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									                                                                        Austintown Office
                                                                         6460 Mahoning Ave., Austintown
        Mortgage Loan
      Application Checklist
                                                                        Boardman Office
                                                                          7371 California Ave., Boardman
                                                                        Canton Office
At Seven Seventeen, we’re looking forward to                              4450 Belden Village St., Canton
making your dream of home ownership a reality.                            330/492–1106
An important step toward getting your new home                          Cortland Office
fast is verifying your application information. To help                   3310 Niles-Cortland Rd., Cortland
speed the loan approval process, simply gather the                        330/637–0171
appropriate items listed below, and call one of our                     Howland Office
Mortgage Specialists to apply for your mortgage loan.                    100 Brewster Dr., Warren
         W–2 forms from all employers from the                          Hubbard Office
         last 2 years;                                                   627 W. Liberty St., Hubbard
         Paycheck stubs covering the past 30 days;
                                                                        Portage County Office
         Bank statements from the past 3 months;                          2301 State Route 59, Kent
         A list of all creditors, account numbers,
                                                                        Vienna Office
         monthly payments and the balances owed;                          585 Youngstown-Kingsville Rd., Vienna
         Income verification from retirement,
         Social Security, support or alimony;*                          Warren Office
                                                                         3181 Larchmont Ave. NE, Warren
         Present mortgage information — company                          330/372–8100
         name, loan number, balance and monthly                         Youngstown Air Reserve Station Office
         payment;*                                                      (No public access.)
                                                                          3976 King-Graves Rd., Vienna
         A signed copy of your purchase agreement;*                       330/372–8184
         Signed copies of tax returns for the past                        800/775–7741
         2 years only if:*                                              Visit our Web Site at:
           1) You are self-employed (personal and               
              corporate returns, plus a current
              profit & loss statement are required).

           2) You depend on income from business,
              commissions, alimony, rental properties
              or investments.
                                                          MORT — 0309

*If applicable                                                                        This credit union is federally insured by the
                                                                                       National Credit Union Administration.
                                                                                                                                        See the difference.®
        Mortgage                                       FHA & VA Loans                                          Refinancing Your Existing
                                    Loans              FHA Loans, or Federal Housing Administration
                                                       Loans, provide government-backed mortgage               Both fixed- and variable-rate programs are available
At Seven Seventeen, we believe your new                insurance and are available to purchase a single-       to refinance your existing mortgage.
mortgage is just as important as your new home.        family home or refinance an existing home
We want you to live comfortably with the rates         mortgage. FHA-insured loans offer competitive           Additional Programs
and terms of your loan for years to come.              rates, smaller down payment options, and greater        • Have credit issues? Call us for details. We may
                                                       flexibility when calculating household income and         be able to assist you with a plan to improve your
You can count on our Mortgage Specialists for          payment ratios than traditional mortgages.                credit.
plans that are competitive and flexible. They can
help you choose the right mortgage option to           VA Loans (Veteran’s Administration) are also
meet your needs. They know choosing the right          guaranteed loans, available to qualifying military
loan is an important step toward getting your new      veterans and active duty personnel in recognition
home. And, once you apply for a home loan, you         of their service to the nation for the purchase of a
may lock in your interest rate to give you time to     home or to retain their home. These loans allow
close on your new home.                                the borrower to purchase a home with a low or
                                                       no down payment based on the value of the
At Seven Seventeen, we’re looking forward to           property being purchased, to finance the VA funding
making your dream of home ownership a reality.         fee, and to avoid mortgage insurance premiums.

Mortgage Pre-Approval                                  First Time Home Buyer Program                           You can get a great rate and great service with a
Seven Seventeen can help you start the process         The Home Loan Payment Relief Program (HLPR) is          Seven Seventeen Mortgage. With our local decision
of purchasing your new home by pre-approving           a loan program available to help borrowers afford       making, you’ll have answers and solutions when you
you for a mortgage loan. Once you have been            their first home. The HLPR loan is a three-year         need them. We’re locally owned by the people who
pre-approved for up to a specific amount you           adjustable rate mortgage that is offered to qualified   use our services, therefore our focus is on serving
will be given a pre-approval letter that can be        members and features lower monthly payments.            you.
given to a Realtor. This letter can help lock in the
purchase of your new home!                             Construction Loans                                      Talk to one of our Mortgage Specialists and
                                                       Building your dream home can be a reality with a        find out how you can see the difference®
Fixed and Adjustable-Rate                                                                                      with a Seven Seventeen Mortgage.
                                                       Seven Seventeen construction loan. Call one of our
Mortgages Available                                    Mortgage Specialists for details.
You can choose the option that is best for you. A                                                                      330/372–8100 • 330/726–0344
fixed-rate mortgage offers a “locked-in” rate for                                                                      330/677–0001 • 330/492–1106
the life of the loan (up to 30 years). Our                                                                                     800/775–7741
competitive adjustable-rate mortgages can be an
                                                                                                                      Apply online at
appropriate alternative for some members, ask
for details.

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