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Letter to MLA


    No.1489, 17TH C main, 5th block, HBR layout, 1st stage, Bangalore-560043
                          Regd. No.: SOR/BLU/DR/1051/2009

To                                                    13th Sept 2011
The Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka,
Respected Sir,
Sub: Most neglected BDA layout among all other BDA layout. Ward No.24

We, the residents of HBR 5th block would like to bring the following grievances to your kind
notice and needful action.
The area covered under our association is as defined below:
    On the North side: From 20th cross (near BESCOM-BWSSB office) to 26th cross.
    On the south side: 1st A cross.
    On the East side: From 36th to 45th cross of 19th main
    On the West side: Outer ring road (near Forest Dept. gate)
(A layout map is attached herewith for your reference)


Asphalting/Tarring of roads: The asphalting/tarring work has not been taken up in this
segment since several years and there are innumerable potholes. Some time back BBMP took
up asphalting/tarring of some main roads in 5th block (i.e. from 15th main to 19th main road and
left it half way and incomplete. All other roads namely 14th, 17th C main and all cross roads
(i.e. from 21st to 27th cross near BESCOM office and from 36th cross to 45th cross at 19th main)
were not done. The condition of roads (i.e. 30th C main-BESCOM office road, extension roads
of 17th and 18th main and 21st to 27th cross roads) on the other side of storm water drain is in a
worst and dilapidated state posing danger to all. When the association took up the case, BBMP
started filling up potholes wherever the roads were very bad and that work was also done

Pathetic condition of BESCOM road connecting outer ring road and 19th main in HBR 5th block   P1
                                                Fencing of open SWD: The fencing of open
                                               SWD (with chain link barbed wires) was done
                                             long back from ring road to Footstep Bridge. The
                                              stretch from Footstep Bridge to 19th main bridge
                                              is left out unfinished. Mr.Gundappa sheety, (Ex-
                                            EE) and Mr. Vijayakumar, AE during their visit to
                                            our layout in May ‘10 had agreed to complete the
                                                  work in a month’s time. In spite of several
                                            reminders on this matter nothing has happened till

Fencing of SWD done partially

Retaining walls for SWD: The below photos will illustrate the condition of the SWD beyond
19th main bridge. The sidewall was constructed on one side only for a very short length and the
work was stopped mid way. As there is neither a sidewall nor any fence to the SWD, many
construction people from neighboring and far off places are dumping the debris here day and
night. Due to this there is a hindrance in the flow of sewage water and the same stagnates
becoming a breeding place for mosquitoes and other insects and foul smell emanate from this
stagnated water. In spite of our letter to Chief Engineer SWD, nothing has happened so far.

    SWD seen without side walls          SWD with wall on one side, that too for a small length.

                                            Construction of demolished sidewall of SWD:
                                            The SWD sidewall was broke open to get entry of
                                            JCP into the SWD for the purpose of de-silting.
                                            This was done in Jan’10 and lying as it is till
                                            today. The demolished sidewall to be
                                            reconstructed immediately; otherwise there are
                                            much likely chances of sewage water entering into
                                            the layout during rainy season.
                                            Demolished sidewall not reconstructed even after
                                            1-½ years.

                                            Revamping of rainwater side drains:
                                            Revamping of side drains was done only in some
                                            roads and left half way; and it has to be done in
                                            full-fledged manner in all roads. This shows that
                                            the current sitting officers and engineers of BBMP
                                            in charge of our layout may not be
                                            visiting/inspecting while the developmental work
                                            is taking place

                                            Revamping of side drain stopped midway

                                            Overflowing of sewage water: It has been
                                            observed that the sewer pipes get clogged very
                                            often and sewage water overflows through
                                            manhole chamber and run onto the road creating
                                            foul smell and causing hardship to the residents.
                                            The reason being that at many places the
                                            chamber’s manhole lids are either not placed
                                            properly or damaged; and in some cases the
                                            chamber’s mouth itself got damaged.

