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					             The Dove Tale
                           OHEV SHALOM VOL. 23, NO. 9
                           IYAR– SIVAN 5765 JUNE 2005

 944 Second Street Pike
  Richboro, PA 18954                  Shavuot
  Phone: 215-322-9595
   Fax: 215-322-8253
                           Confirmation 5765
        Member of
    United Synagogue
 of Conservative Judaism

• Eliott N. Perlstein
• Paul Frimark
• Natalie Brooks
Executive Director
• Ned R. Kripke
VP, Community
• Dana Podob
VP, Fund Raising
• Arlene Rosenbaum            Sunday, June 12, 2005
VP, Education
• Joel Greengard
                           Erev Shavuot Service at 7:15 PM
• Larry Grant
Recording Secretary           Monday, June 13, 2005
• Leonard Rubin
Legal Counsel                 Shavuot Service at 9:30 AM
• Barry Klein                  Confirmation at 1:30 PM
Education Director
• Eda Klein
Pre-School Director
• Robin Falkow               Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Youth Director
• Shelley Geltzer
                              Shavuot Service at 9:15 AM
Immediate Past President             with Yizkor
• Laurie Segal
                                              The Dove Tale
                                            we must pay out of operating revenues        Adult Education
                                            $200,000 in mortgage payments. It is a       • Harris Abrams
                                            large expense to fund each year. We          Building
                                            have decided to focus our efforts to raise   • Rich Goldhammer
                                            as much money as possible during the         Corresponding Sec.
                                            Annual Appeal to pay the mortgage            • Rona Remstein
                                            payment. We realize it is a lofty goal but   Directors-at-Large
                                            if we all help by donating our fair share,     • Saul Jacobs
                                            we can do it. We’ve have shown time            Community Outreach
                                            and time again that as a community             • Ian Staub
                                            there is no obstacle that we cannot            • Scott Gordon
                                            overcome. I hope that when you are             Perelman Jewish Day
                                            contacted this year for a pledge to the        School
                                            Annual Appeal, you will seriously              • Ari Sadoff
                                            consider a generous gift. We want to           Retention
                                            ensure that Ohev Shalom is always on a
                                                                                           • Lynne Poritsky
                                            strong financial footing.
                                                                                         Dove Tale
Shalom Friends,                             The newly elected Board of Directors is      • Rich Noch
Well, summer if finally here! Another       already focused on working on programs       Education
great year at Ohev Shalom. As I said at     and events for next year. Many thanks to     • Sara Torjman
our Annual Meeting, it takes a              Fran Epstein and her wonderful team of       Finance
community to accomplish so much, so         volunteers for a great Israel                • Sam Goldstein
thanks to all of you who volunteered your   Independence Day celebration.                Fund Raising
time and energy for all our events and      Congratulations again to Shelley Rubin       • Stan Shore
programs. And, as I said that night, we     and Nadine Myerson, our Shalom Award         Membership
need to know that we can all count on       recipients! Also, congratulations to         • Mandi Freedman
you this coming year as well.               Donna Wallen, Pre-School Administra-         Men’s Club
                                            tive Assistant, on her 10 year service       • Bob Davidson
We are facing annual deficits that we       award. And to all of you, have a safe and    • Ron Wolf
must reduce and eliminate completely. If    enjoyable summer!
you weren’t at the meeting, I would just
                                                                                         • Ellen Treiman
like to reiterate our commitment to reduc- B’shalom,
ing the debt of the synagogue. It is criti-                                              Programs
                                                                                         • Fran Epstein
cal that we stay focused on this goal…                     Natalie                       PTO
and I mean all of us. Our dues and gen-
eral fundraising cover the operating ex-                                                 • Linda Steinberg
penses of the synagogue. But each year                                                   Publicity
                                                                                         • Nadine Myerson
                                                   HOW TO ADVERTISE                      Ritual
    The Dove Tale Staff                      For information about advertising in the    • Judie Weiss
                                             Dove Tale, please contact the office at     Sisterhood
 Editor             Rich Noch                215-322-9595 and leave a message for        • Linda Shapiro
 Assistant Editor Ned Kripke                             Christine Kahn                  • Janet Weisberg
 Advertising        Christine Kahn                                                       Social Action
 Calendar           Patty Kiernan Witt          We note with sorrow the                  • Syra Schutzbank
 Contributions      Carol Blakesley
 Education/Youth                                      passing of:                        Youth
                                            Lillian Edelstein, grandmother of            • Randi Pashko
   Pre-School       Robin Falkow
                                            Ellen Cohen                                  Young Seniors
   Religious School Eda Klein
                                            Jack Greenberg, father of Paula Warren       • Jerry Gottesman
   Youth Group      Shelley Geltzer         Betty Jaffe, mother of Allan Jaffe
 Life Cycle         Paula Segal             Sarah Korman, mother of Eileen Goodman
 Men’s Club         Greg Gordon             Ezra Raybi, father of Iris Spector
 Sisterhood         Paula Segal             Irving Spilker, father of Judy Hurvitz
 Young Seniors Jerry Gottesman

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                                      The Dove Tale
                       From the Rabbi’s Desk - Rabbi Eliott Perlstein
                                   The Thrill of Victory
                                                                past year, he told me that his basketball team had lost
                                                                just about every game it had played. I couldn't even
                                                                advise that they fire the coach since that was his
                                                                father. A few weeks later, after the Thursday morning
                                                                Minyan just days before his Bar Mitzvah, this same
                                                                young man told me that his team won the champion-
                                                                ship the night before. Every team gets into the playoffs
                                                                he explained and since then, they didn't lose one
                                                                game. The Miracle Mets live on. In one season, he
                                                                learned the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory.
                                                                   One young lady who became a Bat Mitzvah in Ohev
                                                                Shalom, Lindsay Nasshorn, plays on Columbia
                                                                University's Varsity Soccer Team. I am proud that
                                                                Lindsay will be part of the United States Women’s
                                                                Soccer Team at the international Maccabi Games in
                                                                Israel this summer. Janie and I hope to attend the
                                                                opening ceremonies of the games and hopefully see
                                                                Lindsay and the American team compete. Some
                                                                twenty years ago, I was in the stadium outside of Tel
   I am writing this article on the day that Israel's           Aviv for the opening ceremonies of those Maccabi
Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team won the Euro Cup               games with delegations of Jewish athletes represent-
Championship for the second year in a row. Some sixty           ing more than thirty countries. That year, Mark Spitz lit
thousand Israelis gathered in Yarkon Park in northern           the torch as the crowd went wild. I am always happy to
Tel Aviv to welcome home their team home and cele-              hear about our young people participating in the local
brate their victory against a team from Spain. The              Maccabi Games held throughout the United States.
game was played in Moscow, as world leaders were                   As the international Maccabi Games approach,
gathering to mark the 60th anniversary of the surrender         this has been quite a year for sports and Israel. In
of the Nazis to end the Second World War. Sixty years           between these two Euro Cup victories for Maccabi Tel
after the defeat of those who were set on our total an-         Aviv, Gal Fridman was the first Israeli to win an
nihilation, a team from the Jewish State proves to be           Olympic Gold Medal in Athens. We saw the great pride
the best basketball team in the European league. To             and celebration in Israel and among Jews
be sure, not every player for Maccabi Tel Aviv speaks           worldwide.
fluent Hebrew, or Hebrew at all, though some are in-               As we approach the summer season, hopefully we'll
deed Sabras. These include Gur Shelef the team                  all find reason and opportunity to play a bit more
captain, and the coach Pini Gershon.                            outdoors and exercise a bit more. Its good for the body
    A parent recently told me that her son could not            and so good for the soul. We wish Lindsay and our
attend a certain event because he had a game and                American teams well in this year's Maccabi games in
wants to be the next Sandy Koufax or Sean Green.                Israel. All of the Jewish athletes coming together in
Halevie - it should only be! It is a given that we share        Israel from all parts of the world, meeting each other
our young people's time with an array of sports                 and developing bonds to Israel itself, will all come
activities. I was impressed by one member of my                 home winners.
Confirmation Class this year who was committed to                  And as for all future Sandy Koufaxes, Sean Greens
making it to class on time after her weekly basketball          and Gal Fridmans, it’s an excused absence to miss a
practice and even after a game. One Wednesday                   synagogue event here and there. I can only hope they
evening, she came with her leg wrapped in ice after a           will have the same commitment as that member of my
game ending injury. She told me that she didn't want to         Confirmation Class had this year to her Hebrew High
miss class that night. Commitment can be found on               classes. After all, what brings us such great pride in
both ends of the court.                                         these athletes is their athletic greatness and their show
    When I read a Bar or Bat Mitzvah's autobiography            of commitment to their people and religion.
which I ask them to prepare, I am always happy to                  My best to you and your family for a fun, relaxing
learn about their athletic activities. It’s an important part   and safe summer.                           Rabbi
of growing up. When I met with one young man this

