Special Education Advisory Panel by wanghonghx


									                 Special Education Advisory Panel
                        September 20, 2006 
                              10 a.m
                 Jackson Marriott  Jackson, MS

Members Present:
Mike Montgomery, Hollia Thompson, Betty Petty; Sheletta Buckley, Becky Barlow,
Dawn Ladner, Ray Autry, Dorothy Gibson, Missy Yates, Reva Hopkins, Alesia
Norwood, Kent Coffey, Pam Felder, Hollie Filce, Helen Johnson, Gloria Adams, Carolyn
Taylor, Jackie Thigpen, Matt Nalker, and Linda Jones

Members Absent:
Sam Gleese, Leslie Junkin, Debbie Tolleson, Sidney Rowland, John Caraway, Shirley
Miller, Patty Horton, Liz Potts, Rickey Felder, Sally House, and Kathy Pittman

Call to Order
The Special Education Advisory Panel meeting was called to order by previous panel
president Matt Nalker. Advisory Panel members introduced themselves.

Public Comment
Jan Helligas asked the panel members to discuss their concerns regarding special

Business Session
Helen Johnson, immediate past president, asked that the panel be allowed to install
officers prior to any discussion. Panel members reintroduced themselves and talked
about their resources.

Special Education Bureau Director Dr. Armerita Tell gave an overview of the Office of
Special Education. Tell spoke about the duties and responsibilities of each division
within Special Education.

Yvonne Ellis, Division Director, Support Services, spoke to panel members about their
duties and responsibilities as outlined in the federal law.

Mike Montgomery and Betty Petty were elected chairperson and co-chairperson,
respectively. Montgomery asked Ellis the status of the panel’s recommendation to the
state board of education. Ellis suggested that each item be given to Dr. Melody Bounds,
director, Office of Special Education. Bounds will give a response on each item.

Montgomery added that it was good to see parents and professionals willing to work
The panel established several goals and topics of discussion for the upcoming year. They
    1. Have someone to address the panel regarding new regulations.
    2. Have a joint meeting with state ICC
    3. Look at parent training
    4. Place a cross training calendar on the list serve
    5. Look at the requirements for an alternative teaching certificate
    6. Discovery based transition-Parent/teacher perspective
    7. Self-discovery
    8. Components of a good inclusion program
    9. Standardized training/online parent training
    10. Mediator training: What are they trained to do?
    11. Develop a public comment follow-up procedure

   These items will be used to develop agenda’s for upcoming meetings. The next
   advisory panel meeting will be held October 18, 2006, in Jackson, Mississippi.

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