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					                Lenape HS Media Center
             Google Accounts Presentation
         December 3, 2010 @ Lenape Media Center
               Presented by Jaime fauver
Step 1: Log in to Google Sites with LRHSD Email
     Go to
     Click on SIGN UP FOR SITES
     Use your LRHSD email.
     Unclick setting Google as the default homepage
     Click on Create Account
     Enter phone number when prompted
     Text will be sent to you – enter the code for the first level activation
     For final activation ---
                 1. Go to your lenape email and click on the email from google sites
                 2. Click on the first link in your email to activate your account
                 3. Click to “sign in” and enter your email/password to establish your google site
     You will use the same login for Google Docs or Blogger or a general Google Account.

Step 2: Create a Google Site and/or a Google Doc
     Go back to and sign in.

             -   Click on CREATE NEW SITE
                     o Select BLANK TEMPLATE
                     o Name the site
                     o Choose a theme, if you wish – the default will be fine
                     o Click on the + by “More Options”
                            SHARE WITH: ○Only people I specify can view this website
                     o Type the code shown and click on “create site”
             -   Click on MORE ACTIONS (at top right)
                     o Click on SHARE THIS SITE
                             Enter the email address of someone to share the site
                     o Click to send the invitation to the site
             -   Click on EDIT PAGE to edit your webpage
                     o Look at “insert”, “format”, “table” and “layout” to see how to edit the site
                     o Notice you can click into each box to edit that box
             -   Creating additional pages and sidebar items
                     o At top of site, click on “Create Page”
                     o Name the page and put at top level
                     o Click SAVE and then your page should appear in the site (in the sidebar)
                     o Editing Sidebar will allow you to re-order the pages – this should be done last,
                       only after all of the pages are complete
                            Click on “edit sidebar”  Click on “edit” under Navigation
                            Unclick “automatically organize my navigation”
                            Reorder your pages and hit OK
                     o Under More Actions - “Manage Site”, you can change fonts, colors, etc.
                     o To change TITLE of site, under More Actions - “Manage Site”, click on general
                       settings to change the title
                     o Remember to always SAVE CHANGES

       Check out Google Docs @

              -   Make a document or spreadsheet or presentation.
              -   Share this with a colleague.
              -   Excellent resource for group projects, for homework help and for collaborating
                  with other teachers and classes.

questions, any project ideas, research or technology you are interested in using in your
                              classes, please come see us!!!

       Jaime Fauver ( and Jennifer Gaffney (
                               Media Center is ext. 3555.

**Now that you have your Google Account, you can use all of the following by signing in with
your LRHSD email and your established password.**


Google Accounts (general account info):

Google Sites: - Make your own websites in just a few minutes!

Google Docs: - Create word-type documents, spreadsheets, power
points and more and share and collaborate on projects!

Blogger: - Create your own blog! You can also customize news
feeds and subscribe to specific blogs.

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