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					                                                         Horsham Monthly Meeting
                                                                   of the
                                                        Religious Society of Friends
                                                                                     Ninth Month, 2005

                                                                           and invite them to worship
Query for Ninth Month                                                      with us?                             Inside this Issue
          Outreach                                                                                              Query for Ninth             1
                                    visitor?                                                                    Month
                                                                           Is my manner with visitors
What are we doing as a
                                                                           and attenders to our Meet-
Meeting to communicate
                                    Are we tender to the                   ing one of welcome?                  Minutes of Eighth           1
our presence and our
                                    needs of isolated                                                           Month, 2005
principles to the commu-
nity around us? Does our            Friends and Meetings,
                                    and to nearby Meetings                        Collaboration                 AFSC Stops Cloth-           2
Meeting’s ministry of out-
                                    seeking support?                       In what ways does our                ing Collections
reach lead Friends to
share their spiritual ex-                                                  Meeting respond to op-
                                                                           portunities to join with             News From Around            3
periences with others?                                                                                          PYM
                                    How do I ground myself in
                                                                           other faiths in worship, in
                                    the understandings of my                                           Upcoming Events                      4
                                                                           social action, and in
What are we doing to in-            faith? Am I clear about my
                                                                           spiritual dialogue?
vite persons not in mem-            beliefs? How do I prepare
bership to attend our               myself to share my faith               How does our Meeting                 About Horsham               4
meetings for worship and            and beliefs with others?               encourage its members                Meeting
to encourage their contin-                                                 to seek opportunities to
ued attendance?                                                            meet and work with
                                    Does my manner of life as              Friends world wide?                  work with them on com-
                                    a Friend attract others to                                                  mon concerns?
How does the Meeting                our religious society?
welcome visitors? Are we                                                   What opportunities have I
                                                                           taken to know people from            What opportunities have I
sensitive to the needs                                                                                          taken to know, to work,
                                    Do I seize opportunities to            different religious and cul-
and hesitations of each                                                                                         and to worship with
                                    tell others about the Reli-            tural backgrounds, to wor-
                                    gious Society of Friends               ship with them, and to               Friends outside of my own
Minutes of Eighth Month 2005
                                                                           Clerk of Trustees Elizabeth O.       tractors being interviewed
Minutes of 8th Month, 2005
                                     further comments regarding the        Jarrett requested David E.           again, with the prospect of
                                     Query. R. Evelyn Carpenter            Charles, representing The            being able to begin construc-
                                     told about the American               Quaker School Committee, to          tion soon. A Minute was ap-
Horsham Monthly Meeting for
                                     Friends Service demonstration         present the required financial       proved for the building of
Business held Eighth Month, 27th,
                                     “Eyes Wide Open” in Philadel-         information for the Phase One        Phase One as follows:
2006.Annual Meeting held at War-
                                     phia which displayed the boots        building. The reworked figures
minster Meeting.
                                     of soldiers who lost their lives in   showing the financial stability of
                                     Iraq. The boots, which are            The Quaker School, which in-         Horsham Monthly Meeting of
                                     being displayed several other         clude cost reductions, addi-         Friends agrees to permit The
There were 22 members and 3
                                     locations are a chilling, sad         tional loan availability from The    Quaker School at Horsham to
children present.
                                     commentary on the horrors of          Reinvestment Fund, collection        proceed with the building of
                                     war.                                  of pledges and the School’s          the Phase One segment of
The Eighth Query on Peace was                                              Contingency fund negate the          their building project, said ap-
                                                                           need, at this time, to borrow        proval to include monthly pro-
read in Meeting for Worship by
                                     Having received no additions or       money from Horsham Monthly           ject and financial reports.
John W. Lee III with Advices of-
                                     corrections the Minutes were          Meeting. The bids from Con-
fered by Dorothea C. Sines. Clerk
                                     approved.                             tractors are being studied, con-
Amy A. Jarrett, Clerk, asked for
      Page 2                                           Horsham Monthly Meeting
                                                                                                    and Jim Barnard.
