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Dr. Seriah Rein

Embryonic Stem Cell Bill squeaks through the Assembly!
Action: Since it already passed the NJ Senate last year, this bill will go straight to Gov.
McGreevey’s desk, where he is expected to sign it. Urge him to conditionally veto this
dangerous and controversial legislation S-1909) (it has since substituted A-2840) to use
ADULT stem cells instead, which all credible research scientists have testified are
medically far superior. In addition there is no moral baggage.
It passed by a single vote - 41 votes. Volumes of calls are needed. Continue praying!
Call: (609) 292-6000 Fax: (609)292-3454

This legislation WILL allow cloning (despite the denials of Neil Cohen D-Union- one of the
sponsors who took the lead in pushing this through) and WILL allow a baby to be developed
right up to full maturation at which time it must be killed. Throughout this maturation period,
this developing baby can be experimented on, prodded, experience pain, body parts removed,
and be killed (must be killed by law).

Neil Cohen said that passage of this legislation may be one of the most important bills to be
passed in this century. He is correct, but our reasons are vastly different. Because this has been
a culturally defining piece of legislation, it is an appropriate occasion to follow up with your
legislator to thank or scold. It is time to hold those legislators accountable who voted for this
legislation that more than adequate documentation during committee testimony had revealed to
be unnecessary, dangerous (including tumor formation) morally reprehensible and inferior to
adult stem cells by every scientific measurement.(Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll
calmly and accurately stated during the heated 45 minute debate that if this bill called for
ADULT stem cells, he was confident EVERY legislator in the chamber would vote for it).

1 Republican (Assemblymen Rafael Fraguela -Hudson Co.) and Matt Ahearn (Green Party –
Bergen) joined 39 Democrats to complete the 41 votes needed in the 80 member Assembly.
Fraguela was the ONLY Republican to break ranks with his party.

You should all have your NJ Legislature Roster of Members by now. It allows you to go right
down the list of every legislator in NJ with contact information included. Call Legislative
Services at 1-800-792-8630 to have your roster sent. This will be most handy for regular use.
Every Democrat on the Roster of Assembly Members voted FOR this bill with the exception
noted below.

                  P.O. Box 31, Ridgewood New Jersey 07451 Phone: 201-612-2292 Fax: 201-447-5908
                The following Republicans abstained:
1-   Joseph Azzolina (District 13)
2-   Arline M. Friscia (District 19)
3-   James W. Holzapfel (District 10)
4-   Joseph R. Malone III (District 30)
5-   Samuel D. Thompson (District 13)
6-   Charlotte Vandervalk (District 39)
7-   Christopher Bateman (District 16 Assistant Republican Whip

One Democrat abstained – breaking from party ranks - Joseph V. Egan (District 17)

One Democrat, Peter C. Eagler (District 34) switched his vote from a NO to a Yes as the arm-
twisting, exchange of promises and heavy lobbying took its toll.

If the Governor signs this bill, the huge pharmaceutical and research industry in NJ will ensure
that our state becomes the cloning capital of the world, as was repeatedly warned during
testimony before both the Assembly and Senate Committees. Enter the Brave New World of
human experimentation and fetal farms to supply the raw materials. All Assemblyman had full
information and documentation of the superiority of adult stem cell research with the additional
bonus of being free of the moral implications.

Yet the president of the NJ Council of Teaching Hospitals, J. Richard Goldstein, had the audacity
to tell the press that embryonic stem cells are more adaptable and “seem to be better suited for
the research.” Volumes of scientific testimony had already clarified the superiority of adult stem
cells on all fronts, including availability, reliability, less tissue rejection, and less mutation.
Goldstein admitted that this bill puts NJ “back into the game to be #1 in research.” This bill will
allow (will mandate) abortions on the cloned fetus right up to the newborn stage in the 9th month.

The number of embryonic stem cell lines will be expanded by asking couples undergoing in vitro
fertilization to donate the fertilized eggs. [catch the irony? A couple desperately hoping that life
will be created are at the same time going to be asked to donate the left-over eggs so they may be
used for research and killed ] Glaring truths often surface during heated debates, and Neil
Cohen’s rationalization for re-cycling the eggs served instead to illumine his crassness: “You
have thousands of eggs from in vitro fertilization that are going to be flushed down the sewer; we
should instead allow them to be used to find a cure for disease.” [This is one of the moral
concerns with in-vitro, which many couples merely wanting a baby and desperate, may tend to
overlook. Is it morally acceptable to throw away fertilized eggs, which need only time and
nurture to continue development into fully-formed babies?]

