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Aquatic Activities


									                                                      Wisconsin Rapids Park & Recreation
                                                        Summer Recreation Guide 2009
                                              Parks & Recreation – 444 West Grand Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
                                                  Telephone – 715-421-8240 – Website:
                                                    Office Hours: 8am-Noon & 1-4pm – Monday thru Friday
                                                       Make Checks Payable to: City of Wisconsin Rapids

                                              2009 Summer Registration                                          Begins
                                                        Walk-in Only: May 12     Tuesday       1:00-6:00pm
                                                        Registration forms are available online.
                                              *walk-in and mail registration will continue after May 12th until classes begin or are filled.

This program will provide the safety skills and confidence necessary to          Payment
be a great babysitter. Classes held in the First Floor Conference Room at        All fees must be paid in FULL at the time of registration. All registration
City Hall.                                                                       transactions must be completed before class begins. Class sizes are
Session Dates             Time                          Activity #               limited. Reminder: Walk-ins take precedence over mail-ins on
June 22              8:30-3:00pm                2001.401                         May 12th!
July 13              8:30-3:00pm                2002.402
August 3             8:30-3:00pm                2003.403
Fees:      $30.00 Resident; $33.00 Non-Resident                                  BASKETBALL
                                                                                 Mini Dribblers (ages 7-12)
KIDS GOLF                                                                        Concentrate on teamwork and game situations. Man-to-man and zone
Designed as in introduction to golf, this class includes fun drills and          defense is taught along with offensive strategies. Every part of the game
games. The swing, rules and proper etiquette of the game are taught              is covered. Each week consists of stretching, warm-ups, drills and skills,
but the main objective is FUN! Golf clubs provided. Class will be held at        strategy session and games. Program held at Grove Gym.
Witter Field.                                                                    Session Dates              Time                Days           Activity #
Session Dates                     Time             Day         Activity #        July 17-Aug. 7    9:15-10:00am        Fri.                      2502.402
June 15-July 6 (ages 6-8)     9:15-9:45am Monday                  3201.401       Fees: $8.00 Resident; $11.00 Non-Resident
July 20-August 10 (ages 6-8)  6:00-6:30pm Monday                  3202.402
July 20-August 10 (ages 9-12) 6:30-7:00pm Monday                  3203.403       Pee Wee Basketball (ages 3-6)
Fees: $9.00 Resident; $12.00 Non-Resident                                        Introduce your children to the game through instructions in passing,
                                                                                 shooting and dribbling. Lower hoops are used to accommodate young
SOCCER                                                                           players. Program held at Grove Gym. No class July 3rd.
This class is a perfect introduction to the game. It is designed to have         Session Dates        Ages         Time            Days        Activity #
fun with soccer and to develop basic skills. The children will play small        June 12-July10   3-4      9:00-9:30am    Fri.                   2501.401
sided games (3x3, 4x4) while encouraging the children to get as many             July 17-Aug. 7   5-6     10:00-10:30am  Fri.                    2502.402
touches on the ball as possible. Emphasis is on sportsmanship, safety,           July 17-Aug. 7   3-4     10:30-11:00am  Fri.                    2503.403
teamwork and fun. Class will be held at Witter Field. No class July 3rd.         Fees: $7.00 Resident; $10.00 Non-Resident
Session Dates Ages             Time              Days       Activity #
June 12-July 10 3-5   9:45-10:30am    Fri.                     4701.401          Boys/Girls Basketball Drills/Open Gym (Grades 3-7)
July 22-Aug. 12 3-5   6:00-6:45pm     Wed.                     4702.402          Here is an opportunity to continue playing basketball thru the summer.
July 22-Aug. 12 6-8   6:45-7:30pm     Wed.                     4703.403          The fundamentals of basketball will be emphasized and players may
Fees: $7.00 Resident; $10.00 Non-Resident                                        practice on individual skills. Program held at Grove Gym.
                                                                                 Session Dates             Time                Days           Activity #
T-BALL/PITCH BALL LEAGUES                                                        June 23-July 28    9:15-11:45am      Tuesday                   2504.404
(Registration Begins March 2nd)                                                  Fees: $12.00 Resident; & $15.00 Non-Resident
All games will be played at Witter Field on Monday and Wednesday.
Rules are adapted for the younger child. Tykes is for 4-6 year olds. Pitch       VOLLEYBALL CAMPS
ball is for 6-8 year olds and the coaches pitch. Pitch ball program is co-       Learn the fundamentals of this fast-paced game. Passing, setting,
sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club. No games on July 1st!                        serving and defensive and offensive strategies are covered. Improve
Session Dates            Time              Division         Activity #           footwork, teamwork and overall basics. Knee pads recommended. Camp
June 15-July 13   10:00-10:45am    Tykes A                   1501.401            held at East Jr. High Fieldhouse.
June 17-July 15   6:00-6:45pm      Tykes B                   1502.402            Session Dates              Time              Grade/s         Activity #
June 17-July 15   7:00-8:00pm     Pitch Ball                 1503.403            August 11, 12, 13      1:15-3:30pm    6-9                      3001.401
Fees: $14.00 Resident; $17.00 Non-Resident
                                                                                 Fees:     $12.00 Resident; $15.00 Non-Resident

