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2009 Oberlin Heritage Center Annual Report by linxiaoqin

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									                                                   G A Z E T T E
                                     September 2010                             Annual Report for 2009                               Vol. XVIII
                                    Oberlin Heritage Center / Oberlin Historical and Improvement Organization
                                                       P. O. Box 0455, Oberlin, Ohio 44074

           Expanding Our Reach, Serving Our Community
Great innovation and creativity marked 2009      Oberlin College Bonner Scholar (and Oberlin
as the Oberlin Heritage Center staff and vol-    High School graduate) Brittnei Sherrod and
unteers introduced new and enhanced pro-         Museum Education and Tour Coordinator
gramming to serve our members, community,        Liz Schultz launched the Heritage Center’s
and visitors in an array of dynamic ways.        first Junior Docent program in June with a
Throughout the year many visitors enjoyed        weeklong day camp that emphasized history
tours and events at and around the Oberlin       education and community service. Seven
Heritage Center, amidst the hubbub and           middle and high school student volunteers
against the backdrop of the construction of      attended and subsequently helped as volun-
the Conservatory’s exciting new jazz build-      teers at events and tours in the summer and
ing, which is directly north of the Monroe       throughout the year.
House. Many programs and events also took
place throughout the community, including        Other new activities focused on family fun
two very successful programs created by the      and school-aged programming. Families
Oral History Committee based on the recol-       enjoyed a drop-in free Saturday at the School-
lections of Oberlin residents.                   house program featuring historic games,
                                                 school lessons, and lawn games. School and
As the year began, the Heritage Center re-       youth groups also enjoyed Lessons in the
ceived congratulatory letters and extensive      Past, where they experienced nineteenth-cen-
publicity for its designation as one of the      tury school activities taught by a costumed
country’s first eleven “Preservation Stew-       interpreter. Summer offerings included four
ards” by the United States Advisory Council      weeklong day camps and five daylong camps.
on Historic Preservation and the White           Campers came from Amherst, Avon, Elyria,
House. The designation honors nonprofit          Huron, New London, North Ridgeville,
groups that have effective volunteer pro-        Oberlin, Sandusky, Shaker Heights, Vermil-        visitors. Among the comments received on
grams to preserve heritage and historic build-   ion, and Wellington. The Heritage Center’s        feedback postcards about what they liked best
ings. Among those sending congratulations        summer camp programs were highlighted in          in taking history walks and tours of the his-
was William K. Laidlaw, Executive Director       the July 2009 electronic newsletter of Preserve   toric sites were:
and CEO of the Ohio Historical Society, who,     America in an article entitled “Developing the
sadly, passed away later in the year. He com-    Next Generation of Heritage Stewards.”
                                                                                                      • Learning about the role of women
                                                                                                        and African Americans at Oberlin.
                                                 Two new history walks were launched that             • It is amazing to be right where fa-
   We here at the Society consider you to        offered the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and           mous history took place!
   be the model and benchmark for other          explore Oberlin history and architecture             • Small group, personal attention, very
   historical societies around the state.        around town in the warm weather months.                smart leader!
   You’ve done a remarkable job building         The Tappan Square History Walk and the
   support, nurturing relationships, and         new Freedom’s Friends: Underground Rail-             • Our tour guide focused well on all ages
   developing a sustainable set of pro-          road and Abolitionist History Walk were                in our group and kept all interested.
   grams for your center.                        popular with both longtime residents and                                      Continued on page 2

                                                      OUR MISSION IS TO PRESERVE AND SHARE OBERLIN’S UNIQUE
                                                      HERITAGE AND TO MAKE OUR COMMUNITY A BETTER PLACE TO
                                                      LIVE, LEARN, WORK, AND VISIT.

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              Expanding Our Reach, Serving Our Community
                                                                     Continued from page 1

   • After hearing the docent talk about                 unteers responded to about thirty informa-                in keeping with the decorating tastes of the
         a man that willed freedom to his                tion request calls and visits a week. They pro-           home’s longest resident, Julia Finney Mon-
         slave/son, my nine-year old son                 vide visitor information and assistance on local          roe. Plans took shape to reproduce the origi-
         turned to me, and with shock asked,             history research, genealogy, historic preserva-           nal hearth tiles for the fireplace. At year’s end
         “His own son was his slave?” At that            tion, and much more.                                      the Oberlin Heritage Center learned that it
         point, I knew the reality and hor-                                                                        would soon receive a major gift of a previ-
         rors of slavery became real to him.             The Heritage Center worked with Oberlin                   ously unknown portrait of the town’s first
   • The Freedom’s Friends tour was in-                  College to help it secure tax credits to reha-            settler, Peter Pindar Pease, painted by his
                                                         bilitate the historic Apollo Theatre in down-             nephew, Alonzo Pease, in 1842. The painting
         formative, sobering, yet uplifting be-
                                                         town Oberlin in accordance with the Secretary             was donated by Susan Pease Morgenthaler
         cause of the courage of the Freedom
                                                         of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.               of Yuma, Arizona, great-great-granddaugh-
         Seekers and those that walked be-
                                                         With its continued use as a community movie               ter of Peter Pindar Pease. The painting will
         side them.
                                                         theater assured, the new Apollo is a tremen-              undergo conservation before being installed
   • The presenter was dynamic and pre-                  dous asset to the entire community and a                  in the Monroe House next year.
         sented the information with a pas-              fun place for visitors to enjoy.
         sion!                                                                                                     Working together with the City of Oberlin
   • The tour rocked! It was pretty cool                 Heritage Center volunteers’ work to rescue,               Historic Preservation Commission and the
         about the Amistad. The [First]                  rehabilitate, and reuse the former Morgan                 Lorain County Preservation Network, the
         Church was pretty cool, too. (9 year            Street Bridge railings as a fence along the               Heritage Center played a key role in encour-
         old participant in Freedom’s Friends            south edge of the Jewett House property                   aging the City of Oberlin to bring the much-
         History Walk)                                   earned an Ohio Association of Historical                  acclaimed Cleveland Restoration Society’s
                                                         Societies and Museums Outstanding Achieve-                Heritage Home Program to Oberlin. Own-
   • I had no idea of the rich heritage of
                                                         ment Award in October. Those accepting the                ers of older homes in the city now have ac-
                                                         award at the Ohio Historical Society on Oc-               cess to free technical assistance and guidance
   • Having the book with [historic] pho-                tober 3 were George Clark, Richard Hols-                  from old-house experts as well as low-inter-
         tos to “see” the past was great!                worth, and Bert Latran Jr.                                est loans for home maintenance and reha-
   • This was one of the best tours I’ve                                                                           bilitation projects, including improvements
         been on. Very good value.                       Together with Collections Assistant Prue                  in energy efficiency.
                                                         Richards, the Collections Committee worked
The Oberlin Heritage Center welcomed 9,013               hard throughout the year planning and imple-              The Heritage Center’s redesigned website at
visitors to its tours, history walks, and pro-           menting the first phase of redoing the front              <www>, developed with
grams in 2009. Heritage Center staff and vol-            parlor at the Monroe House to make it more                the assistance of Emerge, Inc., was launched
                                                                                                                   in the spring. It and the E-Gazette electronic
Among the new programs and activities launched by the Oberlin Heritage Center in 2009 was the Freedom’s Friends:   newsletter were both made possible in part
Underground Railroad and Abolitionist History Walk. Here Museum Education and Tour Coordinator Liz Schultz leads   with the support of the Stocker Foundation
a tour during Commencement / Reunion / Memorial Day Weekend.                                                       and have helped immensely to get the word
                                                                                                                   out to new audiences. The new Flickr page is
                                                                                                                   a great place to find photographs of many
                                                                                                                   recent activities. Check out the Heritage
                                                                                                                   Center’s blog. Become a fan of the Heritage
                                                                                                                   Center on Facebook. More and more people
                                                                                                                   are using the new website to register for pro-
                                                                                                                   grams and tours, to make contributions, to

                                                                                                                      The Oberlin Heritage Center Gazette
                                                                                                                              Annual Report for 2009
                                                                                                                      September 2010                 Vol. XVIII
                                                                                                                      Editor: Pat Murphy
                                                                                                                      Contributors: Mary Anne Cunningham,
                                                                                                                         Walter Edling, Pat Holsworth, Prue
                                                                                                                         Richards, Liz Schultz, Jim White
                                                                                                                      Editorial Advisor & Design: Sally Kerr
                                                                                                                      Photographers: Dick Holsworth and Oberlin
                                                                                                                         Heritage Center staff and interns

Page 2
become a member, or to renew their mem-            well as 102 businesses and organizations, is a             Another very dedicated team of volunteers
bership.                                           clear demonstration that the Heritage Center               working behind the scenes is the members of
                                                   is a valued regional and community asset.                  the OHC Properties, Inc. Board of Directors.
The Board of Trustees is a dedicated and tal-      Having a solid membership base is essential                OHC Properties owns and manages three
ented group of individuals from throughout         to the continued success of the organization               houses on the perimeter of the Heritage Cen-
the area who bring different skills and experi-    and makes the Heritage Center the envy of                  ter grounds that serve as rental housing. The
ence to the organization. They devoted con-        many historical organizations in much larger               Oberlin Heritage Center Board is very grate-
siderable time in 2009 to drafting Constitu-       communities.                                               ful to them and their outstanding Board
tion, By-laws, and policy revisions as part of                                                                President Kathryn Stuart for assuring that
efforts under way to eventually become certi-      Volunteers logged more than 5,157 hours in                 these properties are well cared for and help
fied by the Ohio Association of Non-Profit         2009. They provided bed-and-breakfast ac-                  the Heritage Center to be a good neighbor.
Organizations’ Standards for Excellence pro-       commodations in their homes for 33 parents
gram. All Board members serve on various           of incoming first-year college students, rais-             Staff members represented the organization
Board and advisory committees, and many            ing $6,370 in donations to the Heritage Cen-               well in the community and in the museum
also serve in various volunteer capacities above   ter for operating expenses. Volunteers also                field. They are also frequently called upon to
and beyond their service on the Board. They        did everything from presenting programs and                provide guidance to other historical organi-
are a great team of community ambassadors          giving tours to conducting oral history inter-             zations and small museums about all aspects
for the organization. Staff financial assistant—   views, staffing information tables, mowing                 of nonprofit administration and museum
and a past president—Pat Holsworth pro-            the grass, serving on committees, working in               management. In May, Museum Education
vided invaluable assistance in organizing,         the office and the Resource Center library,                and Tour Coordinator Liz Schultz graduated
crafting, and shaping policies and procedures      shoveling snow, and recruiting new members.                from the Leadership Lorain County yearlong
throughout the year.                                                                                          training program for community leaders
                                                   A dedicated team of volunteers worked be-                  from the business community, local govern-
The Heritage Center’s superb team of Board,        hind the scenes on the Heritage Center’s                   ment, and the nonprofit sector. In Decem-
staff, interns, volunteers, and members helps      Westwood Cemetery Gravestone Inventory                     ber, Heritage Center Executive Director Pat
us to accomplish far more than one would           project. Over the past several years they have             Murphy was appointed to serve on the Ac-
expect from such a small organization, bud-        painstakingly documented and photo-                        creditation Commission of the American As-
getwise. The Board, staff, and volunteers are      graphed each and every gravestone at the                   sociation of Museums, which meets three
grateful to the many individuals, foundations,     cemetery and entered the information into a                times a year in Washington, D.C. In this vol-
businesses, and organizations who provide          database accessible through the Heritage                   unteer capacity she reviews other museums’
valued assistance in a great variety of ways.      Center’s website. The cemetery volunteers                  applications for accreditation and reaccredi-
                                                   also produced a one-page handout about                     tation, advises on museum policy, and serves
Assistant to the Director Mary Anne Cun-           the history and burials at the Cemetery now                as a voice for other small museums. She also
ningham and the Membership Committee               available from an information box located                  was elected president of the Ohio Associa-
volunteers do an extraordinary job of recruit-     near the cemetery entrance, thanks to the City             tion of Historical Societies and Museums.
ing, welcoming, and retaining members. For         of Oberlin.                                                                                 Continued on page 5
the second year in a row, the organization’s
total number of members was at an all-time         In October the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums presented its Outstanding Achievement Award to
                                                   Oberlin Heritage Center volunteers, including Walt Edling, George Clark, Dick Holsworth, and Bert Latran Jr., for
high at year’s end, with 748 total member-         their Herculean efforts to refurbish the former Morgan Street Bridge railings and install them at the Jewett House.
ships, compared with 727 at the end of the
previous year. The membership includes 79
Endowed Life memberships, 567 individuals
and households, 78 businesses, and 24 orga-
nizations. In addition to people from through-
out Lorain County and Ohio, our member-
ship includes individuals residing in 34 states
and a foreign country (Greece). Enjoying the
support of so many individuals from
throughout our community and beyond, as

