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					                        MINUTES OF JUNE 2, 2008

The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of Colebrookdale Township
was held on the above date at the Township Building.

The meeting was called to order by President Todd Gamler at 7:30 p.m. with all
present joining in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

The following Commissioners were present: Todd Gamler (President), William
Spade, Linwood Bartman, Thomas Herb and Tom Reidnauer. Also present were
Township Manager Cindy Conrad, Township CEO/Zoning Officer Allen Stauffer,
Township Secretary Jeannie DiSante, Township Solicitor Jeffrey Karver and
Township Engineer John Sartor.

The meeting was recorded to aid in the preparation of the minutes.

Resident Geno Haas addressed the Commissioners concerning the Block Grant
Program and repairs to the privately owned alleyway. The Board discussed with Mr.
Haas the need for the residents to meet with Manager Conrad to complete the
necessary paperwork. Mr. Haas said not all the residents would be willing to supply
the income information that is required on the application or be able to come to the
Township building. Manager Conrad volunteered to meet with any residents at their
homes if that would be more convenient. CEO Stauffer said that he and
Roadmaster Sands recently looked into the cost and based on the measurements
they took the estimate for blacktop only came to $35,481.00. There would be
additional costs for grading and stone. Mr. Haas said they residents would be
happy with just grading and stone. He asked if the Township could provide a cost
estimate for that work. CEO Stauffer said he would and suggested the 50 residents
that are owners of this alley contribute an agreed upon amount and hire a private
contractor to grade and stone the alleyway. He explained, if the cost is over
$10,000 the Township is required to put the job out for bids and the cost may
double. Mr. Haas said he would take this information back to the neighbors

Motion by William Spade and seconded by Thomas Herb to approve the minutes of
the May 19th, 2008 Board of Commissioners’ meeting with the correction of one
typographical error. Motion carried.

President Gamler reviewed the Customer Balance Summary of $ 43,059.29 and
asked for clarification of some outstanding balances. He asked Solicitor Karver to
inform the developers of Laurel Woods LLC if payment is not received by the
Commissioner’s next meeting, the necessary paperwork will be filed to collect the
debt. The Board also asked that a lien be placed on the Stewart and Conti
Mountain View Development.
Board of Commissioners
June 2, 2008 Minutes
Page 2

President Gamler read the bills list as follows:
            General Fund Expenses 5/19/08 - 6/2/08            $ 27,341.79
            Payroll Fund Expenses 5/30/08                     $ 35,591.85
            Recycling Fund Expenses 5/19/08 - 6/2/08          $      0.00
            Street Light Fund Expenses 5/19/08 - 6/2/08       $ 1,036.28
            Recreation Fund Expenses 5/10/08                  $    232.49
            Bridge Fund Expenses 6/2/08                       $ 60,645.96

In addition, an invoice was received today for the first payment to Contech Bridge
Solutions Inc. for the Township Line Road Bridge for $155,000.00. Manager
Conrad noted if approved by the Commissioners tonight the payment from the
Bridge Fund would be sent tomorrow.

Motion by Linwood Bartman and seconded by Tom Reidnauer to pay the listed bills
from the funds mentioned above. Motion carried. President Gamler noted the
submission of the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual statement. The Statements are
available to the public for review.

The following are the incidents reported for May 2008:
Colebrookdale Township        966               Traffic Arrests     129
Borough of Bechtelsville      172               Criminal Arrests     10
Assists to Others              58
TOTAL                       1,196

Fourteen motor vehicle accidents were investigated and 6,298 miles were patrolled
during May.

President Gamler asked Chief Schott for an update on the evidence room to be built
at the Maintenance building. CEO Stauffer told the Board that he, Commissioners
Spade and Bartman looked over the preliminary work and designed a finished plan.
The existing work will need to be torn down. He will give the plan to Matt Hess for
an estimate.

Commissioner Reidnauer asked Chief Schott if the Department had a program
similar to Click-it/Ticket-it where motorists would be stopped for not having wipers
and lights on during inclement weather. Chief Schott said there is no program of
they type however, some of the officers will issue warnings. Manager Conrad
explained there is no grant available to pay the over-time for that kind of program as
there is for the Click-it/Ticket-it program.
Board of Commissioners
June 2, 2008 Minutes
Page 3

Roadmaster Sands submitted Resolution #06-05-08 for the renewal of the Agility
Agreement with PennDOT. This was in place for five years and is a bartering
agreement for services. The Township has never used the service however,
Roadmaster Sands would like to renew it and have it in place should the need ever
arise. Motion by William Spade and seconded by Thomas Herb to adopt
RESOLUTION #06-05-08 AGILITY AGREEMENT. Motion carried.

