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					Name                                        stock solution   working solution          label/°C                     detection                                                                   reactivity         host                  order#    company
Acetylcholine Receptor a                    250µg/ml         1:250(WB)                 -20°                                                                                                     r/m                mouse                 610989    BD Biosciences
Anti human/mouse/rat/chicken Pax7 AB        500µg/ml         10µg/ml                   PAX7/ -20°                   human, mouse rat and chicken Pax7                                                              mouse                 MAB1675   R&D Systems
Anti -Synatpophysin 1                       1mg/ml                                                                  specific for synaptophysin 1 with no cross activity to other relatives.                                              101011    Sy Sy
Anti-Calreticulin                                                                      calreticulin/-20°                                                                                        h/r/m              mouse                 612136    BD Biosciences
Anti-FLAG M5 Monoclonal AB                                   10µg/ml                   0°--20°                      N-terminal Met-FLAG fusion proteins                                                                                  F4042     Sigma
Anti-mouse IgG(Fab specific)Peroxidase conj.6,6mg/ml         1:150 (IF), 1:8000(WB)    -20°, 4° 1 Month                                                                                         r/m                goat                  A9917     Sigma
Anti-Myosin Va                              0,4-1mg/ml       min. 1:1000               anti Mva/-20°, 4° 1 Month    Myosin Va                                                                                      rabbit                M4812     Sigma
Anti-Neurofilament L                        1mg/ml                                                                                                                                              m/r/h                                    171002    SY SY
AR(C-19):sc-815                                                                        4°!                          Androgen receptor of mouse, rat and human                                                      rabbit                sc815     Santa Cruz
beta-1 Adrenergic Receptor                  0,4mg/ml         1:500 (WB+IF)             PA1049 b1AR/-20°             detects beta adrenergic receptor from mouse and rat                         r/m                rabbit                PA1-049   Affinity Bioreagents
Erα (MC-20): sc-542                                                                    4°!                          Estrogen receptor alpha of mouse, rat and human                                                rabbit                sc542     Santa Cruz
Fibronectin antibody                        1mg/ml           1:40 IF                   -20°, 4° max 2 weeks                                                                                     m                  rabbit
GM130                                                                                  GM130-20°                                                                                                                                       610822      BD Biosciences
Monoclonal anti-Dystrophin                                                             a-dystro/-20, 4° 1 Month     end of C-terminal domain of human dystrophin molecule                                          mouse               D8043       Sigma
Monoclonal Anti-Estrogen Receptor β                                                    -20, 4° 1 Month              recombinant human ER-beta                                                                      mouse               E1276       Sigma
Monoclonal anti-α-Actinin                                                              -20, 4° 1 Month              lacalization of sarcomeric alpha-actinin                                                       mouse               A7811       Sigma
Monoclonal Anti-α-Tubulin                   ~1mg/ml                                    a-aTubulin/-20, 4° 1 Month   epitope at C-terminal end of alpha-tubulin isoform                                             mouse               T6199       Sigma
Mouse anti-Cytochrome c                     0,5mg/ml                                   anti-cyto c/undil. 4°        rat cytochrome c                                                                               mouse               556432      BD Biosciences
Mouse monoclonal 1234 to Rapysyn            1mg/ml           2µg/ml (IF), 0,5µg/ml(WB) -20°                                                                                                     m/r/c/fish/amphib. torpedo californica ab11423     abcam
PKA RIIα monoclonal                         250µg/ml         1:250(WB)                 PKA R2a/-20°                 regulatory subunit RiIα of cAMP dependent Protein Kinase (PKA)              h/d/r/m(c          mouse               612243      BD Biosciences
PKA RIIβ monoclonal                         250µg/ml         1:1000(WB)                PKA R2b/-20°                 regulatory subunit RIIβ of cAMP dependent Protein Kinase (PKA)              h/d/r/m(c          mouse               610626      BD Biosciences
PKA Riα monclonal                           250µg/ml         1:250(WB)                 PKA Ria/-20°                 regulatory subunit Riα of cAMP dependent Protein Kinase (PKA)               h/d/r/m(c          mouse               610610      BD Biosciences
Qdot® 605 goat F(ab')2 anti-mouse IgG conj. 1µM              1:100(WB)                 ?/4°->stable for 6 months    2nd antibody                                                                m                                      Q11002MP    Invitrogen
Rabbit anti-neurofilament 150kD polycl.AB                    1.200-400(IF),            -20°, 1 year                                                                                             r/m/bov./gerbil/h rabbit               AB1981      Chemicon
Rapsyn                                      1mg/ml           2µg/ml                    anti-Rapsyn/-20°             rapsyn from mouse, rat, chicken, amohibiaen and fish                                                               MA1-746     Dianova
Serca1ATPase                                                 1:500                     anti serca/-20°              sarcoplasmic or endoplasmic reticulum calcium 1 ATPase                                         torpedo californica MA3-912     Dianova
Sheep Anti Rat TGN38                                         1:100/1:200               4° or -20°                   recombinant fusion protein corresponding to extracellular domain of TGN38                      rabbit              AHP499      AbD serotec

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