                                                                                                                                                              Page 3
                “Don’t Touch That Dial” and Other Highlights
                           of the Annual Meeting
The 2009 Annual Meeting featured journal-                 Oberlin Heritage Center’s Volunteer of the                 G. Shaeffer (now deceased), and James W.
ist Harvey Gittler, who had everyone in                   Year Award saluted Kendal resident Doris                   White. Eugene Foggo Simon was reelected
stitches with his delightful history lesson on            Sable and her great team of Kendal volun-                  to a two-year term, while Walter Edling,
“Don’t Touch That Dial: A History of Radio                teers, who have assisted the Oberlin Heri-                 Roberta Garcia, Bert Latran Jr., Dina Schoon-
from the Early 1920s through the 1950s.”                  tage Center for the past decade by assem-                  maker, and Sharon Fairchild Soucy were
Held on April 1 at the Oberlin Inn, the meet-             bling its large bulk mailings. In addition to              reelected to three-year terms.
ing featured a great mix of fun, business,                Mrs. Sable, the group’s coordinator, the
and the pleasure of one another’s company                 Kendal Mail Crew includes Barbara Ben-                     On display at the program were three re-
as we welcomed 158 members and guests.                    nett, Mae Alice Donner, Joyce Dugan,                       cent award plaques that the Oberlin Heri-
                                                          Joan Ernst, Helen Fitzhugh, Dorothy Hol-                   tage Center earned in the past year, includ-
Nominating Committee Chairperson Dina                     brook, Esther Hunt, Jane Ross Moore, Ann                   ing the Chemical Breakthrough Award (an
Schoonmaker and fellow Trustee Bert                       Potter, Catherine Rauch, Eunice Schaeffer,                 award shared with Oberlin College) from
Latran Jr. presented the Eighth Annual Ober-              and Polly Warch.                                           the Division of the History of Chemistry of
lin Heritage Center Community Awards                                                                                 the American Chemical Society, received for
(see page 20). Roland Baumann, who re-                    President James W. White chaired the busi-                 raising public awareness about the role of
cently retired after nearly twenty-two years              ness meeting. He was reelected to a one-year               Charles Martin Hall in the development of
as Oberlin College’s second Archivist, was                term as President. Walter Edling was elected               aluminum. Also displayed were the Heri-
recognized with the Heritage Guardian                     to a one-year term as First Vice-President                 tage Center’s Preserve America Steward
Award. The Keep Oberlin Beautiful Award                   and was also reelected for a one-year term as              designation conferred by the White House
went to Sigrid Boe, whose vision and devo-                Treasurer. Eugene Foggo Simon was elected                  and the United States Advisory Council on
tion to Oberlin’s downtown landscape, its                 to a two-year term as Second Vice President,               Historic Preservation for exemplary use of
recreational sites, and its green spaces have             and Robert B. Calhoun was elected to a two-                volunteers in caring for historic resources
made Oberlin a better place to live, learn,               year term as Secretary.                                    (see page 1), and the Ohio Association of
work, and visit. Barbara Enos, a teacher at                                                                          Historical Societies and Museums Excel-
Oberlin’s Prospect School for more than                   New Board members Nicholas R. Jones and                    lence Award for a series of programs the
thirty years, received the Community Teach-               Edward J. Wardwell were elected to three-                  Heritage Center hosted in 2008 titled “Black
er of the Year Award, while Kurt Russell was              year terms. Nick is the Associate Dean of the              Indians: A Hidden Heritage.” Students from
honored as History Teacher of the Year. Kurt,             College of Arts and Sciences and a professor               Langston Middle School and Oberlin High
an Oberlin High School alumnus, is in his                 of English at Oberlin College. Ed Wardwell is              School who exhibited their History Day
eleventh year of making history come alive                a retired nonprofit administrator and trea-                projects at the event included Katherine
for Oberlin High School students who take                 surer of the Kendal at Oberlin Residents’ As-              Cavanaugh, Taiya George, Avalon McKee,
his courses on U.S. History, African Ameri-               sociation. Board members reelected to one-                 Rachel Mentzer, Glenna Medwid, and
can History, and World History. The                       year terms were W. Jeanne McKibben, Ruth                   Paolo Orso-Giacone.

The noted essayist and humorist Harvey Gittler was the featured speaker at the Annual Dinner. On display during the Annual Meeting were awards recently bestowed on the
Oberlin Heritage Center, among them the Chemical Breakthrough Award (shared with Oberlin College) from the American Chemical Society’s Division of the History of Chemistry,
held by Board President Jim White and Executive Director Pat Murphy.

Page 4
                                                  Enjoying the warm com-
                                                  panionship of the Annual
                                                  Dinner and Meeting are
                                                  (clockwise from the top
                                                  left): Tom and Donna
                                                  Shurr; Reid and Gail Wood
                                                  with Priscilla Steinberg;
                                                  Dina Schoonmaker with
                                                  Kurt and Donna Russell;
                                                  and Jean and Howard

           Expanding Our Reach, Serving Our Community
                                                             Continued from page 3

Expanding public awareness about the Ober-        them to businesses and restaurants and other      lin’s history and its connections to Harpers
lin Heritage Center and about the rich his-       attractions and events, the Heritage Center is    Ferry and John Brown’s Raid. It showcased
tory and many cultural attractions of our         a strong community and regional asset that        the Heritage Center’s history walks.
community helps the organization to better        also plays an important role in economic de-
serve the community in many rewarding             velopment.                                        The Oberlin Heritage Center works hard to
ways. Several returning alumni here for Com-                                                        preserve and share the community’s history
mencement / Reunion / Memorial Day Week-          Joe Babcock, writing in an article entitled       and to help make Oberlin a great place to live,
end commented that when they attended             “You Don’t Have to Be a Student to Love           learn, play, and visit. Your time, talents, finan-
Oberlin College there was very little for visi-   Campus Life,” in the Chicago Tribune maga-        cial support, and encouragement are very
tors to do and there seemed to be little ap-      zine on June 21, showcased Oberlin (and the       much appreciated and are essential in helping
preciation of the community’s rich history.       Oberlin Heritage Center) as one of a number       the Heritage Center accomplish its mission.
Happily, that is changing markedly as Oberlin     of college towns “full of cool people with real
                                                                                                                               —James W. White
becomes better known as a small-town jewel        character” that are worthwhile family vaca-
                                                                                                                     President, Board of Trustees
that is well worth a trip. In bringing visitors   tion destinations. The Cleveland Plain Dealer
to town, offering them and area residents an      travel writer Susan Glaser wrote a great story                                —Patricia Murphy
array of activities to enjoy, and orienting       that was published on August 9 about Ober-                                    Executive Director
                                                                                                                                               Page 5
                                                    Treasurer’s Report
As expected, the financial circumstances of the Oberlin Heritage Cen-   Money raised in the Annual Fund campaign is used directly for gen-
ter reflected the general economic conditions. The very tight 2009      eral operating expenses, and the amount raised represents more than
budget required great diligence on the part of the Board and staff.     10 percent of the general fund budget. Such support is essential and
Some of the impact of the economic downturn was eased by the fact       increasingly crucial to the Heritage Center’s continued success and
that investment returns from the OHC endowment holdings are             survival, as investment and interest incomes have declined and some
based on a rolling average of the value of the endowment over the       of the foundations that have traditionally supported the Heritage
previous twelve quarters. However, this also means that lower re-       Center have shifted their funding priorities and/or reduced their grants
turns from the endowment will extend into the coming years.             for organizations such as ours.

Funding for maintenance of facilities continued to be a concern, with   As a result of the Annual Fund’s success and stringent cost-saving
only the most pressing issues addressed. As has been the case for       efforts, the Oberlin Heritage Center was able to maintain and even
some time, the 2009 budget did not contain suitable contingency and     increase programmatic offerings. Tour income declined slightly, but
maintenance funds.                                                      retail sales and program revenues exceeded goals.

Fortunately, the 2009 Annual Fund campaign was a resounding suc-        The Oberlin Heritage Center’s 2009 audit by Cohen and Company
cess. A total of $36,464, well over the budgeted amount of $30,000,     yielded a clean, unqualified opinion again this year, with no signifi-
was contributed by 283 donors (as compared with 267 people con-         cant adverse findings. The full audit and the IRS Form 990 are avail-
tributing $28,150 in 2008). Remarkably, 41 percent of the people who    able upon request.
were asked to support the Annual Fund campaign did so (compared
with 36 percent in 2008).                                               The Oberlin Heritage Center Board and staff are very grateful for the
                                                                        support received from the community, members, foundations, local
                                                                        businesses, and organizations to help accomplish its mission.

         Grants and Special-Project Support                                                                                             —Walter Edling
                        General operating support

    City of Oberlin and City Historic Preservation Commission
                  Citywide Historic Sites Inventory

                      Cleveland Foundation
     (Alva Stone and Adele Corning Chisholm Memorial Fund)
                     Gemeral operating support

         The Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County
                   (Jane and Eric Nord Fund)
                        History education

                        David and Eleanor Ignat
                        General operating support

              Institute of Museum and Library Services
                        Museums for America
                Helping to build organizational capacity

                    The Nord Family Foundation
                      General operating support;
                  Support for the History Extravaganza
                                                                        Treasurer and First Vice-President Walter Edling (left) with Secretary Robert Calhoun
                  Nordson Corporation Foundation                        at the Oberlin Heritage Center’s Annual Dinner.
                   Support for educational activities

                 Oberlin Area Chamber of Commerce
             Support for participation in the Heritage Travel/
                                                                               Corporate and Foundation Matching Gifts
                Partner Places program (National Trust)                                 IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program

                Oberlin College Bonner Scholars Fund                                             The Nord Family Foundation
                       Junior Docent Program                                           Nordson Corporation Matching Gift Program

Page 6
                         Oberlin Heritage Center / O.H.I.O.
                           Financial Summary for 2009
                                    Audited by Cohen & Company, Ltd.

                                             REVENUE AND EXPENSES
                                                                            Temporarily       Permanently
                                                      Unrestricted           Restricted        Restricted
                                                         Funds                 Funds             Funds             Total
  Annual Fund and other contributions                  $  76,036                                               $   76,036
  Grants                                                  37,283            $ 17,500           $       3,720       58,503
  Membership                                              25,566                                                   25,566
  Fund-raisers, special events, service fees              28,816                                                   28,816
  Program revenue                                         11,537                                                   11,537
  Museum Store sales                                       8,039                                                    8,039
  Investment income                                      371,093                                                 371,053
  Change in value of funds held in trust by others        16,218                                                   16,218
  Miscellaneous                                            7,307                                                    7,307
  Equity in losses of subsidiary                         (10,280)                                                 (10,280)
  Net grants released from restrictions                   38,535             (38,535)              ________     ________
     Total revenue                                     $ 610,150            $(21,035)          $       3,720   $ 592,835
  Salaries, benefits, and payroll taxes                $ 238,662                                               $ 238,662
  Depreciation                                            23,783                                                  23,783
  Building/grounds maintenance                            17,584                                                  17,584
  Administrative/office operations                        42,796                                                  42,796
  Programs and projects                                   29,126                                                  29,126
  Legal, professional, and investment fees                29,789                ______             ________       29,789
     Total expenses                                    $ 381,740                                               $ 381,740
Changes in net assets                                  $ 228,410            $(21,035)          $       3,720   $   211,095
Net assets at beginning of year                        $1,402,966           $ 29,585           $1,611,075      $3,043,626
Net assets at end of year                              $1,631,376           $    8,550         $1,614,795      $3,254,721

                                                     BALANCE SHEET
                              Total current assets                                     $28,259
                              Fixed assets, less accumulated depreciation              763.300
                              Pledges receivable                                         6,053
                              Investment in subsidiary                                 369,029
                              Investments                                            1,982,820
                              Funds held in trust by others                            128,500
                                     Total assets                                   $3,277,961
                            Liabilities and net assets
                               Total current liabilities                            $      23,240
                               Net assets:
                                   Unrestricted                                      1,631,376
                                   Temporarily restricted                                8,550
                                   Permanently restricted                            1,614,795
                                      Total liabilities and net assets              $3,277,961

                                              FUNCTIONAL EXPENSES
                                       Program services                     $326,884
                                       Management and general                 45,690
                                       Fundraising                             9,166
                                           Total functional expenses        $381,740

 Oberlin Heritage Center’s Finance Committee, which reports to our Board of Trustees, provides fiscal oversight.
    Please contact the Heritage Center’s office to obtain a copy of the complete audited financial statement.

