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Temple Emanu-El, San Jose CA
Av-Elul 5771 / August 2011 V. 75 No. 10

    Inside this Issue:
    Annual Pool Party

    150th Anniversary

      Pride Shabbat

    Service Schedule:
        Fri., August 5
    7:00 PM Erev Shabbat
       Sat., August 6
      9:00 AM Shabbat
       Morning Minyan
        Fri., August 12
      6:30 PM Kabbalat
    Shabbat Patio Service
       Sat., August 13
      9:00 AM Shabbat
       Morning Minyan
    10:30 AM Bat Mitzvah
     of Ariela Guadiamos
       Fri., August 19
        Pride Shabbat
     6:30 PM Erev Pride
    Shabbat /Tot Shabbat
       Sat., August 20
      9:00 AM Shabbat
       Morning Minyan
    10:30 AM Bar Mitzvah
        of Davis Horeff
       Fri., August 26
      6:30 PM Kabbalat
    Shabbat Patio Service
       Sat., August 27
      9:00 AM Shabbat
       Morning Minyan
    10:30 AM Bat Mitzvah
      of Kayleigh Migdol

     Candle Lighting
    August 5— 7:56 PM
    August 12—7:48 PM
    August 19—7:39 PM
    August 26— 7:30 PM

     1010 University Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126   Office: 408‐292‐0939  Religious School: 292‐3223  Preschool: 293‐8660  Fax: 292‐7625  

                    Meekantor’s Kol Tuv                                      President’s Message
                                                                         Summer is going by quickly. There is an
                  Ga’ava means                                           apparent lull in Temple Emanu-El activity,
                ‘Pride’ in Hebrew                                        but it is only apparent. Even though many
                                                                         of us are on vacation or are thinking about
On August 19th, for the first time, the four
                                                                         vacation, your Board of Trustees is very busy at work at its
major congregations in our area – Shir Hadash, Beth David and
                                                                         various duties and responsibilities. The High Holy Days do
Sinai— will be joining together with our congregation here at
                                                                         seem a long way off. They are not really. Plans are being made
Temple Emanu-El for a special community Erev Shabbat service:
                                                                         and work is already begun.
Pride Shabbat. In this day and age, when some of our friends,
congregants, colleagues and fellow Americans are denied their            Budget? Everybody has budget problems. National, state and
natural right to be happily married – we, as Rodfei Tzedek               local governments are constantly in the news regarding
(seekers of justice) Jews, will come together as one community to        deficits. Temple Emanu-El is no exception, except we can
show our support and solidarity.                                         neither manufacture money nor operate without funds.
The meaning of the colors of the Rainbow Flag – red                      This year we are celebrating our 150th anniversary as a
symbolizes: ‘life;’ orange: ‘healing;’ yellow: ‘sunlight;’ green:        congregation. This is a milestone. There are many events
‘nature;’ blue: ‘serenity/harmony;’ and violet: ‘spirit’— which          planned over the year to commemorate this accomplishment,
reminds us that ours is a diverse community of which we should           including our Torah Project and our Gala. There will be other
all be proud.                                                            events, and many opportunities to serve.
‘Ga’ava’ Means ‘Pride’ in Hebrew - some of you may wonder                I am asking all of you to contribute in whatever ways you can
what is the Israeli take on the issue of Gay Rights? The answer is       to your Temple. Remember it is your Temple, and you are part
that although same-sex marriage cannot legally be performed in           of it. Step up! Honestly consider whether you are paying your
Israel (unfortunately only government-recognized religious               fair share. Is there some service that you can perform to help
authorities may officiate marriages) there are no provisions for         with these events?
civil or secular marriages in Israel, foreign marriages, including
same-sex marriages, are recognized. In fact - lesbian, gay,              On behalf of your Board of Trustees I wish you a wonderful
bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Israel are considered the         anniversary year, and am looking forward to the opportunity
most developed in the Middle East (Out Magazine has named Tel            given to me to again serve our congregation.
Aviv "the gay capital of the Middle East”). A poll conducted in
                                                                         Mike Cahn
Israel recently found that most Israelis (over 60%) are in support
of same-sex marriage and joint adoption by same-sex couples.
Sadly, even in Israel, no revolutionary idea can be established
without tragic clashes: In August 2009, an armed attacker shot
two people dead and injured 15 more in an attack on a lesbian
and gay center in Tel Aviv, called “Aguda.” The incident was
heavily criticized by many organizations and government officials,
such as Benjamin Netanyahu, and President Shimon Peres. The
shooting united critics and supporters alike in condemnation of
the crime, with one lawmaker calling it “the worst attack against
the gay community in Israel's history.”
I’d like to believe that our generation will be able to see the change
and acceptance of same-sex marriage— the right to simply “be,”
and be happy— both in America and in Israel. This time of
discussion and fear will be forever inscribed in our history books,
to serve future generations as they strive to grow and evolve. We
have been here before: when we enslaved fellow African
                                                                                       Attention Singers:
Americans and “allowed” them their civil rights only recently and        We need your voice in the High Holy Day Choir!
when we interned innocent fellow Japanese Americans, during
World War II.                                                                                 We are looking for adult singers,
So when we come together as one community to participate and                                  age Bar/Bat Mitzvah and older,
celebrate ‘Gay Pride,’ we also celebrate our own personal
redemption of freedom from prejudice. It is a reminder, a
                                                                                                      to join our choir
celebration of acceptance, love of one another - even when we                                  conducted by Mary Linduska;
wear different garments of different colors, and observe Shabbat                               all voice ranges are welcome.
in different traditions.
I invite you to join us here at our amazing congregation, Temple                           If interested, contact Cantor Meeka at
Emanu-El, to be together and celebrate the true meaning of
Shabbat Shalom – Shabbat of peace, acceptance and rejoicing of                        
‘life’ rather than succumbing to the rigidity of principles.                                       or call (408)292.0939.
Cantor Meeka Simerly
                                                                                                      Rehearsal Dates:
                                                                                            Thursdays in the BFR, 7:00-8:30 PM
                                                                                            8/18, 8/25, 9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22,
                                                                                                (Tuesday) 9/27, and Oct. 6

                                         150th Anniversary Update
As the Committee Chair for the 150th Anniversary year celebration activities, I wanted to highlight some of the events and
activities that the committee has planned for the next 12 months. Moreover, in addition to celebrating the past 150 years, we will
be setting our sights on the next 150 years and more by writing a new Torah under the guidance of a wonderful Sofer, Neil
Yerman. This project, known as Torah L’Dor V’Dor, meaning “a torah from generation to generation”, will not only produce a new
scroll for the Temple, but also sow the seeds of an endowment fund, with a goal of providing financial support for future
generations of Temple Emanu-El congregants.
So here’s the highlights of our plans to celebrate the past and carry forward for generations to come:
             When                                     What’s Happening
    Fri, Aug 5, 2011     Erev Shabbat Services with festive Oneg including San Jose String Quartet

