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                                 Brian Hennen, MD, of London, Ont., is chairman of the College's
                                 Committee on Educational Objectives, which since 1971 has been working
                                 on the monumental task of writing Books I and II, dealing with the
                                 College's Educational Objectives.
                                    Born in Hamilton, Ont., Dr. Hennen received his MD degree from
                                 Queen's University in 1962 and practiced family medicine at the Harvie
                                 Clinic in Orillia, Ont., until 1965. Following two years of postgraduate
                                 work at Kingston General Hospital, he took a position as teaching fellow
                                 in family medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton. He then obtained
                                 an MA degree in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University
                                 in 1969. In that same year, he also became one of the first Certificants of
                                 the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
                                    Since 1970, Dr. Hennen has been assistant professor in the Department
                                 of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Western Ontario.
         Brian Hennen, MD        He has also chaired several academic policy-making committees at the
                                 university, the Medical Education Committee in 1971 and the Health
                                 Sciences Education Committee in 1972.
                                    In addition to his academic duties, he is involved in several committees
                                 of St. Joseph's Hospital and is a member of the City of London's Family
                                 and Children's Services' Policy Committee.
                                    Commenting on family medicine in general, Dr. Hennen feels that the
                                 family physician must justify his new title. "I believe the challenge facing
                                 family practice today is to show unequivocally the degree to which the
                                 efficiency and effectiveness of care for a family is improved when all
                                 primary care for a family is given under the care of one doctor - the
                                 family doctor", says Dr. Hennen.
                                    He also suggests that the family physician's identity be clarified, so that
                                 his confreres will know what to expect of him: "A major area of concern
                                 for me is the degree of communication we have with our consultant
                                 colleagues. We can be critical of their bad habits of delayed consultation
                                 notes, cross referrals, overinvestigation etc. only if we are equally critical
                                 of our own performance. We do not yet present a uniform method of
                                 health care. For example, a urologist recently indicated to me that 80
                                 percent of referrals to him were on the basis of a urological symptom
                                 alone for which virtually no investigation had been undertaken. On these
                                 patients, he considered himself to be practicing primary care urology".
                                    He concludes, "I do not advocate that all family doctors should be
                                 prototypes but there should be some things which patients, consultants
                                 and other health professionals can expect of every family doctor. The
                                 educational objectives of the College soon to be available in Book II,
                                 attempt to identify some of these things".
                                    Dr. Hennen is married and has three children, two boys and a girl.

CANADIAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN/AUGUST, 1973                                                                            35

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