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					                     Alcohol Stills in the 1920’s in America
      Once upon a time in the early 1900’s, people enjoyed alcoholic beverages as

a way of calming themselves after a long day of work. Alcohol was cheap and was

also consumed by anyone wanting to have a good time. But soon, all fun came to an

end when the government stated in the 1920’s that it was to be prohibited from then

on. Congress came forward saying alcohol was corrupting America’s youth, helping

the growth of mobs, and breaking up families. Although public businesses that

manufactured, distributed it, and sold alcohol were shut down, that hardly meant that

alcohol would be no more in America.

      This began the trend of bootlegging. “Bootlegging” was the title given to the

illegal manufacture and transportation of alcoholic beverages. Thousands of

bootleggers appeared at this time making homemade stills to produce alcohol for

themselves and plenty of other interested customers. Bootlegging businesses really

started to grow when mafia families began taking over, seeing the prohibition as

America’s weakness. Soon enough the illegal consuming of alcohol seemed to have

stretched over America. Noticing the law was so widely violated officials now felt as

if nothing could be done.

      By the 1930’s the law was defeated by the peoples of America and the

American government backed down with short-lived prohibition.

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