    Sat, Aug 6, 2011     Shabbat morning minyan with Sofer Yerman

    Sun, Aug 7, 2011     Torah L’Dor V’Dor writing Day 1 (see website for details)

    Mon, Aug 8, 2011     Torah L’Dor V’Dor writing Day 2

    Sun, Sept 25, 2011   150th Anniversary Kickoff Party for families from 12 to 3pm

    Sun, Oct 23, 2011    Torah L’Dor V’Dor writing Day 3

    Mon, Oct 24, 2011    Torah L’Dor V’Dor writing Day 4

    Sun, Oct 30, 2011    John Rothmann from KGO Radio speaking on current Israeli topics

    Sat, Dec 10, 2011    Special Diaspora Dinner (tentative)

    Sun, Mar 25, 2012    Torah L’Dor V’Dor writing Day 5

    Mon, Mar 26, 2012    Torah L’Dor V’Dor writing Day 6

    Tue, Mar 27, 2012    Torah L’Dor V’Dor writing Day 7

    Sat, May 19, 2012    150th Anniversary Gala

    Sun, Sep 16, 2012    New Torah Delivery Celebration

We’ve also planned programming for pre-school and religious school to celebrate our heritage and a historical perspective DVD
including photos and oral history to put it all in perspective.
So when you see the following logo on mailings, handouts, emails, and website content, you’ll know that the activity or event is
part of the celebration.

I hope you will take the time to join in the celebration of our past and our dedication to the future of Temple Emanu-El.
David Mimeles


                                      Torah L’Dor V’Dor Information
When the Ark is opened and the Torahs inside are so beautifully dressed, there is almost
always an audible gasp inside the synagogue. Sometimes that gasp comes from the children
who are seeing the Torah for the first time in their lives or a visitor to our temple who has come
specifically to see the Ark opened, and sometimes that audible gasp comes from me as I stand
on my tippy toes to catch a glimpse, moving off to the side or closer to the bimah to get a better
view. Torah, in its beauty, in its stories and in its lessons, is nothing short of spectacular in
every form, from the minute the Ark is opened. And then, to hear the words come alive as they
are chanted, whether it’s the Cantor doing the chanting or your son or daughter, your niece or
nephew, your grandson or your granddaughter, the sound is indescribable in its significance. It
is his story, her story - it is our story being passed on from generation to generation and we’re
hearing those stories in the same way our parents heard them, our grandparents heard them
and our grandchildren will hear them. I love that feeling of kesher, of connection, that I feel in
those moments. I feel that connection with my parents who live half way across the country, my
grandparents who died when I was a teenager and my siblings who are scattered around the
world. I can think of no better way to connect the past with the present to give a gift to our
future than writing a Torah.
In just a few short days, we will embark on a year-long process of writing the new Temple
Emanu-El Torah, appropriately named Torah L’dor V’dor. Now is the time to join us in the
process of writing, of giving and participating in the process of Torah L’dor V’dor. Every dollar
raised from this point forward will be a gift to the future of Temple Emanu-El and will go into
the Temple Emanu-El endowment fund. Not only do we encourage you to make your gift now to
Torah L’dor V’dor, we also encourage you to become involved in the Torah writing process by volunteering your time as an on-site
Torah Writing Coordinator. If you are interested in being an on-site Torah Writing Coordinator, or for more details please send an
email to For more information on Torah L’dor V’dor and our 150th anniversary please visit or call the office at 408-292-0939. We look forward to seeing you over the course of the next 12 months
as we travel on this journey with each other.

Ruth Egherman Pangilinan

                                               Ice Cream Social for Prospective Members
                                      Please join us for cold ice cream and warm conversation. Singles,
                                      couples, and families interested in exploring membership are welcome
                                      to join us for an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social and get to know more
                                      about our welcoming Temple community.

                                                     Sunday, August 14 from 3-5 PM on the Temple patio.
                                                        RSVP to
                                                                    or (408) 292-0939

                                                    Current Members: If you know anyone looking for a Temple
                                                   community, please bring them for a social afternoon.


                   Pride Shabbat                                               Temple Roster Information

Join Temple Emanu-El,                                                    New Temple Roster Premiering at High Holy Days!
Rabbi Dana Magat together
with Rabbis Melanie Aron                                               The Membership Committee is working on a new temple roster,
(Shir Hadash), Lisa                                                    which will be available at the High Holy Days.
Levenberg (Shir Hadash),
                                                                       Please make sure to contact the office if there have been any
Daniel Pressman (Congregation Beth David), Josh                        changes to your contact information in the last few months.
Berkenwald (Congregation Sinai), and Cantor Meeka Simerly
for Pride Shabbat on August 19 at 6:30 PM. We welcome the              You can lend your support by advertising your business/service,
LGBTQ Jewish community, along with allies, family and                  or just including a greeting by purchasing an advertisement
                                                                       using the form below.
friends, to celebrate Shabbat with an inspiring service of
celebration, remembrance, and hope with inclusive and                  For more details, contact Debbie Michels at
affirming liturgy from Mishkan Tefilah and excerpts from     
Siddur Sha’ar Zahav.
                                                                       Sizing & Pricing
After the service join us for a potluck dinner. Please bring a                   Business Card:    $50
dish based on the following breakdown by last name:                              ½ Page:        $125
                                                                                 Full Page:        $250
        A-K main dish, L-R salads/sides, S-Z dessert
                                                                       Please complete the form below and return it along with your
Thank you for not mixing dairy and meat in the same dish
                                                                       business card or ad to the temple office:
and for not including pork or shellfish.                               Temple Emanu-El, 1010 University Avenue,
                                                                       San Jose, CA 95126
                                                                       Attn: Roster Ads

                                                                       The deadline to include your ad is Monday, August 15th.
                                                                                        Thank you for your support!