DODGEBALL/SWIM (ages 8-13) (Mead Field Shelter/Pool)
Your children will learn basic team building skills while having fun and         BUDS ‘N SPROUTS (Grades 2-5)
meeting new kids! Then get ready to cool off in the pool! Fee includes           The purpose of the program is to teach children to discover plants,
entry into the pool. No class July 2nd.                                          explore nature, eat smart and grow together in learning. During the
Session Dates           Time              Days                Activity #         classes children will plant and tend their own garden, play games and
June 25-Aug. 6     1:15-3:45pm Thursday                        3727.427          learn through hands-on activities. Classes will meet at the Helen’s Zoo
Fees: $15.00Resident; $18.00 Non-Resident                                        House.
                                                                                 Session Date           Time                Days            Activity #
                                                                                 June 18-July 30       1:00-3:30pm        Thursdays           3205.405
                                                                                 Fees: $10.00
Classes are held at Centralia Center.                                          TENNIS LESSONS (Witter Tennis Courts)
Parent’s Day: Last day of the session, parents are invited to spectate.        Introduce your child to the great game of tennis with an emphasis on
Tumble Bugs (Ages 2-4 year olds)                                                F-U-N, FUN! Through a series of FUN-filled games and activities your
Boys and girls are introduced to basic tumbling and gymnastics                 child will be introduced to the basic concept and skills of tennis.
movements through creative warm-ups, jumping and tumbling. Parents             Participants must furnish their own tennis racket.
are encouraged to participate with their child in this class.
Session Dates           Time                Days             Activity #        Pee Wee Tennis (Ages 4-6)
June 8-29       5:30-6:00pm       M                           1001.401         This program introduces tennis to young beginners. Basic skills will be
June 9-18       5:30-6:00pm       T,Th                         1002.402        developed using games and drill techniques. Tennis balls will be
July 6-27       9:30-10:00am      M                           1003.403         provided.
July 7-28        5:30-6:00pm      Tu                           1004.404        Session Dates           Time                 Days              Activity #
July 9-30        5:30-6:00pm      Th                           1005.405        June 15-24          9:00-9:30am        M,W                       3501.401
Aug.10-31        6:00-6:30pm       M                          1006.406         July 13-22          9:00-9:30am        M,W                       3502.402
Aug. 11-20       9:30-10:00am     T,Th                         1007.407        July 14-Aug. 4     9:00-9:30am         Tue.                      3503.403
Aug. 11-20       5:30-6:00pm       T,Th                        1008.408        Aug. 10-19          9:00-9:30am        M,W                       3504.404
Fees: $9.00 Resident; $12.00 Non-Resident                                      Fees:     $8.00 Resident $11.00 Non-Resident