Commentary on the complete proceedings in Assembly session:
The Assembly Session was scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM It began around 3:30 PM as the
public anxiously waited in the gallery. A gentleman from a major newspaper service said
to me, “They’ll keep us waiting for as long as it serves their purposes. Who cares about
schedules? Believe it or not I’ve been assigned to cover this chamber not for the scheduled
vote but for a feature on Ego-centrism and Narcissim. ” He came to the right place!

The chaplain opened the session with prayer asking that what transpires in the chamber be
to the glory of God, reminding us that even our currency reminds us that it is “In God that
We Trust.”
Before voting on bills, Kelley Ganges was awarded for his services as Exec. Director of the
Assembly Democratic Staff, as he was leaving to take the job of Chief of Staff to the County
Executive in Mercer County. He publicly thanked Albio Sires as being a great man (who
moments later voted FOR embryonic stem cell research AND Domestic Partnership Benefits).
During this lovefest of party self-congratulatory excess, Ganges said: “Bonnie (Watson-
Coleman) and I have a button: ‘Jesus was a liberal’ as he crowed that he was proud to be a
partisan liberal. “It was about doing the good work the Lord allowed me to do,” he said. “I had
the best staff ever created. Some of them I hired.” Bonnie Watson Coleman said, “He is one of
the brightest minds we’ve experienced here. God has to have his people everywhere. He
conducts himself like a child of God…..we wish him God speed and the best of luck”
Assemblyman Joe Doria during his remarks said, “I agree with Bonnie. The Lord will direct
him. He brings his faith and passion here to the service of the people. He helps us bear our
burdens, and for that we all owe him a great deal of thanks.” [Kelley Ganges considers himself a

Kelley further added he was “…giving honor to God and grateful to Him. I’m in the business of
being a background person. It is the reason the good Lord placed me on this planet.” [It was like
a revival service, but it was difficult to recognize the God they serve by the principles espoused.
Dare we remain hopeful that these public servants may eventually see the light and vote the
principles of the Creator God we should all be obedient to…regardless of personal feelings or
party? All who engaged in this lovefest voted FOR embryonic stem cell research and FOR
domestic partnership benefits, which was voted on the same evening. ]

The cognitive dissonance threatened to drive more stable souls out of the chamber for a
breath of fresh air, but self-discipline prevailed, and the more discerning were forced to
listen to a dog and pony show that would rival P.T. Barnum.

At 4:20 PM the bills were finally put up for a vote. It was after 5:00 PM when Stem Cell
Research was finally posted for a vote after a passionate and long debate. The emotional card
was played by supporters of this bill big-time. Neil Cohen must have covered just about every
major disease that mankind suffers, holding out his bill, embryonic S.C. research as the means
for hope and the much-needed cure…. extensively describing the hardship and suffering of
relatives currently suffering from debilitating diseases. Does not just about every member in the
chamber have someone dear suffering a debilitating disease? Voting against this bill was
equated with lack of compassion. Outright distortion and falsification remained the only means
left in garnering added support for this controversial and complicated piece of legislation.

McKeon said, “I’m not a molecular biologist, but embryonic stem cells are far superior; we can
grow parts all over the body.” [Where was this man during all the committee hearings!]

Assemblyman Carroll further added that well-know columnist Andy Sullivan, suffers from
AIDS and said, “There is nothing I would not do to be cured, except this is morally
problematic.” Carroll suggested that, “Perhaps we should re-visit this and pass a bill that
limits it to ADULT stem cells.”

Cohen again stated that the bill bans cloning…that it is a first degree crime to create an
individual. [Yes, the individual cannot survive, because it must be killed (by law) during
research. Either he seems not to understand the language of his own bill, or he is
misrepresenting the truth.] Cohen hinged much of his argument on the issue of
implantation into the womb. His reasoning is that if it is not fertilized or nurtured in the
womb itself – anything goes. However, this reasoning flies in the face of the President’s
Council on Bioethics and prominent research scientists in this highly-specialized field of
stem-cell research. They have made it very clear that when human life is formed and the
embryo is poked, prodded, experimented on, used as the source for harvesting of body
parts, the dignity of human life is sacrificed and a human life is extinguished.