Building Permits – The following permits were issued:

      No.                         Name
      5083                        Steve and Janet Short
      5084                        Boyertown School District

CEO Stauffer informed the Commissioners that BMMA did televise the storm sewer
line at the property on Pheasant Run Road and the line is not damaged. BMMA
copied the video to a disc for the Commissioners to view. CEO Stauffer contacted
the property owner and explained the results and suggested they check their
downspouts that they are positioned away from the foundation.

President Gamler noted the mention of the Joint Zoning Committee meeting on the
Inspector’s Corner report and questioned the effect on the Township of the
‘transferable development rights’ concept, being considered by the Committee.
CEO Stauffer feels this will be detrimental to the Township. The Board wished to
have a message sent to the Committee that they are not in favor of adopting this
concept. Manager Conrad was asked to contact Jake Lea to inform him of the
Commissioners decision and ask him to attend the next Township meeting to
discuss the issue.

President Gamler asked CEO Stauffer why the resident on N. Reading Avenue has
not moved the trailer. CEO Stauffer spoke with the resident and told him if the
property is not cleaned up and the trailer moved within a week, the Township would
begin legal proceedings against him. CEO Stauffer said he would meet with
Solicitor Karver if the resident does not comply.

Commissioner Spade discussed with CEO Stauffer additional issues concerning the
grate along the silt fence on Mr. Watts’ property and the noise from the car he works
on in his garage. Some neighbors have been complaining however, Commissioner
Spade feels he has been compliant with the noise regulations concerning the time
and decibels although he did not use a meter to test the level. CEO Stauffer said
he would speak with Mr. Watts.
Board of Commissioners
June 2, 2008 Minutes
Page 4

Commissioner Bartman questioned if there was anything the Township could do
about the property owner who enclosed the front porch of his property as part of
converting a twin into a two-unit dwelling. There was a discussion concerning the
enclosure and permitting.

Nothing at this time.

One permit was issued: #2017 to Steve and Janet Short.

Solicitor Karver submitted a revised draft of the agreement for the Mr. Gussoni for
the Commissioners to review. He informed the Board that they should direct
Manager Conrad to forward the agreement to Mr. Gussoni’s attorney for his review.
A meeting will then be arranged with him and Mr. Gussoni to set up the escrow and
the process for the permits, construction and inspections of the Small Flow
Wastewater Treatment Facility on the property. No motion was necessary.

Attorney Karver submitted Resolution #06-02-08 requesting adoption.         This
Resolution authorizes President Gamler, CEO Stauffer and Attorney Karver to
appear at the Zoning Hearing held on the appeal of Curtis Rader to be held June
4th, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. Motion by Tom Reidnauer and seconded by Linwood
AUTHORIZATION. Motion carried.

Engineer Sartor submitted the May 2008 report for the Commissioner’s review.
Manager Conrad included copies of the recent Field Reports for the Township Line
Road Bridge Project.

Manager Conrad asked Engineer Sartor if he could supply a fee schedule to the
Township for commercial building construction permits, inspection and reviews.
Engineer Sartor said he would.

President Gamler informed the Board that the Fire Chief called him the night of the
house fire in the Brookview development. Berks Fire and Water Restoration was
called out to handle damage to the neighboring home. The owner of the burned out
house lives in New Jersey; the house was tenant occupied. The owner was
contacted about the fire and he told the Chief not to do anything until he would
arrive the next day. The Fire Chief was concerned about the safety of the
neighborhood residents, he asked President Gamler for authorization to ask Berks
Fire and Water to secure and board up at least the first floor of the burned house.
Board of Commissioners
June 2, 2008 Minutes
Page 5

President Gamler went to see the property, spoke with the restoration company and
asked them to secure it. He told them if they had any problem with payment from
the owner’s insurance company to contact the Township for payment.