                                                                                                                             Page 7
                               A Sampling of Programs and Events
JANUARY 27                                                  “The Scientist as Entrepreneur—Miscible                      Heritage Center, the City of Oberlin Historic
Carol Lasser and Gary Kornblith presented                   or Immiscible; Lessons Learned from Real                     Preservation Commission, the Cleveland
“The Promise of Opportunity in 19th Cen-                    Life.” Sponsored by the Oberlin College De-                  Restoration Society, and the Lorain County
tury Oberlin” at Kendal at Oberlin.                         partment of Chemistry and Biochemistry in                    Preservation Network.
                                                            cooperation with the Oberlin Heritage Cen-
FEBRUARY 23                                                 ter and the American Chemical Society, the                   MARCH 3
“Entrepreneurial Activity, Then and Now:                    event was held in Craig Lecture Hall at the                  Dennis Lamont and Albert Doane presented
A Symposium and Dedication of Two                           Oberlin College Science Center.                              “The History of Electric Street Railways in
Plaques Honoring Charles Martin Hall’s                                                                                   Lorain County” at Kendal at Oberlin.
Principal Patent” featured presentations by                 FEBRUARY 24
Norman C. Craig on “His Eye Fixed on Se-                    Sara Hobbs of the Cleveland Restoration                      MARCH 17
curing a Patent, Charles Martin Hall Pur-                   Society presented “Maintaining Your Older                    The Oberlin Heritage Center’s Oral History
sued an Economical Method for Refining                      Home” at the Oberlin Public Library. The                     Committee presented “Vignettes about
Aluminum Medal” and Dennis Flood on                         program was cosponsored by the Oberlin                       Growing up in Oberlin 1900 to 1940” at
                                                                                                                         Kendal at Oberlin.

                                                                                                                         APRIL 1
                                                                                                                         The Annual Meeting at the Oberlin Inn fea-
                                                                                                                         tured Harvey Gittler presenting “Don’t
                                                                                                                         Touch That Dial: A History of Radio from
                                                                                                                         the Early 1920s through the 1950s.”

                                                                                                                         APRIL 28
                                                                                                                         Sara Hobbs presented “Exterior Painting
                                                                                                                         and Historic Color for Your Older Home”
                                                                                                                         (same cosponsors and location as the Feb-
                                                                                                                         ruary 24 program).

                                                                                                                         MAY 2
                                                                                                                         Oberlin Heritage Center volunteers took part
                                                                                                                         in the “Big Parade” with a colorful Apollo
                                                                                                                         Theatre marquee float made by student vol-

Above: After a week of museums, training, and Oberlin history, Junior Docents led friends and family on minitours.       MAY 11
Pictured, left to right, are Brittany Mittler, Victoria Hardnett, Andrew Watiker (intern), Cassie Cunningham, Sarah      Rob Thompson presented “Celebrate the
Souders, Rebecca Davidson, and Alexandra Holomuzki-Zgonc (intern); not pictured are Emily Arlington and
Miranda Scholl. Below: Residents and students joined the Big Parade to show their love of the historic Apollo Theatre.
                                                                                                                         Centennial of Oberlin’s Hollywood Street”
                                                                                                                         at the Oberlin Public Library.

                                                                                                                         MAY 15
                                                                                                                         The Morgan Street Bridge railing-turned-
                                                                                                                         fence was dedicated in a special outdoor cer-
                                                                                                                         emony at the Jewett House.

                                                                                                                         MAY 16
                                                                                                                         Oberlin Heritage Center volunteers gathered
                                                                                                                         for the annual grounds cleanup as part of
                                                                                                                         “Pride Da
                                                                                                                         “Pr ide Day.”

                                                                                                                         MAY 22–25
                                                                                                                         “The Grand Oberlin History Extravaganza”
                                                                                                                         at the Oberlin Depot, held during Com-
                                                                                                                         mencement / Reunion / Memorial Day Week-
                                                                                                                         end, included a vast and lively array of pre-
                                                                                                                         sentations, exhibits, and children’s activities
                                                                                                                         supported in part by The Nord Family Foun-
                                                                                                                         dation. Presenters included:
Page 8
   Jane Blodgett on “Oberlin College Ar-         SEPTEMBER 26                                              OCTOBER 7
      chitecture: A Short History”               “Smithsonian Magazine’s 5th Annual Mu-                    “A National History Day Workshop for
   Prue Richards on “Oberlin’s Invisible         seum Day” offered free admission for Ober-                Educators” was held at the Oberlin Depot. It
      Leading Lady, Julia Finney Monroe”         lin Heritage Center tours.                                was cosponsored by the Ohio Historical So-
   Pat Murphy on “An Armchair Tour of                                                                      ciety and the Oberlin Heritage Center.
      Downtown Oberlin’s Historic Dis-           OCTOBER 3
      trict”                                     “Community Day” featured free family-                     OCTOBER 14
   John Mercer on “Giles Waldo Shurtleff         friendly events and activities all over town,             Back by popular demand, Pat Holsworth and
      (1831–1904): The Man behind the            including at the Oberlin Heritage Center.                 Prue Richards presented “Be a Good Ances-
      Statue”                                                                                              tor Workshop: Collecting and Preserving
   Steven Plank on “Looking beneath the          OCTOBER 6                                                 Your Family History, Stories, and Artifacts.”
      Gown: The Saga of Academic Rega-           Fourth-grade students from Prospect School                Held at the Oberlin Depot.
      lia at Oberlin”                            presented “The Rescue of John Price,” at Ken-
   Ed Vermue on “The Anti-Slavery Collec-        dal at Oberlin and Prospect School. Prospect              OCTOBER 16
      tion of the Oberlin College Library:       teacher Barbara Enos, recipient of the Oberlin            “Community Arts and Culture Day” in-
      A Monument to The Town That Start-         Heritage Center Community Teacher of the                  cluded free fun and educational activities
      ed the Civil War”                          Year Award, wrote the play.                                                               Continued on page 19

   Jane Blodgett on “A Social History of
      American Architecture”
   Dennis Lamont on “Travel Back in Time
      with Tip Maddock”
   Liz Schultz on “A Virtual Tour of the
      Oberlin Heritage Center”

History walks, tours galore, “Saturdays at
the Schoolhouse,” and summer day camps
focusing on “Hungry for History,” “Kids
and World Cultures: The Ancient World,”
“Friends of Freedom,” and several daylong
camps designed to help children meet badge
requirements for organizations such as the
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Museum staff and volunteers from through-
out northeast Ohio learned how to write
more effectively for a variety of media at the   Above: Langston Middle School and Oberlin High School students who participated in the National History Day compe-
“Writing for Clarity Workshop.” Hosted by        tition and displayed their projects at the Annual Meeting were Rachel Mentzer, Paolo Orso-Giacone, Avalon
                                                 McKee, Glenna Medwid, Taiya George, and Katherine Cavanaugh. Below: Fourth graders from Gesu School in
the Oberlin Heritage Center at the Oberlin       University Heights rotate between lessons and recess at the Little Red Schoolhouse.
Depot, the all-day workshop was presented
by the Ohio Association of Historical Societ-
ies and Museums with the support of the
Ohio Humanities Council.

“John Vanek: A Writer Returns Home” fea-
tured the poet reading a selection of works
from his new book, Heart Murmurs. Pre-
sented at the Oberlin Public Library.

Family Fun Fair / Vintage Days

John Mercer made it a beautiful day for
baseball at Kendal at Oberlin when he pre-
sented “Voices of the Tribe: Cleveland In-
dians Broadcasters from the 1920s to the
                                                                                                                                                           Page 9
                    Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
BOARD OF TRUSTEES                      Honorary Trustees                       Ondrea Keith (Work Study and Bonner         Membership – Mary Anne Cunningham,
                                       Ray Aalto                                     Scholar)                                   staff liaison
Board Officers                         Paul Arnold                             Francesca Krihely (Work Study)              Oral History – Dina Schoonmaker
James W. White, President              Roland Baumann                          Mirelle Luecke (Work Study)
Walter Edling, First Vice-President,                                                 (graduated 5/2009)
                                       Sigrid Boe
    Treasurer                                                                  Philip Parsons (Work Study)
                                       Howard Broadwell                              (graduated 5/2009)
Eugene Foggo Simon, Second             David Clark                                                                         SPECIAL INTEREST
                                                                               Elena Rippel (Work Study)
    Vice-President                     Fran Cooper                             Sarah Schaffer (9–12/2009)                  GROUP
Robert B. Calhoun, Secretary           Dick Gilbert                            Brittnei Sherrod (Bonner Scholar)           CHAIRPERSONS++
Board of Trustees (non-officers)       Richard Holsworth                       Preston Sundin (Work Study)
                                                                                                                           Bed and Breakfast – Ann Livingston
                                       Ann Livingston                                (1–5/2009)
Eugenia Bobo                                                                                                               Docents – Liz Schultz, staff liaison
                                       David Mellott                           Erin Swenson-Klatt (Work Study)
Marianne Cochrane                                                                                                          Kendal Mailing Crew – Doris Sable
                                                                               Andrew Watiker
Roberta Garcia                         Louise Richards                                                                     Living History – Prue Richards
Bradley A. Hayes                       Ruth Schwaegerle                                                                    Westwood Inventory Project – Pat
                                       Shirley Shubert                                                                          Murphy, staff liaison
Nicholas Jones (elected 4/2009)
Bert Latran Jr.                        Thelma Quinn Smith
                                       Martha Stacy                            BOARD COMMITTEE
Elisabeth M. Mahjoub                                                           CHAIRPERSONS++
W. Jeanne McKibben                     James R. Underwood
                                                                               Development – James W. White                OHC PROPERTIES, INC.
Cathe Radabaugh                                                                Executive – James W. White
Dina Schoonmaker                                                               Finance – Walter Edling                     Board of Directors
Ruth G. Shaeffer*                                                              Nominating – Roberta Garcia, Eugene         Kathryn Stuart, President
Donna Marie Shurr                      STAFF MEMBERS                                Foggo Simon                            Roy Poper, Vice-President
Sharon Fairchild Soucy (resigned       Patricia Murphy, Executive Director     Strategic Planning – Cathe Radabaugh
                                                                                                                               (resigned 5/2009)
     7/2009)                           Deloris Bohn, Museum Housekeeper+       Ad Hoc Property – James W. White
                                       Mary Anne Cunningham, Assistant to      Ad Hoc Code of Regulations / Bylaws –       Sarah Colson, Secretary
Edward Wardwell (elected 4/2009)                                                                                           Ann Livingston, Treasurer
                                            the Director+                           James W. White
                                       Patricia Holsworth, Financial                                                       Nancy Gray
                                            Assistant+                                                                     James Kalyn
                                       Prue Richards, Collections Assistant+
                                                                               ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                           Cathe Radabaugh
                                       Elizabeth Schultz, Museum Education     CHAIRPERSONS++
    * Deceased during 2009
      Part-time                             / Tour Coordinator                 Collections – Prue Richards, staff          Property Manager
                                       Maria Surovy, Education Assistant+
      Committee members are listed                                                  liaison                                George Clark
      as volunteers on page 18
                                            (summer 2009)
                                       Mary Moroney, Summer Assistant+         Smiles are a hallmark of the Oberlin Heritage Center staff, whether greeting visitors,
                                                                               leading tours, or hosting events and programs. Seated: Theron Burnett, Pat Holsworth,
   Board Presidents                    STAFF PROVIDED BY
                                                                               and Pat Murphy. Standing: Prue Richards, Deloris Bohn, Liz Schultz, and Mary
                                                                               Anne Cunningham.
  Frank Chapman Van Cleef              MATURE SERVICES /
         1964–1967                     TITLE V
          John A. Cochrane             Elizabeth Bates, Office Assistant+
             1967–1969                      (resigned 1/2009)
                                       Theron Burnett, Buildings and Grounds
    Raymond D. Campbell
                                       Dee Davison, Office Assistant+
      Stephen Johnson Jr.                   (7–12/2009)
          1972–1985                    Roger Flaherty, Buildings and Grounds
          Robert D. Jenkins                 Assistant+ (4–5/2009)
                                       Sue Meyer, Office Assistant+
      Marianne Cochrane                Maxine McKee, Office Assistant+
          1990–1998                         (4–10/2009)
      Patricia Holsworth               Tommy Trice, Buildings and Grounds
          1998–2001                         Assistant+ (6/2009–present)

           Roberta Garcia
             2001–2003                 STUDENT INTERNS
                                       (from Oberlin College
          Cathe Radabaugh              except as noted)
                                       Asha Hannah (Work Study) (1–5/2009)
          James W. White               Alexandra Holomuzki-Zgonc (Ohio
            2005–present                   University) (Leadership Lorain
                                           County Intern) (summer 2009)
Page 10
During Commencement / Reunion / Memorial Day Weekend visitors and townsfolk alike flocked to the Oberlin Depot for “The Grand Oberlin History Extravaganza.” Among them
were Dan and Marly Merrill, who examined one of the exhibits with the intensity for which they are renowned, and Endowed Life Member Bill Farquhar (OC ’43), who
displayed photographs of Oberlin he took while he was a college student.

