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					               Henry County Schools’ Curriculum Maps
We are pleased to announce that Henry County School’s curriculum maps are located in a
new space this year! The move to the new online site provides the school system with a
dynamic, resource-rich environment in order to better support teachers in daily

With the expansion in the capabilities of the curriculum maps, you will find that all of the
maps have empty fields such as reading and writing in the content and instructional
resources. The plan is for content coordinators to work closely with teachers from
around the district to flesh out these fields with high quality resource links, performance
tasks, lesson plans, etc. You soon will hear more about how you can help in building
these resources.

Directions for Accessing the Curriculum Maps
   1. Go to http://angel.henry.k12.ga.us

   2.   Login with your email username and password

   3.   When you enter Angel go to Enroll By Pin.

   4.    Under Section ID enter Elementary_Curriculum_Maps or
        MS_Curriculum_Maps or High_School_Curriculum_Maps [Type the name of
        the maps (above) you wish to see. ]

   5.   Click Enroll

   6.   A pop-up window will open

   7.   Enter the word maps where it says PIN

   8.    Click Enroll

   9.     That's it! On the main page of Angel, the Curriculum Maps course should be
        listed under “Courses”.

Access to curriculum maps is restricted to school personnel and this access code or your
username and password to angel should not be shared as assessment information is
available in these maps.

   1. Why did you move the maps?
      The maps moved from a word document in MyHenry to Angel because this new
      platform allows our school district to provide much needed dynamic, interactive
      resources for teachers to use instructionally like streaming video, links to quality
      websites, lesson plan documents, reading resources, etc. The movement of the
      maps provides our district with a springboard to provide more in-depth, non-
      textbook resources.
   2. What has changed in the maps?
      The units, pacing and essential questions in the maps is mostly the same in the
      maps from last year. We will use the previous map resources as a base to build
      greater and higher quality resources in the future. The new maps will grow
      throughout the year through online collaboration of all teachers across the county.
   3. Why are there missing parts to the maps?
      We have added some new elements to the curriculum maps that were not in the
      previous maps. These elements will bring our maps more in line with the rubrics
      in School and Class Keys to Quality. These elements will take time to develop
      and accumulate and will be enriched through the collaborative efforts of teachers
      using the maps and sharing the resources and ideas they have with others. The
      materials currently in the maps are at least as informational as last year and we
      will grow the new sections over time.
   4. How can teachers participate in providing quality lesson plans, student work
      examples, exemplary instructional strategies, etc?
      Teachers who feel like they have exemplary teacher-generated materials,
      resources or examples can forward those to the appropriate content coordinator.
      Each coordinator will review and vet submitted materials.
   5. Can teachers edit the maps?
      Teacher cannot edit the maps. If you have suggestions or comments they can be
      directed to the specific content coordinator.
6.    What coordinator is responsible for my content area?
      CTAE: John Uesseler, john.uesseler@henry.k12.ga..us
      ELA/Reading: Beth Scarboro, elizabeth.scarboro@henry.k12.ga.us
      Fine Arts, Foreign Language, ESOL:Kent Morrow,kent.morrow@henry.k12.ga.us
      Health and PE: Terri George, terri.george@henry.k12.ga.us
      K-5 Mathematics: Turtle Gunn, terrell.gunn@henry.k12.ga.us
      6-12 Mathematics: Lya Snell, lya.snell@henry.k12.ga.us
      Science: Terri George, terri.george@henry.k12.ga.us
      Social Studies: Becky Ryckeley, rebecca.ryckeley@henry.k12.ga.us

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