                                                                                     Temple Roster Ad Form

                 Adult Education                                       Name:___________________________________________
                                                                       Phone Number:__________________________________
The Adult Education Committee has several new members and
lots of new ideas! Under the direction of our clergy and the           Email:___________________________________________
leadership of our VP of Education & Youth Jeff Hoffman, the
Adult Ed Committee is busy getting classes ready for next
semester. Whether you’re interested in discovering more about          Yes! I’d like to place an ad in the new roster
our prayers and holidays, studying Jewish ethics, learning             (please mark the ad size below):
Israeli folk dances or cooking delicious food, the committee is
hoping to have a class that interests you!                             ____ Business Card Ad @ $50
We are rounding up a fine group of teachers, including many
“favorites.” Cantor David Unterman – a remarkable
                                                                       ____ ½ Page Ad @ $125
instructor— will be returning to share his insights and
knowledge on Sunday mornings. Joelle Wolf will once again be
teaching introductory prayerbook Hebrew – a special                    ____ Full Page Ad @ $250
opportunity for parents of students in the Aleph Hebrew class
in our Religious School to learn the aleph-bet along with their        Please make your check payable to
children, and is open to anyone interested in learning how to
read Hebrew and chant basic prayers. And, of course, Rabbi             Temple Emanu-El or you can pay by credit card:
Magat and Cantor Meeka – our educator extraordinaires! -- will
be teaching classes on a variety of topics.                            Credit Card Type: MC/Visa
Details are being worked out with other marvelous teachers for
additional classes on exciting subjects, so this is a great time       Amount to be Charged:___________
for you to provide your input! If you have ideas for a class you
would like to take – or even one you would like to teach! –            Expiration Date:___________
please contact the Adult Education Committee by leaving a
message with the main office. All suggestions are welcome!             Card # :_________________________________________
Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Adult
Education classes in your High Holiday packets. Remember:              3-digit security code: __________
you’re never too old to learn something new!
Marci Gerston                                                          Signature:_______________________________________


               Membership Memo                                               The Chai Society-Young Adults
               Membership Committee is                                      Chai Society Santa Cruz Mountain Wine Country Tour
                Looking for Volunteers!                                                August 20 starting at 11:00 AM
Interested in getting more involved in Temple Emanu-El? We are
a fun group of women and men of all ages who like to laugh a lot,
nosh a lot and make a big difference in our Temple community.
We would love to have you join us. Please contact Sharon Genkin: or 408-268=8989

                                                                        Join us for a fun afternoon touring local Santa Cruz Mountain
                   Chai Welcoming Bags                                  wineries. Enjoy 3 different stops along the way with a fun picnic
Help us say “Hi” to new members with an $18 donation to                 lunch for just $36 per person. Space is limited so register early
support welcoming “Chai Bags.”                                          at!
Each bag includes Shabbat wine, candles, Judaica books,
Gift Shop certificate, and a special Havdalah box made by                    This event is open to Temple Emanu-El Members only.
the children (K-3) in the congregation. Our new members are
always delighted to receive their personally delivered gift as a        Save the Date:
welcome from our temple family.                                         Sushi in the Sukkah
                Make checks payable to the Temple:                      Sunday, October 16 starting at 5 PM
  Temple Emanu-El, 1010 University Ave, San Jose, CA 95126              Join other young adults (ages 21-39) for a fun night of
                       ATT: Sharon Barowsky                             Sushi and a Movie! $10 per person gets you a
                                                                        fantastic movie, great conversation, and all the sushi you can eat!
                                                                        Babysitting will be available free to Temple members and $5 per
                                                                        child for non-Temple members.
                                                                        RSVP at
                                                                         Temple Emanu-El’s Chai Society welcomes young adults, ages 21-
                                                                            39, both singles and couples, to our community. We provide
                                                                         meaningful opportunities to explore Jewish tradition and enrich our
                                                                           Jewish experience by connecting young adults to an engaging,
                                                                                        diverse, Reform Jewish community.

                           eScrip                                                 Tikkun Olam Committee
                                                                        After listening to a significant number of Temple members, the
               eScrip= $34,578                                          Committee is currently looking at the major problems and
From 2002 through 2010 Temple earned $34,578!                           concerns voiced by the Congregation, to determine what our
No one called me last month, asking why we                              next issue should be to improve our community. While it is
earned only $6,598. I was testing you. Many                             impossible to solve a global problem, we have already been
thanks to our dedicated shoppers and eaters. Imagine how                very successful in identifying specific issues related to a
much more money we could earn if ALL congregants were                   problem where we can make a difference, and we plan to do it
eScrip supporters.                                                      again.
                                                                        As an overview, some of the concerns raised are related to jobs
NEWS FLASH! From Aug. 10-Sept. 13 Safeway is giving 10%
                                                                        and the economy, healthcare, education, bullying and anti-
back to Temple on thousands of products you purchase that
                                                                        Semitism and affordable housing. The Committee’s efforts will
have a yellow bus on the shelf tag. Safeway will have lists of
                                                                        begin to focus on research in these areas to identify issues
products. Pick one up at the store.
                                                                        under the control of our city and county representatives whom
Reminder! Safeway asks all supporters to renew their Safeway            we can influence to make changes that will provide better lives
Club card every August. I will be doing the renewal for you             for our citizens.
online.                                                                 It is not too late for you to participate in this valuable effort. If
Give Temple a birthday present, at no cost to you, by joining           we have not yet listened to you, please call me or the office and
eScrip. Go to Follow the prompts. Temple's ID           we will schedule a time to meet with you. If you are interested
# is 136985180. Register your Safeway/credit/debit cards. Or            in helping us work on these issues, please come to one of our
call me and I will register you from my computer. Ask your              committee meetings. We generally meet on the second Tuesday
friends and family to sign up also.                                     of the month at the Temple in the evenings. You can check the
                                                                        Temple calendar for the time and location. You don’t have to
Lorie Kaplan, eScrip coordinator                                        be a member of the committee, only have a serious concern
408.267.4563                                                            about the community and how we can improve our lives
                                                                        through Social Action and Social Justice. As Rabbi Magat
                                                                        says: “Tikkun Olam is everyone’s responsibility.”
                                                                        Rich Albert


                                 Join Sisterhood and Brotherhood for our
                                              Annual Temple Pool Party
                                         August 21 starting at 10:00 AM
                                              At the APJCC in Los Gatos
                                                                 Field A
                                        RSVP to

