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        By Haley

Research Paper
              What is fashion?
   Fashion is pretty
    awesome, but have
    you ever wondered
    what it was like a
    long time ago? Have
    you wondered what
    fashion your mom
    wore when you
    were not born yet?
Fashion Finally Changes
                For a long time
                 clothing fashions
                 did not change
                 very much. This
                 idea of fashion
                 changing came
                 from Western
               What is Fashion?

   . People started to wear
    lighter clothes in the
    summertime. Ziryab of Spain
    who was a musician started
    many cool ideas that really
    sparked. He started suggesting
    people wear different things for
    morning and evening.
The Definition of Fashion
            What is fashion? It is
             when something is very
             popular. The word
             fashion is usually talking
             about clothing that is in
             style. The definition of
             fashion is when a person
             wears the most admired
Fashion is a great thing. It
  is not just clothes that
  are involved with
  fashions. There are
  designers. You can be a
  head designer. A head
  designer is a person who
  is responsible for making
  new funky fashions.
      Fashion Jobs you may want
   That’s probably
    where new trends
    come from. The
    next design job
    you could get is
    called the assistant
    Obviously you
    would assist the
    head designer.
        The Other Designer Jobs

   You can also be a specialty designer. This
    one is my favorite because you only do a
    special line of clothing. For example, if you
    do become a special designer you may only
    do children clothes.
                     I am SUPER Fancy
   Or, maybe you
    would design adult
    sweaters. Then
    again, you could
    be a costume
    designer. A
    costume designer
    makes costumes.
        Jobs Job’s and more Jobs
   If you still want to be
    a fashion designer
    then you have to
    know how things run.
    Your boss will want
    someone who has a
    good amount of
    knowledge about
    designers and
                        I love jeans too!
   You also need to
    have great
    brilliant ideas.
    Ones that will
    make everyone
    want that design.
    Just like jeans,
    everyone has a
Fashion Must Haves
             You also have to
              know how to learn
              quickly. If not it won’t
              be good. To design
              fun, funky, fresh
              designer clothes, you
              need originality and
              style. You must also
              have vision and good
    Thank-You!! You
rock!! Mrs. B. Is the
!!!The End!!!

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