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									Addition and Subtraction Post Test                       Name: ____________________
Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

3.1.E___1. Emilywants to collect 100 cans of food for a food drive. So far she has collected 71
          cans. How many more cans does she need to collect?
          A. 171 cans           B. 39 cans            C. 29 cans        D. 21 cans

            an election for town manager, Victor Garcia received 327 votes and his opponent,
3.1.E___2. In
          Amanda Logan, received 216 votes. How many votes were cast altogether for these two

          A. 543 votes          B. 533 votes          C. 531 votes      D. 111 votes

3.1.E___3. Which   story fits the problem 164   42?
          A. Audrey has 164 inches of ribbon. She needs 42 inches to make a bow for a
             present. How many bows can she make?
          B. Audrey has 164 inches of yellow ribbon and 42 inches of red ribbon. How
             much ribbon does Audrey have altogether?
          C. Audrey had 164 inches of ribbon. She used 42 inches to wrap a present.
             How much ribbon does Audrey have left?
          D. Audrey has 164 inches of ribbon. Samuel has 42 inches of ribbon. Who
             has less ribbon?

3.1.E___4. On Tuesday, 237 people attended the school science fair. On Wednesday, 175 people
          attended. How many more people attended the science fair on Tuesday than on

          A. 42 people          B. 52 people          C. 62 people      D. 152 people

3.1.D___5. How    many hundreds are in the sum of 286    550?
          A. 2 hundreds         B. 5 hundreds         C. 7 hundreds     D. 8 hundreds

3.1.D___6. John has 489 black Legos, 125 blue Legos, 309 red Legos, 3 pink Legos, and 75 yellow
          Legos out to play with. What would be a reasonable estimate of how many Legos John is
          playing with?
          A. 800                B. 900                C. 1000           D. 1100
3.1.D___7. Latasha  has 925¢. She went to the store and bought some candy for 175¢, some fruit for
            89¢, cereal for 219¢, and an eraser for 15¢. What would be a reasonable estimate of how
            much money Latasha is leaving the store with?

            A. 200¢              B. 400¢              C. 500¢             D. 600¢

Short Answer: show your work

3.1.E    8. Evan had 400 books. He donated 214 to the Children’s Hospital. How many books does
            Evan have now?

3.1.E    9. Hugo has 200 stickers. He bought 45 more with his allowance and his friend Sally gave him
            125 for his birthday. How many stickers does Hugo have all together? Write an equation to
            show your answer and show your work.

3.1.E   10. John has 18 crayons and he bought 64 more. When he got to school he gave 28 to Patrick.
            How many crayons does he have?

3.1.D   11. Michelle has 235 animal stickers, 13 car stickers, 205 flower stickers, 389 people stickers,
            and 272 star stickers. What would be a reasonable estimate of how many stickers Michelle
            has in her collection?

3.1.E   12. Dan has 49 marbles, Maddy has 152 marbles, and Wendy has 8 marbles.

            A) How many marbles do they have together?

            B) How many more marbles does Maddy have than Dan and Wendy together?
Solve and show your work.

3.1.C   13.                 3.1.C   16.

3.1.C   14.
                            3.1.C   17.   803-69=

3.1.C   15.                 3.1.C   18.   58+923

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