                       Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
ENDOWED LIFE                              George* & Millie Arthrell (Tulsa, OK)      Thomas E. & Donna M. Shurr                 Sonia P. Brokaw (Midlothian, VA)
                                          Jane Blodgett                              In memory of Bob & Wanda Singleton         Anita Buckmaster (New Haven, CT)
MEMBERS                                   Constance W. Boase                         Robert H. Staples (Lakewood, NJ)           Robert B. Calhoun & Elizabeth Wilmer
(donors whose cumulative giving           David & Sigrid Boe                         Nicholas Stevenson                         Mrs. Virginia P. Clancy (Raleigh, NC)
totals $2,000 or more to an               Scott & Ellen Broadwell                    Jim Sunshine                               Harvey V. Culbert
                                          Katie & John Lott Brown                    James & Andrée Underwood                   Richard & Louise Dunn
endowment fund)
                                          Barbara Care                                    (Vermilion)                           Robert J. Eakin (San Francisco, CA)
Platinum ($50,000 and above)              Jeptha* & Demaris Carrell                  Don & Mary Louise VanDyke                  John & Anne Elder
Anonymous (2)                             Corning Chisholm                           John & Eugenia Vanek (Sandusky /           Kathryn Farnsworth
                                          Marianne Cochrane                               St. Petersburg, FL)                   William & Barbara Fuchsman
Gold ($25,000–$49,999)                    Norman & Ann Craig                         Etta Ruth Weigl                            Ann L. Fuller
Eric* & Jane Nord                         Don & Mary Anne Cunningham (Elyria)        James W. White                             Dewey & Carol Ganzel
                                          Emiko Hara Custer, in honor of Jiann       Catherine Wilber                           Pedro & Roberta E. Garcia
Silver ($10,000–$24,999)
                                                 & Pearl Lin                         Robert* & Helen Woodward                   Thomas A. & Nancy Gayters
David & Ricky Clark
                                          Jim & Linda Donovan                             (Sheffield Lake)                            (Oakland, CA)
Richard* & Myriam Hallock
                                          Walt & Marge Edling, in memory of          Keith R. & Victoria K. Young               Anne L. Gillette (Lincolnshire, IL)
     (Columbus, GA)
                                                Fred W. Kleps Jr.                                                               Norman & Marjorie Henderson
Dick & Pat Holsworth, in honor of
                                          John & Margaret Erikson                                                               Dr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Hendrikson
     Jeptha & Demaris Carrell and
                                          Helen V. Fitzhugh*                                                                    Terence G. & Karen P. Hobbs
     in honor of Pat Murphy
                                          Alan & Nancy Gage                                                                     Dr. Feite F. Hofman
Ed & Ruth Schwaegerle
                                          Norma & Dick Gilbert                       ANNUAL MEMBERS                             Dr. George O. & Mrs. Evelyn H. Hoover
Oliver* & Shirley J. Shubert (Elyria)
                                          Dan & Elizabeth Goulding                                                              Robert A. Hyman & Susan E. Roth
Aluminum ($5,000–$9,999)                                                                                                              (St. Paul, MN)
                                          Nancy J. Gray                              Heritage Ambassador                        Marvin Krislov & Amy Sheon
Molly Anderson                            Glenn* & Lillian Hobbs
Mrs. William R. Anderson Jr., in                                                         ($500–$999)                            Fou Tanner Linder (Norwood)
                                          Clyde* & Dorothy Holbrook
      memory of Helen Murphy                                                         Justin & Elizabeth Bausch (Chevy           Bob & Carol Longsworth
                                          Maxine W. Houck
      (St. Paul, MN)                                                                      Chase, MD)                            Michael & Betsy Manderen
                                          Don & Joy Illig
Roger & Fran Cooper                                                                                                             Albert J. McQueen
                                          Bill* & Betty James
Bill & Leslie* Farquhar                   Helen D. Johnson
                                                                                     Heritage Leaders ($250–$499)               John & Ruth Mercer
David & Eleanor Ignat (Middlebury, VT)                                               Wuu-Shung & Mann-Mann Chuang MDs           Richard* & Mary Norman Miller
                                          Nicholas & Susan Jones
Douglas R.* & Shirley R. Johnson                                                     Dean & Susan Gibson (Columbus)             Mrs. Barbara Tanner Neumann
                                          Jamie Jurado (Elyria)                                                                       (Smithsburg, MD)
Ernestine Evans King (Topsham, ME)        Gary Kornblith & Carol Lasser              Edward W. & Gail F. Hubbard
Darlene Krato                                                                             (Centreville, VA)                     Lewis Nielson & Nita Karpf
                                          Bert Latran Jr., in memory of Margaret                                                Theodore Nowick & Robert Taylor
Patricia Murphy & Keith Koenning                                                     Sarah MacLennan Kerr
                                                Latran Harold & Florene                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Clarence B. Olmsted
Evan* & Cindy Nord (Blythewood, SC)                                                  Emily Acton Phillips (Dallas, TX)
                                                Worcester, and in honor of                                                      Joe & Sue Palmieri
Cathe Radabaugh                                                                      Paul S. Treuhaft MD
                                                Patricia Murphy                                                                 Jeanne Pease
Louise Richards
                                          Dayton & Ann Livingston                                                               Carl A. Peterson
David & Jean Schaal                                                                  Heritage Rescuers ($100–$249)
                                          T.K. & Emily McClintock (Cambridge, MA)                                               David & Brenda Pitts (Columbus, IN)
Eric R. Severs
                                          W. Jeanne McKibben MD                      R. L. Aalto                                Ann Potter
In memory of Priscilla Smith
                                          David & Sandra Mellott (Bay Village)       Geoffrey & Cynthia Andrews                 Katherine Prescott
Bob* & Betty Weinstock
                                          Dan & Marly Merrill                        Anonymous                                  Sharon Copeland Ramczyk
Copper ($2,000–$4,999)                    Andrew & Pat Missler (Willard)             William G Arthrell (Cleveland)                   (Stevens Point, WI)
Anonymous (2)                             Benjamin G. & Jane Norton (Lorain)         Sara Carter Balogh                         Barry & Carol Richard
Paul & Sally Arnold                       Joe* & Anita Reichard                      Elizabeth Bishai                           Mrs. S. M. Rollinson (Childersburg, AL)
                                          Richard & Dina Schoonmaker                       (Lutherville Timonium, MD)
     * Deceased during or before 2009     Warren & Judy Sheldon                      David Breitman & Kathryn Stuart                            Continued on page 12
                                                                                                                                                               Page 11
                       Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
Heritage Rescuers, continued                  Phyllis J. DeMark (Amherst)                   Andy & Cindy Ruckman                      Len & Nancy Garver
Kenneth D. & Gretchen B. Roose                Jack & Kathy DeRuyter                         Ron & Monte Rybarczyk                     John & Linda Gates
Paul & Cate Schwaegerle                       Mae Alice Donner                              Doris S. Sable                            Donald & Barbara Gilbert
Robin Hoover Shaffer                          Matt & Elizabeth Elrod                        Eve Sandberg                              Harvey Gittler & Naomi Barnett
Dr.* & Mrs. William H. Shriber                Ray English & Alison Ricker                   John & Karla Sanderson                    Patrick J. & Denise Boychuk Gorman
     (South Bend, IN)                         David & Paulie Evans                          Elizabeth Schultz                               (Madison, WI)
Mary Simons                                   Gene & Marilyn Gallagher                      Lowell & Linda Schultz (Marshfield, WI)   Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Gorman (Wooster)
Bruce & Sue Simonson                          Clare & Allison Gallaher (Grafton)            Julia S. Shaw                             Thomas W. & Amy Mancuso Gorman
Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis A. Strong (McLean, VA)      Tom Geller                                    Judith Shreiner (Augusta, ME)                   (Bowling Green)
Richard Totoiu & Lois Boyles                  Samuel & Marcia Goldberg                      Robert F. Smith                           Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gorman (Elyria)
     (Alexandria, VA)                         Don & Arlene Hall                             Ira S. & Priscilla Steinberg              Ken Grossi (Strongsville)
Richard S. Trump                              Ruth S. Hayes (Amherst)                       Tom & Eva Weber                           Mike & Connie Grube
Edward J. & Anne Wardwell                     Jean M. Heller                                Jeff & Merrilee Witmer                    Victoria Hardnett & Family
Reid & Gail Wood                                                                            Dudley A. Wood                            Larry & Nancy Harper (South Amherst)
                                              Eleanor Helper
                                                                                            Lucille Worcester                         Rob & Bonne Haupt
                                                                                            Barbara A. Wurster (Elyria)               Bradley & Nicole Hayes (Wellington)
                                                                                            Harris & Anne Youngblood                  Ralph & Pauline Hayes (Wellington)
                                                                                                                                      Sigrun B. Heinzelmann & Charlotte
                                                                                            Households ($40)                                Balfour
                                                                                            Ken & Elizabeth Allen (Cheshire, CT)      Rick Heller & Lynne Cagnina
                                                                                            Constance Anderson (Athens, Greece)       Mary Henning (Sandusky)
                                                                                            George & Marlene Andrews                  James & Christa Hieb (South Amherst)
                                                                                            Bill & Betty Annable                      Kathy Hilton
                                                                                            Chuck & June Bailey                       Tom Hinders & Mary K. Worthington
                                                                                            Randall J. & Virginia N. Barbato          The Rich Holsworth Family
                                                                                                  (Shaker Heights)                    Chris Howell & Susan Clayton
                                                                                            Bill & Inger Barlow                       Dennis & Karla Hubbard
                                                                                            Jerome J. & Jeanne L. Berner              Erik Inglis & Heather Galloway
                                                                                            Andrew & Jennifer Bertoni                 Patrick & Diane Ives
                                                                                            Richard Betheil & Patricia McConnell      Mark & Kathy Jaffee
                                                                                                  (Scarsdale, NY)                     Ben Jones & Tanya Rosen-Jones
                                                                                            Barbara Bickel & Family                   Jody Juhasz & Deanna Wise (Elyria)
                                                                                            Russ & Connie Bimber                      William & Linda* Kaatz (Elyria)
                                                                                            Nancy Boutilier & Christa Champion        Lynda Khoury
                                                                                            Thomas D. & Jean C. Bowen (Elyria)        Harold & Ilo Koenning (Moorhead, MN)
                                                                                            Morag E. Boyd & Family (Columbus)         Audrey Kolb
                                                                                            Craig & Monica Brandt                     Richard & Lorna Kretchmar
                                                                                            Neil & Pat Bright                         Al & Sue Krueger (Elyria)
                                                                                            David & Nancy Browne                      Roger & Judy Laushman
Juneteenth celebrations of the abolition of slavery always bring large crowds to Oberlin.   Monique Burgdorf                          Frank & Lenore Laycock
In the spirit of the day Financial Assistant Pat Holsworth links arms with Audrey Kolb      Ken & Joyce Carpenter (Wellington)        Jim & Kristin Lieb (Avon)
and Andrew Watiker at the Oberlin Heritage Center’s display table.                          Tristan & Tori Carrier                    Jiann & Pearl Lin
                                                                                            John Cavanaugh & Sarah Colson             Glenn Loafmann & Katherine Linehan
Heritage Collectors ($50–$99)                 Herb & Sabra Henke                            William & Aimee Lee Cheek                 Tom & Anita Lock
                                              Michael Henle & Cynthia Comer                       (San Diego, CA)                     Bert & Penny Locke
Erik & Michele Andrews
                                              Elizabeth B. Herod                            Nancy Hubbard Cheshire                    Michael Loose & Jan Thornton
Hank Annable
                                              Judi C. H. Hill (Copley)                            (Orchard Park, NY)                  John Lopatkovich (Wakeman)
                                              Clyde & Maryann Hohn                          Daniel & Kathryn Clark                    Thomas Lopez Family
Jack & Fran Baumann
                                              Dr. Edward & Lorna Hudgens                    George E. Clark                           Duncan & Nina Love
Roland M. & Phyllis A. Baumann
                                              William & Robin Jindra                        John R. & Kathleen Clark (Lorain)         David & Deborah Luczkowski
Roger & Edie Binkley
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Johnson III                Susan K. Clark (Mansfield)                Charles & Nancy Matthews
Richard & Viola Blount
                                              Robert K. & Claudia W. Jones (Lorain)         Johnny Coleman & Nanette Yannuzzi-        Darren & Jane McDonough
Tom & Janet Bolland
                                              M. L. Michael Kay                                   Macias                              Richard & Mary McKee
Charlotte Bosch
                                              Sharon Land                                   Bill & Emerson County                     The Medwid Family
Tina Brandes
                                              Irwin Lewis                                   Don, Susie & Theresa Cunningham           John & Nicola Memmott
James & Joan Bresnicky
                                              Elisabeth M. Mahjoub                                (New Waterford)                     Elmer L. & Nancy M. Meyers (Lorain)
Howard & Jean Broadwell
                                              Drs. Hugh & Lois McCorkle                     David S. Davies & Bronwen P. Davies       Bill Miller & Ann Pilisy
Walker & Joanne Brock