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                     The Dove Tale
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                                         The Dove Tale

             Mazal Tov to
      Our 5765 Confirmation Class

     CONFIRMANDS                 PARENTS                 CONFIRMANDS                PARENTS
Arielle Rahimi Adler     Ayala Rahimi &             Jessica Leigh Laiter      Joyce & Allen Laiter
                                     Scott Adler
Ian Balbresky            Alyn Steinberg &           David Andrew Leno         Helene & Robert Leno
                                   Paul Balbresky
Michael Eli Boisselle    Beth & David Boisselle     Michael Jonathan Lenz     Lynn & Roger Lenz
Lauren Alexis Brockman   Anita & Barney Brockman    Brianna Gweneviere        Susan &
                                                    Levinson                        David Levinson
Max Kevin Davidow        Marlene & Mark Davidow     Alexander Joshua          Meryl &
                                                    Lubchansky                    David Lubchansky
Adam Laurence Davidson Andrea Leof-Davidson &       Melissa A. Markowitz      Barbara &
                             Robert Davidson                                      Michael Markowitz
E. Justin Dotzman        Judy & Doug Dotzman        E. Joshua Miller          Judy & Jack Miller
Rebecca Paige Feigen     AbbyJane &                 Daniel Harris Pelberg     Bonnie & David Pelberg
                                  Daniel Feigen
Jaclyn Faith Fisher      Amy & Jon Fisher           Stacey Elissa Roman       Arlene &
                                                                                     Warren Roman
Stacie Leslie Graff      Ivy & Stuart Graff         Jonathan Scott Rosen      Agnes & Steven Rosen
Rachel Shelbi Grant      Debbie & Larry Grant       Joshua Michael Roth       Marla & Hal Roth
Alex Michael Grass       Lisa & Hal Grass           Jake Sandberg             Renee Sandberg &
                                                                                 Jonathan Sandberg
Jason Todd Grass         Lisa & Hal Grass           Ari Benjamin Sapriel      Sheryl Sapriel &
                                                                                     Jacques Sapriel
James Kahn               Christine & David Kahn     Jordana Rachel Schubert   Hayley & Alan Migdal
Matthew Jordan Kaplan    Robin & Paul Kaplan        Alex Maxwell Solarski     Marla & Rob Solarski
Lauren Hillary Kimmel    Jill & Brian Kimmel        Jennifer Michelle Stamm   Frances &
                                                                                    Bruce Stamm
Jeffrey Klein            Judy & Barry Klein         Reuben Wouch              Marcy &
                                                                                   Stephen Wouch
Robin Judith Kolber      Denise & Mark Kolber       Eric Myerson Zatcoff      Mindy & Marty Zatcoff
                                                    Jenna Alyssa Zeigen       Lauren Kolber &
                                                                                       Scott Zeigen

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                                                   The Dove Tale

                                     ADOPT A STUDENT
Do you remember the excitement of preparing for the first day of school? Did you buy a new outfit, find just the
right school bag, and stock up on school supplies? Many children in Bucks County are unable to share in this
excitement because of financial constraints.
The Social Action Committee of Ohev Shalom Bucks County, in conjunction with Volunteers for the
Homeless, Inc., are working together to make the first day of school a positive experience for homeless
children in Bucks County. You can enable these children to feel good about themselves and start the school
year with confidence.
The Adopt A Student Program gives you the opportunity to sponsor a child yourself, team with another family,
or have us team you up with other families. Each sponsor or group of sponsors will be asked to provide: a shirt,
a pair of pants, underwear, socks, sneakers, a back pack, school supplies, and a sweatshirt or light jacket.
To become a sponsor, call Dana Podob at 322-2539, or Ilene Shapiro at 322-6357 by July 12 with the
name of the child that you wish to sponsor. They will provide the specific size and color information and a
convenient drop off location. All clothing must be dropped off by August 5th.
          Name         Age            Name            Age            Name         Age           Name         Age
  1    Mickayla (f)     5    12     Michelle (f)       9    23     Robin (f)      11    34    Adrienne (f)   15
  2    Rebecca (f)      5    13      Jolise (f)        9    24   Jeremiah (m)      11   35   Terrence (m)    15
  3     Kalisha (f)     5    14    Hayward (m)         9    25     Omar (m)       11    36     Likel (f)     16
  4    Joshua (m)       5    15      Willie (m)       10    26   Shaquille (m)    11    37      Ikea (f)     16
  5     Alisha (f)      6    16     Kwaku (m)          9    27   Zephadiah (m)    11    38   Anthony (m)     16
  6     Jason (m)       6    17     Mark (m)           9    28     Phillip (m)    12    39   Ronald (m)      16
  7     Jabri (m)       6    18     Tazjiana (f)       9    29     Demi (f)       13    40    Fetima (f)     17
  8     Deyann (f)      7    19     Jennifer (f)      10    30      Judy (f)      13    41     Fred (m)      17
  9    Mykeer (m)       7    20     Kendra (f)        10    31     Patricia (f)   13    42    Peter (m)      17
 10    Gabrielle (f)    8    22     Rochelle(f)       10    32     Tearah (f)     14    43   Stephanie (f)   17
 11    Elizebert (f)    8    22     Keenan (f)        10    33     Ellis (m)      14    44    Nanitha (f)    18

        Men’s Club Yom Hashoah Candle Project April 20, 2005

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       The Dove Tale
JNF Essence of Life Campaign

          Page 7
                       The Dove Tale


       Special Shabbat Service
                     Sponsored by the
             MUSIC                   DANCING

         Come join us for a “Special Shabbat” that

 Includes                 Live Music by HAL MARTIN
                          And Fun Horas


           All of us together will “FREILACH ZEIN”!!
        Only $18 per person - Due no later than June 9

   Make your check payable to: Ohev Shalom Young Seniors
        944 Second Street Pike Richboro, PA 18954

    Jerry Gottesman, President                 Marlyn Harris
      215-953-1520                             215-281-7530
    Sheila Tanenbaum                           Marsha Heller
      215-742-4437                             215-745-4784

