Alcohol Internet Scavenger Hunt by qingyunliuliu


									ALCOHOL- Internet Scavenger Hunt                              Names                               Period

Answer the questions below by holding down the control key and clicking on the links that are listed with each
question. This assignment will be worth 2 daily grades. Remember that behavior points will be deducted from your
final grade if necessary.

   1.    List 3 effects that alcohol has on the body for each dose.
        Low Dose-
        Medium Dose-
        High Dose-

   2. List 4 facial features that FAS children may have.

   3. Compared to normal babies, babies born with FAS may have (list 4 examples that are not facial features):

   4. List the 5 danger signs that alcohol abusers may show and describe the signs IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

   5. List 3 of the 9 misconceptions discussed and list 1 reason why each of these misconceptions are not true.

   6. Read the Alcohol and Teen Drinking article. List 5 facts about alcohol that you thought were

        When you are finished save your answers to your jump drive (E:Kingston). Print one copy of your scavenger
        hunt (printer HP LaserJet P2015) and turn it into Mrs. Townsend. Begin working on your alcohol power

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