              Sisterhood Moments                                                           Brotherhood News
                     Donor Lunch Recognition
Thanks to the hard work of our donor committee, without whom
                                                                                    150 Years of Brotherhood
this event would not have happened: Facility & Menu- Ruth                   Our temple is celebrating 150 years of existence. Whether or
Krandel & Judy Levy; Invitations & Mailing-Anita Medeiros; Mailing          not we had a Brotherhood group during all that time, we have
-Judy Levy, Judith Stubbs, Deborah Zimmer; Reservations &                   a unique opportunity to celebrate something that doesn’t come
Seating- Harriet Reisner, Rita Loren; Decorations- Deborah Ransier          along very often. We will be doing the High Holy Days this year
& Barbara Berlant; Silent Auction & Prize Drawing-Judy Levy,                as we always do but this one will be very special. I am hoping
Janet Wood, Lorie Kaplan, Shari Kaplan, Anita Medeiros; Online              we will have all Brotherhood members helping out and
Auction- Anita Medeiros. Our donor was not only fabulously fun,             showing that we are connected and showing our support. In
but was also a financial success. I would like to acknowledge all our       this way we show leadership, which is something that is very
over donors and all the congregants and private businesses that             important and hopefully will encourage others to join. We will
donated items for our silent auction and raffle.                            be having other events too and those events will need some
Over Donors: Sarah: Joan Fox, Ruth Fox, Ruth Krandel, JoAnn                 participation from us; I’m hoping that Brotherhood will step
Shank; Rebecca: Marjorie Cahn, Marilyn Leiter, Wanda Pollack;               up to the plate. I am encouraging our new members to join in
Leah: Janis Decker, Varda Friedman, Roberta Frank, Bernice                  too and not feel alone, because we were all new here at one
Gaon, Judy Levy, Marcia Riggio, Deborah Zimmer; Rachel:                     point. Being the new incoming Brotherhood President I have
Marjorie Blickman, Idelle Cagen, Mary Cohen, Doris Davis, Armeda            stepped up to the job to do my part to support Brotherhood
Fischer, Arlene Greenberg, Terri Kane, Shirley Lee, Bobi Levine,            and our temple. I am looking for your support since I can’t do
Anita Medeiros, Gloria Melmon-Asher, Sally Ravel, Ethel Ress,               it all alone. I need all our members to participate to show what
Ginny Siegler.                                                              we can do together as a group. I am very proud of all our
Contributors to Drawing and Silent Auction: Almaden Valley                  members because it is you who make our Temple a great place
Athletic Club; Audrey Wong, Healing Hands; Barbara & Mort                   to be.
Berlant; Bernice Gaon; Bowlmor Lanes; Broadway San Jose;                    Please show your support by doing whatever you can to make
Bunny Fisher, Mary Kay Consultant; Byington's Winery; Charlie's             this year truly special for us all for another 150 years.
Cheesecake Works; Charming Nail Salon; Cherie & Michael Ravel;
Country Inn Café; Domus Home & Gift Shop; Eli Shachal; Fred
Astaire Dance Studio; Handyman Services, Bob Hansen; Hobee's                L’ Shalom
California; Janis Decker; JoAnn Shank; John's Xlnt Foods;                   Gordon Robinson
Lunardi's; Noah's Bagels; Safeway; Sisterhood Gift Shop; Teri &             Brotherhood President
Berry Kane; The Mountain Winery; Trader Joe's; Yard House


               Preschool Moments                                                       Ritual Committee
Happy Summer!!! The Preschool has been full of excitement all         What an honor to be part of a
Summer long. We spent three weeks on the theme “Let’s Get             synagogue that is turning 150
Messy” and had a blast playing with mud, body paints, foot            years old this month!!!
painting and so much more. July was spent at “T.E.P.S.
                                                                      I hope you are as excited about
Beach” (Temple Emanu-El Preschool Beach) where we put out
                                                                      our anniversary as I am! How
our lounge chairs, had water play, wet sand, shaving cream/
                                                                      does one celebrate the 150-year
glitter painting, a juice bar and so much more. August will
                                                                      anniversary since the founding
focus two weeks on art camp, one week on pirates and one
                                                                      of our synagogue? I think the
week on science. Exciting things are happening in the
                                                                      best possible way is to ensure our future. Thus this year is the
                                                                      ideal opportunity for two things that will do exactly that. The
August will also include a special musical instrument day. We
                                                                      first is to have a new Torah written, which we will kick off in a
are looking for people to bring their musical instruments to
                                                                      few days on August 7, when our Sofer (torah scribe), Neil
school and demonstrate how their work for the kids. So far we
                                                                      Yerman will be in residence and those who have contributed to
have a guitar, string bass, electric bass and flute. If you have
                                                                      the Torah project will have a chance to write a letter for our new
an instrument (not listed) that you are able to bring on August
                                                                      Torah. We will have Sofer Neil Yerman with us periodically
10 at 9:00 a.m. please contact me.
                                                                      throughout the year so that all who contribute can take part in
Enjoy the end of the summer!!
                                                                      this amazing mitzvah that not only fulfills the last
                                                                      commandment, but is a gift for the future of our synagogue and
Barbara Smead
                                                                      our people. The second is an outcome of a successful Torah
                                                                      project and that is our endowment fund. The goal is to ensure
                                                                      that our Temple in good and bad economic times will be
                                                                      sustained. I believe we are each obligated to ensure that Temple
                                                                      Emanu-El continues for another 150 years! I hope you will
                                                                      participate in this equally important mitzvah!!!
                                                                      But there is more!!!
                                                                      Not only will we have an incredible gala in the spring, but
                                                                      throughout the year we will have many wonderful gifts to open
                                                                      up as a congregation. I am thrilled to announce that once a
                                                                      month we will have an Erev Shabbat Service dedicated to the
                                                                      history of our synagogue and the Reform movement. Each of
                         School Ruach
           Religious School Ruach                                     those services will feature a past president of the congregation
                                                                      who will share with us some of their perspective about our
                                                                      synagogue and some of the events that took place during their
The themes for the past two years of Religious School have            presidency. Those services will also have liturgy that spans the
been respectively, Torah, and L’dor v’dor (from generation to         history of Reform Judaism. So if you have not prayed with our
generation). These two themes will be melded together this            old “UPB” (Union Prayer Book) in a while you will enjoy coming
year as we focus on Torah L’dor v’dor in honor of Temple              to these services, which will feature the UPB and the Gates of
Emanu-El’s 150th Anniversary, in addition to the scribing of          Prayer (Blue). Cantor Simerly will also be utilizing the vast array
our new scroll! Our school year will be filled with rich              of reform liturgical music over the last 150 years. For those of
educational opportunities as students learn about the                 us who grew up in the Reform movement and have not heard
Temple’s history and how its members have played an                   some of these tunes in a while, this will be a treat.
important part in the development and growth of both the              I encourage you to get involved in the once in a lifetime
Jewish and secular communities of the South Bay.                      opportunity.
Our Religious School teachers will continue to incorporate
lessons into their classroom sessions that focus on learning          May we grow from strength to strength.
Torah and the significance of passing this knowledge to future        L’Shalom,
generations, Torah L’dor v’dor. We will be helped along our           Rabbi Dana L. Magat
path by sofer (Torah scribe) Neil Yerman, who will partner in
this educational process by meeting with our students during
the school year to pass on his love of the Torah and the letters
of wisdom it contains.
All Religious School families will have ample opportunities to          Welcome to our Newest Members!
become involved and participate in the writing of the new
Torah, giving us all the ability to fulfill this important Mitzvah!
Additional learning activities will augment our Sunday classes,       We welcome:
providing our Judaic students a first-hand look at the scribal
arts.                                                                                  Sandy Brooks
This is a special time in which all congregants: students,              Matthew Schneiderman and Chelsea Burnham
parents, clergy, and teachers can come together to “pass” both
the history and continued growth of Temple Emanu-El to the                     Adi Zarchi and Kerry Trumble
generations who will come after us 150 years in the future!
Find more detailed information about upcoming events, visit                                        To our congregational family!
the Temple’s website at
Paula Marsh

