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Curriculum Mapping Timeline


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									                           Curriculum Mapping Timeline

Date            Activity

Summer 2002     State DOE initiates TechPath process, 8 staff attend Sioux Falls

Summer 2003     Part II TechPath Workshop given by State Department of Education;
                5 staff attend workshop

Spring 2004     Curriculum Mapping Committee Established, Timeline of
                Implementation, and Creation of Excel Template

Fall 2004       Diary Maps were created by specific core areas

1/23/2005       TechPaths Training with Mark Heilman with SD Dept. of Education
                Location – STM Computer Lab, Staff Training (K-12)

Fall 2005       Staff Cut/Paste Diary entries into new TechPath format

6/7/2006        Two ½ day summer workshop on TechPaths

12/5/2006       Two day SD Curriculum Mapping Conference in Chamberlain

1/24/2007       Core Mapping Curriculum Committee Established
                Ann Trucano, Barb Sachs, Ann Walther, Carol Cooper, Sheryl
                Romig, Colleen Lecy, Donna Schuck, Jesus Garcia, Kathy Roddis,
                Mary Daniel, Sean Mullin, Seth Keene, Stacy Nelson, Steve Miller,
                Steve Slough, Wayne Sullivan, Lloyd Potter

2/15/2007       Two Day Core Mapping In-Service

5/9/2007        Mapping Curriculum Revisited work done on Mapping, Discussed
                Timeline for Read Throughs

9/28/2007       Vertical Read-Throughs for Individual Subjects
                *Grades 6-12 Language Arts could not agree on content area system-
                Wide to map the curriculum.

Spring 2008     In-service for Vertivcal Read Follow-Up and Standards Addressed

Academic Year
2008-2009       K-12 System Analysis on Mapping Progress, Elementary Mapping
                Moved to next core subject, Building Level Administrators in charge
                Of individual mapping.

Summer 2009     K-5 core maps still needed for Language Arts, Social Studies/ Art,
                    Religion. K-12 Physical Science/Health, 6-12 Language Arts, K-5
                    Elementary Music.

October 2009        K-5 Religion core maps were worked on.

Future Timeline

   1. Elementary will need to finish core maps. K-12 teachers need to be importing
      district curriculum maps into individualized TechPath maps, and they need to
      update general core map to specific lesson plans and instruction.

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