                                            Sewage water overflowing thro’ manhole chamber

The sewer pipes 9” of size which were laid long back when the number of house in this layout
were very less and since the number of houses is increased to many folds and many more
sewer pipes from adjacent areas are connected to the 19th main pipe, it is not sustaining the
large volume of sewage water running in this pipe and causing overflow.

Street signboards: Recently street signboards were erected and painted with street numbers in
our layout; but still at many places signboards are to be erected and painted. It has been
observed that some signboards are with wrong markings as under; and it’s to be corrected to
match with property documents. Even after our reminders no action has been taken.
           17th ‘A’ main is written as 17th main (where it meets with 1st A cross)
           30th’A’ cross is written as 30th cross (at both ends of 30th A cross)
           1st ‘A’ cross is written as 1st main road.
           39th cross is written as 33rd cross at one place and 38th cross at another place.

Side drain cleaning: Side drains were cleaned only in some roads and left halfway as usual.
As the side drains are with full of weeds, mud and debris, the rainwater doesn’t flow and
stagnates, rising too much stinky smell and becomes breeding place for mosquitoes. We
brought it to the notice of all concerned; but no action has been taken.                  P3
Vacant sites: Though the layout was formed 22 years back, there are more than 40% sites
vacant. These sites look like jungle with thick bushes. And are used as public toilet by the
construction labors and slum dwellers (camped at 19th main- 36&37th cross for over 10 years.)
These sites have turned into garbage/debris yards. These site owners stay elsewhere and never
bothered to maintain/clean the site; waiting for good appreciation of real estate at the cost of
others sufferings. BDA has to initiate action by issuing notices to all these site owners and get
it cleaned immediately or BDA can do it themselves by levying some penalty on the site
owners. There are more possibilities for the layout people, especially the children to get bitten
by the snakes, which are in abundance in the layout.

Park and other civic amenities: Please note that there is no Library, playground for children
and a park in our segment. During the layout formation BDA had earmarked 18 guntas of land
in 18th main; but even after the lapse of 22 years no park has come up in this site. During these
periods the land mafias tried to knock of this prime land many times. The construction
activities of the mafia on this land were stalled by BDA each time by demolishing the
construction. Recently, the BBMP officials recovered this prime site from the hands of land
grabbers and now it’s under way for converting into a PARK. We have made several
representations to the concerned authorities; but nothing has happened till today.

                                             Footpath: In 19th main, footpath with moulded
                                             concrete tiles were laid some years ago on one
                                             side of the road (from site No.1280 to site
                                             No.1305) only and stopped abruptly like any other
                                             development work. This has to be done in full-
                                             fledged manner wherever it has been planned.

Unfinished footpath at 19th main

Bus shelter:
     2 shelters are to be made on the outer ring road i.e. near the Forest office gate (between
       Hennur main Road signal and Nagawara signal) one each in opposite manner, for buses
       going towards Hebbal and the other one for the buses going towards Krishnarajapuram.
     The 3rd shelter in 19th main, 5th block, HBR layout, i.e. near 42nd cross from where bus
       No. 296B starts now.
In this regard we have written a letter DT: 13th Jan 2010, addressed to: Shri.K.S.Viswanath,
Chief Traffic Manager (Operation), BMTC, Shanthi Nagar, Bangalore-560027.
But till today no action has been taken by the BMTC. Please instruct the BMTC officials to
take up the necessary action.                                                              P4

More bus services: Presently we are having two route buses 296B and 296D; one is for
Shivajinagar and the other is for Majestic. It’s a long due to introduce more buses like to
K.R.Puram, Yeswantpura and K.R.Market. We have learnt that there is a bus No.412 that plies
between Hennur cross and ISRO layout. This bus starts from Hennur cross and goes via
Kammanahally, IOC, Indiranagar, Domlur, Koramangala, BTM layout, Jayanagar,
Banashankari, Kumarasamy layout to ISRO layout. Hence, this bus can be made to start from
HBR 5th block, as the case of 296B and 296D buses. We have written a letter to BMTC on 22nd
July 2010 on this regard and the issue has to be taken up with BMTC officials.