Tumble Tykes (Ages 4-6 year olds)                                              Novice (Ages 7-9)
This class is for boys and girls with little or no gymnastics experience. It   This is a beginning level class that stresses the basics, of grip, forehand,
will increase their confidence, coordination and strength in a relaxed         backhand and volleys.
atmosphere. Training on gymnastics apparatus is also included.                 Session Dates                Time               Days           Activity #
Session Dates            Time                Days            Activity #        June 15-24         9:30-10:15am      M,W                         3505.405
June 8-29            6:00-6:30pm      M                       1009.409         July 13-22         9:30-10:15am      M,W                         3506.406
June 9-18            6:00-6:30pm      T,Th                    1010.410         July 6-27          5:30-6:15pm        M                          3507.407
July 6-27            9:00-9:30am      M                       1011.411         Aug.10-19          9:30-10:15am      M,W                         3508.408
July 7-28            6:00-6:30pm      Tu                       1012.412        Aug. 10-19         5:30-6:15pm        M,W                        3509.409
July 9-30            6:00-6:30pm      Th                       1013.413         Fees: $9.00 Resident; $12.00 Non-Resident
Aug.10-31             5:30-6:00pm      M                      1014.414
Aug. 11-20            9:00-9:30am      T,Th                    1015.415        Wimbledon (Ages 10+)
Aug. 11-20            6:00-6:30pm      T,Th                    1016.416        This class places emphasis on serving, footwork and ground strokes.
 Fees:    $9.00 Resident; $12.00 Non-Resident                                  Each week consists of stretching, warm-ups, drills and skills, strategy
                                                                               sessions and games.
Beginning Tumbling (Ages 7-12)                                                 Session Dates            Time                  Days            Activity #
Students will be taught basic tumbling and work on gymnastic                   June 15-24          10:15-11:00am        M,W                     3510.410
apparatus. Strength, balance, flexibility and coordination will be             July 13-22          10:15-11:00am        M,W                     3511.411
emphasized in a fun atmosphere.                                                July 6-27            6:15-7:00pm         M                       3512.412
Session Dates            Time                Days             Activity #       Aug.10-19            10:15-11:00am       M,W                     3513.413
June 9-18            6:30-7:30pm      T,Th                     1017.417        Fees:     $9.00 Resident; $12.00 Non-Resident
July 7-16            6:30-7:30pm      T,Th                     1018.418
Aug.11-20            6:30-7:30pm     T,Th                      1019.419        Rapids Summer Tennis League (Grades 9th-Adult)
Fees:     $11.00 Resident; $14.00 Non-Resident                                 (Lincoln Courts) REGISTER WITH BARB MANCUSO AT LINCOLN HIGH.
                                                                               This is a tennis program giving you the opportunity to play with others
                                                                               with similar tennis skill levels in the Tri-City area.
HIP ‘N HOP                                                                     Beginning Date          Time/s               Days              Activity #
 (Ages 7-13)                                                                   June 17            5:00 or 6:30pm          Wednesdays            3514.414
Even if you know hip-hop, join us for fun. Learn a new routine. Classes        Fees: $20.00 (includes balls)
held in the Centralia Center.
Session Dates            Time                Days             Activity #       Friends of Tennis 4th Annual Tennis Tournament
June 15-29            6:30-7:30pm     Mon.                      1020.420       Players are placed into divisions. Awards are given out in each division.
July 9-30             4:30-5:30pm     Thur.                     1021.421       Tennis balls will be provided. All fees for tournament are non-refundable.
Fees:     $11.00 Resident; $14.00 Non-Resident                                 Session Date                                                  Activity #
                                                                               Friday, July 31 (Ages10-17) Youth Singles or Doubles            3515.415
                                                                               Fees:     $10.00 Resident; $13.00 Non-Resident

                                                                               August 1    (Adults)       Men’s & Women’s Singles    3516.416
                                                                               August 2    (Adults)  Men’s, Mixed or Women’s Doubles 3517.417
                                                                               Fees:    $17.00 Resident; $20.00 Non-Resident (1 or 2 events)
                                                                             SUMMER SWIM LESSONS (Mead Outdoor Pool)
AQUATIC ACTIVITIES                                                           AQUA TOTS (Ages 6 mo. to 3 years)
                                                                             The following skills are taught in the aqua class: helping the child feel
Mead Pool       1421 Alton Street                                            comfortable in the water, getting into the water, blowing bubbles, going
Big Pool Hours                           Baby Pool Hours                     under, bobbing, dipping, kicking legs, floating on the stomach and back,
Sunday – Saturday                        Sunday - Saturday                   floating alone, arm movements and jumping in. A parent must
Noon-5:00pm & 5:30-7:45pm*               11:00am – 7:00pm                    accompany the child in the water. Children should wear swim diapers
*Pool will be cleared 10-15 minutes      before closing so patrons           under their suits, if not trained!
may shower before closing.                                                   Session Dates             Time                   Days        Activity #
                                                                             July 6-15        5:30-6:00pm          M,W                        0001.401
                                                                             July 21-30       5:30-6:00pm          T,Th                       0002.402
Pool Opens: June 10                                                          July 22-31       12:30-1:00pm         W,F                        0003.403
                                                                             August 11-20     5:30-6:00pm          T,Th                       0004.404
Pool Closes August 21st, 7:45pm for Season!                                  Fees: $9.00 Resident; $12.00 Non-Resident