                 Temple Happenings                                                             B’nai Mitzvah
                                                                           Ariela Guadiamos, daughter of Molly and Enrique
                                                                           Guadiamos, will be called to the Torah as a Bat
                                                                           Mitzvah on August 13. Ariela will be in 8th grade at
                                                                           Joaquin Miller Middle School in San Jose this coming
                      August 19 at 6:30 PM                                 school year. Ariela has a younger sister, Isabella, a
Join other families with young children as they celebrate                  dog, Sophie, and two guinea pigs. She enjoys
Shabbat with a service and potluck! For more info contact                  swimming, playing trumpet in the Advanced Band,
Samantha Meister at                                 reading (especially Harry Potter), eating ice cream, and being with
                                                                           friends. Ariela will laugh wholeheartedly at almost any joke, no
                              Rosh Chodesh                                 matter how bad. She swims competitively year-round for De Anza
                        Sunday, August 28, 1:30p.m.                        Cupertino Aquatics, and at Saratoga Woods Swim club during
         At the home of Lorie & Shari Kaplan we celebrate the              the summer cabana club season. For her Mitzvah Project, Ariela
         festival of the New Moon, an ancient tradition, with              will be collecting needed supplies for C.A.R.E., the Companion
ritual, music, meditation and prayer. This month we celebrate              Animal Rescue Effort.
and discuss Elul, a time to reflect, and Tishrei, which occurs
during the High Holidays. Also, we reinforce our Jewish identity           Davis Horeff, son of Dena and Steve Horeff, will be
and deepen our spirituality.                                               called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on August 20.
     We always have a wonderful time. Noshes are included. Rosh            Davis is an 8th grade honor student at Cupertino
    Chodesh is truly a sacred time just for women. Space is limited.       Middle School. His older brother, Cale, is a junior at
     Please RSVP by Wed. Aug. 24 to Lorie & Shari, 408.267.4563.           Homestead High School. Davis has been on his school’s
                                                                           basketball team and won the team MVP award for
                                                                           volleyball. Davis also plays soccer, water polo and ping pong. He
                                  Sisterhood Catering                      enjoys playing piano, listening to music, reading, playing L.O.L on
                                                                           his computer, going to Camp Tawonga, snowboarding and
                               Sisterhood Catering provides  
                                                                           watching San Jose Sharks hockey games. For his mitzvah project,
                                   trays for oneg Shabbat                  Davis has decided to help improve the environment. He will be
                                as well as full buffet menus               participating in a 5K Solar Power Walk to help build solar panels
                                starting at $7.50 per person.              and a lab at Cupertino Middle School and he volunteered for
                             Contact Anita for more information            beach cleanups this summer. Davis looks forward to sharing his
                                                                           Bar Mitzvah celebration with all of his family and friends.
                                     at (408) 773‐1410. 

                                                                           Kayleigh Migdol is going into 8th Grade at
                   Help the Temple Go Green                                Dartmouth Middle School. She enjoys
                                                                           acting, singing, swimming and anything
                       and Save Money!                                     related to technology. Her Bat Mitzvah
    E‐mail if you would like to start              project is raising money for the Children’s
                                                                           Musical Theater’s (CMT) scholarship fund
    receiving Connections via e‐mail and/or to stop receiving              so more kids are able to experience the joys of theatre.
    paper statements!                                                      Kayleigh is looking forward to celebrating her Bat Mitzvah with
                                                                           her friends and family.

                                         Oneg Sponsors for June and July
With the help of congregants, our onegs are a warm gathering where we can share the joys of Shabbat. Thank you to those who
provided goodies in recent weeks:

June 3: Tina & Gary Virshup; Ginny & Manny Siegler, in memory of their parents; and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.
June 10: Sandy & Burt Epstein, in honor of their 61st anniversary; Bette & Mark Emanuel; Marcia & Joseph Riggio, in memory of
Marcia’s mother (Betty Gordon) and Joe’s mother (Lena Hetzer); Lois & Sherman Zell; and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.
June 17: The family and friends of Melissa Malter, in honor of her Bat Mitzvah.
June 24: Margie Goodman, in memory of Michael Goodman; Natalie & William Mauskopf, in memory of Sarah Salzberg; Lori Rush;
and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.
July 1: Yvonne & John Nemec; and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.
July 8: Bette and Mark Emanuel; JoAnne & Bob Hersch; and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.
July 15: The Jacobstein Family; Abraham Livchitz; and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.
July 22: Barbara & Mort Berlant, Dr. Michael & Ruth Cahn; and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.
July 29: Harriet & David Reisner; Lori Rush; and the Sisterhood Bakeshop.

If you have a special date on which you would like to celebrate a simcha or remember a loved one, please contact Anita Medeiros at or 773-1410, OR fill out our oneg survey by going to