                        The Minute was approved. A           ing 6 extra copies.
 Peace Quote:           copy of the Minute will be sent to                                          The letter will be given to the
                        the School.                                                                 Meeting Recorder.
                                                             The Nominating Committee Re-
                                                             port is scheduled for next Monthly
                        Christopher Gruber gave a de-        Meeting.                               Christine reminded Friends of
Then it was as if I     tailed report about his week at                                             the Abington Quarter Picnic to
                        the Junior Friends Conference.                                              be held at Byberry Meeting,
suddenly saw the        He had lots of fun, swimming,        NEW BUSINESS:                          Sunday September 3rd.
                        great counselors, liked the show-
  secret beauty of      ers and the food was “OK”. His
  their hearts, the     mother received no phone calls
                        during the week so she knew he
                                                             There will be no more used cloth-
                                                             ing accepted in Philadelphia by
                                                                                                    David E. Charles told of his
                                                                                                    recent meeting with Friends
     depths of their    was enjoying himself. Christo-       the American Friends Service           from the Snipe Family at the
                        pher was impressed by the num-       Committee.                             Friends Meeting in Martha’s
       hearts where     ber of “campers” from other                                                 Vinyard, Massachusettes. The
                        Meetings. This was a new ex-                                                Snipes are from lower Bucks
     neither sin nor    perience for him.                    Matthew Keck and Kelly Tessena         County not too far from David’s
                                                             have written a letter requesting to    home, an interesting experi-
    desire nor self-                                         be married in July, 2006, at Hor-      ence.
    knowledge can       There was no OLD BUSINESS            sham Meeting, the wedding to be
                                                             under the Oversight of both Hor-
reach, the core of                                           sham and Patuxent, Maryland,           There was no further business.
                        There had been no Interim Com-       Meetings. Their letter will be given   The Meeting adjourned after a
   their reality, the   mittee, Overseers meeting was        to a Clearness Committee to be         period of silence.
                        cancelled in August but will meet    appointed by the Meeting.
 person that each       Monday, September 19th.
    one is in God's                                          Clerk Amy A. Jarrett read a letter
                                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                                    Dorothea C. Sines,
 eyes. If only they     Elizabeth W. Lukshides an-           from the family of James Norris
                        nounced the birth of Daniel Jo-      Barnard, recently deceased.            Assistant Clerk
           could see    seph Bachinsky, her grandson,        Many present remember Copey
                        child of Rebecca Lukshides Ba-
     themselves as      chinsky and Joseph Carl Bachin-
 they really are. If    sky. Daniel arrived August 13,
                        2005 at 5:38 am, at 8 pounds 1       AFSC Stops Clothing Collections
      only we could     ounce and 21 ½ inches long.
                                                             in Philadelphia
                        Daniel ‘s Great Grandparents
    see each other      were Edith and William Wood.         The American Friends Service Committee's Philadelphia
    that way all the                                         warehouse has stopped receiving donations of used
                        There was no Treasurer’s Re-         clothing effective July 31, 2005. The collection and ship-
time, there would       port.                                ment of used clothing overseas to people in need has
  be no more war,       TRUSTEES REPORT:                     long been a cherished program of AFSC. As relief prac-
                                                             tices have changed in recent years, AFSC has looked
  no more hatred,                                            carefully at the program and its efficacy and a consensus
  no more cruelty,      J. Ellwood Kirk reported that a
                        new stove has been purchased
                                                             developed to end foreign clothing shipments.
no more greed... I      and installed in the Farm House.     Many countries have altered their policies regarding used
                        Trustees will meet September         clothing imports; most are even prohibiting such imports.
  suppose the big       12, 2005 at 7 pm.                    Along with other charities, AFSC has learned that pur-
    problem would                                            chasing locally to support overseas communities in crisis
                                                             makes the most sense. It's timely, cost effective, items
 be that we would       WORSHIP AND MINISTRY AND
                        RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                  purchased often are more suitable to the local needs, and
      fall down and                                          local economies are bolstered.. The agency hopes to con-
                                                             tinue to collect standardized hygiene and infant kits as
      worship each      Christine Greenland is in contact    part of new initiatives, so these can be on-hand in the
                        with the Meeting’s young people
               other.   on a regular basis. The Newslet-
                                                             warehouse for immediate shipment when emergencies
                        ter is sent to the young people      arise.
