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									                                                 Bing Maps
                                                 Fact Sheet
                                                October 2011

Microsoft Corp. designed Bing to help overcome search overload and make faster, more informed decisions
when searching online. Bing Maps is an immersive mapping experience that brings search to maps, providing
a limitless canvas for customers to accomplish their location-based tasks online through new types of
imagery, relevant content recommendations, map apps, and driving and transit directions.

Bing Maps Features
   Innovative and engaging imagery. Bing Maps shares information through engaging imagery using
    Photosynth and Silverlight technology, including aerial and road views, Streetside imagery, and a new
    dynamic and interactive view that is currently in beta.
    o   Streetside imagery. Streetside imagery enables customers to experience Bing Maps from street
        level. Recently, Streetside imagery was enhanced to provide street-level panoramas that allow users
        to take a virtual walk up and down the street to see neighborhoods and find businesses. As users
        slide the street-level imagery sideways, the view of the sidewalk is seamlessly constructed to include
        an overlay of business listings, street names and store fronts.
           Streetside imagery is collected using a 360-degree camera typically mounted on a car or SUV
            that also incorporates laser scanners to help Microsoft build a physical model of our
            environments. At this time, Streetside imagery includes street-level imagery from 56 U.S. metro
            areas, along with Vancouver, British Columbia, and in Europe in parts of the U.K. We’re currently
            in the process of collecting imagery in France and Germany, with additional cities in Western
            Europe to come. Imagery includes highways, main arterials and some residential streets in each
    o   Dynamic imagery. The dynamic labels beta is an innovative map navigation that allows for quick
        zoom to a region or location on the maps with just a few clicks, making it easier to identify and
        explore areas or neighborhoods of a city. Zooming out takes a single click using the breadcrumb trail
        at the top left of the map.
   Bing Map Apps. Bing Maps features nearly 60 applications, including Twitter Maps, The Restaurant
    Finder, Oodle Rentals, Parking Finder, Taxi Fare Calculator and WorldWide Telescope. We’re constantly
    adding new applications based on current events (such as the World Cup and Tour de France) and
    consumer needs.
    o   Bing Map App Software Development Kit (SDK). Launched in June 2010, the Bing Map App SDK lets
        developers create their own map apps built on top of Bing Maps and hosted on
        More information is available at
   Social search. Bing leverages partnerships with Twitter and Facebook to deliver real-time results. In
    addition, Bing offers social search map apps: Twitter Maps and Facebook’s My Friends.
    o   Twitter Maps app. The Twitter Maps app makes it easy to see what and where people are tweeting.
    o   My Friends. Facebook’s My Friends map app provides a visualization of cities where peoples’
        Facebook friends are located. People can also check out their friends’ latest statuses and post to
        their walls all within the application.
   Spatial search. Through spatial search, Bing delivers a more useful and immersive platform that lets
    users explore, discover and decide. Applications include the following:
    o   Interior Views. Interior Views provide an experience identical to Streetside imagery, but they extend
        beyond places vehicles can go and allow people to see inside local restaurants and businesses with
        360-degree panoramic views. These views are accessible from local search results and in the
        thumbnail strip on a business’s local listing page. Whether exploring Seattle’s Pike Place Market or a
        favorite theme park, Bing Maps provides the most immersive experience of the place. This feature is
        currently available in Seattle, San Francisco and Boston.
    o   Streetside Photos. Streetside Photos mines geotagged photos from Flickr, and relates them to the
        Streetside imagery in Bing Maps.
    o   Shopping Mall Maps. Bing features detailed Shopping Mall Maps of more than 148 malls across the
        United States, allowing users to view individual stores, layout, parking, ATMs and entrances, as well
        as many other mall services — all within Bing Maps. In addition, when searching on Bing Maps for a
        certain mall or a store within that mall, you will be shown a mall map link in the search results
        contact card.
    o   WorldWide Telescope. This application allows customers to literally see what’s above — with
        constellations, planets and stars coming to life in Bing Maps as they appear in the real world.


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