The Registry

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					                        The Registry

Before attempting to edit any part of
 the registry MAKE A BACKUP

• Explain the rules for editing the registry.
• Describe the various methods by which
  windows makes backups of the registry.
• Describe the structure of the registry,
  including the use of keys and value entries.
                  What is the Registry?
• The registry is          • Everything fron the
  basically where all        color of clickable
  system configuration       buttons to the fonts
  and startup                used on the screen.
  information is held.
• Contains data that       • A list of all drivers
  used to be stored in       and hardware they
  files such as WIN.INI,     control to the number
  AUTOEXEC.BAT               of processors and the
  and CONFIG.SYS             name of system users.
                     Editing Warnings

• The registry (regedit) Doesn’t act like a
  regular text editor.
• It is LIVE as you edit.
• If you make a mistake, your done.
• NEVER experiment with the registry in a
  computer which contains important data.
• Don’t use a backup from a different PC.
          Backup Schemes (Win 95)
• No useful automatic backup tool.
• Backup is made, but overwritten during the
  Reboot and try again” we all use when
  problems occur.
• Make backup when system is running and
• Windows wont look for things such as
          Backup Schemes (Win 98)
• 5 Backups are automatically created.
• Backups created everyday, oldest of the
  group being replaced.
• Stored in C:\windows\sysbckup\.
• With SCANREG you can also choose
  which of the five backups
• Rb001 through rb005 are created for
        Backup Schemes (Win ME)
• Uses Same general Scheme as Win 98.
  – Couple new tools
• Ability of Win ME to auto recover is
  – Intermittent problem, sometimes works
    sometimes doesn’t.
• New Tool System Recovery allows users to
  much larger recoveries.
 Backup Schemes (Win Me) Cont.

• Windows ME System Restore uses a series
  of restore points
  – Points in time where complete restoration
    information s saved.
• After a couple are saved system can recover
  from any of them.
• Consider saving one as you did in Win 98.
       Backup Schemes (Win 2000)

• Makes a single automatic backup of registry
  as part of Last Known Good boot options.
• You can always boot ot the last known good
  settings, which is after a good launch and
• Has many good tools, harder to destroy the
  registry as long as you stay out of regedit.
            Backup Schemes (Win XP)
• XP Uses refined and improved version of
  windows restore to make backups.
• Last Known Good is also available.
• Registry in Windows XP is hard to break with the
  exception of malware and adware. Which can fill
  it so full of junk that you wont be bale to use it
  ever again.
• Most bulletproof version of windows yet.
   – Exception of vista because its being released as book
     was written.
    The Emergency Recovery Disk
• One of the many things you should do in windows
• In 9x, this is done from the Add/Remove
  Programs applet in Control Panel.
• In Win 2000 use the backup program, found under
  System Tools on the Start Menu.
• In Win XP the Automated System Recovery
  (ASR) system replaces the ERD.
• You will explore the ASR function in one of the
System Recovery Disk Cont.

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