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					         Comprehensive School Guidance and
               Counseling Program

Program Domains

Within the guidance and counseling curriculum, expected student outcomes are clearly identified with activities and
processes given to assist all students in achieving these outcomes. The program is structured to parallel and address
students' needs at the various developmental stages.

The program consists of three developmental domains:
                 Social/Emotional Development

                  Outcomes focus on the areas of socialization, self-esteem, relationships, chemical health, and

                 Educational Development

                  Outcomes focus on the areas of study skills, utilizing resources, academic strengths, and future
                  educational planning.

                 Career Development

                  Outcomes focus on the areas of career awareness, interests and skills, utilizing resources, and
                  connecting academic classes with future career decisions.

These outcomes are addressed through a variety of delivery methods including, but not limited to, classroom lessons,
group counseling and individual counseling.

Program Components

The program consists of four components.

                 Guidance Curriculum

                  The guidance curriculum component systematically assists all students in order to develop knowledge
                  and to learn skills necessary to enhance personal, social, career, and educational development.

                 Individual Student Planning Component

                  The individual planning component consists of activities that help students to plan, monitor, and
                  manage their own learning and personal and career development.

                  Assisting students to successfully complete their elementary and secondary education is the priority of
                  this component in the guidance program.

                 Responsive Services Component

                  The responsive services component provides assistance to some students in solving immediate
                  problems that interfere with health, personal, social, career, and educational development.

                 System Support Component

                  The system support component consists of management activities that establish, maintain, and
                  enhance the total guidance program. This includes working collaboratively with teachers, parents, and

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