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									            Service Accelerators: Aspire

HCL’s Unique Framework for Collaborative Product Engineering

Business Challenges                                              Our Solution Approach
Product Management
                                                                              Adopt Software Products for Innovative RElationship
• Core vs. Non-Core, Performers vs. Non-Performers
• Products at different stages of Life cycle – New, Mature,        Identify         Transition                    Transform
• Reprioritization   &   reallocation    of    budget   across
  the portfolio
                                                                  Value Chain,                       SWEEP*        SPReE #           ARM $
                                                                    Market           ASSeT          Operational     Product         Top Line
Drive Innovation                                                    Product                         Excellence    Rejuvenation       Impact
• Proactive innovation vs.      reactive catch up       game
  (Resource Lock-in)
• Focus on existing customers vs. Opportunity to target                              Seamless
  new customers                                                     Identify/       transition of
                                                                                                      Improve     experience
                                                                    Validate          Product,                                   Revenue
                                                                                                    process and     through
De-risk Investment                                                    Right            People,                                   Enhance-
                                                                                                    operational     feature
                                                                   Candidate        Processes,                                     ment
                                                                                                     efficiency   enhanceme
• De-risk further    investments    in   the   non-performing      Products          Infrastruc-
                                                                                                                    nts and
  products                                                                               ture

• Agency Costs – Under investment vs. Over investment

Customer Satisfaction                                                               HCL’s Transformation Methodology
• Declining Customer Satisfaction
• Customer acquisition and retention                              *SWEEP – Software Efficiency and Effectiveness for Products.
                                                                  #SPReE – Sustainable Product Rejuvenation and Extension.
                                                                  $ARM – Adopt, Replace, Migrate.
Solution Overview                                                     –   Create augmented and adjacent products which can
                                                                          address the unmet needs of the target segment
ASPIRE is a unique transformational methodology with three
                                                                      3.3 ARM – Adopt Replace Migrate
distinct phases.
                                                                      -   Adopt: Generate additional revenues through new
1. Identify                                                               customer acquisition, penetrating new markets
• Analyze customer products, ecosystem and marketplace
                                                                      –   Replace: Enhance market share by displacing
• Identify the Right products for transitioning into HCL                  competitive products, and enabling customers to
                                                                          seamlessly switch to our products
2. Transition
                                                                      –   Migrate: Enable easy migration to new versions of our
• Use Proven, robust, and scalable framework called
                                                                          product, or technology
  ASSeT™ for transition
• ASSeT™ framework is an end-to-end framework which
  details out the Pre-Transition (Assessment / Due Diligence),      Business Benefits
  Transition (Service Transition) and Post-Transition (Steady
  State) phases                                                     Business Impact
                                                                    • Efficient operations and cost structure
3. Transform
                                                                    • Exploit market adjacencies and Improved Market Share
HCL’s three-pronged strategy to alleviate issues like:
                                                                    • Top line impact
• Declining profitability & escalating operational costs (SWEEP)
• Deteriorating product performance & CSat (SPREE)                  Core-Product

• Declining revenues & customer attrition (ARM)                     • Product Lifecycle extension – Feature enhancements
                                                                      & Sustenance engineering
  3.1 SWEEP - (SoftWare Efficiency and Effectiveness
      for Products)                                                 • Improved Cycle times – QA, Testing, L10n, Configuration
  -   Focus on critical value drivers to optimize costs, resource
      utilization, reduce cycle times and time to market            • Faster and easier migration to new product

  –   Deploy shared services model to drive operational             End Customer
      excellence                                                    • Timely and efficient product updates/ upgrades
  –   Offer on-demand, catalog based services across                • Quick on-boarding and minimal business impact
      the PDLC
                                                                    • Improved     predictability,   stability   and   customer
  3.2 SPReE – Sustainable Product Rejuvenation and Extension          satisfaction
  -   Rejuvenate the product by investing the savings made
      through SWEEP

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