                                              Anthony Mealy                                       (Wellington)                        David Miller & Marie Anderson-Miller
Al Brown (Somerdale, NJ)
                                              Ed Miller & Joan Webster                      Sean Decatur & Renee Romano               William* & Ruth Miller
Susan Husted Burrows
                                              Leslie J. Miller                              James C. Dobbins & Suzanne Gay            Brittany Mittler & Family
     (Centennial, CO)
                                              Jane Ross Moore                               The Dobos Family                          Tom & Cindy Moroney
Bobbie Carlson
                                              Maxwell G. & Muriel P. Morgan                 Bernard & Sheila Eckstein                 Jacob Morris Family (Spencer)
Anna R. Chapman
                                              Stephanie Neal (Anchorage, AK)                Jim Eibel (New London)                    Thelma J. Morris
Ed & Marianne Clary (Amherst)
                                              Don & Joanne Norenberg                        Craig M. & Barbara J. Enos                Brett & Christina Nichols
Charles T. Cook
                                              Allan & Elizabeth Patterson                   Joseph & Jean Ferris (Saline, MI)         Richard & Kathleen Nord (Vermilion)
Margaret J. Cook*
                                              Lee Jewett Petry (Knoxville, TN)              Gerry & Ann Findlan                       Eric & Kaye Norenberg
Tim Cowling
                                              Tom & Peg Piraino                             Daniel & Carol Fishwick (Willoughby)      Dave Nyikes (Avon)
Rudd & Lisa Crawford
                                              Bonnie Plyler (Clearwater, FL)                Jeffrey E. Fort (Toledo)                  Dr. David & Mary Jo Ockenga
Dr. Troy & Teresa Dailey
                                              Floyd & Marjorie Ramp                         Adam & Heidi Freas                              (Wakeman)
     (Palm Springs, FL)
                                              W. B. Renfrow                                 Jack & Pauline Freas                      Bob & Bonnie Oliphant (Westford, MA)
Jerry & Jan DeMarinis
                                              Ron & Barbara Rollins                         Philip D. Ganske                          David & Elaine Orr
                * Deceased during 2009        Jeff Rubin & Stephanie Wiles                  Milton & Jane Garrett                     The Owens Family (Spencer)
Page 12
                           Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
Households, continued                    Dorothy Baker                            Mirelle Luecke                                Lawrence B. Siddall (Amherst, MA)
Bob & Karen Pando (Amherst)              Elizabeth A. Bates (Wellington)          Claudia F. Macdonald                          Nyree Skimin (Elyria)
Tom Phinney & Patty Trimmer              William Baylis                           Dianne Mahar (Amherst)                        Mrs. Frances Walker Slocum
Ron & Barbara Pierre (LaGrange)          William Beecheler                        Marilyn McDonald                              Mrs. Maryel Vogel Smith
Bill & Patti Pitts                       Jeannine Berroteran (Youngstown)         Sue McKain                                          (Sheffield Village)
Steven & Katherine Plank                 Bill Bigglestone (Tucson, AZ)            Maxine McKee (Amherst)                        Taylor J. Smith (Avon)
Dale & Kim Preston                       Jean Binford                             Steven McQuillin (Westlake)                   Alice Soohoo
Meredith Priset (Ashland)                Patricia Birmingham                      Sue E. Meyer                                  Sharon Fairchild Soucy
Ferdinand Protzman & Julia Binder        Commissioner Betty Blair (Elyria)        Steve Milkovich                               Valerie Stefanick (Amherst)
Ray C. & Diane L. Radabaugh              Sharon W. Blecher                        Sharon L. Miranda                             Patricia B. Stetson
      (Holland)                          Eugenia R. Bobo                          Naomi Moore                                   Marilyn Stock (Elyria)
Mark & Linda Rau (South Amherst)         Deloris Bohn (Wellington)                Mary Kate Moroney                             Dorris Sturges
Ray O. & Jessie L. Reeder                Jennifer L. Bowman (Elyria)              Elizabeth C. Morris                           Barbara Surovy (Amherst)
Cecilia Render (Brook Park)              Gary Boyle                               Eleanor Nagy (Elyria)                         Maria Surovy (Cleveland)
Kathy J. Reynolds & Judith M. Connolly   Elizabeth A. Brinkman
W. Bruce Richards & Phyllis Gorfain      J. D. Britton (Toledo)
Julien Robbins & Anuradha Murti          Betsy L. Bruce
Paul & Jerene Rosa (Wakeman)             Richard W. Bryant (State College, PA)
Robert & Nancy Roth                      Catharina Meints Caldwell
Ken & Kathy Saunders (Elyria)            Marianne D. Caldwell (Medford, OR)
Melvin & Arian Schuster                  James David Christie
Ken Sloane                               Darlene D. Colaso
Harold & Linda Slocum                    Dr. Olivia H. Cousins
Michael L. & Karen A. Smith              Judith D. Creasy (Corte Madera, CA)
      (Wichita Falls, TX)                Mary J. Culhane
Robin Smith (Lorain)                     Clare Cyzak (Kenosha, WI)
David Snyder & Deborah Roose             Marsha Darcy
Kent & Sharon Spieth (Avon Lake)         Cynthia A. Dede
Ken Stanley & Marta Laskowski            Andria Derstine
William & Arlene Steel                   Durand S. Dudley (Bluffton)
Laurie E. Stein (Chicago, IL)            Steven R. Dupee (Wellington)
Daniel Steinberg & Kimberli Diemert      Helen DuPont (Elyria)
      (Shaker Heights)                   Jonathan Edmonds (Brooklyn, NY)
Eric & Angela Szunyogh                   Darlena M. Eisom
Terry & Barbara Teleha                   Eugene English
Harriett A. Thomas                       Joanne Erwin
Pete & Donna Tirp                        Janet T. Ferguson
Greg & Lizzie Tisher                     Kimberlie Fixx (Elyria)
Bill & Mary Ann Trost                    David V. Foos
Sheri Trusty (Green Springs)             Betty Gabrielli                          Another popular annual event in Oberlin is the August Family Fun Fair / Vintage Days.
John & Fely van der Pyl                  Mark Gacka (Lakewood)                    Not only does the Oberlin Heritage Center have an attention-getting display, here staffed
Thomas & Mary Kirtz Van Nortwick         Leah Gage                                by Assistant to the Director Mary Anne Cunningham, it offers tours and toys for all.
The Volk Family                          Daniel Gardner
James Leo & Kate Walsh (Vermilion)       Gwen Goul                                Mary C. Nelson                                June D. Swartwout
Jim & Debbi Walsh                        Dennis Greive (Amherst)                  Larry Oates                                   Salvatore Talarico
Pauline R. Warch                         Betty Groot (Kipton)                     Hugh D. Pallister (Willoughby)                Lori Taylor
Kirk Warren & Cindy Nickoloff (Elyria)   Michele Gross                            Anne E. Parrott                               Rob Thompson
Kevin & Susan Weidenbaum                 Bob Grundy (Nova)                        Philip Parsons                                Francine Toss
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Judith Weiss           Kenneth Hahn (Ashland)                   Barbara B. Patterson (Streetsboro)            Gail H. Truscott
      (Rocky River)                      Jim Hamilton                             Sharon K. Pearson (Elyria)                    Carol Tufts
Don & Theo Wessell                       Marilyn Fedelchak Harley                 Bill Pfeiffer (Kansas City, MO)               Linda Twining
Mary Ann Wilson (New London)             Martha L. Harris                         Kate Pilacky                                  Mildred Urquhart
Fred & Diane Wolf (Wakeman)              Shirley Hayward                          Charles B. Pope (Lorain)                      Cynthia R. Verda
Tami Wyler (Amherst)                     Marcia Heckert (Wellington)              William D. Post (Palm Springs, CA)            Frances Welburn (Elyria)
Barbara Jocelyn Frost Wyman              Jonathan Herr                            Susan F. Quinn                                Sam White
      (Dummer, NH)                       Ed Holsworth (Powder Springs, GA)        Joyce L. Redden                               Eleanor H. Whitehead
Andrew Young & J. Lynn Haessly           Bob Holtwick                             Thomas Rice                                   Bob Williams
Lynn Youngblood (Wellington)             Jennifer Hooper (Cleveland)              Prudence T. Richards                          Lee B. Wood
Sandra A. Zagarell                       Lois Hutchison                           Renetta Rimbert                               Richard A. Wood
Grover & Mary Zinn                       Marcia Jones                             Cathe Ritz (Wakeman)                          Tyrone K. Yates (Cincinnati)
James E. & Janice C. Zinser (Wakeman)    Christine Mack Joyce (Lakewood)          Rebecca Rogers (Youngstown)                   Nancy Yood
                                         William L. Katz (New York, NY)           Beth Rosenquist (Omaha, NE)                   Carol H. Zavodsky
                                         Helen G. Ketcham                         Kathleen C. Ross
Individuals ($25)                        Gerlind B. Koerner                       Eunice Schaeffer                              Seniors / Students ($15)
Mary Adams (Westlake)                    George H. Langeler                       John Schroth (Columbia Station)
                                                                                                                                Frampie Ailey
Elizabeth McCall Aldrich                 Adina Langer (Haslett, MI)               Peg Schultz
Camille Allen                            Constance J. LeBeau                      Nancy Schwarzwalder
                                                                                                                                Mary Augustine
Anonymous                                Marjorie M. LeBeau                       Ruth E. Searles
                                                                                                                                Gabriella Bachnika
Judith Appleton                          Marguerite Leonard (Wellington)          Drew H. Severs
                                                                                                                                Norman & Charlotte Baker
Mary Ashbrook                            John Lichtwardt (Bloomfield Hills, MI)   Ruth G. Shaeffer*
                                                                                                                                Wanda Bako
David R. Ashenhurst                      Richard P. Lothrop                       Charles C. Sheppard
Chelsea Baker                            Becky Lower                              Thomas E. Shoup (Amherst)                                       Continued on page 14
                                                                                                                                                                  Page 13
                      Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
Seniors / Students, continued              Theodore R. Goodman (Grafton)               Margaret E. Lyman (Sandusky)                George & Betty Stoudt
Suzanne Barsay                             Mrs. Marion E. Gordon                       Karis Lyon (Amherst)                        Lillie Faye Taylor
Barbara Baughman                           Eva Greenberg                               Alfred & Ann MacKay                         Eileen K. Telegdy (Wakeman)
Phyllis Bement (Columbia Station)          Mary Lynne Grove                            Dick & Betty Marshall                       Janice R. Thibo
George & Ruth Bent                         Ovidia Guaderrama                           Esmeralda Martinez-Tapia                    Joanne Thodt
Idabelle L. Berg (Wakeman)                 Denny Gulick (Adelphi, MD)                  Jim & Betty Mason                           Jane Cauffiel Thomson
Rachael Blake                              Clark Hahn (Berlin Heights)                 Kathy McCardwell (Boulder, CO)              Dorra B. Ward (Bedford)
Marjorie Block (Winston-Salem, NC)         Otis F. Hall (Blacksburg, VA)               Jillian McFarland (Ann Arbor, MI)           Andrew Watiker
Walter P. Bobrowicz (Lorain)               Barbara W. Harding                          Barbara Mehwald                             Wilma Weber
Sue Brady                                  Martha Hasenpflug (Toledo)                  Kathy Meier (Seattle, WA)                   R. B. & J. K. Werner
Dorothy E. Breuning (Elyria)               Mary Sayre Haverstock                       Laraine Meyers (South Amherst)              Dorothy West
Marjorie Wood Brittingham                  Beverly A. Hentges (Bowling Green)          Jean Mihu                                   Margaret H. Wheeler
Theron Burnett (Elyria)                    Allene C. Holliman                          Carolyn Moes (Vermilion)                    Jerry White
Jim Burton (Olmsted Falls)                 Alexandra Holomuzki-Zgonc (Lorain)          Marge Mulder                                Mrs. Martha M. Wilkins
Marion Campbell                            Ruth Holoway                                Florence H. Muller (Elyria)                 Richard & Shirley Williams
Terry & Claudine Carlton                   Dr. Tinka Hrountas (San Clemente, CA)       Bill & Carol Neumann                        Robert O. Williams (Sarasota, FL)
Bânû Casson                                Don & Nancy Hultquist                       Katherine Nunley                            Shirley Coleman Wilson (Westerville)
Mrs. Glenn M. Clapp                        Esther Hunt                                 Noël Oakley                                 Barbara A. Wolfe (Avon)
Randy Coleman                              Evelyn G. Hurst                             Dean & Jean Palmer                          K. F. & J. L. Wolfe
Bill & Bonnie Cutcher                      Carolyn L. Husted                           Joyce Parker                                May Zitani
Norma M. Daffin                            Jay & Fern Ingersoll                        Sandi Pasadyn (Wellington)
Dennis & Jean Dessecker (Elyria)           Adelbert & Betty Jenkins                    Vivian Peabody
Eleanor W. Devereux                        Doris J. Jewett (Elyria)                    Betty Doolittle Peckham (Canton, NY)
Bob DeVille (Cleveland)                    Molly Johnson                               Tom Peters (Elyria)
Kay L. Diederick                           Delora M. Jones (South Amherst)             Wilma D. Pietch                             BUSINESS MEMBERS
Carl Diem (North Olmsted)                  Ondrea Keith                                Kristin R. Provenza (Lorain)
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Doane (Amherst)       Dr. Vasanti P. Kharkar                      Mrs. Robert Randel                          Heritage Champion ($1,000)
John A. Dondero & Jeanne Bay               Susan M. Klingaman                          Tom & Betsy Reed                            Walmart
      (Aiea, HI)                           Anne Koenning (Portland, OR)                Mr. & Mrs. William H. Rice
Bob & Marion Drummond                      Scott Koenning (Grinnell, IA)               Tom & Judy Riggle
Roy U. Ebihara                             Alice B. Kohl                               James J. Rivers (Westlake)                  Heritage Leaders ($250–$499)
Milton & Margaret-Ann Ellis                Chie Kondo                                  Mary Eileen Romney (Manchester, MO)         Cohen & Company, Ltd. (Cleveland)
Mauris Emeka                               Judith K. Kruger                            Ed Rowe                                     McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation
Joan Ernst                                 Gladys S. Kruk (Wellington)                 Marion R. Russell (Avon Lake)                   Laboratory, Inc.
Cherie L. Fabian (Elyria)                  Dennis C. Lamont (Wakeman)                  Sarah Schaffer
Elaine Feldkamp (Lorain)                   Bruce & Nancy Layne (Shelbyville, KY)       Jo-Ann Schmauch (Avon)                      Heritage Rescuers ($100–$249)
Marlene Feldkamp (Amherst)                 John & Mary Leek                            William & Kathryn Schreiner                 John Berkmeyer Painting LLC
Andrew Ferko (Seven Hills)                 Pam Lenz                                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Senyak                 Broadwell Painting
Edna Fog (Amherst)                         Catharina D. Lester                         Jean L. Shannon                             John Cole Accounting & Tax Service
Floree Frazier                             Bracy E. Lewis (Cleveland)                  Eugene Foggo Simon                          Emerge, Inc. (Elyria)
Harold L. Gaines (Lake St. Louis, MO)      Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Lewis                  Katherine Smith                             Forthofer Alarm Systems (Elyria)
Esther Givner (Lorain)                          (Willoughby)                           Lois A. Sook                                Lorenzo’s Pizzeria
Jack Glazier                               Wyatt Locklear                              Linda Stang (Grafton)                       Oberlin College Inn
                                           Marian J. Lott                              Geraldine R. Stewart                        Oberlin Family Dental (Melanie B.
     * Deceased during or before 2009      Doris Y. Lyle (Amherst)                     Ina Stone                                        Satterfield)