                          Thank You for Your Generous Contributions
GENERAL FUND                                 Bobbye Gorenberg                      BEVERLY JORDAN TEMPLE
In memory of                                 Elsa Gordon                           BEAUTIFICATION FUND
Anna Becker                                  Philip and Susan Hammer               In memory of
Dora Kaisel                                  Abe Livchitz                          Steve Berman
Stanley Kaisel                               Barbara Lotman                            Elsie Levin George
    Bob and Maggie Cant                      Ron Mandel                                Marvin and Joan Fox
Steve Berman                                 Nancy Markham                         Emmy Lou Levin
    Ruth Krandel                             Helen and Bruce Matzner               Beverly Jordan
    Marilyn and Mort Leiter                  Tanya and Yuri Merzlyak                   Elsie Levin George
Betty and Sherman Naymark                    Sally Ravel                           CAMPERSHIP FUND
    Richard and Emily Levin Foundation       Sandra Rosenberg                      In memory of
    Lori and Richard Ziegler                 Walter and Harriet Saltzman           Steve Berman
Morris Burman                                Greg and Sharon Turetzky                  Wanda and Robert Pollack
Rivka Burman Marshalkowitz                   Henry and Debra Watkins               Ruth Rubin
Henia Burman                                 Tim and Kumi Widman                       Pauline and Jacob Braunstein
    Joe Burman                           RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                CHOIR FUND
    Rochelle and Bernard Greenfield      In memory of                              In memory of
Arthur Cagan                             Steve Berman                              Irvin Becker
Herman Cagan                                 Robert and Jo Anne Hersch                 Bob and Maggie Cant
Belle Kramer                             Max Boxer                                 Alfred Brenner
    Idelle Cagan                             Suzanne Boxer-Gassman &                   Deborah and Howard Katzman
Robert (Bobby) Cohn                          Gerry Gassman                         Joseph Burns
    Norma Cohn                           Leon Gerris                                   Suzanne and Douglas Tobin
Suzanne Dolgin                               Bernice Gaon                          HAROLD CAHN PRAYERBOOK FUND
    Armeda Fischer                       Elizabeth Green                           In memory of
Victor Donath                                Dr. and Mrs. Phil Green               Gerald W. Brenson
Michael Goodman                          Max Sachs                                 Steve Berman
    Margie Goodman                           Bob and Seema Jaffee                      Lawrence and Ruth Ross
Sidney J. Gambard                        Morris Silver                             ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND
Bessie Pollack                           Rachel Rhein                              In memory of
    Wanda and Robert Pollack                 Marilyn and Arthur Silver             Julius Katzman
Robert Leiter                            In Honor of                                   Deborah and Howard Katzman
Esther Weiner                            Cale’s Confirmation                       JUDITH JURMAN OMENS CEMETERY
    Marilyn and Mort Leiter                  Steven and Dena Horreff & family      BEAUTIFICATION FUND
Robert Levy                              The naming of Butch and Laura DiSessa’s   In memory of
    Geraldine Levy                       daughter                                  Steve Berman
Emanuel Mauskopf                             Arlene and Joel Williams                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacobs
Henrietta Mintzer                        Thank You                                 LOLLIE BRICKNER MEDIA CENTER FUND
Larry Barko                              Rabbi Magat                               In memory of
    Michael and Elaine Goldstein             Joyce Mendel                          Sandra Medler
Goldie Minkin                                Aaron Rubin and Libby Werba           Jack Rotofsky
    Gayle Miller                             Chai House Board of Directors             Mr. Mark Lutvak
Myrtle Rubenstein                            Villages Jewish Group                 MILTON FOX CAMPERSHIP FUND
    Denise and Adan Moreno               Donation                                  In memory of
Sarah Salzberg                               Stephen Krause                        Steve Berman
    William and Natalie Mauskopf             Ron Mandel                                Ruth and Rob Fox
Morley, Sid and Benny Silverman              Selma Zinker                          MILTON FOX CAMPERSHIP FUND
    Bunny and Alan Fisher                CANTOR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND               In memory of
Edward Cant                              Thank You                                 Steve Berman
Rosie Ivy                                Cantor Meeka Simerly                          Ruth and Rob Fox
Rose Uberman                                 Aaron Rubin and Libby Werba           PHYLLIS OMEL CHOIR FUND
    Bob and Maggie Cant                      Chai House Board of Directors         In memory of
In honor of                              Donation                                  Jaennette Waxman
Miranda Katz                                 Joyce Mendel                              Eugene and Marilyn Handloff
    Deborah and Howard Katzman               John Spencer
Sara Mustin and Eric Mauskopf            ALVIN RAVEL GARDEN FUND
    William and Natalie Mauskopf         In memory of
Their 63rd wedding anniversary           Steve Berman
    Dr. Joe and Armeda Fischer               Dorothy Frankel
Donation                                     Arlene Ravel
    Bernard Axelrad                      Irving Levy
    Aaron and Evelyn Berman                  Sally Ravel
    Eden Boktos
    Bob and Maggie Cant
    Sandy and Burt Epstein
    Marci and Joel Gerston

    Donations made after the second Friday of the month will be listed in the following month’s issue of Connections.

    Generous Contributions Cont.                                         We Remember...
RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND                                               Those we have lost recently:
In memory of
Henrietta Mintzer
                                                            Steve Berman, son of Evelyn and Aaron Berman
    Bunny and Alan Fisher                                      Goldie Minkin, mother of Lonnie Hoffman
    Norma Slavit
Stefanie Newhouse                                              And those we have lost in years past:
    Steven and Dena Horeff & Family                      August 5, 2011 (7:30 PM)
Ernesto, Esther and Raul Schkolnick
Rafael, Regina and Jose Messina                          Larry Berman, Rose Blickman, Lena Carl, John W.
In honor of                                              Christian, Isidor Farber, Dora Fischer, Sam Fishoff, Peggy
Rachel and David Annan                                   Forbes, Fred Shalom Friedman, Esther Hoffman, Pat L.
    Arlene DeMoss                                        Hunter, Morris Jacobs, Daniel W. Kraus, Dr. Louis Lackner,
Joe and Armeda Fischer                                   Victor Levine, Florence Marcus, Aaron Adair Markham,
    Ethel Ress                                           Solomon Miller, Edna Novak, Jerry Prizant, Mildred
BETTY RINSLER RELIGIOUS SCHOOL ENDOWMENT FUND            Rakovsky, Sarah Richards, Claire Rosenberg, Aaron
In memory of                                             Rosenthal, Albert Saltzman, Dr. Solomon S. Sogg, Mary
Aron S. Pencovic                                         Sokolov, Harry Arnold Stern, Allen I. Stoll, Jeanette
Harry D. Schwartz                                        Waxman.
    Jane and Ed Schwartz
In memory of
                                                         August 12, 2011 (6:30 PM)
Helen and Bert Gates                                     Sarah Asher, Miriam Ayllon, Maurice A. (Don) Berman, Dora
    JoAnn Shank                                          Blaustein, Leonard W. Bloom, Lillian Borts, Mildred Borts
PRAYERBOOK TRIBUTE FUND                                  Brisken, Millie Brisken, Ethel Brody, Solly Cohen, Fanny
In memory of                                             Emanuel, Eli Enten, Sarah Frieberg, Marilyn Friedlander,
Charles B. Levine                                        Mimi Lewis Fuller, Ben Gambord, Joseph Gitin, Charles
    Karen Levine                                         Goldberg, Nettie Goldman, Henry Stadler Hammer, Irma
TORAH PROJECT                                            Silbiger Karpel, Eva Leve, Betty Lichtenstein, Sumner Magat,
In memory of                                             Edith Morse Milender, Isaak Orloff, Bernard Peretz, Morris
Eva Golden                                               Rinsler, Max Roberts, Jack Rotofsky, Dora Rubin, Freda
Sarah Silver                                             Segal, Barbara T. (Bobbie) Shulkin, Joseph Tannenbaum,
Mark Siegel                                              Joseph Tannenbaum, Samuel Weinstein, Eleanor Zurakov.
    Art and Marilyn Silver
In honor of
Jeffrey Gold and Itzury Villagomez                       August 19, 2011 (6:30 PM)
    Sheila Gold                                          Esther Apte, Eleanor Berman, Jacob Berman, Irving M.
Donation                                                 Bernstein, Suzanne Blickman, Ann Orloff Cahn, Louis
    Lori Rush                                            Dishotsky, Fania Galperin, Muriel Goldberg, Irving Hoffman,
    Weintraub Family                                     Madeline Louise Kaufman, Pasha Land, Morris Lovy, Frieda
    Richard Sogg                                         Madzel, Manjeet Makhni, Sarah Marcus, Isadore Messinger,
    The Weisner Family                                   David T. Press, Pauline Prizant, Jackie Radwin, George
    Ron Mandel, Sharon Genkin and Family                 Rosen, Isadore Schreibstein, Dr. Albert Sheinbaum, Bertha
    Sura Weiner                                          Silverman, Samuel B. Weinstein, Gigi Green Wicks, Jean
    Sidney and Bernice Green
                                                         Wiesner, Naomi B. Wolff.
    Neal Eisenberg
    Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ross
    Peter and Yehuda Chastain                            August 26, 2011 (6:30 PM)
Leather couch and step stool for the Youth Lounge        Jay Aronson, Harvey Asher, Anne Barnett, Shirley Blauner,
    Dr. Samantha Bark and Mr. Anthony Lovera             Leonard J. Block, Natalie Borts, Robert Joseph Boxer, Belle
                                                         Brown, Lillian Chermak, Morris Chusid, Nathan J. Citron,
                                                         Herbert Cohen, Benjamin Fisher, Sydney Fox, Jennie
                                                         Goldberg, Annette Goldstein, Shelley Gustason Malcolm,
                                                         Ethel Harkavy, Naji Ezra Helali, Joan J. Hersch, Ruth E.
                                                         Jeffe, Frederic Kakis, Anne Kaplan, Evangeline Kaufman,
                                                         Harry Kessler, Sophie Krown, Bertha Krystal, Mimi Lasner,
                                                         Edythe Litman, Kathryn Loeffler, Naomi Mayer, Harry
                                                         Meyerson, Murray Moss, Bessie Renkosinsky, Eva Reznikov,
                                                         David H. Rosenthal, Marvin Rubenstein, Sarah Ruby,
                                                         Raymond Sommer, Pauline Kessler Stein, Charles “Bud
                                                         Sweet”, Abe Taitelman, George Weintraub, Benjamin Weiss,
                                                         Goldie Zasloff.