                        also.                                Read the full AFSC statement at:
    - Thomas Merton     A “Special Issue” of The Friends
                        Journal will be issued next
                        month. Meeting approved order-
                            Horsham Monthly Meeting                                                      Page 3

                                                                    ber. After that, these banners will no longer be available.
News from around PYM                                                Phone 215-561-1700.
          Friends General Conference Job Openings                                 Meetinghouse Paintings at Airport
Friends General Conference seeks Friends for four part-time         Friends traveling through Terminal F at Philadelphia Interna-
positions:Bookstore, Junior Gathering, Ministry on Racism,          tional Airport may wish to notice the exhibit of paintings of
Youth Ministries. For information, call Ellen Helmuth, 215-561-     Delaware Valley meetinghouses by Merion Meeting member
1700, or                                       John Satterthwaite. They are available for sale and the pro-
                                                                    ceeds will support the preservation of Merion Meetinghouse,
           Sad Loss for Friends Counseling Service                  built in 1695. The exhibit runs through the end of December.
(Memorial Service September 10 for Lindley Winston) With            Special viewing times for Friends are being arranged. Addi-
sadness the Friends Counseling Service reports the death of         tional information can be obtained from Alice Hoffman --
psychiatrist Lindley Winston in a car accident on August 14. He
and his wife, Joyce Winston, were returning from Cape May.                        Elaine Pagels Lecture Now on CD
She survived with injuries.
                                                                    The Outside Lecturer Working Group of PYM has received
                                                                    permission from Elaine Pagels to make available a two-disk
Lindley was a long and faithful member of the Friends Counsel-      CD set in connection with her lecture to Friends on May 21,
ing Service and touched the lives of many through his psychiat-     2005. The compact disks include her lecture - titled "The Se-
ric practice and as a member of Willistown Meeting (PA) and         cret Gospel of Thomas: New Perspectives on Jesus and His
PYM Interim Meeting. We know there will be many within the          Message" - the questions from the floor, her responses to
PYM community who will miss his generous, wise, and gentle          written questions, and a PDF file containing the Gospels of
spirit. We especially want to let any of Lindley's former clients   Thomas and Mary. These CDs are available from Sally Rick-
know. Any who would like to talk with a counselor about the         erman, 121 Watson Mill Road, Landenberg PA 19350; 610-
loss of Lindley Winston may call Counseling Service Coordina-       274-8856; for $15.00 plus $1.50 post-
tor Deborah Cooper at 215-248-0489 or PYM staff member              age and handling. Elaine Pagels is the Harrington Speare
Steve Gulick at 215-241-7068. A memorial service for Lindley        Paine Professor of Religion at Princeton University, and a
Winston was scheduled for 3 p.m. Saturday, September 10, at         well known scholar of Gnostic writings. About 700 people
Willistown Meeting, 7069 Goshen Road, Newtown Square, PA            attended her lecture at Arch Street Meeting House in Phila-
19073.                                                              delphia.
         Gifts to Workcamp in Memory of David Richie
The Friends Workcamp Program of PYM has established a                 "Silent Witness" Panels Featured in Abington Art Center's
fund in memory of David Richie, who died on July 15 at the age                          "Lost Meeting" Exhibit
of 97. David developed the Weekend Workcamp model in the            Until November 12 nearly half of Philadelphia Yearly Meet-
late 1930s and worked for PYM's Work camp program for 34            ing's "Silent Witness" panels about local Quaker meeting-
years. Checks should be made payable to Philadelphia Yearly         house architecture set the stage for the Abington Art Center's
Meeting, earmarked "David Richie Memorial Fund," and sent to        multi-layered, interactive, participatory exhibit, "The Lost
the Friends Workcamp Program, 1515 Cherry Street, Philadel-         Meeting," which takes place in the former Orthodox Meeting-
phia PA 19102. In 1953 the Yearly Meeting's workcamps had           house in Jenkintown, PA.