A significant component of the Oberlin Heritage Center’s outreach and service activities is its summer camp program. In 2009, “Friends of Freedom” campers visited Charles
Grandison Finney’s grave in Westwood Cemetery and learned how he and others advocated the end of slavery; and Boy Scouts learned about the life and legacy of a twentieth-
century exemplar of freedom and philanthropy, Colonel Richard R. Hallock, as they learned how to properly raise a flag at the Hallock memorial flagpole by the Monroe House.

Page 14
                      Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
Heritage Rescuers, continued             Lorri Sipes (Ann Arbor, MI)               DONORS TO                                    Emily McClintock
PlaceMakers Land Co., Ltd.               Donald L. Spencer & Associates            ENDOWMENT FUNDS                              Louise S. Richards
Premier Toyota of Amherst (Amherst)      Sperry-Gorske Agency, Inc.                                                             David & Jean Schaal
                                         Straight’s Sharpening Service             (excluding pledge payments made              James W. White
Radio Stations WOBL & WDLW
Eric R. Severs Co., LPA                  Subway of Oberlin                         in 2009 by Endowed Life Members,
Sliman’s Sales & Service (Amherst)       Sugar Ridge Stoneworks (Wakeman)          a complete list of whom is on page           $250–$499
Turnbull Plumbing & Heating, LLC         Supers Landscape Inc.                     11)                                          Mildred Arthrell
Turnbull Trucking & Excavating           Touched By Grace Specialty Shoppe                                                      Robert B. Calhoun & Elizabeth Wilmer
                                         Trader Joe’s (Westlake)                                                                Wuu-Shung & Mann-Mann Chuang MDs
                                         The Trinter Agency (Wellington)           DONORS TO THE                                Don & Mary Anne Cunningham, in
Heritage Collectors ($50–$99)            Vandemark Jewelers (Elyria)               ENDOWMENT FOR                                      honor of Bert Latran Jr.
Bead Paradise II                         Watson Hardware
Cochrane, Inc.                                                                     HISTORY EDUCATION                            Walt & Marge Edling
                                         Woodshed Lesson Studio                                                                 Alan & Nancy Gage
Freedom Realty & Auction Service         Yesterday’s Ice Cream Shoppe              Anonymous
                                                                                   Gabriella Bachnika                           Sarah MacLennan Kerr, in celebration
     (Barney Hartman)
                                                                                   Jane T. Blodgett                                   of the marriage of Kristy Matero
Drs. Leonard & Anne Jacko
                                                                                   Robert B. Calhoun & Elizabeth Wilmer               and Justin Titley
Kuno Creative Group (Avon)
                                                                                   Norman C. & Ann Craig, in honor of           W. Jeanne McKibben MD
Oberlin Off Street Parking, Inc.
                                                                                                                                Mary Norman Miller
Quality Tree Service (Larry Lane)                                                        Richard Schoonmaker
                                                                                                                                Jane Ross Moore
Quick & Delicious                                                                  Mae Alice Donner
Smith’s Furnishings & Floor Coverings    ORGANIZATIONAL                            Nancy Gray, in honor of Jim White’s          Patricia Murphy & Keith Koenning, in
                                                                                                                                      honor of Jim White
                                         MEMBERS                                         85th birthday
                                                                                                                                Richard & Kathleen Nord
                                         ($25, unless otherwise indicated)         Kenneth Hahn
Active Business Members ($25)                                                                                                   Oberlin Family Dental (Melanie
                                                                                   Dick & Pat Holsworth, in memory of
A 2 Point B (Ronnie Rimbert)             Allen Memorial Art Museum (Heritage                                                          B. Satterfield DDS)
                                                                                         Beatrice Phillips
Adeva Salon & Spa                              Rescuer, $100)                                                                   Cathe E. Radabaugh
                                                                                   Maxine W. Houck
Allen Community Hospital                 The Amherst Historical Society                                                         Dick & Dina Schoonmaker
                                                                                   Darlene Rae Krato
Amherst Vision Center (Amherst)                (Amherst)                                                                        Eric R. Severs, in honor of Bert
                                                                                   Bert Latran Jr., in honor of Cathe
Arbor Lights Bed & Breakfast (Lorain)    City of Oberlin                                                                              Latran Jr.
Ben Franklin Store / Mindfair            Cleveland American Indian Movement                                                     Shirley J. Shubert
                                                                                   Drs. Hugh & Lois McCorkle
Business Advisory Services LLC                 (Cleveland)                                                                      Betty Weinstock
                                                                                   Patricia Murphy & Keith Koenning, in
Campbell House Antiques                  Cleveland Restoration Society                                                          Catherine A. Wilber
                                                                                         memory of Beatrice Phillips
The Carlyle Gift & Flower Shop                 (Cleveland)                         Rob Thompson
Clark & Post Architects, Inc. (Lorain)   FAVA                                                                                   $100–$249
                                                                                   Jack and Geni Vanek
Cowling Funeral Home                     Jewett Family of America, Inc.                                                         R. L. Aalto
                                                                                   Dorothy West
Creative Carpentry (Tim Cowling)               (Heritage Rescuer, $100)                                                         Ken & Elizabeth Allen
                                                                                   Mrs. Lee B. Wood
Dave’s Army & Navy                             (Medway, MA)                                                                     Erik & Michele Andrews
                                                                                   Tyrone K. Yates, in honor of Sylvia
Dicken Funeral Home, Inc. (Elyria)       Kendal at Oberlin                                                                      George & Marlene Andrews
                                                                                         Yvonne Cyrus
Domino’s Pizza                           Lorain County Community College                                                        Anonymous, in memory of Florence
Douds Veterinary Hospital, Inc.                (Heritage Rescuer, $100) (Elyria)                                                     Balcomb
Edward D. Jones & Co. (Curt Paul)        Lorain County Historical Society                                                       Paul & Sally Arnold
Eight Wild Geese                               (Elyria)                                                                         Gabriella Bachnika
5 Corners Bed & Breakfast (Amherst)      Main Street Oberlin, Inc.                                                              Roland M. & Phyllis A. Baumann
Functional Physical Therapy              Missouri History Museum                   DONORS TO THE                                David & Sigrid Boe
Ginko Gallery & Studio Ltd.                    (St. Louis, MO)                                                                  Charlotte Bosch
Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast           19th Century Club (Heritage Collector,
                                                                                   ANNUAL FUND                                  Howard & Jean Broadwell
Herrick Jewelry                                $50)                                                                             Scott & Ellen Broadwell, in memory of
Jupies Old-Fashioned Sorghum Taffy       Oberlin AARP #395                         $1,000 & Above                                    Marion Comings and in memory
     Pull (Brunswick)                    Oberlin Area Chamber of Commerce          Randall J. & Virginia N. Barbato, in              of Hartley & Dorothy Broadwell
KET                                      Oberlin College (Heritage Leader, $250)         memory of Eric Nord                    Katie & John Lott Brown
Charles Kritz, CPA                       Oberlin College Archives                  William K. Farquhar                          Barbara B. Care
Lakeland Glass (Lorain)                  Oberlin College Department of History     Dick & Pat Holsworth, in memory of           Bobbie Carlson
Lin-Barry Incorporated                   Oberlin Conservatory                            Beatrice Phillips                      Demaris Carrell
LorMet Community Federal Credit          Oberlin Seniors                           Nicholas & Susan Jones                       Anna R. Chapman
     Union (Amherst)                     Scottish Games Motorcycle Group                                                        Mrs. Virginia P. Clancy
Manuel’s Barber Shop                           (Heritage Collector, $50)           $500–$999                                    John R. & Kathleen Clark
Dr. Arnold G. Milner                     Sheffield Village Historical Society      Mrs. William R. Anderson Jr., in             Cohen & Company, Ltd.
Nana’s House Family Restaurant                 (Sheffield Village)                      memory of Helen C. Murphy               Norman C. & Ann Craig
National Business Brokers, Inc.          Southern Lorain County Historical         Anonymous                                    Sean Decatur & Renee Romano
     (Michael F. Galbreath)                    Society (Wellington)                Jane T. Blodgett                             J. D. & Linda Donovan
Nordson Corporation (Westlake)           Tabor Historical Society (Heritage        Corning Chisholm                             Richard & Louise Dunn
Oberlin Animal Hospital                        Rescuer, $100) (Tabor, IA)          David & Ricky Clark, in honor of Jim White   Robert J. Eakin
Oberlin Cable Co-op                      Visit Lorain County (Amherst)             Marianne Cochrane                            David & Paulie Evans
Oberlin IGA                              Western Reserve Land Conservancy,         Roger & Fran Cooper, in honor of             Cherie L. Fabian
Oberlin Market                                 Firelands Chapter                        Patricia Murphy                         Gene & Marilyn Gallagher
Oberlin News-Tribune                                                               Dick & Norma Gilbert, in honor of            Dewey & Carol Ganzel
Olla Mae’s Drygoods                                                                     Marianne Cochrane, Cathe                Samuel & Marcia Goldberg
Dale A. Petrill DDS, Inc.                                                               Radabaugh and Jim White                 Daniel & Elizabeth Goulding
Presti’s of Oberlin                                                                                                             Nancy J. Gray
                                                                                   Ken Grossi
The Rosen-Jones Photography Studio                                                                                              Kenneth Hahn, in memory of Charles
                                                                                   Gary Kornblith & Carol Lasser
Kurt G. Sarringhaus Co., LPA                                                                                                         & Marguerite Hahn
                                                                                   Darlene Rae Krato
Dr. Jennifer Shults DC                   BEQUEST                                   Bert Latran Jr., in memory of Glenn
                                                                                                                                Bradley & Nicole Hayes
Shurtleff Cottage Bed & Breakfast        Margaret G. Papworth*                          Hobbs                                                   Continued on page 16
                                                                                                                                                              Page 15
                        Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
$100–$249, continued                           Lorenzo’s Pizzeria (Larry Cariglio)     Sharon Fairchild Soucy                 Dr. David & Mary Jo Ockenga
Ralph & Pauline Hayes                          John & Ruth Mercer                      Donald L. Spencer & Associates         Joe & Sue Palmieri
Norman & Marjorie Henderson                    Maxwell G. & Muriel P. Morgan           Robert H. Staples                      Sandi Pasadyn, in memory of Art Neal
Dr. Feite F. Hofman                            Eric & Kaye Norenberg                   Nicholas Stevenson                     Bill Pfeiffer Jr.
Maxine W. Houck                                Benjamin G. & Jane Norton               Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis A. Strong Jr.        Ronald A. & Barbara Pierre
Mrs. Evelyn G. Hurst, in memory of             Oberlin College Office of Community &   James K. Sunshine                      Wilma D. Pietch
      Donald Hurst                                  Government Relations (Sandra       Richard S. Trump                       Patricia Pitts
Leonard Jacko DDS                                   Hodge)                             James & Andrée Underwood               Presti’s of Oberlin
Elizabeth S. James                             Ann Potter                              Jack & Geni Vanek                      Ray C. and Diane L. Radabaugh
Jewett Family of America, Inc.                 Sharon Copeland Ramczyk                 James Leo & Kate Walsh                 Anita C. Reichard
William & Robin Jindra, in memory of           Mrs. S. M. Rollinson                    Edward J. & Anne Wardwell              Cecilia Render
      Frank Zavodsky and in honor of           Kenneth D. & Gretchen B. Roose          Jeff & Merrilee Witmer                 Prudence T. Richards, in memory of
      Carol Zavodsky                           Elizabeth Schultz                       Reid & Gail Wood                             Richard “Dick” Richards
Steve & Mary Ann Johnson                       Ed & Ruth Schwaegerle                   Jean F. Wright                         Ron & Barbara Rollins
Marvin Krislov & Amy Sheon                     Paul & Cate Schwaegerle                 Keith R. & Victoria K. Young           Doris S. Sable
Lin-Barry Incorporated (Barry & Linda Jones)   Ruth G. Shaeffer*                                                              Kurt G. Sarringhaus Co., L.P.A.
Fou Tanner Linder                              Julia S. Shaw                           $50–$99                                Eunice Schaeffer
Dayton & Ann Livingston                        Warren N. & Judy Sheldon                Hank Annable                           Lowell & Linda Schultz
Thomas M. Lopez                                Eugene Foggo Simon                      Anonymous                              Melvin & Arian Schuster
                                               Robert M. Singleton                     Richard & Viola Blount                 Thomas E. Shoup
                 * Deceased during 2009        Mrs. Frances Walker Slocum              Eugenia R. Bobo                        Tom & Donna Shurr
                                                                                       Tom & Janet Bolland                    Shurtleff Cottage Bed & Breakfast
                                                                                       Richard W. Bryant                            (Marsha Marsh)
                                                                                                                              William & Arlene Steel
      Support for Internships, Training Programs,                                      Anita Buckmaster
                                                                                       Susan Husted Burrows                   Ira S. & Priscilla Steinberg
           and Professional Development                                                Nancy Hubbard Cheshire                 Ina Stone
                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. James Cobb                  Supers Landscape Inc.
       Leadership Lorain County Public Service Internship Program                      Andria Derstine                        Rob and Jan Thompson
                                                                                       Jack & Kathy DeRuyter, in memory of    Don & Mary Louise VanDyke
                                 Mature Services, Inc.                                                                        Ivan Waldbauer & Claudia
                                                                                            Carol Kohut Brown
                        National Endowment for the Arts                                Dennis & Jean Dessecker, in memory           F. Macdonald
                                                                                            of Robert McFarland               Pauline R. Warch
                     National Trust for Historic Preservation                                                                 Etta Ruth Weigl
                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Doane
          Oberlin College Bonner Center for Service and Learning                       James C. Dobbins & Suzanne Gay         Dorothy West, in memory of Louis L. West
                                                                                       John A. Dondero & Jeanne Bay           Eleanor H. Whitehead
                   Oberlin College Bonner Scholars Program                             Joan Ernst                             Fred & Diane Wolf
                                                                                       Joseph & Jean Ferris, in memory of     Lucille Worcester
                      Oberlin College Work Study Program
                                                                                            Walter Kleps and Fred Kleps Jr.   Andrew Young & J. Lynn Haessly
                                                                                       Daniel & Carol Fishwick                Sandra A. Zagarell
                                                                                       Len & Nancy Garver
                                                                                       Thomas A. & Nancy Gayters, in memory   Up to $50
                                                                                            of Walter and Cora Gayters        Elizabeth McCall Aldrich
                            Buy-a-Brick Donors                                         Jack Glazier                           Anonymous
                                                                                       Ruth S. Hayes                          Anonymous, in memory of Patricia
       The brick pathway at the Oberlin Heritage Center is lined                       Carl & Marcia Heckert                        Cross
       with century-old bricks with new inscriptions—cleverly, lov-                    Jean M. Heller                         Idabelle L. Berg
                                                                                       Eleanor Helper                         Jerome J. & Jeanne L. Berner
       ingly, memorably worded—recognizing hundreds of people,                         Herb & Sabra Henke                     Roger & Edie Binkley
       events, and thoughts that have special meaning to members                       Judi C. H. Hill, in memory of Sadie    Patricia Birmingham
       and friends. Additions to the pathway in 2009 include:                               M. Haynes                         Betsy L. Bruce
                                                                                       Dorothy Holbrook                       Bânû Casson
              IN MEMORY OF                          HELEN JOHNSON                      Don & Joy Illig                        Bill & Bonnie Cutcher
                MY MOTHER                          GUARDIAN AWARD                      Helen D. Johnson                       Norma M. Daffin, in memory of John
             ELLA BEECHELER                               2008                         Helen G. Ketcham                             Daffin
              William Beecheler                      Cheryl Mees &                     Dr. Vasanti P. Kharkar                 Cynthia A. Dede
                                                     Stephanie Neal                    Gladys S. Kruk                         John & Anne Elder
               IN MEMORY OF                                                            Kuno Creative Group                    Janet T. Ferguson
                 DICK HILL                                                             George H. Langeler                     Gerry & Ann Findlan
                                                 ED AND NYREE SKIMIN                   Adina Langer                           Kimberlie Fixx
                                                   Ed & Nyree Skimin                   Catharina D. Lester                    David V. Foos
               Teresa L. Chase
                                                                                       Jiann & Pearl Lin                      Adam & Heidi Freas
              IN HONOR OF                               TUSKEGEE                       Bob & Carol Longsworth                 Milton & Jane Garrett
               MARY ANNE                                 AIRMAN                        Elisabeth M. Mahjoub                   Harvey Gittler & Naomi Barnett
            Patrick J. Gorman &                      BILL JOHNSTON                     Sue McKain                             Mrs. Marion E. Gordon
          Denise Boychuk Gorman                    Mrs. Martha M. Wilkins              Albert J. McQueen                      Denny Gulick
                                                                                       Daniel & Marlene Merrill               Don & Arlene Hall
                                     IN HONOR OF                                       Elizabeth C. Morris                    Shirley Hayward
                                     JEAN–PIERRE                                       Thelma J. Morris                       James & Christa Hieb
                                       WILLIAMS                                        Eleanor Nagy                           Bob & Glo Holtwick
                                    Kathleen Williams                                  National Business Brokers, Inc.        Esther Hunt
                                                                                            (Michael F. Galbreath)            Adelbert & Betty Jenkins
                                                                                       Larry Oates                            KET (Paula Tomkins)