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                                                    The Dove Tale
                                                    B’nai Mitzvah
                    Chad Molotsky                                  while I prepared for my Bar Mitzvah and always!
Hi! My name is Chad Molotsky, and my Bar Mitzvah date is
June 4, 2005. I am currently in seventh grade at Holland                                    Matt Solis
Middle School. School is very important to me, and my               My name is Matt Solis, and my Bar Mitzvah is on June 18,
favorite subjects are English and Gym. One of my favorite          2005, my Dad’s 50th birthday. I am a seventh grade honors
things is to go on vacations with my family. I also love to play   student at Holland Middle School. I like to play soccer,
basketball, and I have played in Council Rock’s Basketball         tennis, and wrestling. My favorite sport is soccer in which I
League since I was 6. One of the things I am doing this            play sweeper for the CRUSA Crush. This will be my fourth
summer is going to 76ers Basketball Day Camp. At this              summer at Camp Manitou for Boys in Maine. As a hobby, I
camp, we do different basketball drills and meet different         collect all kinds of elephant stuff. I am donating some of my
NBA players. I also like to hang out with my friends and play      Bar Mitzvah money to an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.
most sports, listen to music and talk online. For my Bar           For my Bar Mitzvah project, I helped teach math to 6th
Mitzvah project, I have been collecting tabs from soda cans,       graders at Rolling Hills.
soup, pet food cans, etc. for the past three years, since I got        I would like to thank Rabbi Perlstein, Cantor Frimark and
my Bar Mitzvah date. I have been collecting them from my           especially, Liz Nover, for helping to prepare me for this day. I
family and friends, and even airline stewardesses, and my          can’t wait to celebrate with my mom, dad, and my brother
goal has been to collect at least 13 pounds by my 13th             Ben, the rest of my family and my friends.
birthday! I will be donating them to the Philadelphia Ronald
McDonald House, which is a home-away-from-home for
families when their seriously ill children are being treated at
area hospitals. I am also participating in an upcoming ALS
walk. I am nervous, but I am looking forward to my Bar
Mitzvah. I would like to thank the Rabbi, and a special thanks
to Maurice Feldman and Cantor Frimark and for helping me
prepare for this day. A very appreciative thank you goes to
my parents and brother, Jordan, for all their love and support

            Jewish Family andChildren’s Service of Greater Philadelphia

 JFCS celebrates its 150th anniversary. Help continue a proud tradition of caring.
To support JFCS programs and services, call 215-496-9700 or visit


You can be the one to make a difference in someone's life. Share your time, talent and
energy as a volunteer for Jewish Family and Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia.
JFCS needs volunteers to provide the following services: CURRENT NEEDS
   • Calling, visiting, driving, or providing shopping assistance for an elderly or disabled client
   • Befriending an adolescent or adult with a developmental disability
   • Helping with minor home maintenance and home repairs on a periodic basis
   • Becoming a volunteer grandparent (adults 50 plus) in our Project JOY program - Current needs are in
       Eastern Montgomery County and NE Philadelphia
There are opportunities to volunteer as individuals, as families or as a group. For information call Sandra Fryer,
JFCS director of volunteer services, at (215) 698-9950, ext. 112 or Irma Simuni volunteer organizer, at
(215) 698-4529, ext. 228 or 284. JFCS partners with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.
   • Visit our Web Page at

                         JFCS is a partner with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
                                        and is a United Way member agency

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                                       The Dove Tale
                              Pre-School Director - Robin Falkow
Mazel Tov to the graduates of our Four Year Old, Kindergarten and Kindergarten enrichment classes! We look
forward to seeing you back at Ohev Shalom for another year of learning, whether in the Pre-School,
Kindergarten, Kindergarten enrichment or Religious School programs.

Camp Kef will begin on June 20, under the leadership of our beloved “Miss” Lisa Rogers Miller. Lisa is planning
many exciting activities and looks forward to a fun summer with both new and returning campers.

I am also pleased to tell you that we had so much interest in our three year old program for September that we
are opening a third class. Limited openings exist in some age groups, so if you know of any families who may be
interested in our school, please encourage them to contact me as soon as possible.

For those families whose children are already registered for the 2005-2006 school year, you should have
received a copy of the Parent Handbook as well as your first bill. A mailing will be sent later this summer with
additional information and paperwork for you and your child’s physician to complete.

Have a safe, wonderful summer!

      The Pre-School And Kindergarten Parent Organization Gratefully
         Acknowledges Contributions From the Following Retailers:

          Bernie Robbins                    David Witchell Salon                    The Center Club
        Richboro Carwash                 Margolin & Co. Jewelers                 Superfresh/Richboro
   Manhattan Bagel/Richboro                     Nail Perfection                      Fireside Florist

      Newtown Book Shop                     Little Gym/Newtown                     Learning Express
             Party Land                        Pampered Chef                           Game Stop
          Tied With a Bow                  Lavender Girl & More                Shop n Bag of Richboro
      Fantasy Beauty Salon                   We’re Not All Nuts                  Reflections Boutique
           Carriage Stop                    The Dance Academy                          Pipsqueaks
              Starbucks                       Soy Candle Shop                   The Present Boutique

           We Thank Them for Making Our Spring Raffle A Success!

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                                           The Dove Tale
                                    Religious School - Eda Klein
June brings us to the end of the 2004-2005 school year for Religious School and Hebrew High School. It seems
as if this school year flew by quickly. However, looking back, the year was filled with lots of special activities to
enhance the curriculum. There were many special programs which involved students, parents, and families. I
am proud of our accomplishments in the Ohev Shalom Religious School and Hebrew High School. Thanks to
the support of Rabbi Perlstein, our Education Committee, PTO and the Board of Directors, we are able to bring
the most innovative and cutting edge programs to our Religious School and Hebrew High School students. We
have a great faculty consisting of very dedicated, creative, and professional teachers. Our teachers make
Jewish heritage and Jewish values come alive in the classroom by teaching and providing hands-on
experiences. We see and hear amazing responses from the students showing their love for Judaism. We are
proud of our students and feel rewarded by their accomplishments.

Now we look forward to the 2005-2006 school year. Please remember to send in your registration forms as soon
as possible. Receiving all registrations on time helps us to plan more efficiently for the new school year.

Dates to note in June 2005:
Sunday June 5, 2005 – Last day of Religious School. Both sessions will attend from 9:00-10:30 AM.

Friday, June 10, 2005 – Honor Roll Shabbat 6:00 PM

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

                                               Young Seniors

                                             Young Seniors
                                      Ohev Shalom of Bucks County
                                         944 Second Street Pike
                                          Richboro, PA 18954

                                    September 11 A Patriotic Day
         We are planning a day trip to The American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA,
                featuring a rousing foot stomping musical revue of Americana.

                                           Cost: $65
           Includes: bus transportation, show, hot lunch at a Lancaster synagogue
                          and a stop at an authentic farmers market.
      Reservations by August 11 with checks payable to the Ohev Shalom Young Seniors
                                and mailed to the synagogue.

               Congregation, family and friends are welcome to all events.

             Jerry Gottesman                Marlyn Harris       Sheila Tanenbaum        Marsha Heller
             215-953-1520(Daytime)          215-281-7530        215-742-4437            215-745-4784

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                                         The Dove Tale
                                 Youth Groups - Shelley Geltzer
                                    YOUTH DEPARTMENT JUNE EVENTS

•   Friday      June 3, 2005    Youth Honor Shabbat - Come out and show your support for all members of our
                                youth department. Many will be honored for participation, spirit, etc.
                                We will have a kosher Chinese dinner for the honored youth group members
                                following the service. Please read individual flyers for details!

