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					Robin Harmon

November 9, 2009

EDUC 360

                                        Curwin and Mendler

       When learning about disciplining with dignity there were a few things that I found very

important. One of those things is that rules and consequences should reflect the school’s values,

not necessarily your own. This is so important because the school’s values do not change. Even

though they are not in your class all the time, as long as their other teachers follow the school’s

values, many of the rules and consequences should be the same. It is also very important to

model the wanted behavior for the students. The teacher should model in their own behaviors

and also set up role playing opportunities for student to practice the behaviors. I believe it is also

very important to allow students to make decisions. Many times, just by giving students the

opportunity to make decisions makes them feel as though they are in charge of their learning.

This builds their self esteem.

       I disagree with always disciplining a student in private. Some students may just be acting

out so they can have some one on one time with the teacher. By disciplining a student in front of

others there is a part of the public humiliation. You’ll have to know your students before making

any decisions about how to handle this though. Some students may do better when disciplined in

private. I am also not sure about stressing responsibility. Some students do not want

responsibility. They may misbehavior simply to shed themselves of the responsibility they were

given. I believe that emphasizing respect is much better than stressing responsibility. Respect

ultimately should lead to taking responsibility for their own actions. They should eventually go

hand in hand.
       This model seems to be fairly easy and straightforward. I am not sure how easy it would

be to implement though. If a teacher is taking the time to talk individually with each student

every time there is misbehavior and making a plan to change each action, it seems that

disciplining is all that teacher will get done. You really have to make sure that you know your

students before implementing this behavior management plan in your class. Each student would

react differently to it. This method looks like it would be good for students who are sometimes

violent. It is sometimes very hard to know how to best deal with these students. One thing to

look out for when working with these students while using this model is that if you are alone

with this student. You need to ensure that you have proper backup in case the student turns

violent on you.

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