Page 16
                     Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
Up to $50, continued                     Jean A. Fischer, in memory of Delbert   City of Oberlin Historic Preservation       BUSINESSES &
Gerlind B. Koerner                             L. Fischer MD                           Commission                            CONSULTANTS THAT
Dennis C. Lamont                         Heidi Froelich, in memory of Paul T.    Cleveland Restoration Society
Constance J. LeBeau                            Froelich                          Firelands Association for the Visual Arts   PROVIDED IN-KIND
Marjorie M. LeBeau                       Michael F. Galbreath                          (FAVA)                                SUPPORT,
Glenn Loafmann & Katherine Linehan       Bill Hilton                             First Church in Oberlin, United Church      DONATIONS OF
Drs. Hugh & Lois McCorkle                Terry & Karen Hobbs                           of Christ
Marilyn McDonald                         Dick & Pat Holsworth                    George Jones Farm and Nature                MATERIALS, OR
Richard & Mary McKee                     David & Eleanor Ignat                         Preserve                              DISCOUNTED
Steven McQuillin                         Audrey Kolb                             Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
                                         Carol Lasser                            Heart of Ohio Boy Scouts Council
Sue E. Meyer
Steve Milkovich                          Bert Latran Jr., in memory of Bert      Kendal at Oberlin                           Ben Franklin Store / Mindfair Books
Bill & Carol Neumann                           Latran Sr. and in honor of Liz    Lorain County Preservation Network          Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff, LLP
Brett & Christina Nichols                      Schultz                           Lorain County Visitors Bureau / Visit       Broadwell Painting (Scott Broadwell)
Bob & Bonnie Oliphant                    Bob & Carol Longsworth, in honor of           Lorain County                         Business Advisory Services, LLC
Anne E. Parrott                                Marion Drummond                   Main Street Oberlin                         Campbell House Antiques
Katherine Prescott                       Richard P. Lothrop                      National Trust for Historic Preservation    Cass Gilbert Society
Joyce L. Redden                          Joseph R. & Dorothy S. Luciano          National Underground Railroad Network       Creative Carpentry (Tim Cowling)
Tom & Betsy Reed                         Jeanne McKibben                               to Freedom                            Forthofer Alarm Systems
Kathy J. Reynolds & Judith M. Connolly   Sue E. Meyer                            The Nord Family Foundation / Oberlin        Jupie’s Old-Fashioned Sorghum Taffy Pull
Rebecca Rogers                           Jane Ross Moore                               Depot                                 Bert Latran, Jr. – Arborist
Robert & Nancy Roth                      Susan Pease Morgenthaler, in memory     Northeast Ohio Intermuseum Council          Oberlin Cable Co-op
Ed Rowe                                        of Robert H. Pease, Sr. & Jr.,    Oberlin City Schools                        Oberlin Market
Jo-Ann Schmauch                                Victor A. Pease, Suzanne C.       Oberlin College                             Oberlin News-Tribune
Nancy Schwarzwalder                            Pease, and Edward M. Pease        Oberlin Public Library                      Quality Tree Service
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Senyak              Patricia Murphy & Keith Koenning        Ohio Association of Historical Societies    PlaceMakers Land Co.
Mrs. Maryel Vogel Smith, in memory of    Jane Nord                                     and Museums                           ShotSpotter, Inc.
      John P. Hardy, my beloved son      Oberlin City Schools                    Ohio Historical Society                     Smithsonian Magazine
Lois A. Sook                             Joe & Sue Palmieri                      Ohio Historic Preservation Office           Super’s Landscape, Inc.
Dorris Sturges                           Pioneer & Historical Society of         Time Travelers Network                      Trader Joe’s of Westlake
Janice R. Thibo, in memory of James            Muskingum County                                                              Turnbull Trucking & Excavating (Claud
      “Jim” Thibo                        Louise Richards                                                                          Turnbull)
Carol Tufts                              Prue Richards                                                                       Yesterday’s Ice Cream Shoppe
Dorra B. Ward                            Phyllis Rocher & Robin Rocher
Wilma Weber                                    Lawrence, in memory of Lucy S.
Kevin & Susan Weidenbaum                       Redding and Karl N. Hall
Robert O. Williams                       Richard & Dina Schoonmaker
Mrs. Lee B. Wood                         Elizabeth Schultz
Anne Youngblood                          Ed & Ruth Schwaegerle
May Zitani                               Paul & Cate Schwaegerle
                                         Shirley J. Shubert
                                         Thomas E. & Donna M. Shurr
                                         Lois A. Sook
                                         Mike Skimin
DONORS & LENDERS                         Greg & Lizzie Tisher
OF SUPPLIES &                            Tommy Trice
                                         James & Andrée Underwood
ARTIFACTS, &                             Thomas & Mary Kirtz Van Nortwick
MISCELLANEOUS                            John & Eugenia Poporad Vanek
                                         Edward J. & Anne Wardwell
Anonymous                                Kevin & Susan Weidenbaum
Erik & Michele Andrews                   James W. White
Paul & Sally Arnold                      Mrs. Lee B. Wood, in memory of          “Hungry for History” summer campers savored their lessons: Above, lads grapple with a
Norman & Charlotte Baker                       Oberlin’s Women’s Club            historic food grinder; below, bowls compete for freshly churned chocolate ice cream.
Elizabeth A. Bates                       Reid & Gail Wood
Jeannine Berroteran                      Lynn Youngblood
Jane T. Blodgett
Deloris Bohn
Scott & Ellen Broadwell
Martin & Colette Buck
Susan Husted Burrows
Bobbie Carlson
Terry & Claudine Carlton                 ORGANIZATIONS THAT
Kathleen Chase, in memory of Carl &      COLLABORATED WITH
      Becky Kinney
Roger & Fran Cooper                      OR ASSISTED THE
Don & Mary Anne Cunningham               OBERLIN HERITAGE
Bill & Bonnie Cutcher                    CENTER
J. D. & Linda Donovan
Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Edling              Allen Memorial Art Museum
John & Anne Elder                        American Association of Museums
Ray English & Alison Ricker              American Chemical Society
Barbara Feldmar                          City of Oberlin
                                                                                                                                                               Page 17
                        Who’s Who at the Oberlin Heritage Center
VOLUNTEERS                                     Norman Craig              Dennis Lamont               Ron and Barbara Rollins
                                               Cassie Cunningham         Carol Lasser                Doris Sable
The Oberlin Heritage Center has an amaz-
                                               Mary Anne Cunningham      Katy Lester                 Eunice Schaeffer
ing team of multitalented volunteers,
                                               Bill and Bonnie Cutcher   Dayton and Ann Livingston   Miranda Scholl
many of whom are pictured below. Some
                                               Rebecca Davidson          Tom and Anita Lock          Richard Schoonmaker
staff members and student interns vol-
                                               Albert Doane              Bob and Carol Longsworth    Liz Schultz
unteered hours beyond those for which
                                               J. D. and Linda Donovan   Rachel Luczkowski           Ruth Schwaegerle
they were paid, so their names appear
                                               Anne Elder                Mirelle Luecke              Cate Schwaegerle
both here and in the staff and intern lists.
                                               Craig and Barbara Enos    Carol Martincic             Kelly Selby
On page 10 are Board members who
                                               Joan Ernst                Jim and Betty Mason         Brittnei Sherrod
also volunteered their time.
                                               Rita Fitch                Patricia McCreedy           Shirley Shubert
Geoff and Cindy Andrews                        Ann Fuller                Sue McKain                  Thomas Shurr
Michele Andrews                                Tony Gaines               Albert McQueen              Bruce and Sue Simonson
Emily Arlington                                Don and Barbara Gilbert   David Mellott               Thelma Quinn Smith
Paul Arnold                                    Harvey Gittler            John Memmott                Lois Sook
David Ashenhurst                               Marcia Goldberg           John Mercer                 Sarah Souders
Charlotte Baker                                Phyllis Gorfain           Dan and Marly Merrill       Priscilla Steinberg
Chelsea Baker                                  Nancy Gray                Brittany Mittler            Kathryn Stuart
Elizabeth Bates                                Victoria Hardnett         Jane Ross Moore             Dorris Sturges
Fran Baumann                                   Terry Hobbs               Kyla Moore                  Rob Thompson
Grace Beam                                     Clyde and Maryann Hohn    Jonathan Morales            Hugh Thornton
Jane Blodgett                                  Dick and Pat Holsworth    Cindy Moroney               Lizzie Tisher
Deloris Bohn                                   Ed Holsworth              Pat Murphy                  Claud Turnbull
Janet Bolland                                  Severin Holsworth         Katherine Nunley            Glenn Turnbull
Anthony Bonifonte                              Maxine Houck              John Olmsted                Jim Underwood
Charlotte Bosch                                Kaitlin Jackson           Steven Plank                John and Fely van der Pyl
Jennifer Bowman                                Robin Jindra              Roy Poper                   Jack and Geni Vanek
Howard and Jean Broadwell                      Molly Johnson             Ann Potter                  Mary Van Nortwick
Scott and Ellen Broadwell                      James Kalyn               Dale Preston                Ed Vermue
David and Nancy Browne                         Ondrea Keith              Susan Quinn                 Anne Wardwell
Marty and Colette Buck                         Sarah MacLennan Kerr      Catherine Rauch             Kevin and Sue Weidenbaum
Sandra Calhoun                                 Lynda Khoury              Kathy Reynolds              Jerry White
Zenobia Calhoun                                Anne Koenning             Barry and Carol Richard     Elizabeth Wilmer
David Clark                                    Keith Koenning            Bruce Richards              Lee Wood
George Clark                                   Audrey Kolb               Louise Richards             Reid and Gail Wood
Sarah Colson                                   Gary Kornblith            Pete and Prue Richards      Tom and Edie Wood
Judy Connolly                                  Darlene Krato             Alison Ricker               Nancy Yood
Roger and Fran Cooper                          Tim Krumreig              Ronnie Rimbert              Lynn Youngblood