Daily Fee:    $2.00 per person; Children under 5 are free.                   Water Rookies (Ages 3-5)
                                                                             A parent must accompany the child in this water introductory class. Skills
Season Passes                                                                include: buoyancy and breath control, supported kicking on front and
Available only at the Parks and Recreation Office, 444 West                  back, and introduction to front crawl arms.
Grand Avenue, beginning April 12h during regular office hours.               Session Date                  Time            Day             Activity #
                        Resident             Non-Resident                    June 16-25            5:30-6:00pm   T,Th                        0005.405
Youth(under 18)         $20.00                 $25.00                        July 7-16             5:30-6:00pm   T,Th                        0006.406
 Adult                  $25.00                  $35.00                       July 21-30            5:00-5:30pm   T,Th                         0007.407
*Family                 $35.00                  $50.00                       July 22-31            12:30-1:00pm  W,F                         0008.408
Pass Replacement        $5.00(Per Person)                                    Aug.10-19              5:30-6:00pm   M,W                        0009.409
*Family members must live at same residence. Proof of residency will         Fees: $9.00 Resident; $12.00 Non-Resident
be required with all season applications.
                                                                             Children in Level 1 or 2 must be at least 36” to their chin.
                                                                             Classes meet Monday thru Thursday.
                   Aquatic Week – July 13-17
                     July 13th Western Daze –                                Level 1: Water Exploration (Ages 5 and older)
          Bring your squirt gun and prepare yourself to get wet!             Skills include: buoyancy and breath control, supported kicking on front
                  (2:00-7:00pm)*Pool Closed 5-5:30pm                         and back, introduction to front crawl arms, getting help in an
             July 14th Snorkel Daze – Dive for Treasures!                    emergency, reaching assists without equipment, fundamentals of using a
       Every hour patrons dive for a golf ball and receive a prize.          life jacket.
                               (1:00-4:00pm)                                 Session Date                  Time                           Activity #
                       July 15th under the Sea                               June 15-25           6:00-6:30pm                                0010.410
Come and join the fun “under the sea”! Lifeguards will join you in a swim    July 13-23           6:00-6:30pm                                0011.411
                   throughout the day! (2:00-7:00pm)                         Aug. 3-13            1:00-1:30pm                                0012.412
                          *Pool Closed 5-5:30pm                              Fees: $11.00 Resident; $14.00 Non-Resident
                     July 16th Water Safety Day
A free group swim lesson will be given to the first 30 participants signed   Level 2: Primary Skills (Ages 6 & older)
   up in the pool office. Lessons will be 30 minutes in length between       Prerequisite: must have passed Level 1, or can float on stomach with
               1-4pm. Children must be at least 6 years old.                 face in the water, supported float with kick on back, and familiarity with
                     July 17th –Teen Night                                   front crawl arms
Teens, hang on to the endless summer nights as you float around Mead         Session Date                     Time                         Activity #
    Pool on a Friday night from 8:30-10:00pm. Admission is free!             June 15-25             6:00-6:30pm                               0013.413
                                                                             July 13-23             6:00-6:30pm                               0014.414
                                                                             Aug. 3-13              1:00-1:30pm                               0015.415
RAPIDS SWIM CLUB (8+)                 NEW!                                   Fees: $11.00 Resident; $14.00 Non-Resident
Rapids Swim Club offers our younger members an opportunity to
exercise, develop swimming skills and have fun. The main purpose of the                 WPRA DISCOUNT TICKET PROGRAM
club is to provide the children an opportunity to swim during the                        All Sales Final – No Refunds – All Day Pass
summer, and to promote a love for the sport, advance aquatic skills and
foster teamwork and the principles for good sportsmanship. The basic                          Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park
requirement is the ability to swim the length of the pool. No class July                 Gate Price: $42.40* * * * Our Price: $29.00
2nd.                                                                                                Children 2 and Under FREE
Session Dates                 Days             Time
June 16-Aug. 7              T,Th,F        10:30-11:45am                                                    Noah’s Ark
Fees:     $25.00 Resident; $30.00 Non-Resident*                                          Gate Price: $37.08 * * * * Our Price: $28.00
Register two or more children and save $10.00!                                                      Children 2 and Under Free
*Fee includes: Summer Season Youth Pass, Practice Time, Stroke Clinics
and Time Trials                                                                                  Riverview Park & Waterworld
                                                                                        Gate Price: $21.00 * * * * Our Price: $18.00*
                                                                                        *Buy 1 ticket @ $18.00 receive 1 ticket FREE
