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									                  Group 7 2011

Aggie Reviews
                    INFO 621 – Group 7

                   Ganesh Karthick
                     Patience Leah
                Paola Paloma Ochoa
                       Unnati Desai
                                                                         Group 7 2011
Project Scope:

The following document outlines the various activities that would encompass the project along
with the deliverables and the success criteria.

Business Needs:

Aggiereviews is a web based project that envisions connecting the users with the best services in
Aggieland. More often than not, searching businesses and services in the internet would throw up
lot of shops, services that may not be near to your location or even if one finds a business it’s
hard to know what the Quality of service or Product sold unless one visits the outlet in person.
Aggiereviews aims to bridge the gap, by providing readymade online search & review website
for local listings for businesses with ratings and reviews done by people. All businesses listed in
Aggiereviews will be categorized, searchable. In addition to this, a monthly Top 10 services &
products will be published for each category connecting users with the best local services.

Service Requirements and Characteristics:

The following items include the lists of the services Aggiereviews offers

      Business & Products Listing: The website would enlist vendor shops, services, tourist
       spots, restaurants in and around Aggieland listing their addresses, contacts, e-mail and
       phone along with a link to their location in Google Maps & Places.
      Product Member services: This is targeted towards product owners, vendors who wish
       to sign up with Aggiereviews for promotion. They would be allowed to create their
       Store’s or Service’s profile on the website under appropriate category. Apart from this,
       there would be add-on analytics services provided to product owners for premium fee.
      Customer services: This service is intended for primarily students and general users.
       Users should be registered with the site for rating and writing reviews on products and
       services. Apart from this, users could also recommend services to their friends. Users
       would be permitted to read the reviews and search for listings for products & services
       without any registration or logging in.
      Insight Analytics: The add-on services is analytics module that provides insights for the
       profile of the store or service listed. Insights could include profile of the customers that
                                                                                Group 7 2011
        are rating, reviewing and searching for the services, average page views, visitor loyalty,
        and map overlay of visitors.
       Mobile Apps: This is targeted towards both product owners and customers where they
        could use native smartphone app that enables them use the services that are listed while
        roaming. The Apps would auto detect the places where the user is, using the phones
        location services and allow him to review, rate the services. It would also have
        suggestions feature that lists best rated shops, products, services in and around the user’s
        current location.


The list of deliverables for the project is summarized as below:

       Hosted Database populated with initial vendors list with a uptime of no less than 99%
       Hosted web server with a uptime of no less than 99%
       Website that meets service characteristics mentioned above
       Mobile Apps for platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone7) in the same order
       Detailed Design & Implementation Plan for the website, Mobile Apps.
       Unit, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing plan for website, Mobile Apps.
       Implementation of Cloud based data backup for Databases
       Technical support, Process documentation for website and Database maintenance.

Acceptance criteria:

The project is deemed complete once the website is deployed and is up running for period for three
months without any serious downtime, bugs and deficiencies. Other criteria that would judge the success
of the project would be:

       Delivery on Dec 12th, 2011
       Completion of Feature Requests
       Zero Severity 1 and 2 i bugs in the systems
       100% Pass rate in user acceptability testing. 95 % Pass rate for unit and Integration testing over
        three cycles.
       Tested Process plan for upgrading, maintenance for web server and databases

Cost Estimate:
                                                                                     Group 7 2011
The projected cost of the project a arrived at as follows

                       High level Tasks                          Costs ( in USD )
                       Website Design
                                   Customs Graphics Design                    20
                                       Development , Testing                  50
                                                      Hosting            50$ per year
                                         Domain Registration             20$ per year
                       Mobile App
                                                           iOS               1000
                                                      Android                500
                                            Windows Phone7                   500
                       Analytics Services
                                             Google analytics        5$ above 5000 hits
                                                Storage space           5$ per 20 Gb
                                Backup & Recovery for Data              7$ per 20 Gb
                                                         Total               2157

The above cost may be subject to change based as the site and data usage grows with user base.

    Severity 1 and 2 are bugs that cause downtime in the website or single component crash within the system

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