Commissioner Spade informed the Board that Gretchen Lea contacted him again
about the Township regulating the trash trucks. She would like the Township to
close the roads to the trash haulers traveling through our Township. Commissioner
Spade said he was passing the information onto the Board.

Manager Conrad asked the Board if they had considered support for East
Brunswick Township’s Ordinance concerning sewage sludge disposal. After
discussion of the issue, there was no decision.

Manager Conrad reminded the Commissioners of the need to appoint five citizens
at-large—two recommended by the local fire company, three nominated by the
Board to fill the positions on the Emergency Services Task Force. At the last
Township meeting, Commissioners Bartman and Spade volunteered to represent
the Township Commissioners. The Commissioners have not found anyone to
nominate therefore Manager Conrad stated she would keep this on the agenda.

Manager Conrad notified the Commissioners that she would like to attend a
conference for Municipal Waste and Recycling on June 20 th, 2008 in Audubon, PA.
She is required to attend classes to be in compliance for grant funding. There is no
cost for the conference. The Board agreed and no motion was necessary.

Manager Conrad prepared the seasonal bids and advertising for May 29 th and June
5th, 2008 as well as the resolutions for inclusion of the escalator clauses. Motion by
Linwood Bartman and seconded by Thomas Herb to authorize the advertisements
for the seasonal bids and adoption of Resolutions 06-06-08, 06-03-08 and 06-04-
GASOLINE AND STOCKPILE BIDS, respectively. Motion carried. Manager
Conrad noted that the bids will be awarded the third Monday in June which is the
second Commissioner’s meeting in June.

Manager Conrad requested approval of a real estate tax exemption and refund for
$284.00 in taxes paid by a disable veteran as per an exemption certificate received
from the Commonwealth of Pa. for Township resident John C. Norman of 86 South
Ironstone Drive. Motion by William Spade and seconded by Tom Reidnauer to
approve the exemption and refund as listed above. Motion carried.
Board of Commissioners
June 2, 2008 Minutes
Page 6

Manager Conrad submitted the Hunter’s Ridge Planning Module Exemption for
approval. BMMA has approved the exemption since the public sewer lines are
completed. If approved, Manager Conrad suggested that the Township delays
forwarding it to the DEP until the outstanding fees owed the Township are paid by
the Kelsch’s. Motion by William Spade and seconded by Linwood Bartman to
approve the exemption for Hunter’s Ridge Planning Module. Motion carried.

Manager Conrad reminded the Board of the Regional Police Study Committee will
meet at the laundry mat at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday June 12th. Also, the July meeting
is changed from the 3rd to the 17th at Boyertown Borough Hall.

a.   SUBDIVISIONS Plan Status

      Mest Subdivision – Preliminary – Township Line Road.
      The review period for the plan is continuous. The plan was tabled by the
      Planning Commission on 5/18/07. No action was taken by the Board.

      Moser Active Adult Residential Community - Final – Swamp Creek Road.
      November 28th Manager Conrad received email notification from Manager
      Spade of the waterline extension agreement executed by Wayne Rosen.
      March 17th Commissioners adopted Resolution #03-03-08 Sewage Facilities
      Planning Module. April 3rd Bursich Associates submitted response letter to
      G&A’s September 28th, 2007 review letter and a Final Plan. May 14th G&A
      submitted their first review letter. The review period for the plan is to expire
      on    July 16th, 2008. No action was taken by the Board.

      Westwood’s Subdivision – Preliminary Plan – Route 562.
      November 26th the Township received the Review Letter for the Revised
      Layout from Systems Design Engineering, Inc. November 30 th the Township
      received the Second Review Letter from G&A including the Supplemental
      Stormwater Management Review. The review period for the plan is to expire
      on     July 17th, 2008. No action was taken by the Board.

