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									                        Importing Personal Property Into


DUTY-FREE ENTRY IS PERMITTED IF                       Clear inventory in English
THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS ARE                        Clear Report of Finding (CRF) *
MET:                                                  Import Duty Report (IDR) *
  The items are used and have been in the
  possession of the shipper for at least 6         * Note:
  months.                                             A pre-shipment inspection occurs at the
  The items are for the shipper’s continued           port of loading. Upon completion, a Clear
  use and are not for resale.                         Report of Finding (CRF) and Import Duty
  Returning Nigerian Citizens must have               Report (IDR) will be issued. These
  resided abroad for at least 9 months.               documents must be presented to Nigerian
  Foreigners are required to obtain a                 Customs at destination for clearance of
  Residence Permit or a letter from the               the shipment. If these documents are
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating that the        missing, the Federal Government of
  Residence Permit is in process for                  Nigeria may seize the shipment.
  Customs Clearance.
                                                   DIPLOMATIC SHIPMENTS
Notes:                                                Diplomats are exempt from paying duty if
   Shipper must ensure that he/she will be            Form CCII is obtained from the Chief of
   issued a Residence Permit prior to                 Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
   moving to Nigeria.                                 Abuja.
   Shipper must be in Nigeria prior to the
   shipment’s arrival.                             REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR
   Shipments must arrive in Nigeria within 2       DIPLOMATS
   months of the shipper’s arrival.                   Original Passport
   Shipper must be present at the time of             Exemption Certificate – Form CCI, CCII
   Customs Clearance.                                 and CCIII
   All shipments will be inspected by                 Ocean Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
   Customs.                                           Inventory of Household Goods in English

  Original Passport                                  Duty will be assessed on the following
  Visa                                               items:
  Residence Permit (for foreigners) and                  Personal computers
  personal bank account must be obtained                 Microwave ovens
  in Nigeria to apply for Form “M”. The                  Washing machines and dryers
  Residence Permit must be valid for at                  Deep freezers
  least 2 years.                                     Appliances are restricted to one of each
  Work Permit                                        type.
  Certificate of Residence Change                    Alcohol and tobacco incur import duties
  Passengers Unaccompanied Baggage                   and therefore must be declared.
  Declaration Form (P.U.B.D.) – completed            Generally a permit is not required for
  by shipper after arrival in Nigeria.               alcohol and tobacco, if included as part of
  Completed Customs Declaration Form                 a household goods shipment and
  Sale 48                                            quantities are reasonable.
  Bill of Lading or Airway Bill                       Perfume

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  Films, videotapes, video-discs, DVDs,            Certificate of Road Worthiness, if the
  publications, audio-tapes, gramophone            vehicle is used.
  records, computer and compact discs              Make, model and serial number of
  must be declared. These items will be            vehicle.
  examined by Customs and will incur               Original    logbook  or   Registration
  duties.                                          Certificate
                                                   Original Passport
PROHIBITED ITEMS                                   Proof of ownership
  Firearms, air pistols and explosives are         Insurance papers
  prohibited importation unless a police           Purchase Invoice
  permit is obtained prior to importation.
  Furniture is strictly prohibited unless        IMPORTATION OF PETS
  included as part of a household goods             An import permit must be obtained prior to
  shipment and is not for resale.                   the pet’s departure for Nigeria.
  Narcotic drugs                                    Pets require inspection by a veterinarian
  Pornographic materials                            immediately after arrival in Nigeria.
  Endangered species                                Quarantine is required and the shipper
  Ivory                                             should make the necessary arrangements
  Currency/coins                                    for picking up the pet after quarantine.
  Fruits and vegetables                             Birds of the parrot family are prohibited
  Wine and liquor                                   entry.
  Dangerous chemicals                            REQUIRED DOCUMENTS
  Textile fabrics                                  Import Permit – without an import permit,
  Matches made with white phosphorous              the pet will be re-exported or destroyed.
                                                   Health and Vaccination Certificates
IMPORTATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES                      Rabies vaccination administered no more
(CARS AND MOTORCYCLES)                             than 10 days prior to arrival.
   Duty will be assessed on vehicles,
   according to the value of the vehicle. VAT
   and a surcharge will also be applicable.
   Vehicles must be for the shipper’s
   continued use and not for resale or other
   It is recommended to containerize
   vehicles imported into Nigeria for security
   Vehicles more than 8 years old are

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The information presented herein his based on customs data available at the time of printing and is
frequently subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the owner or importer of the
household goods to comply with the current customs restrictions, regulations, and duties of the
country to which the goods are imported. We strongly advice customers to contact the consulate or
embassy of the destination country for the most current information on customs regulations,
restrictions and duties for importing household goods, personal effects and vehicles.

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