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                                        The Scarlet Ibis

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The Scarlet Ibis is a species of ibis, or long-legged wading bird, which inhabits tropical South

   1. During what season does the story open?

   2. From what point of view is the story being told?

   3. Voice refers to a writer’s overall use of language and style. When does a shift in the
      narrator’s voice occur? How does this affect the story?

   4. How is the narrator disappointed by his brother, William Armstrong?

   5. What does he briefly consider doing to his brother?

   6. How does he acquire the nickname Doodle?

   7. Based on the details in the paragraph at the top of the right column on page 336, what do
      you think Doodle is most afraid of?

   8. Why does the narrator make such an effort to help Doodle learn to walk?
   9. How is the scarlet ibis described on page 341? What happens to it?

   10. Why does Doodle, more than anyone else in the family, feel empathy for the ibis?

   11. Explain the narrator’s behavior at the end of the story. Is he in some way responsible for
       Doodle’s death?

   12. By the end of the story, whom do you pity more—the narrator or Doodle? Why?

   13. In the story’s last sentence the narrator calls his brother his “fallen scarlet ibis.” In what
       ways could the ibis be a symbol for Doodle?

Vocabulary Practice

   1. Iridescent
           a. The bird feeder is shiny and a beautiful light green color.
           b. The wind chimes caught the sunlight and shone with many beautiful colors.

   2. Infallibility
           a. After I swam that last lap, I knew I would easily win the swim meet.
           b. Jake is a good speller, and no one was surprised when he won the school spelling

   3. Reiterated
           a. Mom told me yet again to be home in time for supper.
           b. I overheard the coach tell a player to meet us here at 2 P.M.
   4. Mar
           a. The rainy day almost spoiled our picnic.
           b. The accident left the man with an ugly scar that disfigured his face.

Literary Focus

   1. Which sentence below contains a simile?
           a. John had built quite a fortune over the years, thanks to his acquisitive habits.
           b. The fly ball struck the lightpole and plummeted to earth, spinning crazily.
           c. I like almost any type of candy, hard or soft, chewy or crunchy.
           d. Dick fell for the gag like a toddler grabbing for a bag of candy.
   2. To the narrator’s family, the “rain frog” (p. 340, right column) was a symbol that—
           a. Rain had ended a drought
           b. Rain was coming
           c. A damaging storm was on the way
           d. Bad luck was about to strike
   3. A theme of this story is that—
           a. Brothers are natural allies against the world
           b. Family relations are more important than relations between friends
           c. People sometimes cause harm even to those they love and try to help
           d. Nature plays mean tricks on humans

Similes - Complete the following similes.

   1. Life is like_____________________________________________________.
   2. She was as happy as a____________________________________________.
   3. The classroom was loud like a_____________________________________.
   4. The Mad Hatter was crazy like a___________________________________.

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