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                                        September 2009
Residents of Copper Meadows Subdivision,
       The long, hot days of summer are just about behind us, and we can soon look forward to football
Friday nights and cool evenings spent out in our yards getting to know our neighbors. Over the summer,
the Copper Meadows Board of Directors has been meeting regularly to work on various improvements
in our association. From the proposal of a Master Plan to the scheduling of subdivision socials, your
board is committed to making Copper Meadows a subdivision that caters to family values and
hometown spirit. As you read the different articles of this newsletter, please consider how you can
volunteer to make Copper Meadows an asset to our community.

Master Plan
        Over the summer, residents were
invited to attend an informational meeting
about the Master Plan for Copper
Meadows. Volunteers were asked to
assess the feasibility of completing the
Master Plan, and a committee of residents
was formed. At the first meeting, the
committee nominated Jamie Abshire to
serve as the chairman and report to the
Board of Directors. As a follow up to the
committee’s first meeting, all Copper
Meadows’ residents were asked to provide
their thoughts about the Master Plan in the
form of an online survey.         Over 72
residents completed the online survey and
ranked the components of the Master Plan that they felt were the most important to initiate. The
committee also asked the board for permission to purchase the item cost analysis for each of the major
components included in the Master Plan. After this analysis is completed, the
committee will be able to start the planning and bid process for the most important
                                            components. The committee and
                                              board will then gauge the feasibility
                 "Teaching Life Skills        of each item and present it to the
                       since 1978"            homeowners for approval. Please
                                              check our subdivision’s website
              frequently to view the opinions of
                   Youngsville location       our online survey and to stay up-
                      337-856-3900            to-date on Master Plan projects.
Halloween Social
                   Due to poor weather conditions, our last social—a kid-friendly fishing tournament—
                had to be cancelled. However, the Social Committee is still in full swing, and a
                Halloween block party is being planned. The social will take place on Friday night,
                October 30 beginning at 6:00 P.M. on Quiet Oak Drive in Phase IV. Evening
                entertainment will include children’s games, fun jumps, children and adult costume
                contests, and more. Because this area of the subdivision is largely undeveloped, residents
                may park their vehicles off the side of the street. Residents are encouraged to bring candy
                and decorate their trunks for our “Trunk or Treating” event. The best decorated trunk will
be featured on our website. Residents at the last open meeting suggested that the HOA supply all
entertainment, prizes, and soft drinks, and individual residents cover the cost of their own meals. Please
see the enclosed insert for meal costs if you plan to eat at the event. Make plans now to join your
neighbors for an evening of fun and music. Parents should bring wire coat hangers if you want to allow
your children to roast marshmallows and make S’Mores. The committee is currently looking for
donations of sound, lighting equipment and/or port-a-lets. Anyone
interested in planning and/or volunteering to set up for the event
should email

                                        Pet of the Month
                                               This marks the
                                           beginning of a new column
                                           in the Copper Meadows
                                           newsletter—a salute to the
                                           pawed and furry! Each
                                          quarter, we’ll feature one of
our proud owners and the whiskered companion he/she calls friend. Our first Pets of the Month are
Dozer and M.Ra, the Schnauzers belonging to the Robinson neighbors on Copper Hill Drive. These
adorable pups love to romp in the yard and meet all of their neighbors. If you’d like to nominate your
furry friend to be featured in this section, you may email pictures and comments to

                      House Numbers
                         The city has recently reminded board
                      members of the ordinance that requires
                      homeowners to display their house
                      numbers directly on the house. Numbers on
                      the mail box or curb are not sufficient to
                      meet this ordinance. Compliance with this will make it easier for EMS and other
                      response personnel to identify your house during an emergency.

                      Change in Accounting Procedures
   In an effort to save mailing costs for the association, the board has adopted a new procedure for
accounting of late dues and/or violations. Beginning with the
fourth quarter statements, the following changes will be in
place: late penalties will be assessed at 30 days. There will no
longer be an additional reminder invoice sent at 30 days. Each
resident will receive a full explanation of the Standard
Operating Procedure for violations and dues with the fourth
quarter statement.
September Yard of the Month
    Kenneth Melancon and Gary Brown
             113 Fox Creek

Thank you to all homeowners who work hard
and are dedicated to making your yards
visually attractive and inviting. If you have
nominations for Yard of the Month, you may
submit these to .
Winners receive one month free dues and are
not allowed to win more than once in a 12-
month period.

