                                  $5,333.00
5. K C Ladies I                Kansas City, KS    2792      $1,259.00      2. Peterson, Jennifer               Milwaukee                       668
DIVISION 1 DOUBLES (339-378 Average)                                       3. Eklund, Evelyn         Minot, ND          665        $2,777.00
1. Milner, Frostenia     Greensboro, NC           1229      $2,085.00      4. McAllister, Rae        Huntington, CA     640        $2,253.00
   Terry, Rhonda         Greensboro, NC                                    5. Murray, Barbara        Sparks, NV                    636
2. Bankus, Marcella      Barrington, IL           1228      $1,439.50                 $1,900.00
                                                                         DIVISION 4 DOUBLES (260 and Under Average)
DIVISION 2 ALL-EVENTS (150-169 Average)                                  1. Lucas, Linda          Lake Charles, LA 1004      $1,412.00
1. Carpenter, Jane       Durham, NC                         1837            Morasco, Lisa         Sulphur, LA
           $2,994.00                                                     2. Nickley, Sharon       Twain Harte, CA      974   $1,009.00
2. Maiale, Fran          Mira Loma, CA            1771      $2,052.00       Williams, Arleen      Mi-Wuk Village, CA
3. Vargas, Anita         Port Hueneme, CA         1761      $1,573.00    3. LeWright, Cynthia                Brentwood, CA   970
4. Baxter, Barbara       Mount Holly, NJ          1748      $1,283.00               $803.00
5. Eklund, Evelyn        Minot, ND                1732      $1,087.00       Sherman, Linda        Bethel Island, CA
                                                                         4. Cook, Patsy           Elgin, TX            964   $678.00
DIVISION 3 TEAM (651-745 Average)                                           Shirley, Jeannine     Del Valle, TX
1. Sassy Mommas                Clarksville, AR      2509     $5,182.00   5. Lawson, Colleen       Vernal, UT                 956
2. Have Ball, Will Travel                 Wyoming, MI                               $593.00
           2465      $3,948.00                                              Mathews, KatieJo                 Vernal, UT
3. SLO Children At Play                   San Luis Obispo, CA
           2441      $3,221.00                                           DIVISION 4 SINGLES (130 and Under Average)
4. Sterling Photo I            Palm Bay, FL                  2437        1. Hardyman, Molly        Grove City, OH   610      $1,766.00
           $2,744.00                                                     2. Porath, Kristen        Windom, MN                558
5. The Crystal M & M's                    Belgrade, MT       2426                   $1,083.00
           $2,405.00                                                        Reardon, Sharon        Harper Woods, MI 558      $1,083.00
                                                                         4. Remiger, Carole        Wabasso, MN      556      $775.00
DIVISION 3 DOUBLES (261-298 Average)                                     5. Walker, Shelia         Los Angeles               554
1. Perkins, Sylvia        Lake Forest, CA         1111      $3,989.00               $661.00
   Carroll, Latricia      Tustin, CA
2. Morris, Brenda         Bozeman, MT             1097      $3,001.00    DIVISION 4 ALL-EVENTS (130 and Under Average)
   Parry, Michele         Belgrade, MT                                   1. Hardyman, Molly       Grove City, OH   1638      $1,024.00
3. Dillard, Charissa      Bartlett, IL                      1078         2. Porath, Kristen       Windom, MN                 1526
            $2,416.00                                                               $723.00
   Gaston, Donna          Park Forest, IL                                3. Walker, Shelia        Los Angeles                1489
4. Kostman, Doris         Ohio, IL                1076      $2,031.00               $569.00
   Smith, Dawn            Youngstown, OH                                 4. Houser, Mary          Fairfield, CA              1487
5. Kaufmann, Lorie        Oak Harbor, WA          1072      $1,758.00               $476.00
   Pointer, Marilyn       Attalla, AL                                    5. Trevino, Jean         Goldthwaite, TX  1479      $412.00
DIVISION 3 SINGLES (131-149 Average)
1. Molina, Carol          Moriarty, NM            604       $4,156.00
2. Achatz, Hope           Alamosa, CO                       603
3. Stewart, Marion        Claypool, AZ                      602
4. Collins, Jackie        Denison, TX                       594
5. Freiburger, Sylisa     Orlando, FL                       590

DIVISION 3 ALL-EVENTS (131-149 Average)
1. Hamer, Melody         North Riverside, IL 1625           $2,295.00
2. Pings, Elizabeth      Cincinnati          1623           $1,585.00
3. Walker, Laurie        Casa Grande, AZ 1622               $1,221.00
4. Jones, Tracy          Easton, KS                         1617
5. Key, Telissa          Decatur, AL                        1616

DIVISION 4 TEAM (650 and Under Average)
1. Prairie Gals            Cottonwood, ID        2228       $1,275.00
2. Blue Berry Twist        Oroville, CA                     2187
3. S W E A R To Bowl                  Vine Grove, KY        2186
4. Anderson's Trailer Park            Springfield, FL       2183
5. Pussy Cats              Kissimmee, FL         2182       $680.00

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