A letter from Nancy Reagan was disseminated as supporting this bill. She was characterized as
pro-life. This was later corrected. Furthermore, unlike President Reagan, Nancy Reagan was not
pro-life. It was also stated that Sen. Orin Hatch was also in support of this bill. Later, it was
questioned that he had weighed in on the NJ bill, which goes way beyond the Hatch bill

Cohen said. “Long ago, leeches were considered the best thing. Science evolves. What was
heretic now becomes reality.”

Dr. Munoz, District 21, responded to Cohen that ….. “this legislation will not cure these
diseases. He wish it were true, but it’s not. The bill will not result in cures.”

Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose: “All here have been affected with crippling diseases
and handicaps………I fear New Jersey will set a standard we will not be proud of….This is
a human cloning bill. It permits SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer). A woman could
have cloned cells harvested right up to the newborn stage….Cadaver tissue can be used for
research purposes. All these elements are present in this bill.” McHose stated, “We must
realize we are putting New Jersey on the market for cloned fetal parts.”

In rebuttal to the testimony of Christopher Reeve as early as 2002, the testimony of Joni
Erickson Tada had previously been presented to both chambers. It was determined that Joni’s
testimony would be invaluable, since legislators were shaking their heads saying, “How do you
say no to Christopher Reeve? Look at him!” Joni, however, understood pain, disappointment
and severe disability. She had been a quadriplegic for more than 35 years, far longer than Mr.
Reeve. She lovingly warned that Christopher’s call for “the duty of government to do the greatest
good for the greatest number of people” puts people like him and her in serious jeopardy, for it
would provide a good case for euthanizing them! After all, this utilitarian approach would
dictate that it is too expensive to sustain such individuals without the expensive medical support.
They both use. She warned also that social engineering is bad news for people with disabilities.

She implored careful review of the extensive medical studies showing “without a doubt that our
own body cells offer the quickest and best hope for cures, and the adult stem cells are the most
promising, least risky, and most cost-effective.” Further, she warned that “we are at risk when a
society thinks nothing of creating human lives explicitly for industrial exploitation.”

Nevertheless, Neil Cohen described those who would vote against his bill as lacking
compassion, being misled by misinformation and distortion and drew an analogy to the
“Salem Witch Hunt.”

Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto was offensively passionate, describing it as a bill of
conscience and morals, encouraging the Assemblymen to know ALL the facts, claiming it is
NOT a cloning bill. “to sit there and say NO because it is not my child; it’s somebody else’s
child – to sit there and do nothing – we’re as guilty as someone pulling the trigger. We are
obligated to help those who cannot help themselves. I don’t care what religion you are.”
This accusation suggested religious faith was an impediment to sound science. He went on.
“Galileo was punished and tortured because he said the earth revolved around the sun.
Galileo was proved correct in time; we will be proved correct in time.” The implication
could not be missed. Conveniently overlooked were the many scientists like Kepler and
Copernicus who because they were Christian saw divine order in the universe and made
outstanding discoveries – discoveries which allowed us to put a man on the moon.

Assemblywoman Clare M. Farragher: I support what Assemblywoman McHose said: “In
California, the only other state with a similar law, if you destroy an eagle’s egg, you will be
charged with a crime. Are humans more valuable than the eagle’s egg? I think they are.”

The identity of the young Assemblyman, seated underneath the gallery balcony has not yet
been determined. He was most articulate, stating that “adult stem cells are already being
used- and used successfully. There is no evidence of any therapeutic benefits or scientific
advances with embryonic stem cells. We see a troublesome scenario that would be allowed:
This bill will enable human beings to be cloned and utilized for research up to 8 months 29
days – as long as it is killed before the newborn stage. You can take the baby’s body parts,
charge a service fee for commercial exploitation…….” [He saw it clearly.]

For awhile it looked like we had the votes, but as legislators darted about on the Assembly
floor with threats and favors being exchanged, human cloning passed by one vote. This is a
sad day for NJ and for the millions of unborn babies that will be used for human
experimentation. We observed first-hand the distortion of human compassion and the
rationalization for utilitarian, self-aggrandizing purposes. We saw those who were for this
bill cast the most offensive accusations to those who would disagree, while we saw none of
these accusations hurled back. The American legislative process is badly damaged. Why?

Samuel Adams: A general dissolution of principles and manners will more
surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common
enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when they
lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external
or internal invader…If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they
will never be enslaved. This will be their great security. [Citizens must again vote
for righteous leaders to represent them at the State House in Trenton if they
hope to have righteous laws passed.] Seeds of our own destruction have been
sown. Can our Creator hold his protective hand over our state much longer?

Call Gov. McGreevey today.
All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
                                                           -Edmund Burke

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