•   Sunday      June 12, 2005 Great Adventure Trip - This trip is for all members of our youth departments,
                                Chaverim, Kadima, and USY. The younger groups will be supervised by
                                advisors and parent Chaperones. The USYers will have check-in times
                                throughout the day. See group flyers for details!
******Please take advantage of our early bird by registering your children now for the next school year, Sept 05
through June 06. Registration form is in this issue of the Dove Tale, and available online!******
                                  Have a wonderful and relaxing summer!
                                         Shelley Geltzer, Youth Director
                                                215-322-9597 x-20

Dear Youth Group Parents:

    Believe it or not, we are concluding another school year and youth group activities. At this time, we are look-
ing ahead to next season, and as usual, we are offering our current members the opportunity to pre-register for
next year. Our youth department continues to be one of the largest in the region, and maintains its status by
winning numerous awards every year.
    By paying your dues before June 30, you will receive a discounted fee for membership for each child in
his/her respective group. You will also be sent a coupon card to be redeemed after the fifth event
attended. This discount equals a total value of $15.00 savings for each child registered early. While you may
take the $5.00 discount automatically when paying dues before the 30th, the coupon will be mailed home
upon our receipt of your check and registration form. After attending five events, the coupon will be marked
by the advisor and you will be entitled to a $10.00 discount off the cost of the sixth event.
    Our dues schedule is laid out below. These numbers reflect our need and desire to continue to provide your
children with the best possible programming and staff.
    Any questions or concerns regarding the youth department events, fees, or age groups can be directed to
me, in the youth office. Please call (215) 322-9597 Ext 20. If I am not at my desk, please leave a message and
I will return your call promptly.

    Thank you for your continued support.

                                                 Shelley Geltzer
                                                 Youth Director

                                         Congregation Member Dues

                       Chaverim         Grades 3-4          $40.00      Early bird $35.00

                       Kadima           Grades 5-6-7        $40.00      Early bird $35.00

                       USY              Grades 8 – 12       $50.00      Early bird $45.00

PLEASE NOTE: These fees are for Ohev Shalom Congregation families. If you are not a congregation
member of Ohev Shalom, please add an additional $18.00 to amount listed.

                                                   Page 12
                                         The Dove Tale
                                  Youth Groups - Shelley Geltzer
                                    Ohev Shalom Youth Department
                                       Member Medical Information Sheet
                                    Circle One: Chaverim Kadima USY

                Student Name __________________________Phone_____________________

                  Parent’s address if different from child_____________________________
                  Parent’s Phone if different from child______________________________
                  Parent’s work numbers (Mom) ______________(Dad)_________________
                  Parent’s cell phone (Mom) _________________(Dad)_________________

                   Type of Medical Insurance______________________________________
                   Identification Number__________________________________________

               In an emergency, if one of the above cannot be reached, please notify one below:

                Name _____________________________              Relationship ________________

                Phone Number _____________________              Cell phone ________________

                Name _____________________________              Relationship ________________

                Phone Number _____________________              Cell Phone ________________

                Family Doctor    _____________________          Phone     ___________________

                Family Dentist _____________________            Phone     ___________________

               Please list any allergy, physical or emotional condition that we should be aware of:




In the event your child becomes ill or injured while at a youth group function, a reasonable attempt will be made
 to (1) contact parent, guardian, or in the absence of (2) contact a relative or friend listed above, (3) contact the
        family physician listed above, (4) take or dispatch student to the nearest hospital emergency room.

I (we) hereby give consent to have the above procedure followed for my ill or injured child if responsible youth
  group staff feels this procedure is indicated and I (we) further consent that my child receive such medical or
hospital care and treatment as the physician or hospital may find necessary. If my child becomes ill or injured,
     and does not require hospitalization, he/she may be released to a friend and /or relative listed above.

                     _________________________                        ___________________
                            Father’s signature                                   Date

                     _________________________                        ___________________
                            Mother’s signature                                   Date

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                                  The Dove Tale
                                   Men’s Club

                     Men’s Club Calendar

  Thursday, June 2, 2005, 7pm Men’s Club Dinner Meeting, Bob Davidson’s house.
  RSVP 215-322-9576. Come share our food and your ideas.

  Sunday, June 12, 2005, 9am Breakfast program following minyan. Rabbi Perlstein
  will speak on various topics.

                       Men’s Club Membership—Join Us

            Sports, Food, Travel, Adult Education, Speakers & More
                              Give us your ideas

      Sign up below and send in your check for $36 with your suggestions.
                        If you have any questions, call
         Bob Davidson at 215-322-9576 or Ron Wolf at 215-968-9261

Name _________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

City & Zip Code _________________________________________________

E-mail Address __________________________________________________

Telephone Number _______________________________________________

Suggestions ____________________________________________________


Please make your check payable to the Ohev Shalom Men’s Club and send to
Ohev Shalom, 944 Second Street Pike, Richboro, PA 18954.

                                      Page 14
                                             The Dove Tale
As incoming co-presidents of Ohev Shalom Sisterhood, we would like to welcome you. We
are already hard at work planning activities and events for the upcoming year. We would love
to hear any suggestions you may have. If you would like to be part of a committee, please
call us. We would like you attend to our board meetings and share your ideas. There are
general board positions open. Can you spare a few hours a month to help?
Complete your Ohev experience, when you join Sisterhood, you help the congregation.

Linda Shapiro and Janet Weisberg

     Complete Your Ohev Shalom Experience                AND THE WINNERS ARE……….
Sisterhood is more than a membership dinner. When you
               join Sisterhood you support:                        This year’s winners of
  the Congregation, Women's League, Youth Groups,          Sisterhood’s Annual Dinner Raffle are:
     Pre-School, Library, Cook for a Friend, Breast
        Cancer Research, the Community, and the           First Prize:  Rita Brodsky
 State of Israel. Our membership drive is underway, so    Second Prize: Arlene Selznick
      look for our invitation to become part of the       Third Prize:  Andrea Levenson
       Ohev Shalom Sisterhood and complete your
   Ohev Shalom experience. We are striving for every         Thanks to everyone for supporting
   synogogue woman to become a Sisterhood member.              another successful fundraiser.
         Linda Shapiro & Janet Weisberg
                  Co-Presidents                                       Rochelle Noch
   Lynda Bloch,, Rochelle Noch & Gail Rosenfeld                        Chairperson
          Membership Co-Vice-Presidents

                                       Membership Tea
  Current and                 Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 7:30 PM                  Current and
  prospective                        Gail Rosenfeld’s house                          prospective
 members are                           116 Whitney Lane                             members are
    invited                                 Richboro                                   invited
 Bring a friend                          (215) 322-5401                             Bring a friend

                                               RSVP to Gail
                  Thank You From Your Ways & Means Vice Presidents
   Sisterhood's annual fashion show, “Passion For Fashion,” was a rousing success. More
than 200 women shopped at the vendor tables and ate dinner before watching the fabulous
clothes presented by Berta Sawyer. Many thanks go out to Lynda Bloch and Beth Gittlen,
who as always, did a wonderful job.
   As the year comes to a close, we would like to thank all the Sisterhood members who
helped to plan and run our events. We couldn't have done it without them. Please become
part of our team. Join Sisterhood, join the fun!