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A Sampling                                   Help Serve Our Community . . .
of Programs                          . . . By becoming part of the Oberlin Heritage Center family. All members receive timely notices
                                     of events and programs, free admission to the Oberlin Heritage Center, reduced prices on
and Events,                          programs for which there is a fee, Time Travelers benefits at other historical institutions through-
continued from page 9                out the country, and a 10 percent discount in our Museum Store. Your membership and contri-
                                     butions will support the preservation, maintenance, and administration of our historic sites
OCTOBER 16, continued                and regular tour program, as well as public programs about Oberlin heritage, local history and
for kids and families at the Ober-   civic affairs. We appreciate your membership at whatever level you select.
lin Depot on a day when school
was not in session. It was cospon-
sored by the Oberlin Heritage        How can I resist? Please enroll me!
Center, Allen Memorial Art Mu-
seum, the Oberlin Public Library,    Name, as I wish it to appear in the Gazette and on the Oberlin Heritage Center mailing list:
and the Firelands Association for    ___________________________________________________________________________________
the Visual Arts (FAVA).              ________________________________________________________________________
                                     Address: _______________________________________________________________
OCTOBER 27                           City: __________________________________________________________________
Lynn Youngblood presented            State: _______________________________                  Zip code: ______________________
“Life in Pittsfield and Oberlin,     Telephone: ______________________________________________________________
1890–1909: The Diaries of            E-mail address: __________________________________________________________
Harriet Pomeroy McRoberts”
at Kendal at Oberlin.
                                     Individual or Family                 Business or Organizational
NOVEMBER 10                          membership                           membership
The Oberlin Heritage Center’s          Senior or Student         $15        Active                        $25
Oral History Committee pre-            Individual                $25        Heritage Collector            $50
sented “Oberlin in the 1930s           Household                 $40        Heritage Rescuer             $100
and 1940s” at Kendal at Oberlin.       Heritage Collector        $50        Heritage Leader              $250
                                       Heritage Rescuer        $100          Heritage Ambassador         $500
DECEMBER 1                             Heritage Leader         $250         Heritage Champion          $1,000
Kerrington Adams of the Cleve-         Heritage Ambassador     $500         Other                    $______
land Restoration Society pre-          Endowed Life Member II $2,000 (payable within five years)
sented “The American Home In-          Endowed Life Member I $5,000 (payable within five years)
terior: Treatment and Transfor-
mation” (same cosponsors and         Business and organizational members receive all of the membership benefits listed above, as
location as the February 24 pro-     well as a special Certificate of Appreciation suitable for display.
                                     The Oberlin Heritage Center welcomes gift memberships and contributions in honor of or
DECEMBER 8                           in memory of individuals. Please contact the office for more information.
Kelly D. Selby presented “Ober-
lin’s Sable Arm: Black Ohioans
and the Civil War” at Kendal at        I am a new member
Oberlin.                               I am renewing my membership
                                       I wish to make a contribution, in addition to my membership dues:
                                              $______ for general operating support (the Annual Fund)
                                              $______ for the Endowment for History Education
                                              $______ in memory/honor of: _____________________________
                                       I wish to learn more about becoming an Oberlin Heritage Center volunteer

                                     Thank you for helping us serve our community! Please complete this form and mail it, with
                                     your check payable to the Oberlin Heritage Center, to P. O. Box 0455, Oberlin, Ohio 44074. For
                                     further information, call 440-774-1700, e-mail <> or stop by
                                     our office at the Monroe House, 73½ South Professor Street. Office hours are Tuesday–Satur-
                                     day, 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
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          Honoring Those Who Serve Our Community
                                     Each year the Oberlin Heritage
                                     Center honors individuals or
                                     organizations for exemplary service
                                     to the Oberlin community—
                                     always a difficult choice, given the
                                     legion of individuals dedicated, as
                                     the Heritage Center’s mission
                                     states, to preserving and sharing
                                     Oberlin’s unique heritage and
                                     making our community a better
                                     place to live, learn, work, and visit.

                                     To the left are the recipients of the
                                     Heritage Center’s 2009 awards,
                                     presented during the Annual
                                     Meeting on April 1. Seated: Doris
                                     Sable, coordinator, and the Kendal
                                     Mailing Crew, Volunteers of the
                                     Year; Barbara Enos, Community
                                     Teacher of the Year; and Sigrid Boe,
                                     Keep Oberlin Beautiful. Standing:
                                     Roland Baumann, Heritage
                                     Guardian; and Kurt Russell,
                                     History Teacher of the Year.

                                     Below, several members of the
                                     Kendal Mailing Crew gathered for
                                     a group photograph. Seated:
                                                     Polly Warch,
                                                     Doris Sable, Mae
                                                     Alice Donner,
                                                     and Dorothy
                                                     Standing: Joan
                                                     Ernst, Eunice
                                                     Schaeffer, Jane
                                                     Ross Moore, and
                                                     Ann Potter. Not
                                                     shown are crew
                                                     members Barbara
                                                     Bennett, Joyce
                                                     Dugan, Helen
                                                     Fitzhugh, Esther
                                                     Hunt, and
                                                     Catherine Rauch.

                                                      For additional
                                                      about the awards
                                                      and the Annual
                                                      Meeting, see
                                                      page 4.

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