Guidance Subaward Documents needed to process subaward

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					                                                                        Subaward Documents Needed to Process a Subaward

                                        COEUS Award Number
                                        Child Account Number
                                        Dollar Amount
                                        Period of Performance
                                        ASU Subaward Number                                                                                                                 (Assigned by COEUS)

                                                                              Information Above Has Been Entered into COEUS

                                                       Item                                                             Description                                           X
                                                         A                    Prime Award
                                                         B                    Subrecipient Commitment Form (all attachments)
                                                         C                    Scope of Work (SOW)
                                                         D                    Budget
                                                         E                    Budget Justification
                                                         F                    Cost Analysis Signed (with backup documentation) Unless fixed price, then Price Analysis
                                                         G                    G210 Grant Summary Report printout

                                                                              A-133 Audit Report or Financial Report.
                                                                              (If Subrecipient does not receive an A-133 audit, ASU will require Subrecipient to complete
                                                                              an Audit Certification and Financial Status Questionnaire, and may require Subrecipient to
                                                                              provide a limited scope audit, before a subaward will be issued.)
                                                         H                    This documentation will also be saved to SharePoint A-133 Audit Folder.
                                                         I                    GCO Audit Risk Review
                                                         J                    Visual Compliance Verification pdf
                                                         K                    Risk Assessment Completed
                                                         L                    Request for Subaward document completed
                                                         M                    Advantage (Vendor Information printout)
                                                         N                    PI Approval Request (email)
                                                         O                    PI Approval (email)
                                                         P                    Subaward sent to Subrecipient for Signature (email)
                                                         Q                    Partially signed Subaward Received from Subrecipient (email)

                                                          R                   Partially executed Subaward sent to Assistant Director for approval/signature (email)
                                                          S                   Email to Purchasing Requesting SC for Subaward
                                                          T                   Email from Purchasing confirming setup of SC & Account No.

                                                         U                    Email to subrecipient with fully executed subaward attached (and prime award attached)
                                                         V                    Email sent to subrecipient with fully executed subaward

                                        Subaward Document Sent to PI For Approval Consists of the following (sample)
                                                                           FDP Subaward Agreement Facepage (unless Fixed Price Subaward)
                                                                           NIH FDP Attachment 2
                                                                           Attachment 2 continued ARRA NIH
                                                                           FDP Subaward Agreement 3B
                                                                           FDP Subaward Agreement 3B page 2
                                                                           FDP ARRA Attachment 4A
                                                                           PI Approval of Subaward

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