Linda Shapiro and Janet Weisberg

                                                 Page 15
                                         The Dove Tale
                               Sisterhood Honor & Memory Cards
       From:                                    In Honor Of:
  Janet & Marc Weisberg                   Heather Miller’s marriage
  Rose & Ben Kessler                      Shirley Levin’s speedy recovery

        From:                                   In Memory Of:
  Mimi & Bernie Pollack                   Estelle Camson
  Janet & Marc Weisberg                   Yahrzeit of Jack Sweed
  Janet & Marc Weisberg                   Yahrzeit of Joseph Weisberg
  Sisterhood                              Arthur Tulloch, brother of Christine Kahn
  Phyllis & Sam Bellman                   Aaron Shubin
  Joanne & Howard Babbitt                 Oscar Dordick, father of Bruce Dordick
  Mona & Larry Jaffe                      Sarah Korman, mother of Eileen Goodman
  Mona & Larry Jaffe                      Tina Hahn’s father

                                           Ohev Shalom Sisterhood
                                           Honor & Memory Cards
Help Sisterhood to meet its pledge to the synagogue’s New Building Fund. Our volunteers will conveniently mail
  the cards for you. You may also buy cards and keep them for your use as needed. Please include names,
                    addresses, and “honor” or “memory” when you contact our volunteers.

             $5.00 Cards (mentioned in the Dove Tale) :        $1.50 Cards (not mentioned in the Dove Tale):
                                                                                Lynda Kerr,
                         Joanne Babbitt,
             215-968-0107 ~ e-mail:
                                                                            77 Hemlock Drive,
                         65 Poplar Drive,
                                                                            Holland, PA 18966
                       Richboro, PA 18954

   Sisterhood Membership Enrollment                                 Board of Directors 5766 2005-06
             Starting Soon!                                                                .
     New Committees Forming Now!                             Co-Presidents        Linda Shapiro & Janet Weisberg
                                                             VP-Donor             Michele Bernstein, Rita Brodsky
     Check your mail for information on                                           & Amy Perrone
                                                             VP-Dove Tale         Paula Segal
    Membership Enrollment for next year.
                                                             VP-Matanah           Rebecca Baum & Rachel Goldstein
   Donor credit given for Early Enrollment.                  VP-Membership        Lynda Doline Bloch,
                                                                                  Rochelle Noch & Gail Rosenfeld
                                                             VP-Religious         Iris Segal & Nina Surden
     Join our new Board of Directors by                        & Cultural
                                                             VP-Ways &            Roberta Gordon & Marsha Zimet
      Becoming a Committee Member.
           Volunteer by Contacting                             Corresponding      Beth Gittlen
        A Member of the Board Today!                           Financial          Karen Weinberg
                                                               Recording          Agnes Lebovic
                                                             Treasurer            Leslie Katz

                                                          Page 16
                                             The Dove Tale
                                           Birthday Greetings

     Please circle the names of all the ladies to whom you wish to send a birthday greeting.
          Call Kathy at 215-396-6810 or e-mail with any questions
                        or if your name does not appear on the birthday list.
       At your earliest opportunity send the list with your name and 75 cents per greeting
                      to Kathy Turi, 15 Buckhorn Road, Richboro, PA 18954.
                     (Payment by cash or checks payable to Ohev Shalom)

Your Name ______________________ # of names circled ____ @75 cents each = $______

              July                                 August                            September

 1   Adrienne Magness                 4   Marcia Shore                    3 Sherry Havier
 2   Harriet Belsky                   5   Bonnie Golombek                 4 Sylvia Linsk
 2   Betty Davidson                   6   Rose La Kier                    6 Linda Jaffe
 2   Amy Perrone                      8   Helene Peyton                   7 Janie Perlstein
 6   Joanne Babbitt                  13   Sharon Skolnick                 7 Fern Shulman
 7   Michele Bernstein               14   Annette Blumenthal              9 Janet Blyweiss
 9   Christine Kahn                  19   Natalie Brooks                 11 Eileen Weinstein
10   Shirley Levin                   19   Ellie Teitelman                12 Leslie Katz
15   Allyson Pollack                 22   Marsha Cane                    15 Sonia Cane
20   Bonnie Kapenstein               22   Lauren Kolber                  17 Lillian Denenburg
20   Gail Rosenfeld                  27   Selma Roman                    17 Randee Shantzer
21   Esther Fine                                                         18 Beth Gittlen
22   Bev Caro                                                            19 Hariett Levinson
22   Suzanne Gold                                                            Greenberg
24   Andrea Levenson                                                     19 Lucy Klieman
30   Phyllis Bellman                                                     20 Gwen Forman
30   Sybil Freedman                                                      23 Rita Brodsky
30   Thea Semanoff

                  MATANAH                                             MATANAH
          For All of Your Judaic Shopping:                       Upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  Shabbat, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Gifts, Talitot, Mezuzot ,           ~ We Have What You Need ~
    Judaic Art, Custom Tallit Designs for Ladies              Tallit? Clips? Yad? Kiddush Cup? Tefillin?
             Special appointments call:                     Havdallah Set? Kippot? Ladies’ Head Coverings?
        Rachel Goldstein (215) 441-4910                             See Our Great Selection!
           Lynda Bloch (215) 322-3059
            Shop and Earn Donor Credit                              Shop and Earn Donor Credit
                 Volunteers needed!                                    Volunteers needed!

                                                  Page 17
June 2005                                                                                                               Iyar - Sivan 5765
   Sunday                  Monday                 Tuesday              Wednesday                    Thursday                Friday                Saturday

                                                                                            1                       2                       3                     4
                                                                      Dove Tale Due Date   7am Minyan                   6pm Service-Youth       Services 9:30am
                                                                      Last Wednesday of RS                              Honor & Birthday        Chad Molotsky
                                                                      Executive Committee       ◊   MC Dinner Meeting   PS Graduation           Tot Shabbat
                                                                      Meeting                                                                   Torah Luncheon
                                                                                                                        Candle Lighting 8:05

                    5                     6                       7                        8                        9                   10                        11
8:30am Minyan                                                         Rosh Chodesh              7am Minyan              6pm Service-Honor       Services 9:30am
                                                                                                                        Roll Shabbat
Last Sunday of RS
                                               SH Board Meeting
                                                                      Board of Directors        Calendar Meeting
                                                                      Meeting                                           Candle Lighting 8:09

                12                        13                     14                        15                      16                    17                       18
8:30am Minyan           Shavuot – Day 1        Shavuot – Day 2                                  7am Minyan              8pm Service-Shabbat Services 9:30am
                        Services 9:30am        Yizkor                                                                   Under the Stars      Matthew Solis
                                                                      Cook for a Friend                                 Picnic Dinner Before
MC Final Meeting        1:30pm Confirmation    Services 9:15am                                                          Services
7:15pm Erev             Offices Closed         Offices Closed
Shavuot Services                                                                                                        Candle Lighting 8:12

                19                        20                     21                        22                      23                   24                        25
Father’s Day            Camp Kef Begins        Education Committee                              7am Minyan              6pm Service             Services 9:30am
8:30am Minyan                                  Meeting
                                                                                                Last Thursday           Young Seniors
                                                                                                Morning & Evening       Shabbat Dinner with
                                                                                                Minyanim Until          Music
                                                                                                September               Candle Lighting 8:13

                26                        27                     28                        29                    30      ◊
                                                                                                                                  Event not at Ohev Shalom
8:30am Minyan                                                                                                            HH       Hebrew High School
                                                                                                                         PJDS     Perelman Jewish Day School
                                                                                                                         PS       Pre-School
Last Sunday Minyan                                                                                                       RC       Rosh Chodesh
                                                                                                                         RS       Religious School
Until September                                                                                                          JC       Junior Congregation
                                                                                                                         MC       Men’s Club
                                                  The Dove Tale