      Englesville Cottage Condominiums – Preliminary – Englesville Road.
      May 1st Sys. Design Engr’ng submitted Sanitary Sewer Review. May 5th the
      Planning Module Exemption Certificate mailed to DEP with copies to owner &
      developer. May 19th the Board of Commissioners approved Englesville
      Cottages Proposed Land Development Plan Conditional Preliminary Plan
      (RESOLUTION 05-01-08). May 21st the Resolution was mailed to Mr. Doaty
      for acceptance. May 28th Mr. Doaty submitted the signed Acceptance of
      Conditions. No action was taken by the Board.
Board of Commissioners
June 2, 2008 Minutes
Page 7

      Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision – Final Plan – Township Line Road and
      Washington Road. July 16th the Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 07-
      01-07 Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision Conditional Final Plan Approval. October
      1st the Commissioners approved an extension of time until December 2nd,
      2007 for the applicants to accept the conditional final plan approval.
      December 3rd the Commissioners voted to extend date for applicants to
      accept conditions of Final Plan Approval until April 7th, 2008. December 6th
      received copy of confirmation letter from Attorney Karver of time extension
      approval. December 24th the Township received letter from DEP requesting
      additional information for the Planning Module. January 11th Township PC
      notified by letter from Solicitor Karver of Commissioners consideration of an
      agreement with Mr. Kelsch concerning tree replacement and Township Line
      Road bridge easements. January 14th Township received copy of letter to
      Attorney Parish from Solicitor Karver submitting Deed of Dedication and
      Perpetual Easement Agreements for consideration by the applicant. January
      21st Solicitor Karver submitted a draft of the Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision
      revised Final Plan Approval Resolution (#02-02-08). President Gamler noted
      that the revision was necessary to include a change concerning the
      replacement of trees. February 19th the Commissioners approved Resolution
      #02-02-08 Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision Conditional Final Plan Approval.
      March 4th the Resolution and Acceptance of Conditions documents were
      mailed to Mr. and Mrs. Kelsch. May 5th received BC Conservation District
      NPDES General Permit review. May 5th the Solicitor Karver submitted
      Resolution 05-02-08 reflecting changes concerning water supply and fire
      protection. May 19th the Board of Commissioners approved Resolution 05-
      02-08 Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision Conditional Final Plan Approval. May 21st
      the Resolution was mailed to the Kelsch’s for acceptance. Motion by Tom
      Reidnauer and seconded by Linwood Bartman to approve an extension of
      time for the Kelsch’s to accept the conditions of the Resolution until June
      16th, 2008. Motion carried.

      Beekman Subdivision – Preliminary/Final Minor – Funk & Weisstown Roads
      April 23rd BCPC submitted review letter. May 13th G&A submitted first review
      letter. May 15th the Planning Commission reviewed the plan and submitted a
      letter recommending waivers and Conditional Final Plan Approval. Motion by
      William Spade and seconded by Thomas Herb to approve the waiver of the
      Township Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision and Land Development
      Ordinance Sections as stated in the Planning Commission letter dated May
      27th, 2008 and set forth in the applicant’s letter dated May 15 th, 2008 and the
      Township Engineer’s letter, dated May 13th, 2008. Motion carried. Solicitor
      Karver submitted for the Commissioner’s consideration Resolution #06-01-08
      Conditional Final Plan Approval. There was a Motion by William Spade and
      seconded by Tom Reidnauer to adopt Resolution #06-01-08 Conditional
      Final Plan Approval subject to the terms and conditions of the Township
Board of Commissioners
June 2, 2008 Minutes
Page 8

       Engineer’s letter dated May 13th, 2008 and the Planning Commission letter
       dated May 27th, 2008. The Resolution also notes that though the plan is
       located in the Traffic Impact Fee area, there is no construction or
       improvements proposed and there will be no new traffic generated. The
       subdivision qualifies for an exception to the Traffic Impact Fee Ordinance
       #11-2005. Motion carried. The review period for the plan is to expire on July
       16th, 2008.

Nothing at this time.

Copies of communications received since May 19th, 2008 were included in the
Commissioner’s books. All correspondence was available for review by the public.

Manager Conrad submitted a letter from Systems Design Engineering concerning
the payment for the final permanent repairs to the traffic signal wiring at Route 100
and Township Line/Schlegel Road. The wiring was damaged during the course of
work completed by BMMA on the Swamp Creek and Schlegel Road Sanitary Sewer
Interceptor Project. The letter states that it will be the responsibility of Dagostino
Co., Inc. to reimburse the Township for the costs of $5,668.75. If payment is not
received, BMMA will decrease the retainage amount being withheld accordingly.

Nothing at this time.

Motion by Thomas Herb and seconded by William Spade that the meeting be
adjourned. Motion carried.

All votes on motions were unanimous unless stated otherwise.

The meeting adjourned at 9:12 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeannie DiSante
Township Secretary

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