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                                               JOB DESCRIPTION
                                              Linx Sales Associate

Linx, the regional transportation cooperative that has formed to serve the Greater Yellowstone area, is
nearing its scheduled launch in October 2010. The Yellowstone Business Partnership (YBP) has served
as Linx administrator since the co-op formed last January, and it is now organizing a fundraising
campaign to hire a general manager for the co-op. Sales associates are needed to secure one-time
investments in the co-op in the form of common and preferred stock and membership certificates, with
minimum investments of $500-$2,000 depending on the member category (click here to view the Linx
prospectus). With $20,000 raised to date, the sales associates will design and implement a capital
campaign that by December 31, 2010, secures a minimum of $100,000 in additional investments from
regional businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals.

Job Summary

The YBP will use dedicated funds to hire 2-3 temporary employees to work as sales associates in Idaho, Montana
and Wyoming over a five-month campaign period beginning in August 2010. Each associate will work in
coordination with other YBP staff, YBP volunteers and the Linx Board to design, promote and implement a
comprehensive campaign to secure at least $100,000 in investments to support future co-op operations. Target
prospects may include public and private transportation providers, government and social service agencies, all
types and sizes of businesses, and interested individuals across the Northern Rockies.

Job Duties

    1. Upon hire, gain an understanding of Linx by reading the Concept of Operations Plan, Regional
       Transportation Feasibility Study, Economic Impact Analysis, and Linx legal documents in order to
       become conversant on the transportation co-op concept and Linx operating scenarios.
    2. Attend the YBP staff training session on August 10 when each associate will help design the campaign,
       review materials and finalize schedules and assignments
    3. Consult with Linx directors, Linx providers, and YBP staff/board to identify prospective investors and
       strategize approaches to each
    4. Coordinate with YBP’s Communications Specialist regarding ongoing campaign publicity and visibility in
       target communities
    5. Provide monthly progress reports and contribute to a joint campaign report at the end of December.


In a sales associate, YBP seeks a self-starter with demonstrated initiative and a willingness to work hard to
achieve measurable goals. The associate should be personable, present a professional appearance and
demeanor, and be confident in approaching top business executives, government officials, and wealthy
individuals. The successful candidate must have excellent verbal communication skills, especially in public
speaking and in face-to-face meetings.

Preference will be given to those familiar with communities in the Greater Yellowstone region and with
successful experience in raising funds from private and/or government sectors. Knowledge of public
transportation or financing would be a plus, as would experience in raising funds for nonprofit organizations,
business cooperatives or start-up ventures. Prior affiliation with YBP programs and an understanding of
sustainable business concepts would be desirable as current YBP business members will be likely prospects. A
high school diploma or GED is the minimum education requirement, with preference given to those with sales,
fundraising and/or business promotion experience and who have completed relevant college-level courses.


Sales associates will be paid a basic hourly wage plus a commission on sales. Candidates must specify their
availability for working a minimum of 20 and maximum of 40 hours per week (no overtime will be authorized).
Out-of-pocket travel and phone costs will be reimbursed, as will use of needed personal office equipment. No
paid holidays, paid leave or benefits are included in the compensation package for this temporary sales position.
Advancement is possible as successful associates may be considered for future YBP or Linx employment.

To Apply

A complete application must be received electronically and be comprised of:

       A brief letter of interest explaining why you are seeking this employment opportunity
       A resume highlighting your qualifications and education, and relevant sales/fundraising experience
       The names and contact information for three work-related references and a brief description of your
        working relationship with each, including dates of employment

Submit applications no later than 11:59 p.m. on July 25, 2010, to:

For more information on YBP and the Linx cooperative:


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