Donor Name(s) to appear on card: _____________________________________________
Donor’s Address: ___________________________________________________________
  HONOR /         MEMORY of ________________________________________________
Card to be sent to: __________________________________________________________
  Address: ________________________________________________________________

   Separate checks must be written for each fund. Unless otherwise noted, checks should be made payable to Ohev
Shalom and the Fund’s name should be written on the check.
   I would like to donate  $10      $18      $36      $54     Other $ _______ to:

   Adath Tikvah-Montefiore Chapel Fund                    Jewish National Fund ($10 each tree)

   Adopt an Israeli Family Fund                           Kopper/Pollack Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund

   American Red Magen David for Israel                    Mark Goldberg Memorial Day School Scholarship Fund
   (Make checks payable to ARMDI)
   Amy Rockower Memorial Art Center                       Max Adelsberg Torah Readers’ Fund

   Bennett Zion Feld Memorial Library                     Mazon               3% Participant
                                                          (Make checks payable to Mazon)
   Brown-Freedman Prayer Book Fund                        Miriam Perlstein Memorial Fund
    ($36 minimum)
   Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                            Ohev Shalom General Fund

   Chumash Fund                                           Ohev Shalom Mitzvah Fund
   ($72 minimum)
   College Connection Fund                                Ohev Shalom Torah Fund
                                                          ($18 minimum)
   Cook for a Friend Fund                                 Oneg or Kiddush Co-Sponsor
                                                          ($100 for congregants)
   Education Fund                                         Pre-School Fund

   Etz Chayim—Tree of Life ($250)                         Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

   Essence of Life - JNF                                  Rothman Family Education Building Fund

   Financial Aid Fund                                     Sisterhood Pledge Fund

   Fisher Family Education &
   Scholarship Fund

   Gary Doline High Holy Day                              Yahrtzeit Fund
   Prayer Book Fund ($25 minimum)

   Idella Pollack Fund for Jewish Youth                   Youth Group Fund
   Summer Camps

   Jerusalem Fund                                         Other _______________ (Specify Fund)

   Per Exec. Board $10 mimimum per donation is requested. Donations for ARMDI & Mazon must be made by check. All
   other donations can be made by check or added to your synagogue bill and can be made by phone.
   Blank cards from various funds are available in the office in packs of 5 for $25.00. Donations made using bulk card
   purchases will not be listed in the Dove Tale.

                                                        Page 19
                                        The Dove Tale
                              We Honor Our Generous Contributors
   Adath Tikvah Montefiore Chapel Fund                                Libby & David Weiss
In Honor of                                                           Susan & Jeff Berk
                                                              The adult Bat Mitzvah of Florrie Fisher by Jeff, Gale & Sarah
A speedy & complete recovery for Shirley Levin by Marci &
Stan Shore
                                                              Tzedakah by Jerry & Zelda Gottesman
Get well wishes for Len Cohen by Zelda & Jerry Gottesman
In Memory of
Sabrina Davis Curtis by Rose & Saul La Kier                                       Education Fund
Aaron Snyder, beloved brother of Lou & Sam Snyder by          In Honor of
         Dave Gellman                                          Mandi Freedman’s Bat Mitzvah by Tony & Jackie Toci
         Jeff Camson                                           Drew Pollack becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Harold & Sherri
         Doris Klein                                           Middleberg
         Marci & Stan Shore                                    Lisa Yoskowitz becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Harold & Sherri
Samuel Marinoff, beloved father & grandfather of Mr. & Mrs.    Middleberg
Albert Bortnick & Family by Marcia, Stan, Renee, Richard &     Bernice Berkowitz & Lynne Poritsky with thanks for helping
Chrissy Shore                                                  me to learn to read Hebrew & the prayers by Florrie Fisher
Gilbert & Fannie Gottesman and Reuben & Rae Diperstein         The B’nai Mitzvah Class with thanks for being part of this
by Zelda & Jerry Gottesman                                     spiritual journey by Florrie Fisher
                                                               Cantor Paul Frimark for his part in helping me prepare for my
      Amy Rockower Memorial Art Center                         Bat Mitzvah by Florrie Fisher
                                                               Maurice Feldman for his time, guidance & support in prepar-
In Memory of                                                   ing Chad for his Bar Mitzvah
Sophie Goldstein by Ilene, Sy & Jeff Rockower
                                                               Michelle Remstein’s college graduation by Shelley, Len,
                                                               Jesse & Nicki Rubin
        Bennett Z. Feld Memorial Library                       Melanie Rosenbaum’s college graduation by
In Honor of                                                    Shelley, Len, Jesse & Nicki Rubin
Tzedakah by Arthur M. Feld                                     Stephanie Magness’ college graduation by Shelley, Len,
Tzedakah by Stephen & Gina Nudel                               Jesse & Nicki Rubin
In Memory of                                                   Jennifer Fine’s college graduation by Shelley, Len, Jesse &
The yahrtzeit of my two brothers Dr. Herman Plavner & David Nicki Rubin
Plavner during the month of March by Ruth L. Lacks             Ariel Greenberg’s college graduation by Shelley, Len, Jesse
Irving Spilker, beloved father of Judy Hurvitz by Marci & Bill & Nicki Rubin
Goldman                                                        In Memory of
                                                               Essie Baer, beloved mother of Paula Kalman by Mimi Spiegel
      Brown-Freedman Prayer Book Fund                          Sarah Korman, beloved mother of Eileen Goodman by Jeff &
                                                               Danna Magill & Family
In Honor of                                                    The yahrtzeit of Anna Fisher by Florrie Fisher
Michael Stengel’s Bar Mitzvah by Gail & Sam Goldstein &
                                                               Ezra Raybi, beloved father of Iris Spector by
                                                                   Sandy, Mark, Lauren & Josh Fisher
Mandi Freedman’s Bat Mitzvah by Neil, Jamie, Jared, Allie &
                                                                          Marci, Stephen, Michelle, Lauren & Michael
Brett Gold
Wilma Deutsch’s Bat Mitzvah by Melodie & Jim Graham
In Memory of
Debra Paul by Stan & Perry Paul                                               Essence of Life - JNF
                                                              In Honor of
                                                              Tzedakah by Rita Appel’s Hei Class
          Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                         Karen Abrams Bat Mitzvah by Marvin & Soni Feld
In Honor of
Cantor Frimark for his teachings, guidance & support in
preparing Chad for his Bar Mitzvah                               Gary Doline High Holy Day Prayer Book
            College Connection Fund                           In Honor of
In Honor of                                                   Florrie Fisher’s Bat Mitzvah by Ellen & Lou Dressner
Shanna Weinberg for doing so well at school by Karen & Ed     Wilma Deutsch’s Bat Mitzvah by Melodie & Jim Graham
                                                                   Idella Pollack Fund for Jewish Youth
                 Cook For A Friend                                             Summer Camp
In Honor of                                                   In Honor of
The birth of Cheryle & Rick Goldberg’s grandson               Mel Scharf with thanks for his conducting our mother Sylvia’s
Jack Goldberg by                                              unveiling by Carol & Harvey Edelman

