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									                            Morehead State University
                           Arts and Humanities Council
                          Special Events Grant Guidelines

Mission: The Morehead State University Arts and Humanities Council (MSU AHC) is a steering
body of University stakeholders who are vested in the arts and culture. We pursue
collaborations with other stakeholders to promote, sponsor, and present extraordinary fine and
performing arts and humanities programming. We seek to enhance educational opportunities
that explore human expression, challenges intellectual understanding, and improve the quality
of life for all persons associated with MSU and its greater community.

The MSU AHC offers a Special Events Grant program for MSU faculty and staff to support
extracurricular arts and humanities events which offer an educational component for MSU
students. The MSU AHC Special Events Grant provides partial funding for events that bring
distinguished visiting professors or experts in their fields in the arts and humanities to MSU for
short-term residencies (usually less than one week) to work with MSU students and to present
public performances or presentations.

Deadline: April 1     (for events occurring during the following Academic Year)

     Applicants must be MSU faculty or staff.
     Event proposals must either have an arts focus or a humanities focus, or both.
     All events and activities proposed must be open to the public.
     Events must include, at minimum, one educational component targeted for MSU
     Salaries or costs for course release or other compensation for event managers are not

Minimum Requirements
    Proposals must clearly articulate at least one complementary educational component
      for MSU students conducted by the guest. Educational components should build
      appreciation for and a greater understanding of the topic or the art form. They may
      include, but are not limited to, exhibitions, readings, master classes, lecture-
      demonstrations, workshops, open rehearsals, or pre and post-event discussions.
    A marketing plan/audience building plan with a timeline must be included.
    Proposal budgets must be appropriate to and cost effective for the event.
    The event must not compete with another major event held on campus or in the
    Proposals must have additional commitments of funding pending an award. (MSU AHC
      grants may not be used as the exclusive source of funding for projects).
Priority Ranking Criteria
     Proposals that display originality of purpose and design.
     Proposals that support more than one department or discipline.
     Proposals that address an area of specialty or expertise not currently offered at MSU.
     Proposals that have sponsor commitments outside of the units and departments under
        the Caudill College Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, with highest priority for
        proposals garnering non-MSU resources.
     Proposals that include outreach components for K-12 students; the community, in
        general; or specific groups in the community (such as the elderly, families with young
        children, educators, etc.)
     Proposals requesting matching funds for an external grant proposal submission to a
        local, state, federal, private agency, or individual donor.
     Proposals that leverage, complement, or enhance another major event held on campus
        or in the community.
     Proposals that potentially impact a broader audience.

     Proposals must have the approval of the department/unit head. If an award is granted,
       funds will be disbursed to a department/unit account through an interdepartmental
       transfer. The sponsoring department/unit must bear fiduciary responsibility for the
     All event project sponsors must provide documentation describing or acknowledging
       their commitment to the project.

    Proposals received under this call for proposals are reviewed by members of the MSU
      Arts and Humanities Council. See:

Submission of Applications
    Applications must be submitted using the MSU AHC Special Events Grant Application,
      available on the MSU AHC website.
    Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.
    Applicants will be notified within 10 business days whether their event project was

Program Coordinator
Mary Jerde
MSU Arts and Humanities Council Director and Grant Specialist
003A Breckinridge Hall

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