                                   Please Support Our Advertisers 

                                                                         “It would be my
                                                                         pleasure to be
                                                                         your Realtor!”
                                                                                         Mary Cohen
                                                                                   Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
                                                                                     Quality Service Certified (QSC)
                                                                                        408.981.2955 cell
                                                                       In appreciation of your business and
                                                                       referrals, a donation will be made to
                                                                       Temple Emanu-El at close of escrow. 

     Estate planning – Elder Law – General Practice
                                SE HABLA ESPANOL

                        1142 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite B
                                    San Jose, CA 95128
Derryl H. Molina
Attorney at Law         

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     Introducing the MOMS Club of Willow Glen
A new chapter of the MOMS Club International is starting up,
and we want you!!
The MOMS Club is an international non-profit organization that is
specifically designed to support at-home moms.

Our Activities Include:                                                                                   Home of Peace
Park Days, MOMS Night Out, Play Groups, Age Specific Outings,
                                                                                                     Cemetery & Mausoleum
Recipe Club, Family Events, Community Service Opportunities, and                                       Call for an appointment to
much more!!                                                                                          discuss pre-need arrangements:
                                                                                                            Robert Basuino
With the exception of MOMS Night Out, your children are                                                     Administrator
encouraged to attend all of our events with you!!
                                                                                                           Founded in 1853
                                                                                                         Owned and Operated
Whether you are at home full-time, part time or work from home,
                                                                                                         by Temple Emanu-El
if you want to meet and socialize with other down-to-earth, fun
at-home moms, check us out!                                                                             South Bay Area’s only
                                                                                                       Jewish-owned Cemetery,
                                                                                                     Mausoleum and Columbarium 
MOMS Club of Willow Glen
For more information please log onto:
Or you can contact us at 408-318-4747
or by e-mail at PresidentMCWG@gmail.

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                                                         August 2011 ~ Av-Elul 5771
       Sunday                     Monday                    Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                    Friday                  Saturday

                                                  1                       2                     3                          4                         5                         6
                                                      7 PM Board of                                                            Temple Emanu-El’s 9 AM Shabbat
                                                      Trustees Meeting                                                         150th Anniversary! Morning Minyan

                                                                                                                               6:30 PM Wine and
                                                                                                                               Cheese Reception

                                                                                                                               7:00 PM Anniversary
                                                                                                                               Shabbat Service

                        7                         8                       9                     10                        11                       12                 13
Torah Writing Kickoff       Second Day or Torah       7 PM Tikkun Olam        12 PM Lunch & Learn                              6:30 PM Kabbalat       9:00 AM Shabbat
                            Writing                   Meeting                 with Sofer Yerman                                Shabbat Patio Service Morning Minyan

                                                                                                                                                         10:30 AM Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                                                                         of Ariela Guadiamos

                       14                     15                         16                    17                         18                       19                         20
9 AM Brotherhood                                                                                     7 PM High Holy Day        6:30 PM Pride Shabbat 9 AM Shabbat
Meeting                                                                                              Choir Rehearsal           Service/Tot Shabbat    Morning Minyan

3 PM Prospective                                                                                                                                         10:30 AM Bar Mitzvah
Member Ice Cream                                                                                                                                         of David Horeff
                                                                                                                                                         11 AM Chai Society
                                                                                                                                                         Wine Tasting
                       21                     22                         23                     24                   25                     26                                27
Brotherhood and                                                               12 PM Lunch & Learn 7 PM High Holy Day    6:30 PM Kabbalat       9 AM Shabbat
Sisterhood Picnic at                                                          Torah Study          Choir Rehearsal      Shabbat Patio Service Morning Minyan
                                                                                                                                                         10:30 AM Bat Mitzvah
                                                                                                                                                         of Kayleigh Migdol

                       28                     29                         30                    31

                                                       September 11:      First Day of Religious School
                                                                          Brotherhood Pancake Breakfast
                                                                          Brotherhood Meeting
                                                                          Preschool Back to School BBQ
                                                       September 14:      First Day of Wednesday Classes
                                                       September 18: To Life Festival in Palo Alto
                                                       September 23: Preschool’s 10 year Anniversary
                                                      September 24: Selichot Study Session and Service
                                                      September 25: 150th Anniversary Family-Friendly Party
                                                      September 28: Erev Rosh HaShannah
                                                      September 29: Rosh HaShannah
                                                         October 7: Kol Nidre
                                                         October 8: Yom Kippur