                                                          Page 20
                                         The Dove Tale
                               We Honor Our Generous Contributors
Drew Pollack’s adult Bat Mitzvah by                           The Frankel Family by Mimi & Bernie Pollack & Family
         Tanya & Allan Katz
         Jeff, Gale & Sarah Pollock                               Max Adelsberg Torah Reader’s Fund
         Norman & Syra Schutzbank
         Scott Edelman & Stephanie Reedman
                                                              In Memory of
                                                              Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Weiss’ beloved brother Fred by Bernice &
         Bobbi & Mel Scharf
                                                              Ira Berkowitz
         Carol & Harvey Edelman
         Phyllis & Sam Sisenwine
The marriage of Leah & Jerry Gomberg’s daughter Hannah                                   Mazon
to Ray by Allan & Tanya Katz                                  In Honor of
The marriage of Sheldon & Joan Klein’s daughter Nina to       Stephanie Chinofsky’s Bat Mitzvah by Judy Lewis
Michael by Tanya & Allan Katz
The adult Bat Mitzvah of Ellen Treiman by Penny & Eric                    Ohev Shalom Torah Fund
Hunn                                                          In Honor of
In Memory of                                                  Rabbi Perlstein and his help during my adult Bat Mitzvah by
Jack Broad, beloved father & grandfather of Lisa Shull &      Lisa Yoskowitz
Family by Linda Crowell                                       Florrie Fisher becoming an adult Bat MItzvah by Denise &
                                                              Mark Kolber
                   Jerusalem Fund                             In Memory of
In Memory of                                                  Irving Spilker, beloved father of Judy Hurvitz by Shelley, Len,
Irving Spilker, beloved father & grandfather of The Hurvitz   Jesse & Nicki Rubin
Family by Andy, Shelley, Deena & Jacob Rosen
                                                              Rothman Family Education Building Fund
               Jewish National Fund                           In Memory of
In Honor of                                                   Sarah Korman, beloved mother of Eileen Goodman by Joyce,
Carol Perusich’s birthday by Ilene & Mark Pachman             Allen, Jessica & Heather Laiter
Wilma Deutsch’s Bat Mitzvah by Melodie & Jim Graham           Irving Spilker, beloved father of Judith Hurvitz by Arlene &
In Memory of                                                  Paul Frimark
Helen Shapiro by Hariett Levinson Greenberg & Family          Ezra Raybi, beloved father of Iris Spector by Arlene & Paul
Irving Maslow, beloved father of Sue Maslow by Murray &       Frimark
Judi Gases
Gladys Schwartz, beloved mother of Carole Cogan by Sandy                           Yahrtzeit Fund
& Gerry Wernovsky                                             In Memory of
Harold Berkowitz, beloved husband, father, grandfather &      The yahrtzeit of Yitzhak & Sora Hollander, parents of Ethel
uncle of Sylvia Berkowitz & family by Linda, Ed, Melanie      Hersh by Irwin Hersh
Rosen and Nancy & Cara Meiselman                              The yahrtzeit of my parents Hanoh & Sindle Herskovits by
Leonora Schwartz by                                           Irwin Hersh
         The Rudoff Family                                    The yahrtzeit of Bernard Abramson, loving father &
          Sylvia Balik                                        grandfather by Bonnie & Marv Rosner
Florence Greenwald by The Gases Family                        Sarah Korman, beloved mother of Eileen Goodman by
Florence Greenwald by The Finberg Family                      Laurie, Marc, Alisa & Erica Segal
Ezra Raybi, beloved father of Iris Spector by                 The yahrtzeit of Carl J. Levin, brother of Joan Citrenbaum by
         Rona & Shelley                                       Joan & Alan Citrenbaum
         Eda & Paul Klein                                     The yahrtzeit of Nathan Taback, and Max Zuckerman by Lee
Sarah Korman, beloved mother of Eileen Goodman by             Zuckerman
         Rona & Shelley
         Saul & Shelly Jacobs & Family
                                                                                    Youth Group
                                                              In Honor of
          Kopper/Pollack Camp Ramah                           A complete & speedy recovery for Shirley Levin by Marsha
              Scholarship Fund                                Mohl
In Honor of                                                   In Memory of
The birth of Eileen & Bruce Baron’s grandson Isaac to Robyn Ezra Raybi, beloved father & grandfather of Adam & Iris
& Todd and the birth of grandson Simon to Jessica & Shane Spector & Family by
by Mimi & Bernie Pollack & Family                                    Harold & Sherri Middleberg
The members of the Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class, may you go             Shelley Geltzer
from strength to strength by Mimi & Bernie Pollack & Family Estelle Camson, beloved wife of Jeff Camson by Shirley
In Memory of                                                Levin
Marvin Frankel, beloved husband, father & grandfather of    Jack Sanders, beloved father & grandfather of Carol Werb &

                                                         Page 21
                                        The Dove Tale
                              We Honor Our Generous Contributors
Ruth Sanders by Shirley Levin & Family                         Mandi Freedman’s Bat Mitzvah by
                                                                        Howard & Barbara Rosenberg
        Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                                      Tema & Al Friedman
In Honor of                                                             Sophie Klein
                                                                        Heidi, Jeff, Avi & Ariel Gordon
Rabbi Perlstein with thanks for preparing me for my Bat
                                                               The birth of granddaughter Samara by Linda & Edward
Mitzvah by Florrie Fisher
Rabbi Perlstein’s kindness & comfort during my illness by
Doris Klein                                                    In Memory of
Rabbi Perlstein for his teachings, guidance & support in       Ezra Raybi, beloved father of Iris Spector by
preparing Chad for his Bar Mitzvah by Debbie, Dwight,             The Sadoff Family
Jordan & Chad Molotsky                                            The Smithline Family
Chad on becoming a Bar Mitzvah by Debbie, Dwight &             Isadore Soiffer by Ruth Soiffer
Jordan Molotsky                                                Frederick Nisenholtz by The Grass Family
Thank you for my aliyah on the 50th anniversary of my Bar      Sarah Korman beloved mother of Eileen Goodman by The
Mitzvah and my father’s yahrtzeit by Barry Wind                Grass Family
Adam Kalinsky’s Bar Mitzvah by Heidi, Jeff, Avi & Ariel        Morris Gisser by Edward & Linda Rosen
Gordon                                                         Grandmother Leah of the The Shvarts, Von Muentster & King
The birth of Shelly & Gordon King’s grandson Tyler by Heidi,   Families by Gordon & Shelley King
Jeff, Ariel & Avi Gordon                                       Betty Jaffe, beloved mother of The Pereszlenyi Family by
Zachary Pashko’s Bar Mitzvah by Heidi, Jeff, Avi & Ariel       The Grass Family
Gordon                                                         Frederick Nisenholtz by The Grass Family
The adult Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrants by Bernice & Ira        The yahrtzeits of my beloved mother & father Nessie &
Berkowitz                                                      Maurice Dovberg
Shelley Rubin’s Shalom Award by Marsha & Warren Verbit
Nadine Myerson’s Shalom Award by Marsha & Warren Verbit
Lisa Yoskowitz’s adult Bat Mitzvah by Stan & Perry Paul
Joy Haberman’s becoming a Bat Mitzvah by Roberta &
Gregory Gordon