730 volunteers from 36 schools, engaged in 54 weekend work-
camps of service in low-income communities. David retired in        "The Lost Meeting" features the work of artist/designer J.
1973, but the program continues to this day.                        Morgan Puett, assisted by other collaborators. Moving
                                                                    through the Hicksite/Orthodox schism and the Quaker culture
                                                                    of that period, the collaborators have set-up a provisional
David leaves behind a legacy of light, love and caring. In honor    drafting studio in the Little Abington Meetinghouse to experi-
of his service, PYM is collecting stories of workcamp experi-       ment with historical domestic Quaker objects using 21st cen-
ences. These stories will become part of a collection that will     tury technology.
be available for circulation among friends and presented to         Friends may wish to start their experience with a visit to the
David's family. The Workcamp Program is collecting the names        "Silent Witness" panels in the Community Gallery of the
and addresses of past workcamp participants for the alumni          Abington Art Center, open Monday - Friday, 10am to 5pm,
database. This database will keep workcamp alumni linked to         Thursdays until 7pm. Then, a walk through the Sculpture
current workcamp activities, as well as establish a volunteer       Park takes visitors to the Little Abington Meetinghouse for J.
network. To send stories, or if you are a past workcamp partici-    Morgan Puett's work and other events. Visit
pant, please contact Susanna Corson-Finnerty, Workcamp     for details about specific events,
Alumni Project Assistant, at or 215-241-           including Family Workshops on Saturdays, September 10,
7236.                                                               October 8, and November 12, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. and First Day
                Last Chance for 'Peace' Banner                      Meetings at 2:00 p.m. on September 11, October 2, and No-
                                                                    vember 6. The November 6 event is a dialogue with J. Mor-
If anyone would still like a "There is No Way to Peace... Peace
                                                                    gan Puett, Iain Kerr, Julie Courtney, Sue Makler of Abington
is the Way" banner, QuakerBooks of FGC is offering them one
                                                                    Meeting, Christopher Densmore of the Friends Historical Li-
last time. We need a minimum of 15 orders to have the banner
                                                                    brary, and Catherine Lavoie of the Historic American Build-
company make these 4-by-8-foot banners. The price is
                                                                    ings Survey in Washington DC.
$250.00 each. Orders will be accepted until the end of Novem-
         Page 4                                              Horsham Monthly Meeting

 Upcoming Events                offer practical help, opportu-   Wenner Bradley, a member        at Haverford Meeting, 825
                                nities for finding meaning       of West Chester Meeting         Buck Lane, Haverford PA
                                and doing the work of for-       and an alumna of Bryn           19041. These sessions are
 October 22                     giveness and reconciliation,     Mawr College. The Quaker        sponsored by Haverford
 Workshop on Pastoral           have worship and prayers         College Fair is co-             Quarterly Meeting to prepare
 Care At End Of Life.           for wholeness.                   sponsored by Philadelphia       to counsel young adults
                                For more information and to      Yearly Meeting and the          should the need arise. We
 All Friends are invited to a                                                                    invite young adults to partici-
                                register, contact Brad           Friends Association for
 remarkable training to pre-                                                                     pate as peer counselors.