        Fun(d)raising Opportunities                                                             Temple Leadership
       Don’t Throw Away Your Empty                                                                           Clergy
              Printer Cartridges!                                                        Dana Magat                         Meeka Simerly
       Bring them to Temple Emanu-El                                                     Senior Rabbi                          Cantor
Our Temple has launched a fundraising project with                     
the help of Empties4Cash. Temple will receive up to                                                 Joseph Gitin, D.D. (z”l)
$4.00 (only on select items) for each cartridge. This will directly benefit                            Rabbi Emeritus
our Temple, not to mention it is great for the environment. So far we
have made over $80!                                                                                  Board of Trustees
                                                                              President               Dr. Mike Cahn 
You can help! Any inkjet cartridge with a print head or laser printer
cartridge can be recycled, regardless of brand or type. For more              Imd. Past President    Laura Danoff-
information contact the office at!                                             Robinson
                                                                              VP Administration     Jim Heerwagen 
                                                                              VP Marketing         Nancy Weintraub   
        Mazel Tov and Todah Rabah                                             VP Membership           Shirley Lee
                                                                              VP Education & Youth   Jeff Hoffman    
Mazel tov to Maritza and Seth Silapasvang on the birth of their               Secretary               Dan Winter 
son, Shane.                                                                   Treasurer             Ronald Mandel
                                                                                     Rich Albert            Maggie Cant             Shirley Lee
                                                                                      Bob Levy             Jeffrey Marsh           David Mimeles
Todah Rabah to Mimi Bloom for her assistance with our                               John Nemec            Eleanor Rusnak            Lori Telson
Yahrzeit mailings.                                                                                       Andrew Weinberg
Todah Rabah to Jake Braunstein for his help with the end of
the year tasks.                                                                                          Auxiliaries
                                                                              Brotherhood President    Gordon Robinson
Todah Rabah to Mica Laber and Sue Sobel for their assistance
with the Torah project mailing.                                               Sisterhood President      Judith Stubbs
Todah Rabah to Dan Lee for installing the new key boxes in the                EESY President            Elyssa Hurwitz
office.                                                                       Chai Society                Lisa Sobel
Todah Rabah to the Shank-Rockman Fund for the
improvement of sound in the sanctuary for the hearing                                                Committee Chairs
impaired.                                                                     Adult Education          Gordon Robinson  
                                                                              Membership Commitment          Dan Lee    

        Mazel Tov to Marci Gerston                                            Membership                Sharon Genkin
                                                                              Facilities                 Uri Gottfeld
                                                                              Marketing                   Lori Telson
Marci Gerston, a 2011 Temple Emanu-El
Volunteer of the Year, also received the Jewish                               Ritual                     Maggie Cant   
Community Relations Council (JCRC) Emerging                                   Tikkun Olam                 Rich Albert       
Leader award. The award reflects meaningful
contribution to JCRC’s work in the past and                                                                    Staff
seeks to inspire further leadership by attaching a                                       Irv Duchowny                            Paula Marsh
$1,000 stipend to attend the Jewish Council for                                        Executive Director                 Religious School Principal
Public Affairs (JCPA) annual conference in 2012.                                 
JCPA is the national Jewish social action                                            408-292-0939 ext. 233                      408-292-3223
organization.                                                                               Lisa Sobel                        Barbara Smead
                                                                                Director of Communications and               Preschool Director
Marci chairs the JCRC Social Action Chairs Coalition where
                                                                                 Member Services Coordinator   
she meets quarterly with the representatives for social action
and social justice committees from local synagogues and Hillel.
                                                                                     408-292-0939 ext. 234                      #434404443
This helps the groups coordinate their work throughout Silicon
Valley and strengthens the bonds between local synagogues                               Michelle Laredo
and between synagogues and The Jewish Federation.                                    Administrative Support               Religious School Assistant
Eric Rosenblum, JCRC’s chair, presented the award to Marci                           408-292-0939 ext. 201                      408-292-3223
at the Jewish Federation Annual Meeting. Eric highlighted
Marci’s role in Temple Emanu-El’s Tikkun Olam work to                                MaryAnn Orlowski                           Bob Basuino
responsibly recycle electronic waste. Working with People                                Bookkeeper                        Cemetery Administrator
Acting in Community Together, Temple Emanu-El built                       
relationships with other faith communities and motivated the                       408-292-0939 ext. 235                       408-439-1758
Santa Clara County Supervisors to pass the first law in the
country to prevent electronic waste exports to poor countries.
At the JCRC, Marci has helped conduct a year-long study on
immigration including hearing presentations from the Hebrew
Immigrant Aid Society and from Representative Zoe Lofgren.                             Cover Image by
                                                                                     Salvatore Vuono /


               Temple Emanu-El
               1010 University Ave.                                                                                 Non-Profit Org.
               San Jose, CA 95126                                                                                    US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                    Permit No. 542
                                                                                                                     San Jose, CA
               Address Service Requested

Operating and Tribute Funds:                 Youth Funds:                                  Community Funds:
General Fund                                 Religious School Fund                         Facilities for the Aged Fund (Chai House)
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund                   Religious School Enrichment Fund              JoAnne Salman-Tehrani Homeless Fund
Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                  Betty Rinsler Religious School
Executive Director’s Discretionary Fund          Endowment Fund                            Other Tribute Opportunities:
Alvin Ravel Garden Fund                      Weintraub Religious School Scholarship Fund   $36 - Prayerbook Tribute
Beverly Jordan Temple Beautification Fund    Campership Fund                               $218/$500/$750 - Tree of Life
Judith Jurman Omens Cemetery                 Leonard and Bernice Gaon Campership Fund      Leaf/small/large rock
     Beautification Fund                     Michael Elman Campership Fund                 $500 - Sanctuary Chair Plaque
Capital Campaign Fund                        Milton Fox Campership Fund                    $750 - Memorial Plaque (in sanctuary foyer)
Lollie Brickner Media Center Fund            Phyllis Matzner Campership Fund
Lou and Clara Juren Library Fund             Israel Scholarship Fund                       Opportunities in Levin Learning Center:
Ralph Goldeen Library Fund                   Susanne C. Blickman Arts and Crafts Fund      $5,000 - Stair Plaque
150th Anniversary                                                                          $10,000 - Library Column Dedication
Torah Project                                Cultural Funds:                               $25,000 - Room Dedication
                                             Choir Fund
Religious Funds:                             Andrew Apte Temple Historical Fund            Contact the office for additional opportunities.
Harold Cahn Prayerbook Fund                  Phyllis Omel Junior Choir Fund
Herbert Marchick High Holy Day Fund          Bertram Berns Music Fund
Kenneth Gordon Children’s Prayerbook Fund    Shank-Rockman Family Sound System Fund
Susanne & Maurice Tucker High Holy           Chai Society– Young Adults
    Day Music Fund                               Programming Fund
Ida F. Kragen Consecration and Caring Fund
    Making a contribution to one of Temple Emanu-El’s many funds is a wonderful way to honor your friends and family. You may
       make contributions in honor of a birth, birthday, brit milah, baby naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, graduation,
    engagement, wedding, anniversary, promotion, new home, special occasion or just because. You may also make contributions
                                     for get-well wishes, condolence, remembrance and yarzeits.

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