                Thanks To All of Our Minyan Attendees 4/1 - 4/30/2005
Barbara Kind Berman                      Allan Katz                               Syra Schutzbank
Michele R. Bernstein                     Sheldon Katz                             Phyllis Schwartz
Rita Brodsky                             Zoe Klein                                Jennifer Segal
Jeff Camson                              Denise and Robin Kolber                  Laurie Segal
Mimi Cardonick                           Bob and Dave Leno                        Linda and Mark Shapiro
Marilyn Chinofsky                        Bob Levine                               Roy Silverman
Bob and Adam Davidson                    Robin Levine                             Michael Stengel
Wilma Deutsch                            Judy Lewis                               Ellen Treiman
Florrie Fisher                           Barbara and Melissa Markowitz            Marilyn and Sherwyn Tucker
Mandi Freedman                           Gabe Miller                              Karen Weinberg
David Friedman                           Judy, Jack, Josh and Noah                Judie Weiss
Gwynne Feinstein                         Miller                                   Ron Wolf
Esther Fine                              Albert Myerson                           Lisa Yoskowitz
Susan Gittlen                            Nadine Myerson                           Becki Zaritsky
David Goldberg                           Rich Noch                                Mindy and Allie Zatcoff
Richard Goldhammer                       Jahn Nolan                               Jenna Zeigen
Jerry Gomberg                            Stuart Perrone                           David and Helene Zeitzer
Lisa, Jason and Alex Grass               Dana Podob                               Michael Zimet
Joel Greengard                           Drew Pollack                             Murray Zuckerman
Joy Haberman                             Mimi Pollack
Tara Hymes                               Rona Remstein
Saul Jacobs                              Rachel Rosenberg
Joel and Andrew Kalman                   Len Rubin

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The Dove Tale

  Page 23
                                            The Dove Tale

                            Welcome to your next home, where luxury is a way of life.
                      Enjoy an Exclusive high-rise apartment community with rich amenities:

* Heat and Air Included             * Personal Concierge              * Full service Bank with ATM
* Washer/Dryer in Apt               * On-Site Shuttle Service         * Private Fitness Center w/Trainer
* Additional Storage Included       * Upgraded Apts. Available        * Renovated Club Rooms and Lobbies
* Pool with Water Aerobics          * Large Private Balconies         * 24 hr. Emergency Maintenance
* Lighted Tennis Courts             * Controlled Access Entry         * Suburban Living With City Conveniences

           Relax with your neighbors at the next book review, movie night, breakfast, Bridge, and mahjong game
                                  all within the comforts of your home. Regency Towers.

Owned and Managed by the Galman Group
                                   1001 Easton Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090

                                                                          FAMILY AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY

                                                                                  SCOTT J. ROSEN, D.M.D.
                                                                                   981 Second Street Pike
                                                                                    Richboro, PA 18954

                                                                                 Telephone: (215) 322-8117

                                                                                 NEW ZOOM 2 LIGHT FOR

                                                                        HOW TO ADVERTISE
                                                                        For information about
                                                          advertising in the Dove Tale, please contact the
                                                           office at 215-322-9595 and leave a message
                                                                          for Christine Kahn

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The Dove Tale

  Page 25
The Dove Tale

       Learning and Development Center
                    4 Derby Place
                   Newtown, PA 18940

       Phyllis G. Weisberg, Ph.D.
       Learning Consultant (LDT/C) (215) 968-7942
       School Psychologist         By Appointment
       Strategy Trainer            Fax: (215) 504-9041

       Center Services:
         • Diagnostic Testing
         • Educational Therapy
         • Individual Tutoring
         • Strategies Training
         • Aptitude/Vocational Testing
         • Parent/School Consultants
         • Program Development
         • Workshops for Teachers/Parents

       Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP
              Certified Public Accountants

        415 Sargon Way, Suite J ● Horsham, PA
                    (215) 675-8364


                Tax and Accounting services
                  Estate and Tax Planning
                    Elder Care Services
                    Forensic Accounting
                Business Advisory Services

           Stephen W. Wouch, Managing Partner

                        FT. MYERS, FLORIDA

  Page 26
The Dove Tale
                   FOR YOUR PERSONALIZED
                     PRINTING NEEDS SEE

                 MIMI POLLACK
                  KIPOT, ANNOUNCEMENTS

            BY APPOINTMENT, PLEASE 215-355-5069


  Page 27
                          The Dove Tale


Legal services to the business community.

Contracts, Counseling, Planning
Corporations and partnerships.      110 South State Street
Business acquisitions.              Newtown, PA 18940
Trademarks and copyrights.
Franchising. Transactions.          Telephone: 215-504-9494
Employment matters.                 Facsimile: 215-504-9495

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                                            The Dove Tale

WHISPERING            •
                        Museum Quality Framing
                        Certified Picture Framer
 WOODS                • Extensive Frame Selection

 GALLERY              • Needlework, Shadow
                        Boxes, Mirrors, Photo
  295 BUCK ROAD         Frames
   HOLLAND, PA             Owned and operated
                          by synagogue members
 215-364-4321             Debbie and Larry Grant
                          And Susan Gittlen,CPF
   Established 1986

                                                   Page 29
                             The Dove Tale
   For information about
advertising in the Dove Tale,
please contact the office at
 215-322-9595 and leave a
 message for Christine Kahn

                                            Your family will love our rooms as
                                           much as you'll love them being here!

                                     1000 Stony Hill Road                     Call Us Today!
                                      Yardley, PA 19067                       215-860-1700

                                                 NEWTOWN/ YARDLEY
                                            Complimentary On the House Hot Breakfast
                                               Complimentary High-Speed Internet
                                                  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
                                                        Free Local Calls

                   Shop n Bag
                   Murray Battleman, Owner
                  and member of Ohev Shalom

                   A full service Supermarket
              giving great value to our community

                      Use Shop N Bag scrip
                    and benefit Ohev Shalom

1025 N. Second Street Pike
Richboro, PA 18954                  (215) 355-5300

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The Dove Tale

  Page 31
                           The Dove Tale
                      Rothman Securities, Inc.
                         Rothman Agency

                      40 Years Investment Experience

    * Annuities         * Bonds           * Life Insurance
    * Mutual Funds      * Money Market    * Disability Insurance
    * Pension Plans     * Tax Shelters    * Health Insurance

Theodore G. Rothman, President           David L. Rothman, Vice President
   Certified Financial Planner                Certified Financial Planner

  Eight Neshaminy Interplex ~ Suite # 102        ~   Trevose, PA 19053

           (215) 245-2141                1(800) 543-3215

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The Dove Tale

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The Dove Tale

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The Dove Tale

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      The Dove Tale                                                                         UNITED STATES
                                                                                            POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                             permit no. 164
      Ohev Shalom of Bucks County                                                              Non-Profit
                                                                                            Southampton, PA
      944 Second Street Pike                                                                     18966
      Richboro, PA 18954

                                            the caterer
         Tasteful Elegance
       Exquisite Presentation
         Distinctive Cuisine            We are proud to be part of the
                                            Ohev Shalom Family

   Barclay                              Serving the Bucks County Area
                                                                                   by Axelrod
                                                                                     & Bennett
                                               for Over 50 Years            Dear Ohev Shalom Congregants,

   Caterers                             Catering for Parties of All Sizes        We are looking forward to providing
                                                                            you with all your catering needs. We
                                                                            specialize in serving delicious, attractive,
 Elegantly prepared delicacies served      I Personally look forward
                                                                            quality and affordable food. Be it 20 to
    with finesse and dedication to            to working with you           2000 guests, we can guarantee success for
    Quality and beautiful events              on your next event.           your party.
                                                                                 We will individually plan and
A family tradition for over 30 years      Please call Jeff Kalinsky at      coordinate your party from our initial
                                                  215-224-8400              meeting to final menu selections to
        8373 Loretto Avenue                    Fax 215-224-8406             making sure that everything runs
                                                                            smoothly during your event.
          Philadelphia, PA                E-Mail –
                                                                                 Ask us about how you can save time
               19152                                                        and money by letting our flower shop
Larry Drossner      Steven Hellinger                                        handle your decorating needs, too. Call
                                                                            us and benefit from over 75 years of
(215) 725-4010 or (856) 424-9505                                            professional experience.
                                                                            Shelly Bennett–Bruce Axelrod
                                                                                        (215) 843-3904

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