                                Sheeks at Friends Hospice        Higher Education (FAHE).
 pare ourselves for caring                                                                       For further information and a
 for members, attenders         Project, 215-241-7525,
                                                                registration packet, contact
 and their families at the                                       "Experiment With Light"         Christine M. Greenland,
 end of life. The workshop is                                    Retreat Planned                 Haverford Quarterly Meeting
 sponsored by Friends Hos-                                                                       Coordinator, P.O. Box
 pice Project of Philadelphia   October 22                    Friends will gather to learn
                                                                                                 3072,Warminster, PA 18974-
 and the Worship and Care       The annual Quaker College a form of Quaker meditation            0108; 215-322-4105, 215-
 Standing Committee. It will    Fair will take place Satur-   based on early Friends' ex-
                                                              perience of the Light at an        534-5928 or
 take place Saturday, Octo-     day, October 22, at Arch                                En-
 ber 22, from 9 a.m. to 3       Street Meeting House in       "Experiment With Light"
                                                              retreat led by Marcelle Mar-       rollment is limited to 30 par-
 p.m. at Plymouth Meeting,      Philadelphia, from 1:00 to                                       ticipants.
 2150 Butler Pike, Plymouth     4:00 p.m. Representatives     tin. The event will be held at
 Meeting PA 19462.              from the fifteen Quaker-      Solebury Meeting near New          November 11-13
                                affiliated colleges in the    Hope, Pennsylvania, from
 As Quakers, we are the                                                                          The next Inquirers' Week-
                                                              9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on
 ministers, and as the say- United States, along with an Saturday, November 12,                  end, designed to introduce
 ing goes, "God has no          expert on the college finan-                                     attenders and new members
                                                              2005. Tickets cost $25 and
 hands but ours." This work- cial aid process, will be par- include lunch and light re-          to the basics of Quaker faith
 shop includes ways to lov-     ticipating. The Quaker Col-                                      and practice, will be Novem-
                                                              freshments. For tickets call
 ingly ask difficult questions, lege Fair usually attracts    John Ellsworth at (215)
                                                                                                 ber 11-13 at Pendle Hill in
 learn what challenges the 100 high school students                                              Wallingford, PA. Leaders will
 person and the family are      and parents from all parts of 348-1215. Childcare is not         be Ben Pink Dandelion, Pro-
                                                              available.This retreat uses
 facing, create a care circle, PYM; it has consistently       the "Experiment With Light"
                                                                                                 grammes Leader in the Cen-
 find additional resources,     been regarded as a valu-                                         tre for Postgraduate Quaker-
                                                              process of British Friend
 offer information and sup- able and worthwhile experi- and theologian Rex Ambler.               Studies at Woodbrooke
 port in making decisions,      ence.                                                            Quaker Study Centre in Eng-
                                                              His book, "Light to Live By:
 be a person of presence,       This year's keynote address An Exploration in Quaker             land, and Deborah Shaw,
                                will be delivered by Melinda Spirituality," describes the        Worship and Discernment
                                                                                                 Coordinator at Guilford Col-
                                                              process he found in his sys-
 About Horsham Monthly Meeting                                                                   lege. The Inquirers' Week-
                                                              tematic compilation of
                                                                                                 end is co-sponsored by
We welcome all to visit us for worship on Sundays at          George Fox's writings, and
                                                                                                 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
10:30AM. First Day (Sunday) school is held during             then updated with elements
                                                                                                 and Pendle Hill. For more
worship from September through May. For more infor- of psychologist Eugene                       information, contact Pendle
mation, call (215) 672-1714, or email our Clerk, Amy          Gendlin's "Focusing" proc-
                                                                                                 Hill at ext. 3, 800-742-3150
Jarrett, at                            ess.
                                                                                                 or 610-566-4507 or check
                                                                Draft Counselor Training         the website
                                                                       at Haverford     under
                                                                 J.E. McNeill, executive di-     Fall 2005-Winter 2006 Work-
                                                                 rector of the Center for        shops. Pendle Hill has funds
                                                                 Conscience and War, will        available to match grants
                                                                 lead draft counselor training   from Friends Meetings for
                                                                 sessions on October 28-29,      scholarships; please ask for
                                                                 2005. The training will occur   details.

                                                                 Information for this newsletter should be given to Alan
                                                                 Folsom by the 10th of each month for inclusion in that
                                                                 month. Articles or information can be emailed to:

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