Newsletter Sponsors
  Thanks to the support of area businesses, this newsletter
has been prepared at no cost to the association.
Sponsorships are available at $40/newsletter. If you have a
business that would like to be a sponsor, please email Please consider
supporting these Youngsville based businesses.

Special Thanks
    We’d like to thank Valerie Disatell from Fountainview Drive for picking up
trash in our neighborhood on a daily basis. It is always appreciated when a
resident shows ownership in the whole community. Please be mindful of taking
your trash with you after fishing in the ponds so that we can keep our subdivision
clean and attractive.
   We’d also like to thank Larry Kraemer for representing our subdivision at a recent Youngsville town
hall meeting. Thanks to Larry’s preparation and research, the mayor has agreed to place aesthetically
pleasing guard rails along the sides of the bridge as it crosses the coulee on Copper Meadow Blvd.

        If you should have a grievance concerning a violation
of the covenants established for our neighborhood, please note
the following protocol. A Grievance Form is to be completed
by the complainant for review by the board of directors. If it is
determined to violate the association covenants, board
members will issue a citation and fine. Grievances can be
submitted through mail or on the website at
                         Halloween Social
                               Oct. 30, 2009 on Quiet Oak Drive
                                          6:00 P.M. -- until
                      The HOA will be providing soft drinks, music, children’s
             games and fun jumps, and prizes for contests. Jambalaya will be provided for
                           those who RSVP and pay in advance.

       Name:_____________________ House Address:________________________
                           Jambalaya Meals: $3.00 each

       _____Yes, my family will attend. Enclosed is my check for $____ to pay
            for _____ family members to eat.

       _____Yes, my family will attend, but we will not be eating jambalaya.

       Please check the below items you are interested in (check all that apply):

       _____ bringing an appetizer dessert, veggie tray, snacks, or cupcakes

       _____ participating in the “Trunk or Treat” candy give-away

       _____ participating in the children’s costume contest

       _____ participating in the adult’s costume contest

       _____ providing additional equipment to help set up for event
             contact name/number:__________________________

                     _____ tables                          _____ port-a-lets
                     _____ chairs                          _____ sound equipment
                     _____ generators                      _____ fire wood
                     _____ lighting, tiki-                 _____ fire pits and/or 55 gal.
                         torches, lanterns                       drums
For your convenience, this form is also available on the website:

                                                           Forms and payment due Oct. 17th
                                                           Mail to Copper Meadows HOA
                                                                   PO Box 613
                                                                  Youngsville, LA 70592
Electronic Communication
Recently, our neighborhood was the victim of several vehicle
burglaries. The Board of Directors was able to send out a warning
email immediately to homeowners who have previously signed up to
receive electronic communications. This not only made residents aware
of the issue but also helped to prevent future burglaries by reminding
residents to leave outside lights on. However, we could have been more effective in our
contacts if all residents had submitted an email address. If you would
like to have your email address added to our mailing list to
receive electronic
communications on important subdivision information, please
email If you are also
interested in paperless communication to receive your quarterly
invoice and newsletter through email, you may download the
paperless communication form from the association website.

Landscaping Lagniappe
   Fall weather is just around the corner, and it may be time to do some maintenance in your
landscaping to keep up with the season change. Are you looking to keep your lawn green all winter?
                           Rye grass is an excellent choice for Southern Louisiana lawns. Planting
                           should take place early to mid October, and the lawn should be fertilized a
                           few weeks later. The LSU Ag Center suggests adding some cool season plants
                           such as snapdragons, petunias, poppy, and larkspur. Most of these bedding
                           plants prefer cool days and can survive in temperatures as cold as 20˚. For
                           more information, you can visit the LSU Ag website at
                           Also, if you are looking for something to hide those unsightly utility boxes in
                           your front yard, you might consider using Purple Fountain Grass or Sea Oat

Architectural Control
        The ACC is comprised of elected board members who review all
architectural additions or alterations to resident lots in order to ensure the aesthetic
quality of the subdivision. Prior to making any additions or structural adjustments,
please complete an ACC request via the association website. ACC requests are
reviewed in a timely fashion, but they must be submitted before any construction or
modification is made. Please remember that fences, exterior color of homes, and
swimming pools are included under these covenants. All ACC submittals can be made
at or by mail to the Architectural Control
Committee, P.O. Box 613, Youngsville, Louisiana 70592.
   Postmaster - Send address changes to:
Copper Meadows Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 613
Youngsville, LA 70592

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