Cow menace: There is a vacant site No.1280 at 19th main - opposite to Anjaneya temple-
which is lying vacant since the inception of this layout and seems not allotted to anybody by
BDA. This site is being used as debris dumping yard. Apart from this, the stretch of road in
front of this big site is used as cattle’s breeding center and it is a breading ground of
mosquitoes and other disease spreading flies and insects. Nearly 10 to 15 cows are brought to
these sites from elsewhere for milking during early morning hours; and after that it’s left free
in the layout for graze. Besides, the cows roam day and night in the streets and defecate all
over the places, making nuisance to the residents/motorist.

   Cows kept for milking at 19th main               Cows roaming and grazing on the streets

We are facing the cow menace problem for the last 3 to 4 years. Several complaints to all
concerned have gone into deaf ears.

                                                  Garbage collection and disposal: The waste
                                                  management team at our HBR 5th block
                                                  layout is not doing the collection & disposal
                                                  of garbage i.e sweeping of all roads properly
                                                  and regularly. Roads are being swept once in
                                                  8 or 10 days. The swept wastes are either
                                                  dumped in vacant sites or burned. The
                                                  garbage dumped by passers-by near the KEB
                                                  transformer at 19th main and many other
                                                  places in the layout has not been cleaned
                                                  regularly. Repeated complaints have not
                                                  yielded any response.
                                                  Garbage dumped near KEB transformer         P5
Stray dog menace: Stray dogs are increasingly troubling the residents, particularly morning
walkers. Working professionals who come home late in the night are also affected.

                                               Slum dwellers: There is a slum at 19th main
                                               (between 36th and 37th cross) that exists for over 8
                                               yrs. These dwellers live in a pathetic condition
                                               and use vacant sites to attend natural calls.
                                               Slums at 19th main

Short supply of water: We are having acute
short supply of water (due to insufficient
water pressure) for the last 6 months. We
have made several complaints to East zone
engineers and also to Chairman. But till
today there is no improvement in the water
                         Frustrated 18th Main Residents gheraoing BWSSB officials and Corporator

Sodium Vapor lights: At present Sodium vapor lights are provided only in few places. We
have been asking BESCOM authorities to provide it at all main/cross junctions in our layout.
But so far nothing has happened. Please instruct the BESCOM officials to install sodium vapor
lights at all places.

Storm water drain which runs thro’ the 5th block
                                               Storm Water Drain posing health hazard to the
                                               residents: The storm water drainage running
                                               through our layout is posing hazard and life
                                               threatening ailments. The big SWD gives rise to
                                               many problems and if not covered with concrete
                                               slabs, it will prove to be dangerous. Some
                                               residents, who live close to SWD, are planning to
                                               vacate the place and move elsewhere, due to the
                                               unbearable smell emanate from the highly
                                               polluted/chemical water running in SWD. The
                                               stink is more during nighttime, as the nearby
                                               industries release the chemical water into the
SWD during night as none can notice/ watch it. Since the chemicals mixed in sewage water,
the whole atmosphere is always polluted; and it creates irritation in eye and skin. Especially
children and elderly people find it difficult to breath. Some times we see carcasses in SWD
that adds to our misery; and we are clueless as to whom to be blamed. Though the storm water
drain is meant for rainwater to flow, it is being used as sewage/ sanitary water to flow. P6
In total, there is nobody to take care of our layout. Layout (BBMP) engineers, health inspector
and corporator are there for namesake only.
The residents of HBR 5th block humbly request your good selves and your high office to look
into the grievances and do the needful.
Thanking you,
With Best regards

President                                                Joint Secretary
V.G.Sathya Murthy                                        K.Annamalai
Mob: 9742087307                                          9880377392
Copy to :
1.Shri. K. J. George. MLA-
Sarvagna nagar Constituency,
Banaswadi, Bangalore (Sent via email:
2. Worshipful Mayor,
BBMP, Bangalore. Sent via Email:,,
3. The Commissioner,
BBMP, Bangalore (sent via email:,,)


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