PRIVATE SWIM INSTRUCTION                                                                            Children 3 and Under Free
Private swim lessons are provided in a small group setting and follow the
American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. Instructors are high                          Six Flags Great America & Hurricane Harbor
school/college students who have previous teaching experience. Call the                Adult Gate Price: $56.64 * * * Our Price: $34.00
office at 421-8240 if interested in private lessons. Lessons are 20                                  Children 3 and Under Free
minutes in length.
Fees: $3.00 per person/lesson
HOT SUMMER SPECIALS                                                         REFUND PROCEDURE
Student Appreciation Days: June 10-14                                       1) A full refund will be allowed if program is cancelled.
Students may bring in an show our pool cashiers an “A” ; “4” , or “E” on    2) At least 24 hours notice prior to the start of the program, a full
your 4th quarter report card for the current school year and swim for          refund.
FREE from 5:30-7:45pm. (One-time use only!)                                 3) A 50% refund will be allowed after the first class and before the
                                                                               second class is held.
Father’s Day: Sunday, June 21                                               4) No refund after the second class begins.
Father’s swim FREE when accompanied by one or more paying child.
Mother’s Day: Sunday, June 28                                               RESIDENCY: Programs and services provided by the Department are
We didn’t forget your special day! Moms swim FREE on us when                open to ALL Wisconsin Rapids residents, at a reduced rate. Non-
accompanied by one or more paying child.                                    residents living outside the Wisconsin Rapids City Limits may participate
                                                                            in our programs for an additional fee.
Senior Citizens Day: Monday, June 22, July 6, 20 and August 3
Only those 55+ may spend an hour swimming, walking or floating              CLASS TRANSFERS
around in the pool. Admission is FREE! (10:45-11:45am)                      If a participant is unable to take a class, you may transfer to any other
                                                                            class in the current bulletin. The same participant registered has to be
Family Night: Wednesdays, beginning June 17-Aug. 19; 5:30-                  the one transferring to another program. You can transfer at anytime
7:45pm                                                                      before the program has started, provided there is available space in the
A time for the entire family to enjoy an evening swimming at the pool.      other class.
An adult/guardian must accompany all children. Regular admission fee.
                                                                            WAITING LISTS
T-Shirt Nights: Come in wearing the selected T-shirt of the night and       All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. All classes
swim for FREE (5:30-7:45pm)                                                 have limited space, so register early. Enrollment cannot be guaranteed.
June 25:           WR Youth Soccer/Aeropostale                              If your desired class is filled, you will be notified and placed on a waiting
July 9:             WR Baseball/Softball/T-Ball/Pitch Ball                  list. If additional class openings become available, we will then go to the
July 23:            Hannah Montana/Sponge Bob                               waiting lists to fill the class.
July 30:            Any NFL Team/NASCAR
August 4:          Any Disney Character                                     INSURANCE
August 12:         Hollister/Nike/Adidas/Badgers                            All participants in our Recreation programs and activities are encouraged
                                                                            to carry their own insurance. The City of Wisconsin Rapids Park &
SCUBA DIVING(12+)                                                           Recreation Department DOES NOT carry insurance on participants or
Open Water Diver Course (P.A.D.I.)
Have you been wondering what it would be like to take up the exciting
                                                                            INCLEMENT WEATHER
sport of scuba diving? Stop wondering and join us now for a 3 day
                                                                            Information about Recreation Department cancellations will be
program designed to certify you in the wonderful sport of scuba diving.
                                                                            announced over the following radio/TV stations:
Required equipment includes a mask, fins, snorkel, boots and gloves.
                                                                                        WFHR 1320 AM * WGLX 103.3 FM * Channel 3
Session Dates                   Time                      Activity #
June 20 ,27 & 28            9-Noon Classroom                3614.414
                            Noon-3pm Pool
Fees:   $249.00 Per Participant

Create an unforgettable birthday party with the Recreation Department.
Just invite the guests and bring your child’s favorite cake and camera.
Party planning begins upon full payment. Refund policy: 3 days notice,
full refund. Exception: inclement weather for pool parties. For more info
call 421-8240.

Mead Pool Party Includes: Two hour party at Mead Pool. Children
must be at least 7 years old and supervised by an adult/chaperone.
Maximum of 15 children.
Fees: $25.00 Resident; $30.00 Non-resident

Zoo Party Includes: Four hour party in “Helen’s House” (enclosed
shelter) at the Zoo.
Fees: $60.00

Gymnastics Birthday Party Includes: Indoor two hour party
includes a 45 minute gymnastic class. Class size is limited.
Fees: $25.00 Resident; $30.00 Non-Resident

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